Yuva Sahakar-Cooperative Enterprise Support and Innovation Scheme

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Target group
  4. Financial assistance
  5. Key features
  6. Benefits
  7. Eligibility


  • The Yuva Sahakar Scheme is a youth friendly scheme that has been initiated by National Cooperative Development Corporation or NCDC.
  • Through this scheme, it is possible to meet the requirements and aspirations of young individuals.
  • This innovative scheme has been started in 2018 under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
  • For helping farmers, a total of rupees 1000 cr has been given.
  • To cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth, the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) has launched a youth-friendly scheme ‘Yuva Sahakar-Cooperative Enterprise Support and Innovation Scheme” for attracting them to cooperative business ventures.

Main objective of scheme

  • The Yuva Sahakar Scheme has been started with the motive of encouraging youth to start new venture and promote their business.
  • In this, loans will be given to youth at cheap rate that makes it easy to set-up start-ups.

Target group of the scheme

The target group of the scheme is the youth who wish to take up initiative of starting new venture and implement innovative ideas into it.

Financial assistance is given for the scheme

  • A total of rupees 1000 crores has been given for cooperative start-ups.
  • In addition, the fund has been raised by NCDC for help of common youth.

Key features of the scheme:

  1. The scheme would encourage cooperatives to venture into new and innovative areas.
  2. NCDC has created a dedicated fund with liberal features enabling youth to avail the scheme.
  3. The scheme will be linked to Rs 1000 crore ‘Cooperative Start-up and Innovation Fund (CSIF)’ created by the NCDC.
  4. It would have more incentives for cooperatives of North Eastern region, Aspirational Districts and cooperatives with women or SC or ST or PwD members.
  5. The funding for the project will be up to 80% of the project cost for these special categories as against 70% for others.
  6. The scheme envisages 2% less than the applicable rate of interest on term loan for the project cost up to Rs 3 crore including 2 years moratorium on payment of principal.
  7. All types of cooperatives in operation for at least one year are eligible.

Benefits given under the scheme

  1. The scheme will benefit women, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe candidates.
  2.  In addition, incentives will be given to cooperatives employed in Northeastern region along with the aspirational districts.
  3. Individual enrolling for the above-mentioned scheme can enjoy the following benefits.
  4. The scheme will provide fund to young entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business.
  5.  However, the funding is secured and individual can get immediate help for their start-ups.
  6. Almost 80% of cooperative start-up will be covered by the financial help that youth will receive under the scheme.
  7. In this, individual will get 2% less interest as usually given for term loan projects.

Eligibility criteria

  • Scheduled castes and tribes – Individuals belonging to scheduled castes and schedule tribes, including women, will be given 80% of the total project cost as per the rules to the scheme.
  • Special class categories – For candidates belonging to special or other classes other than the above-mentioned one will be given 70% of the enterprises cost. This shall help them to set-up their start-up smoothly.
  • Time of operation – The cooperatives applying for the scheme benefits should be in operation for a minimum period of one year.
  • Only then, the individual or cooperative can opt for the financial help.
  • Under this scheme, all types of cooperatives are applicable.

Other than this, only project cost up to rupees 3 crores will be covered by the benefits of the above said scheme.