Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day-11

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 (Paper-II – 2009 questions) “Bureaucracy developed by the British stifled the village self-rule.” Comment (200 Words) “There is no basic contradiction between civil service neutrality and civil service activism.” Comment. (200 Words) Do State Services suffer in comparison with the All India and Central Services? Suggest measures for enhancing the role, competence and …

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day –

QUESTIONS: 22/10/2013 -[ Paper- I and II ( Topic: Comparative Public Administration(CPA), Evolution of Indian Administration)] The categorization of ‘Balanced’ and ‘Unbalanced’ polities is nothing but an attempt to vindicate futile academic theorisation of Comparative Public Administration. Comment. (200 words) “The rule of King depends primarily on written orders….”Why did Kautilya favour codification of laws? (CSE 2010/200 words)   ARCHIVES