Strategic Importance


1. Economic:  Despite its small size, the Maldives is currently being wooed by a number of developed and developing countries. Because of Strategic Importance of the Geographic Location of the Maldives with respect to Key International Shipping Lanes (ISLs).

      • The Indian Ocean is a key highway for global trade and energy flows. The Maldives is geographically positioned like a ‘toll gate’ between the western Indian Ocean chokepoints of the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Hormuz on the one hand, and the eastern Indian Ocean chokepoint of the Strait of Malacca on the other.
      • It is extremely important for India’s strength in blue economy through sustainable management and utilisation of marine resources.

2. Security: Maldives is important for political stability and security in the Indian Ocean Neighbourhood and protection of Indian trade and investment.

      • They have a clear responsibility in maintaining peace and security in the Indian Ocean. India to see Maldives supporting the Pacific strategy of the Quad — a strategic arrangement between India, US, Japan and Australia.
      • India being a net provider of security, it is also our responsibility to maintain peace and security in the region. So these two are complementary approaches and we are working on that.”

3. Anti-terror Operations

      • It is standing With India in anti terror operations. Maldives is deeply affected by radical elements.
      • India and Maldives are also engaged in deep defence cooperation as well as in counterterrorism measures. Both sides held their meetingof the Joint Working Group on counterterrorism, countering violent extremism and de-radicalization.

4. Global Support:  Maldives supports India’s permanent membership  and India’s candidature for a non- permanent seat to the year 2020-21

      • Both are members of commonwealth and have supported each other on international forums such as NAM and the

5. Curbing China’s ambition: It is key that Male treats India as the “first among equals” when it comes to China. When Solih came to power, he categorically said India First policy is my foreign policy.

6. In 2016, an Action Plan between India and the Maldives was signed for ‘defence cooperation’ to enhance “shared strategic and security interests of the two countries in the Indian Ocean region”.