Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day-11

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 (Paper-II – 2009 questions) “Bureaucracy developed by the British stifled the village self-rule.” Comment (200 Words) “There is no basic contradiction between civil service neutrality and civil service activism.” Comment. (200 Words) Do State Services suffer in comparison with the All India and Central Services? Suggest measures for enhancing the role, competence and …

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-5 –

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper-I)  “Taylor’s Contribution was not a set of general principles for organizing work efficiency, but a set of operating procedures that could be employed in each concrete situation to secure their application.” Comment((2009/ 200 Words)  “The Barnard-Simon Theory of Organisation is essentially a theory of motivation.” Comment (2009/200 Words) ARCHIVES