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How do I stay in top so that I can compete well in core batch entrance and get admission to it?

To stay on top of your game you need to do few basic things:

  1. Stay away from negative people. Insulate yourself from all distractions and never ever listen to any other guidance than that is given by your trusted mentors i.e. InsightsIAS
  2. You MUST revise class notes and current affairs on daily basis. Staying consistent, even if you study for less than 8 hours a day, will ensure that you are always on top.
  3. In the beginning you will struggle. You will take many hours to understand the basics. But never give up and go for short cut. It’s is when you are low that you tend to listen to people’s suggestions that have an agenda and end up a failure
  4. Make your own notes and memorise them on regular basis. Don’t keep making notes every day without reading the old ones.
  5. Give tests regularly even if you haven’t prepared well. This will help you stay ahead as you will know what mistakes you are making. People who do not make mistakes will never grow.
  6. Have only one or two friends who are equal minded.
  7. Any fellow aspirant who gives you guidance, suggestion or feedback is your competitor. Never listen to what they say. Very rarely you are given right suggestions. What’s their incentive to guide you correctly (unless you are their boyfriend/girlfriend)
  8. Don’t be lured by too many sources and advertisements. Keep sources minimal and preparation simple. You will be surprised that you will clear this exam in first or very few attempts.
  9. Trust our timetable blindly and give everything to it. Journey becomes simple and enjoyable.
  10. You will have to trust your own abilities. Never doubt yourself. Keep in touch with us to know how you are doing. We will help you stay on top.

Finally, entering core batch from OGP will be a big thing. You will be competing with very experienced candidates. From day one of OGP make learning a habit. You will not be overwhelmed when you enter core batch.

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