Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 19

QUESTIONS: 16/11/2013 Provide a critique of the ‘geographical cycle’ model, propounded by Davis. (300 Words) Write in detail on the concept of biosphere as an ecosystem. (300 Words) Write an essay on sustainable development from the perspective of Geography. (300 Words) Explain the causes, impacts and remedial measures of earthquake disaster.(300 Words) ARCHIVES

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 93

QUESTIONS: 31/10/2013 Examine the social and international issues pertaining to child labour and bonded labour in India. (200 Words) “New imperialism was a nationalistic, not an economic phenomena.” Comment. (200 Words) “The capitalism which gave the European empires their apparent solidarity and permanence also hastened their downfall.” Comment (200 Words) How are non-banking financial institutions …