Positive Impact of Erosion on Human settlements

Eroded sediments have profoundly influenced the development of civilizations around the world.

  • Agricultural developmentis often reliant on the nutrient-rich soils created by the accumulation of eroded earth.
      • When the velocity of wind or water slows, eroded sediment is deposited in a new location.
      • The sediment builds up in a process called sedimentation and creates fertile land.
      • River deltas are made almost entirely of sediment that has eroded from the banks and bed of a river.
      • The rich delta soils of the Gangetic rivers in India , for example, have created one of the most agriculturally productive areas in the world.
      • Loess is an agriculturally rich sediment made almost entirely of wind-blown, eroded sediment.
      • The Yellow River in central China gets its name from the yellow loess blown into and suspended in its water.
      • The fertile lands around the Yellow River have been among China’s most productive for thousands of years.