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What’s the teaching methodology that’s adopted in OGP?

Our classes for OGP-202 Program will be designed in the following way:

For a batch we will teach one subject at a time. For example, if we start with Indian Polity, this subject will be first completed and then other subject will be taught. Meanwhile there will be tests at regular intervals to test student’s progress.

In a class, a lesson will be taught keeping in mind three aspects: Previous Year prelims questions; Previous year Mains questions; and focus on imparting conceptual clarity to strengthen basics.

Keeping these three aspects as primary pillars, teacher will teach and guide students in class on how to use content to solve MCQs and answer mains questions on a regular basis. At the end of the class teacher will distribute hand-outs of important facts for every class. Teacher will also ask you to read specific sources for the next class.

Once the class is over student is expected to read, revise and memorise class-notes and related textbooks.

We will be emphasising more on revisions. Regular revisions will help you score better in our tests. Good scores will keep motivation and confidence always high.

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