This page is devoted to provide links to important TV Debates that take place on Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha TV.

You can directly watch videos on this site. We will share the videos which are relevant to the syllabus.

Most aspirants don’t have access to TV, even if they have their friends and relatives won’t let them watch these programs thanks to never ending relay of serials and movies.

You can allot one hour to watch and take notes from these debates every day. If there is any generous soul, you can share important points from the debates with us at insightsonindia at gmail dot com; we will post it below the video.

For more  information on this initiative, click here.

  1. The Big Picture – Nelson Mandela: How Gandhi influenced his life and times
  2. The Big Picture – Supreme Court judgement: Have Gay Rights taken a beating?
  3. India’s World – Chinese Air Defence Zone controversy
  4. Video – State of the Economy – Challenges in Project Implementation 
  5. Documentary – India Untouched (Must Watch)
  6. The Big Picture – Manufacturing sector: Why are we lagging behind?
  7. The Big Picture – Cyber Security Policy: Will it secure Systems and Privacy
  8. Policy Watch – Burden of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs); Inauguration of Bharatiya Mahila Bank
  9. Policy Watch : Stock Market Volatility; RBI’s recent Paper on Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Model for Foreign Banks in India
  10. The Big Picture – Free Trade Agreements: Harmful or Helpful to Build?
  11. Policy Watch – India’s tough stand in the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali; Chinese Yuan going remarkably strong against the Dollar
  12. The Big Picture – Lokpal passes muster: What next?
  13. The Big Picture – Communal Violence Bill: Will it satisfy all?
  14. India’s World – Political Crisis In Bangladesh
  15. State of the Economy – Migration of the Agricultural Labour, Food Habits in the Lower Strata of the Pyramid
  16. India’s World – India-China relations
  17. The Big Picture – Are Government, RBI on the Same Page on Inflation?
  18. Desh Deshantar – GM Crops in India: Where would the Indian Agriculture head to?
  19. The Big Picture – Media’s role in 2013: Has it enhanced its prestige
  20. World Panorama – the rationale behind Japan’s increased spending on defense
  21. The Big Picture – Will 2014 see new policy and paradigms in India?
  22.  Amendment to APMC Act- Will it Bring Relief From Souring Prices?
  23. State of the Economy