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Will I get rank if I am part of InsightsIAS OGP?

Honest answer to this question is as follows:

getting a rank in UPSC civil services exam depends on various factors such as your personality, understanding of basics and depth of syllabus related content, your hold on Optional subject, your writing skills in Essay and general studies answers, your ability to withstand criticism and persevere, your patience and your determination.

At OGP we will start with basics first. The we will do the advanced stuff through tests. Then there will be hundreds of tests that are given to students of various offline and online programs – which will be made available to you. Then there are personal issues that you will keep facing – which will help you grow if you learn lessons from problems you keep facing. We at Insights are best when it comes to guiding in Essay, Ethics and Interview (personality test). Add to this overall best guidance that’s given without having any other agenda.

The point is, at Insights we have everything for an aspirant to crack this exam. What is needed is your smartness, persistence and patience to MAKE USE OF THESE AVAILABLE things to the maximum.

Average and insecure students keep complaining no matter you give them everything. UPSC rejects such people in one or the other stage. Serious students, who are independent minded – don’t blame others or complain, they silently make use of available resources and succeed – then shock everyone, especially those who make huge noise pretending to be serious ones. This has been our observation and experience so far. So, don’t listen to people who make noise.

Coming to the question – Yes, you will get rank if your use our program wisely. You will not get if you are here expecting spoon feeding at all stages and never realise the importance of kind of guidance that’s given here.

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