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What’s special about InsightsIAS OGP Program?

At InsightsIAS, we treat students with lots of care and we are sensitive to their need. We make sure that we first treat students as human beings rather than as customers. We are aware of multitude of problems that an aspirant goes through on daily basis – anxiety, fear, personal problems, depression, self-doubts, relationship problems, food related issues, accommodation issues etc. Most importantly students go through issue of not getting  the right guidance that keeps them on right track. We address these concerns genuinely with care and concern. We believe that if someone has come to us imposing faith and trust, we should not break it.

Having said this, mistakes do take place from our side. Whenever this happens, we listen to students and their feedback. This is the speciality of InsightsIAS. We are not here to teach you and ignore you; but to see you grow from strength to strength and finally succeed in this exam. To see this side of ours, regular dialogue between you and us is necessary.