Criticism of DPSPs

  • No legal force: They were described as ‘pious superfluities’ and was compared to a blank cheque, new year’s resolutions, manifestation of aims and aspirations
  • Illogically arranged: DPSP have been criticized for being arranged in an illogical manner and without any consistent philosophy
  • Conservative and orthodox: Some provisions are outdated and are not consistent with 21st century philosophies. Ex: Banning intoxicating drinks
  • Might lead to confusion and conflicts
  • Can cause conflicts between centre and states during implementation of DPSP
  • Constitutional cases were high during the initial stages concerning the conflicts between FRs and DPSP

Conflicts between President and the cabinet, centre and state could also occur. Ex: States could be dismissed in case of non-compliance; President might not give assent if laws made to give effect to DPSP are violative of FRs