Impact of Oceanic Biodiversity Changes on Humans

  • Changes to fisheries: Gross revenues from the world’s marine fisheries were around $150bn in 2010 USD, providing jobs for around 260 million people. As stocks are depleted and critical species are forced to migrate, millions of livelihoods will be at threat
  • Food Security: Seafood is an essential for over 4.5bn people as 15% of their protein intake from seafood. Many of the populations are at risk from climate-related marine food insecurity, such as in the Pacific Islands and West Africa, reside in areas where land-based food production is also at risk.
  • Health: Warming waters are also expected to expand the range of certain bacteria and harmful algal blooms, with potentially severe consequences for human health. Cholera is highlighted as one disease likely to become more of a threat that have already been observed spreading to the poles.