Contribution to Socio-economic Development

  • Acreage and production estimates for the principal crops such as wheat, rice, sorghum, cotton, mustard, and groundnut using Forecasting Agriculture Output using Space Agrometeorology and land based observations (FASAL). Precision farming using IRNSS. Agro Metrological (AGROMET) Towers to measure soil temperature, soil moisture, soil heat and net radiation, wind speed, wind direction, pressure and humidity.
  • Wasteland mapping, watershed development and monitoring as well as help in fisheries sector for augmentation of income.
  • Survey of various mineral and natural resources have been made possible through remote sensing.
  • Management of these resources, their development conservation and formulation of various policies are affectively done with the use of information derived through remote sensing.
  • It plays a vital role in delivering cyclone warnings and is used in search and rescue operations. Various meteorological services including information about monsoon, climate flood, cyclonic activities etc are provided through the technologies.
  • It has developed communication technology in India.
  • They have proved very useful in spread of education. Even in remote areas, the expertise educations have been made possible through the talk back channels of INSAT-3D satellite.
  • They have helped in environment conservation programmes estimation of agricultural production and water resources information’s.
  • Introducing telemedicine via satellite for making speciality treatment accessible to people in remote areas of India. Places around Bangalore, Kolkata and Tripura are networked with a hub using VSAT terminals.
  • The concept of “Gramsat” satellites have emerged to provide the basic requirements of villages.
  • Village Resource Centers located at coastal tracts are being provided with near real time information on satellite derived Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ). Information pertaining to inland fisheries, aquaculture, etc., is also provided through VRCs as relevant.
  • Another application of satellite communication is Satellite Aided Search and Rescue (SAS&R), as a part of India’s commitment to the International COSPAS- SARSAT programme for providing alerts and position location services for aircraft and ships in distress.
  • Commercialization of space launching technologies by ANTRIX has resulted into economic gain.
  • Apart from these various uses, the space programme has helped in social cultural and scientific consolidation and harmony.


Over the last four and half decades, the Indian space programme has made impressive progress through well integrated, self-reliant programs. Through its space technology programme, India is promoting a knowledge based society which has led to social, economic and political transformation.