This Self Study initiative basically is an online version of our Offline intensive Test Series.

Meanwhile, Please Read Introductory Article on this HERE.

Useful Posts for Mains 2015:

  1. Motivation to Study without losing Sleep
  2. Importance of Practising Essays
  3. Motivation for Staying Focused

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Only Timetable

  1. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 1
  2. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 2
  3. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 3
  4. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam –Β 4
  5. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 5
  6. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 6
  7. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 7
  8. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 8
  9. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 9 & 10
  10. Insights Mains 2015 Β Free Mock Exam – 11
  11. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 12
  12. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 14
  13. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 15
  14. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 16
  15. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 17
  16. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 18
  17. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 19
  18. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 20
  19. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 21
  20. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 22
  21. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 23
  22. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 24
  23. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 25
  24. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 26
  25. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 27
  26. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 28
  27. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 29
  28. Insights Mains 2015 Free Mock Exam – 30



  1. Sir, by when will the detailed timetable be posted? Also, please keep in mind my e mail regarding management optional

  2. I will prepare from home.. that’s why i did not fill the application form, thinking that application form is only for those who attend offline tests and not for online participants. now can i get access to question papers and time table

    1. It is open for all. You don’t need any registration, login, password etc.

      Just enter your email (above right) to get updates from us. Whenever new posts are published, you will get updates. Rest is open and free.

      1. sir,
        “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL ” feature is not working for a long time ….. every time i try to get registered for RSS feeds, it gives error . if no error, then also we do not get subscription confirmation mail .

        please do the debugging πŸ™‚

  3. sir jaldi se post kijiye apna new time table for mains preparation, i am eagerly waiting for it πŸ™‚

  4. Sir
    firstly , you are doing a great favour to post offline tests online

    But I believe one strategy doesn’t work for all ( everybody has different levels of preparation of subjects ). Please give an indicative timetable so that people who are following their own timetable can adjust accordingly ( since some will be joining other test series for GS , optionals etc ). Spoon feeding may do more harm than good. Let this site remain just a one stop in our destination , rather than a one stop destination. As an aspirant, I shall benefit more from that.

    hope you consider this and reply !

    1. Thank you for the constructive criticism. We will be giving timetable today which aspirants can modify based on their need.

      We won’t be providing anything else, so didn’t get what you meant by – spoonfeeding.

      We will always try to remain a one of the stops in your destination. πŸ™‚

  5. insight is just like another super 30(once i was part of it) run by
    Mr.anand kumar patna, who pick the best brain of market and then beat d
    drum that our offline class result is more than 80% … i was not
    expecting like this from u insight… since last one month i was
    dreaming dat u will give fair chance to every1… what was the logic
    behind selection of those who are already in the service.. they hav
    enough knowledge about this exam ,, then what is ur contribution in
    his/her sucess.. despite u try to show modesty by saying that they have
    made in the list bcoz of their hardwork,, i know ,, they r their bcoz of
    their hardwork…. ur justification that normal guy can not go along
    with them is totally wrong,,i can also do the same.. nd even doing…

      1. I would say your criticism was obvious but if you look closely Insights Team has increased their intake from 15 to 30 just because loads of people were desperate to join and obviously they decided to select the most serious ones. Now if you look at their daily writing initiatives and consistency you would be amazed by their professionalism and dedication. I am writing all this because it seems the only ethical choice after being benefiting from their Secure series and latest compilations of model answers.
        Lastly, i would like to congratulate, Team Insights that they are doing a phenomenal job and gaining huge acceptability and should only take criticism as opportunity to do better.
        All the best!

    1. Dude, take things positively. Insights is giving crores of rupees of guidance to people online for free. So many of us have absolutely no chance of mains without help from Insights. They have limited resources and are free to make their criteria. Even by common logic, people who have cleared the exam once deserve more from Insights because they slogged for 1-2 years more than rest of us.

    2. @foxxofonix:disqus you should have attached your picture with the application. Those 30 selected for the core batch apparently were the only ones who attached their photographs with their application.

  6. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir, many aspirants are not making their own schedule and waiting for yours so that it becomes easier to follow insights. Already 8 days have passed. Please post your GS schedule as soon as possible. Every single minute is precious.
    I know you will recommend to study optional subject till the schedule is posted. Most of us are studying optional but in absence of a holistic plan it becomes difficult to study.

      1. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus..sir as per the plan the compilations also were also to be released. Eagerly waiting for them. By when can we expect it??

  7. I subscribed to your prelims test series and reaped benefits. Although due to bad day I made 6-7 horrendous mistakes but still hopeful of making it to the mains. You guys are doing great help to people like me who cannot afford formal coaching. Thanks a lot for your effort. Looking forward to ‘Self Study initiative’ and hope to make valuable contribution to the website in any way I can. Thanks again!

  8. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus pls put on some more topics under social issues ,economic issues and the basics concepts of gs like indigenisation,world resources,sociology,women empowerment,migration ,urbanisation,rural healt etc with a crisp analysis both pros and cons that wil be a great help for aspirants as instead of taking material from different book and collating will take time

  9. Please a give writing challenge for Public Administration optional like last year ( we having low score with Public administration And in love with it )

  10. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Please start public administration writing challenge for 2015 mains, with a time table like last year .

    1. i also apriciate with you,freind you will join any coaching pub.adm. test series or insights are sufficint..

      1. Test series not required if you write answers to all last 15 years old question papers, and rest will be cleared here .

  11. Thank you Insights for my only guide and friend for pre-2015 and GS preparation in due course of time..
    Dear Vinay Sir/Friends,
    am confident about clearing pre 2015 but feeling not good about mains
    preparation, specially optional (geography). Considering only 30%
    syllabus I have gone through till date from standard books, kindly
    suggest how I should proceed?
    I am also confused about joining any
    classes? as I feel better in self study and GS papers I can handle on my
    own. Can you suggest the strategy and study material for optional in
    this limited time?
    I have done with NCERT and going through savinder
    singh, next planning for human geography…where can I get good
    specified notes?

    1. Belief. This one word can do you wonders.
      Please go through Neha Kumari’s write-up (on this website) about her preparation for the exam.

      1. Thank you..I do have belief in what I do believe πŸ™‚
        Btw..I have gone through her write up.

        1. Then you would have been awestruck by how she managed to cover such vast amounts in so little time. My inspiration for covering my optional (mind you, mine’s history and it is one massive subject – portions wise) within a 100 days while focusing equally on GS and Essay is Neha.

          I have thankfully covered maybe the same amount as you have ~ 30% or so. I’ll try covering as much as possible in the remaining time. But I will not get panicky if i’m not able to complete something on time. Same should apply to you.

          1. Yeah..with same frame of mind I should proceed too. One big challenge for me is how to streamline whatever I already know.. Because till now everything is scattered. How you are managing GS? Writing part…

            Btw… Thanks.. Belief is solidified πŸ™‚

            1. Ha ha..why do you think I say that I have completed 30%?? I’ve read History about thrice (except for medieval India which I have read half-half) but I don’t remember anything nor will I be able to answer (even average-quality!!) any question today on the subject.

              How do we streamline it?

              1) Pick your source(s) for any topic
              2) Read that/those source(s) ONLY till the end of Mains for that particular topic – make notes if you prefer, but make sure that you read the source a couple of times even after you make notes. This, because with me, I tend to skip certain important points when I read. These skipped points I later notice when I re-read, and add to my notes (only if I have made any! I’m not particular on making notes).
              3) Regularly write tests/answers on questions to those topics

              This is what I intend to implement. Even if in the end I can’t finish the portions, I’ll at least be sure of what I have read.

              For GS, I’m doing somewhat the same, sans any note-making. I’ll be studying select sources over and over again. And I’ll write Insights tests without fail.

              1. Thrice + 30%…omg…God bless historian πŸ˜€
                Well we are the pioneer species, have to work doubly hard to sustain. Yes.. Your ideas will be really helpful. I will write on insights too.. Do review and correct my answers.
                Thanks and All the best

                1. All the best : )
                  No no, I’m telling you, all that reading has been nearly pointless without answering any questions and without regular revision. Let’s fix it now.

                  1. Rightly said..
                    It does reflect in your answers, I have seen your post.. πŸ™‚
                    Do you read relevant information before answering these questions or straight away go on firing?

                    1. Depends : ) .. I brainstorm initially. A minute or two. If I feel I can produce 200 words of relevant stuff, I straight away write. Otherwise, I read up and then write.

                      There’s no harm in reading and writing. I used to be hesitant initially to do something like that. But I rid myself of that hesitancy. And I know much more today about various topics because of doing exactly that – reading relevant information before answering.

                    2. Dear friend,
                      I have wrote 5 questions from first test, can you check and give me suggestions to improve. As of now I found you as most honest reviewer on this community.

                    3. Thank you. But there are others who review honestly in equal measure or more : )
                      I’m actually caught up with unexpected commitments. I’ll resume reviewing and writing as soon as possible : )

    2. Hey Raptor,

      Even i have opted for geography for mains…and im also looking for a direction to propel my preparation for the subject…I dunn know about the notes but im following the schedule posted by vision for their test series…and preparing from standard books mentioned in the schedule. I have gone through a lot of threads and blogs of toppers where they have shared their strategies and book lists, but all that has seriously confused me.
      Im just done with the NCERTs. Dunn know what to lost….request you to kindly share the info you get regarding this.

      1. Yeah sure I will share once I will be ready with strategy. One thing I learned is… Yes it can be done… πŸ™‚
        I too thinking to consider vision and we can help each other.. Mail me @
        Share your id too…

  12. The time table was supposed to come out today at 3. It’s still not here, is it? Or is the link somewhere that I can’t find? please help and post a link of the time table in the reply section if it is indeed out. Thank you.

  13. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015 and I want to share with some of

    # Total
    tests are 24 and till now
    given 16 tests(with model answers) and the remaining tests will be from Sept to Nov, which I will give
    you as they take place.

    affairs from July 2014 to
    November 2015 and material for all GS 4 papers.

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    1. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015

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  14. You haven’t mentioned the sources to study the topics in timetable (as you have done for prelims timetable )
    It would be really helpful if you could include them as well
    Considering the time left for mains , references you have given in how to study for mains articles are too exhaustive to be completed within given timeframe.

  15. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus When will you post the strategy for those preparing for 2016, both Prelims schedule of your test series and schedule for mains preparation?
    A reply would be much appreciated, sir! πŸ™‚

  16. So, for the aspirants who are not eligible to get into CORE 30 and offline 30, is there a way to get the questions…….which is according to the time table……..? If anyone may clarify……sir please……

  17. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015

    (24 Mock
    test Papers + Value Addition Material + Current Affairs Notes)

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  18. Sir, Please give the sources as u did during pre, otherwise it will be difficult to select sources on our own.

  19. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015.

    (24 Mock test Papers + Value Addition Material + Current Affairs Notes)

    I bought it for Rs.24000/-

    I can give you for Rs.1000/-

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  20. Sir can u please post the list of books and related links to study for self study initiative….

  21. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015
    (24 Mock test Papers + Value Addition Material + Current Affairs Notes)
    I bought it for Rs.24000/-
    I can give you for Rs.1000/-
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    Otherwise Ignore It.

  22. please start 2016 prelims+mains strategy .. may like me are ready to dive in at the earliest!!!

  23. Hi, first of all, a huge thanks for the mains schedule prepared by you. However, it would be great if you could provide model answers to these questions, like other coaching centres (mainly VisionIAS) provides. This way, students would be better able to evaluate their answers, and thus would generate a lot more interest in this exercise.
    Moreover, this would provide us with detailed understanding of various questions in the tests.

  24. Anyone want to form an Sociology optionals study group by email? On the days that the Insights Plan suggests Optionals test, we can take an old exam and then share answers in a circle (so that each time each person’s exam are read by at least one person?)

    Please only serious candidates (not at all trying to suggest that some people are un-serious, all I mean is that can you commit to A) writing one paper and B) reading someone else’s paper for all the times that the plan has Optionals Test)

  25. 7 SEPTEMBER 2015

    Q. Modi Government had appointed Shashi Kant Sharma (IAS) as CAG. But some β€˜concerned’ citizen filed PIL in SC asking his removal because earlier he has taken some controversial decision as defense Secretary. CJI refused to intervene saying the court should not react to every sound of alarm and β€œmeddle” in constitutional appointments. As per the Constitution, it was the Executive’s prerogative to recommend the name of the CAG to the President. Discuss.

  26. Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015

    (24 Mock test Papers + Value Addition Material + Current Affairs Notes)

    I bought it for Rs.24000/-

    I can give you for Rs.1000/-

    if anyone interested my mail id is

  27. sir, pl guide me on the map section; how to prepare for identifying a historical site that can be anywhere on the map.

  28. Dear insights,i requsted with you also upload model ans. of all test papers in PDF form which given to offline condidates…

  29. Sir, if possible kindly post the sample answer for these mock tests . It will be of great help.

  30. Sir please provide questions in a booklet for at so that we can take printout and directly write answers on the same.

  31. Hi Sir.. is there going to be a test series for the 2016 exam? how do i join it on insights? please guide. thank you so much

  32. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Thanks a lot for this awesome test series. Please review some of our answers as promised πŸ™‚
    If possible please provide model solutions or upload copy of offline class toppers. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  33. Will you also be uploading Geography optional offline test paper? If not, please do because it would be of immense help.

  34. SIR
    i am from manipur i want to join test series for 2016 starting from preliminary to mains. i may not be able to come down there, so is there any possible to submit the answers writing through post. waiting ur reply.

  35. hey guys!i need some help..
    i m preparing for next year prelims and i joined the coaching in delhi…but i m not able to make my proper schedule and strategy for study.i m getting confused about the things that wtever m doing is worth or not..
    plzzz give me some i m totally out of my mind and not able to think properly..
    so plzz tell me wt should i do?

    1. Which coaching did you join………………?
      I think you should follow yor institute without any doubt
      There would have been some toppers from yor coaching in previous yr…………if they can crack then why dnt you……………….You should not not have any doubt………..
      See if you quit it then probably you will quit further guidance also
      b optimistic and have faith over those who are guiding you………..u will make it

    2. what is your exact problem? are you confused about your career choice or you are not getting enough time for self-study? i also had been in this situation , but you can do and excel with your will power.

  36. Dear sir i am not able to find the link question answer writing (from may to august ) from insight sight ………..

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    While it no longer is in charge of approving specific projects, its input is now required for an overarching vision of policymaking – it now functions more as a consulting than as a bureaucratic apparatus. Considering that respective ministries are better equipped – in terms of expertise – to plan the micro details and budgetary issues of the projects under them, this is a welcome change. NITI Aayog, by being freed from the micro-details of specific projects, is thus an opportunity to think more deeply about the more fundamental structural frameworks in which these projects are conceived. The new format also allows for more input from the States. Consulting the states on each project would have been a nightmare for the erstwhile Planning Commission, but considering regional context to build a comprehensive plan of development is crucial. Thus a think-tank like NITI Aayog can prove to be a crucial clog in constructing a versatile institutional mechanism that works towards the development of the entire country while considering the specific situation of different regions.

  38. Vinay Sir… please.. we beg you dont stop HINDU NEWS ANALYSIS VIDEO initiatve… we dont need new initiatives… please sir… there is something called respect.. and you gain it NOT BY THE NUMBER OF THINGS YOU DO BUT BY THE WAY IN WHICH YOU DO EACH THING.. sorry sir, but am saying this bcoz OF my utter desperation AND helplessness .. i am one of the sincere followers of this site.. and am sorry to say you that u are not doing any good for true students who are actually (truly following ) depending on your site… IT IS A SHAME THAT U ARE STARTING NEW INITIATIVES WHEN YOU HAVE NO TIME TO CONTINUE THE PRESENT WONDERFUL INITIATIVES… imagine a student who has been viewing ur videos on a daily basis for the past 3 months.. it becomes a part of our study plan.. and suddenly one day it stops… and then after 1 week suddenly 5 videos appear… and on some day these videos will stop for ever and you will start another2-3 initiatives… with what faith we should follow ur site?… it would be better than those 100 new initiatives , if you continue one single initiative a whole year.. there is no need to mess things up like this.. earlier there was optional subject questions daily… one day it stopped.. then started current affairs… it stopped… then after some months it restarted.. then there is this lok sabha rajya sabha and all india raDio news analysis.. sometimes it stops.. then starts… then it starts again and again it stops.. it is of no benefit .. first i used to follow your rajya sabha initiative.. then it stopped.. ok lok sabha started.. then now it has become a mix… one day suddenly it comes… i am sure that those who follow a daily timetable finds it difficult when suddenly 1 weeks articles are posted together.. i am wondering why you didnt stop secure 2015 saying that you dont have time.. and you could have started another 3 or 4 initiatives also which you could have stopped after 2 months.. thank you for showing consistency in atleast that initiative, which iam sure is the one and only one initiative which is benefiting true students who are actually preparing and will eventuAlly succed.. the one feature in that initiative is its consistency and continuity.. but am sure you will start something outwordly soon and will stop “secure” initiative also… also mentionable is the present current affairs initiative(which is version 2 lol) which you are atleast posting on the next day… someone who studies sincerely will never find time to follow all your initiatives.. if you have real mind to help please show stability and consistency in atleast 4 or 5 initiatives and that would be truly wonderful.. each day morning we read that day’s news paper and then we cannot open your site and read last day’s current affairs.. also we cannot see last week’s hindu news analysis which you would have posted 1 week later… atleast by god’s grace you are posting secure questions based on the same day’s newspaper.. thank god.. otherwise that also would have been a waste.. imagine if we get the following things on the same day.. secure questons+ that day’s current affairs + that day’s news analysis video … how great it would have been.. and how useful it would have been.. o.k I agree that you do not have time to post all these on the same day BUT THEN THE SAME PERSON WHO DO NOT HAVE TIME TO UPDATE HIS PRESENT INITIATIVES ON A DAILY BASIS COMES UP WITH A NEW INITIATIATIVE EACH WEEK YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE HELPING US BUT YOU ARE WRONG…. am sure that these days you would be planning for atleast 10 new initiatives to begin soon…. but please.. please do something that will actually help real candidates… that is choosing initiatives which you can actually update daily and sustain for atleast one year.. new prelims quiz is amazing… but i do not follow that because am tired of your initiatves.. you will most probably stop it next month.. you would be thinking that u have done a great help by posting the compiled secure qstn and answers of last one year together last week… i Am sure that 100% of your followers would have been thrilled.. but am sure less than 5% would benefit from what you have done.. we would have benefitted if you posted those question and answers on that same day instead of wasting time on 100 other initiatives which you were never going to deliver in time.. i have lost hope.. but iam still following “secure” initiative hoping that you will spare atleast that initiative .. also, please don’t judge the success of your initiatives by the number of comments you get.. those who are really following it will never find time to post comments…if you daily follow secure initiative you will notice that a single user do not post answers consistently for more than 3-4 days. There are some who manage to sustain for 1 week or upto 1 month… but nobody stays there more than that time.. and then suddenly one day they reappear… they are seasonal birds.. they will be happy with your new initiatives because they would not have followed ur ongoing initiaves on a daily basis which is suffering due to the new ones… they migrate from your 1 initiative to another never realising their foolishness in following this site… sir.. let me ask you one thing.. are you currently covering lok sabha or rajya sabha(I mean big picture or insight) ? Am asking this because of my desparation and sense of being fooled… if you do not have time to post lok sabha insight program on a daily basis… please dont post it.. cover atleast big picture programme.. but do that daily for atleast 1 year.. so that we have clarity in what u are giving us.. so that we can prepare lok sabha insight programme on our own.. and with that we will be able to follow both programmes daily and will not miss that any day.. DEAR SIR, IAM REITERATING THAT CONTINUITY, STABILITY, CLARITY AND PUNCTUALITY MATTERS MORE THAN ANYTHING… tell us clearly in the beginning of the year what you can give us on a daily basis… and show us that u can actually give us that on time… then if u want you may add 1 or 2 initiatives if u are that desperate to help us… i beg dont stop those old initiaves… and if possible dont start anything new.. secure 2015, current affairs(same day),news analysis video(same day), rajya sabha or loksabha(at least one,but daily) and then the new daily prelims quiz… please…. please maintain these initiatives…. please sir… please.. please… am sorry but i said all these due to my desperation and helplessness… please sir… please…. please… CONTINUITY, SUSTAINABILITY, CLARITY AND PUNCTUALITY… HELP US IN AN EFFECTIVE MANNER SIR IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP… ATLEAST POST THE ONGOING YEAR’S SECURE ANSWERS ON THAT SAME DAY SIR , I REITERATE THAT IT IS A SHAME THAT U ARE STARTING NEW INITIATIVES WHEN YOU HAVE NO TIME TO CONTINUE THE PRESENT INITIATIVES… AM NO ONE TO SAY THIS.. AM ONLY A STUDENT… AND LITERALLY I AM BEGGING… PLZZZZ SIR PLEASE. DONT MESS THINGS AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAINTAIN PUNCTUALITY

  39. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir thanks for the details , Just need to clarify
    one doubt , Related to mains 2016 there will be 2 programers running at
    the same time .
    1st – Secure 2016(After December 2015) In which
    every day you will be posting Questions based on the daily news articles
    segregated in various sections related to syllabus .
    2nd – Mains
    2016 Self Study – In which you will be posting the questions as per the
    Time Table (Pre Test Series + Mains ) with the source provided
    irrespective of daily current news articles . PLEASE CLARIFY πŸ™‚

    I am big follower of your Site and the vision behind it , Even I was
    the part of your 1st offline classes held in Vajay Nagar – Bangalore , I
    have interacted with you all personally so I know very well how sincere
    you all are . Thanks for all your hard work .

    BUT There is one
    Site who have copied all your ideas modified the names of Initiatives
    and now claiming to be BEST .They might be putting lots of hard work too
    which I respect them for and even Thanks them but InsightsonIndia was
    the place where this concept started . Request you to please come up
    with such and PLAN – 2016 that no one stands before INSIGHTS .
    Will always stand with Insights .

    Thanks Once Again – INSIGHTS

  40. I had posted here about a group that I wished to make of only 5 of serious aspirants Unfortunately, no replies except for one.
    I wish to bring to light a problem which I believe everyone here is facing. The SECURE initiative is a great one, so much so that other similar sites are cropping up. BUT with all its positives there is a huge NEGATIVE too. And thats the part of peer to peer review. Practically speaking, it is not possible to even review 30 answers especially when we have so less time at hand. Comments run upto 100s sometimes.
    However, Insights has again taken a wonderful initiative to come up with MONTHLY COMPILATIONS. Now here lies the CATCH. Regulars here might have observed that only few users’ answers are regularly reviewed due to various reasons- they were early here plus their answers are more holistic. BUT, new entrants feel left out. AND its an awful feeling plus ONLY READING others’ answers arent going to do us any good. OUR ANSWERS need REVIEWS as well.
    So I have come up with a way. And here lies the usefulness of small groups of 5 who are CONSISTENT. We will only review each others answers. That way we dont get caught up in 0 reviews. BUT at the end of month when the compilations are released we have to do the HARD WORK too. WE have to compare each answer with the best ones. I feel its better that way rather than wasting almost half a day only reviewing other answers.
    I am pretty hopeful people will reply positively to this. And also, open to suggestions on how to make it more efficient. BUT as of now, this seems to me the BEST way to squeeze the juice out of the SECURE fruit.
    May the force be with you. m/

    1. helo!!i want to be the part of your group and i am serious.i am preparing for ias 2016.what will be the process to be in the group?

      1. Hello, thanks for your reply. No one has turned up right now. And I too havent been sqeezing in secure 2015 in my schedule.If you are still interested ping me here.

            1. thats not an are we only two or we have others too wid us? can we discuss on fb or watsapp?


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  43. hello sir
    thank you for providing free mains mock exams…(cleared prelims..prelims test series helped a lot..thank you)
    sir,if you can provide with any model answers(or points expected for questions ) then that would really help a lot in self evaluating our standard and the corrections needed ..because many like me are writing answers on paper instead of typing or uploading them…and now time is biggest constraint…hope you do the needful…
    thank you once again for all the selfless support and guidance….

  44. sir please provide geography optional, mock tests which are compulsory at your offline course.

  45. This is something interesting. i have seen test papers of many big institutions here in old rajinder nagar and the question are copy paste of secure 2015 initiative. Fees charged by these institution is almost 1000 rupees for 1 paper. thank you so much insights for your genuine efforts to help us. thanks

  46. @@InsightsOnIndia:disqus: SIr , can you provide some outlines for the model answers say after a week of posting the question papers . It will be really helpful for all the aspirants .
    Thanks for this initiative.

  47. Sir, i think there should be some proper revision phase in the prelims time table…

    we will be exhausted achieving the 10-day target…
    then when to revise..??
    i think there should have been some off days in the timetable for the sake of revision

  48. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus:earlier the current events used to be uploaded by afternoon or evening but now its getting late day by day….its a request to please upload it earlier. i understand the work pressure on u guys but still consider my request if u can.

  49. Hello sir, can you please also post the model answer to theses questions or any one which is best from the offline class. It will be very helpful . Thanks

  50. I didn’t clear the prelims exams
    Missing this exciting test series a lot these days πŸ™

  51. dear insights, This initiative is a great support to our endevour . It would be appreciable if you could upload some model answer so that we can get a clarity the most relavant points and the direction of the answer

  52. Please tell us specific time for Test 26 to 30 we would like to solve with same upsc composure

    1. GS – 1: Morning 10 to 1 pm (8th December)
      GS – 2: Afternoon 2 pm to 3 pm (8th December)
      GS – 3: Morning 10 to 1 pm (10th December)
      GS – 4: Afternoon 2 to 5 pm (10th December)

  53. Please Help….
    in compulsory language papers the questions of comprehension are 10 to 15 marks…how to attempt them??? what should be the length of answer?And what about the content?should we elaborate relevant portion of passage in the question?

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