Challenges towards Rurban mission

  • Though welcome in its conception, its implementation is wrought with contradictions.
  • Though role has been given to state governments to delineate the clusters, role of PRIs has not been demarcated.
  • Further poor implementation of the 73rd amendment act to achieve meaningful devolution of funds, functions and functionaries risks jeopardising any significant socio-economic growth of rural areas.
  • Multiplicity of schemes in this regard in the form of SAGY, BRGF etc. can lead to delayed decision making and confusion.
  • Poor agricultural performance in dwindling monsoon times need to be safeguarded and drought mitigation, smart cropping patterns and institutional support in the form of insurance are key for any scheme for rural development and this hasn’t been integrated with the SPMRM.

The Rurban mission in order to be successful has to look to supplement and augment capabilities of PRIs, improve congruencies with AMRUT for deciding on administering an ever growing rural-urban fringe and promote a low carbon growth pattern for villages through use of renewables to achieve a model sustainable growth paradigm for our villages.