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Why should I travel from far away place to Bangalore take part in this program?


There are plenty of reasons why you should  come to Bangalore and join InsightsIAS.

  1. Most important reason is that don’t look at Insights only from classroom point of view – at our institution you will get to write n number of tests, get feedback on n number of answers and essay that you write. What more, you will get to interact with toppers on a regular basis. We won’t charge you anything extra to write our other tests. for example, you can get question paper of our other test series and practice at home for free without buying them from photocopy shop.
  2. Bangalore is a very cosmopolitan and safe city where cost of living is cheaper compared to either Delhi.
  3. Weather in Bangalore is pleasant most of the year – no extreme heat or cold. neither extreme rainfall or drought type situation. It’s pleasant to spend marathon hours on preparing for the exam peacefully.
  4. The area where we are located has become an hub for UPSC civil services preparation and there is no dearth of materials in case you need them (we suggest you to stay away from too many guidances and materials)
  5. One important reason is that it’s extremely difficult to prepare from home unless you are highly disciplined. Only very very few succeed studying from home. 
  6. Our track record of producing hundreds of toppers proves that no matter what people try hard to create negative perception, proves that we have succeeded in creating a very conducive environment for serious aspirants to prepare at our institution and reach their goal.