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    1. hi bhupal
      im from hyd preparing for 2016, in search of a serious friend who is preparing for 2016

        1. Hyderabad aspirants, please create a WhatsApp group for discussion and exchange of ideas.
          I am dropping my no. +918897676328.

      1. Hyderabad aspirants, please create a WhatsApp group for discussion and exchange of ideas.
        I am dropping my no. +918897676328..

    2. Hi even I am from Hyderabad and working. but determined to clear civils in 2016 and ready to get stick to Insight time table.

      1. Awesome..so many working professionals cleared civils, and they r source of inspiration to me..
        Plz stick to insights group..
        All the best

            1. Hyderabad aspirants, please create a WhatsApp group for discussion and exchange of ideas.
              I am dropping my no. +918897676328….

        1. well say brother, these are some of the small obstacles that should be taken care by the principle of federalism in between professional work and study.

        1. Thank you. wish you the same. so I hope and look forward for the constructive work and criticism to improve our skills, to make our dream come true.

          1. Hi Lakshmi/Rajshree bhupal…I on the same boat this time!!..It feels so good to have a bunch of offline ppl who can help each other!!..Before Mission 2016 is announced by insights team…shd we grp up andtargetfinihing the ncert booksof economics/history/geo?..What say??..If yes..pls respond nd update on prep strategy and level of completion!!

              1. Grt start then!!..Lets target with history class 7/8/themes of history 1 in this week..and make important points as a small note as a handy ncert self notes for reference!!..Once Mission 2016 is chalked out by insights we integrate our work with it too !!..

                    1. Yeah Vijayant!!..But its like a task to be finished..this will also help us to help each othre ..will put some dynamism in the static life!!..lets see..atleast we can gv a shot and put on our sleeves!!..Those who think they can are on the boat..those who think they need more time can chalk out acrdngly!!..All for success and good!! 🙂

                  1. Hey..we have created a whatsapp group called insightians!!..provide yr number if onwhatsapp..we will add yiu and on the close knit group of insightians we can be well connected throughout the prep stage!!

                    1. Hello, We did not receive new paper today. So shall we have a discussion on the question and newspaper given in today’s current affairs on the insight.

                      Hope this is fine.

                    2. Hello, due to rain I was not having to access to net (Wi-Fi) yesterday. would you mind in sharing today’s syllabus

              1. yeah!!..and they need to be revised and re revised always..i remember straight qstns about aihole from2014 cse paper..lets finish them first!!

                  1. This year i felt i had read every question somewhere…cdnt recollect a single correct answer!! … negatives were so many!!…Actually a completely equipped preparation can only lead us to success!!…nothing shd be let away with!!..

            1. This is good, but this can be done if a timetable is prepared by any one of us. I sincerely admit, I am not good at preparing time table.

              I feel this is possible if we all together form a group and share the updates, review comments or etc that will help us in achieving the target.

              If you can open an account for us is fine or I can do that and share the details.

              Either way is fine with me.

              1. Hi lakshmi..lets just start with this small timetbl for a week and see if we can stick together fr long..then we decide further!!..grt suggestion …thanks!! 🙂

                1. So kindly suggest (NCERT) which subject to start and which standard to start. So that who all wants to form a group can stick to it for time being.

              2. If at all we prepare any acct…you open it for us Laxmi..yr name anyhow wd bring goodluck to all associated!! 🙂 🙂

            2. thats a gud idea…i m too in the same blow bt i think strategy is nothing just go on wth ncert books..bdw m following gaurav agrawal’s blog..that gave me good strategy

              1. if that wrks fr yu..go fr it buddy :)!!..here iam just trying to initiate the study spark among each other along with insights..we can study the same..help have doubts..discuss..so on!!

          2. hai…due to internet problem I could not interact with you…is it ok for u to share your mobile number

      2. Hey I m also from Hyderabad and even working . Lets us cooperate each other and try to make in the final list . what you say Bhupal and Lakshmi

          1. so I want to say , lets do the answer writing practice regularly and will keep correct our self and also do debates on the issues . That’s nothing but making another community with in our reach for our objective and do whatever required to settle down.

      3. hey, laksmi..im from hyd too and working too.

        lets get a watsapp group for all of us…

        the group could be of use to everyone aiming for the 2016 deadline.

        the insights test series fraternity for mission 2016


      4. Hyderabad aspirants, please create a WhatsApp group for discussion and exchange of ideas.
        I am dropping my no. +918897676328…

    3. Bhupal,I am doing preparation from one of the last & remotest village of Northeastern part India from the state Tripura sorrounded by Hills and Bangladesh.Even I am also in a hope for 2016.Also need co-operation form all of you.

      1. Get in our boat Pavel!!..If we think and try of success…it doesn’t matter where u come from..just try to hav a good internet!! ;)..offlinefrnds are of grt help!..they will never distract you! 🙂

          1. This is just to help each other..improve offline connection till insights releases mission 2016..after it we remain integrated…chalk out our strategies and put it up along with insights guidance..For the time Lets target with history class 7/8/themes of history 1 in this week..and make important points as a small note as a handy ncert self notes for reference!!.

            1. Please add me to the group if possible. Would be of immense help as i am preparing from home! 9859641396

          1. group created..all interested welcome to join hands to help!! ..Pls provide yr numbers if interested!!..sid is already in! 🙂

            1. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
              Great initiative..Plz do add me. Thanks in advance.
              Mob. no.: 9985506705

      2. hey buddy, this is truly inspiring man..dont worry, all of us in here have hurdles of various kinds and trust me, its the dedication and will that will get us going in the midst of adversity..we appreciate your eagerness to be a part of the journey with us all…in the meanwhile, lets get a watsapp group going for our collective benefit…will do us all world of good, even on the go..


    4. Good to see so many Hyderabadis gearing up Civil services!!. I wish to be a part of the group which helps in maintaining the momentum and keeps the cycle going on. Can anyone pls inform me about the schedule and also about the meeting dates for discussion and also the outline of the route map which everyone has decided upon.

      To just start with here is one article which details the share of civil servants from different states. Hoping to see our in the top soon.


      Stay motivated
      Cheers !!!

        1. I am open to the idea. Need to check out with the rest of the people who are willing to join. Need someone to take the lead. I prefer telegram which has better sharing options.

        1. There is no such difference in preparation for prelims and mains. The present pattern of examination demands exclusivity and holistic idea of all concepts.

    5. Even i am from hyderabad working in sbh.I am also determined to clear in 2016 in my first attempt itself.

    6. Hyderabad aspirants, please create a WhatsApp group for discussion and exchange of ideas.
      I am dropping my no. +918897676328

  1. with this test series please also mention the SOURCES (3rd party or NCERT , whatever it may be)… so that only RELEVANT THINGS are practised 1000 times… only PIN POINTED THINGS i mean… and FREE SELF STUDY GUIDE.please ??

  2. thanks insight…… i need ur help to make my dream comes true.once again thank a lot for this mission 2016

  3. This would be a perfect time to start preparation..
    Have been following u from half a year..Great source of preparation..
    plz start the test series for mains writing too..

  4. For you Insight…RESPECT !!!!.

    I have already started preparation since May 2015 for 2016 exam and have covered almost half of my optional. By november I will be getting done with optional and december full revision. Beside this also covering static part of GS papers and Insight daily news archives which is such a great collection for me. Waiting for you plan Insight…

      1. 10 am to 6 pm, sometime stretches upto 7 pm. but from 8 pm to 9 am its all mine. Also I pack up my lunch session with Yojana or Kurukshetra articles atleast one a day.

    1. Mr.rocket express , take some time out to inspire us, mere mortals too , while u chase your dream! On a serious note, good luck for your prep and do stay connected..you seem to be a man with a plan..way to way boy!

      1. Ok. M in. But dont know how useful it would be as I am very less active on it. Lets hope it would not kill a piece of time and be a bit productive. Add me to your group. 91-7736334933

      2. Is there any space left for new members to be added in your group? If yes do add me at 8886522003.

    1. i work too.,i also see a lot of working professionals harbouring ambitions to get cracking for civils 2016..good luck while you are at it,.

      1. Thanks a lot…I have started off with NCERTs, History completed, geoography about to complete, then will cover political science ..economics and so on…after all ncerts are done will cover other advanced level books 🙂

  5. Hi folks..Looking to form a study together group for UPSC 2016 in Chennai.Anyone interested??..Please let me know immediately.Keep learning.Thank you..

  6. Hi guys how are u
    I m also preparing for CSE last two years
    my has been completed already, now my focus on GS Mains

  7. Dear Insights I need clarification regarding age. By next notification 2016 my age will be 32(complete). Am i eligible for next notification.? Why august 1st is taken as cut off date

  8. I am working in a software company in Bangalore….need frnds for a good study circle for 2016

  9. Someone talked about this site in a casual conversation at work and i decided to check this out,and whoa, wasn’t i suprised!!

    Anywys,well,for all the members who are already aware and in the cat race, Im sure you all shall join me in wishing the Insights guys great luck for the kind of selfless services they are rendering. i only wish their efforts are supplemented by the aspirants will and dedication in charting out success in the exam as we deserve and desire…good luck guys and gals….
    looking forward to mission 2016!
    Bring it on!

  10. Aspirants from Bangalore, can be form a group to get updated and informed about everything. Please revert back so that i will create a whatsapp group for quick questions and answers.

    1. why restrict the watsapp group to just banglore, make it pan india…like everyone who is part of mission 2016 on insights and make it into one big online fraternity,,,im reside in delhi and others from various parts may be happy to join too…lets get started..try seeking phone numbers and we can get started soon…discussing and deliberating course of action, prep tips and the like.

  11. I m also a working aspirant.. Strongly recommend to form a group of serious aspirants for cs 2016

  12. Hi i was working when i did my coaching and gave UPSC 2015. i am scoring around 88-90 which i believe is below cut off. But i am happy that while working i was able to score near to cutoff. Now i have left my job and i think i should have a plan. Can someone help me on this ? i am currently in NOIDA where i was working and thinking to shift to my hometown Jaipur as my coaching will get over in October

    1. hai….its nice u guys are keen in forming group.. i am also from bangalore..revert me on my email(b.cchaithra27@gmail)..if we can make asmall group.kindly reply on this email id.preparing for 2016 attempt

  13. Hiii Friends,I am from Hyderabad and a working professional,dertermined to clear civils in 2016,Lets work together and reach our goals,where insight is ready to help us,once again thank you Insight team for giving a helping hand…ALL THE BEST..

      1. Already created too now called Insightians!!..thanks to sid!!..pls provide numbers..we will add you!!..

          1. Hi devmitra garu. A very helpful and a good initiative by you. I am interested to join. kindly add me too . . . my number is 8106947974.

        1. Add me, please!

          +61 451652552

          I am from Australia, so is the no. Thanks in advance.

        2. hi friends.. its gd to see all of us coming together to crack civils.. I just have a point to make.. As all of us are seeing the tremendous response for whatsapp group, i feel we may exceed the limit of 100 participants.. so, what i suggest is, in such case, we will form two groups with two/three persons common in both groups so that the two groups can be linked.. What say?

        3. Hi Devmitra!!!!

          I am Neha Mishra, working in as an officer in Bank Of India, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). Plz add me too. my number is 8235231190

        4. Dear..instead of using whats app …i think google hangouts will be better option to discuss topics…bcoz whats app will be letter become a chit-chat group only..!!

        5. Hi…This is Nishant….gearing up for MISSION 2016 too….please add my number as I would love to share many insights with you and benefit in return………….btw, my number is +919985777630 🙂

        6. Hi,

          Kindly add my number 7680879967 to this group.. Thanks a lot in advance and All the best for all your great job…

        7. Thanks ..All the very best to u too & to all insightians in this wonderful battle 🙂

        8. hey plzz add me too m going to give my prelims in 2017…it’ll be of immense help for me to join the group and learn from u guys…7320037394

        9. 8141858583 mufiz here. Add me Mechanical engineer . was working as a assistant professor in clg in ahmedabad. I have left the job and totally preparing for upsc

        10. Hi Devmitra, Would you be able to add my number to the group as well. I am a working professional and based out in Auckland, New Zealand. I will really appreciate it.



        11. Devmitra pls add my no. too 9900919096, i really wish to be a part of this discussion

        12. Hello devmitra..please add me also

          Hitesh Singh from Chandigarh working professional in Dept. Of Telecom

        13. hi.. I do preparation of Upsc ..plz can you tell me about discussion group..? I want to add in your group.. plz send information.

        14. Hi!

          This is Prashant C. Great initiative. Please add me too. My contact number is 9967913687. Much appreciated.

          Thanks and regards…

          Prashant C.

        15. Hey Devmitra please Add me also 9835527618, dat ll be of immense help.. As I hv no group to prepare wid.

        16. please add me…your younger enthusiastic brother who knows little..my number 7702335689

        17. Sharing is something like caring . Debate grows matter stroner . Kindly add me – Venkat (9445749768) . Thanks in advance .

        18. I’m alone aspirent without coaching from home town, no circle around. Add me to the group i need some discussion forum. 9530221750. It would be a great help. Thanks.

          1. Hi Soni. I can understand what you mighgt be going thru. Try iasaspirantnetwork.wordpress.com to connect with someone relevant even from your home or any area where you live in. I have already filled their questionnaire. I seriously need somone who can help me out on answer-writing skills for international relations. I am good in environment topic and I can share my notes if you want.Although,

        19. pls do add me ….gaining knowledge is dearer than gain wealth to me…9941471865….good initiative

        20. kindly add me , i really want to involve in discussion. my no is 8861144198. thanks in advance

        21. Am a Civil Service aspirant Kindly add me too for you group . As am in remote area it may help me to get knowledge and updates about our ultimate target.. My mobile no is 8123945417

        22. Plz add me 9551240906.. i want to get updates and disscuss about it as far as it goes

        23. add 9454788239

        24. I know i am late and the group has already been created! But i sincerely request you to add me too…

          My number is 9535607168