Measures needed for sex ratio

  • Strict implementation of lawsbanning female foeticide and dowry
  • Providing old age pension for parents who had no son
  • Free and compulsory education for girls
  • Job reservationfor women in specific occupations and giving them an equal share in the property, in the true sense of the word.
  • Efforts should be made to implement these laws effectively.
  • Strict punishmentshould be given to the defaulters.
  • The vulnerable minds of the children should be so influenced that they grow up as adults who consider practicing dowry and female foeticide as immoral.
  • Women should also be socializedfrom early childhood to consider themselves as equal to men. This would be a positive influence on the coming generations as today’s girl child would be tomorrow’s mother as well as mother in-law.
  • Need to change the Mind-set of the people.