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What’s the focus area of InsightsIAS OGP Program – 2020?

In OGP-2018 and OGP-2019, we had mixed crowd where we tried our best to teach both basics and advanced. However, when we taught advanced topics, freshers were not happy. When we did basics, veterans were unhappy. Therefore, OGP-2020 is solely meant for freshers where we will focus on basics first and then move on to advanced classes. We will be focusing first on building basics. It is extremely important to learn basics and build a strong foundation. Our teachers come from 6-8 years of UPSC experience where they have experienced all phases of exam in and out. In addition, they have teaching experience of 5+ years.

And our experience of recently conducting basic classes and advanced core batch discussions have helped us correctly identify requirements of freshers who want to start from scratch. From one class to another you will notice that your confidence grows strength to strength.