Measures needed in Violence/crime against Women

  • Civil society participation: The role of community and state has increased to stop such crimes. Active participation of civil society against such crimes and helping state and law enforcement agencies in nabbing the criminal is critical.
  • State action: State should be more proactive in police reforms. Strict action should be taken against any police officials who do not record such incidents in criminal records.
  • Police reforms: The government should carry a recruitment drive for women and should focus on gender focused training in police and judiciary. There is a need to create women police stations and more women should be taken as judges.
  • Judicial reforms: Women harassment cases must be resolved in a time frame. The court dealing with rape cases should be sensitive towards the conditions of rape victims and award punishments to rapists with great seriousness towards women conditions in the Indian society.
  • Compensation: The need of the hour is the creation of state sponsored victim compensatory fund particularly for heinous offences including rape. This award should be totally free from the result of the prosecution that is conviction or acquittal and should come into action the moment FIR is registered or cognisance is taken of a complaint.
  • Media: The media must be sensitive to the plight of the rape victim and must not highlight the name or any inference leading to the identification of the victim, as it will be counterproductive. The media must invariably highlight those cases where the offender has been convicted, as it will infuse the feeling of deterrence among the people.
  • Crisis centre: Rape Crisis Centres are set up in countries like Australia, Canada, America, United Kingdom, etc. These centres provide their help through their telephonic help lines also. These centres provide the rape victims with medical help, counselling, and financial help by way of providing job opportunities etc. Such centres should be set up in India to provide for medical aid and counselling to the rape victims.