Lok Sabha TV Insights: RBI’s Monetary Policy

Lok Sabha TV Insights:  RBI’s Monetary Policy  Archives 04 August 2015 Under third bi-monetary policy review, RBI left policy rates unchanged. Repo stands at 7.25% and Cash reserve ratio at 4% of NTDL. There was significant anticipation of further rate cuts given lower oil prices and negative WPI inflation for 8th month in line. Reason …

Economics – 2014 – Answer Writing Challenge – 2

ARCHIVES 02 September 2014 1) Distinguish between backwash and spread effects of Myrdal. How do they operate in backward economies? (250 words)  2) “The solution to long term development needs of India lies in promoting public private partnership”. Discuss (250 words)   

Economics – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper – II) Compare and contrast the ‘Swadeshi’ of 1905 and the ‘Swadeshi’ promoted later by Mahatma Gandhi. (200 Words) What were the shortages faced by the manufacturing sector at the dawn of Independence? (100 Words) Critically assess the Tendulkar committee’s approach to measuring poverty in India. (150 Words)