History-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 6

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 “No event as encompassing as the French Revolution occurs in an intellectual vacuum”. Comment [200 words,2007] ‘The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property’. Comment [200 words,2003]  

History -2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 3

ARCHIVES 05 September 2014 ‘Permanent Settlement disappointed many expectations and introduced there results that were not anticipated’ [2004 , 200 words] “Though the Permanent Settlement had serious defects, it gave tranquility to the countryside and stability to the government”. Comment. [2009, 200 words]  

History -2014 – Answer Writing Challenge – 2

ARCHIVES 04 September 2014 Examine the major factors shaping the British land revenue policy in India. How it affected Indian society? [60 marks , 2007] What was the impact of early British land policy on the village communities of North India? [2003 , 60 marks]