Our Mission, Vision & Values

Insights IAS is a pioneer in the field of UPSC CSE Preparation. We have revolutionized, redefined, and simplified the UPSC(IAS) Exam Preparation. Since our inception, we have produced several ranks in the top 10 and top 100 consistently over the years: including AIR-1,3,5 and 8.

Mission:  Our mission is to democratize access to knowledge and resources required for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. In pursuance of this goal, we offer several initiatives for free on our website & social media platforms.

Vision:  To simplify UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation & to ensure anybody, in any part of India will have access to the resources & guidance required to pursue their dream.

Students studying at the Insights IAS Library, Bengaluru

Values:  We hold steadfast unto certain values: humility, integrity, compassion, and honesty. These values have made us who we are today and continue to guide us in all our future endeavours.


Students at Insights IAS Bengaluru