Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 9

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 9

Hope you enjoyed solving the Ninth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. dear admin,
    do we have to read all chapters in themes in Indian history part I and part II?

      1. Insights, starting 19 th January 2016, the topics for self mains preparation are : French revolution, Industrial revolution and American revolution.

        Please mention the source. If its NCERT, which one (class) and any proper internet source/material or is it Wikipedia only.?.

        1. I think the questions wouldn’t be framed from any specific source .. Its a test to gauge your understanding from a particular topic.

          1. That’s what, any source with proper details at one place is my query from insights. Their advice will keep as assured.

            1. i would check wikipedia now … i have already covered the mentioned topics from NCERT following which , i will go back to NCERT again

  2. Is it necessary to cover Ancient and Medieval Administration of empires from a prelims perspective in terms of cost benefit analysis?

    1. The competition is razor-edge in Prelims. Many deserving candidates don’t qualify as they fail to get that additional 2 marks or even 0.33 marks!

      1 question can push you out of the race or pull you back into the race. Please do not neglect any part of the syllabus. You have enough time for Prelims. The present pattern does not give us the luxury of such a cost-benefit analysis. Do prepare thoroughly. Thank you.

      1. Insights, starting 19 th January 2016, the topics for self mains preparation are : French revolution, Industrial revolution and American revolution.

        Please mention the source. If its NCERT, which one (class) and any proper internet source/material or is it Wikipedia only.?..

      2. Thanks Insights! It’s the preparation fatigue setting in :D. These words have got me back on my feet again

  3. Insights, starting 19 th January 2016, the topics for self mains preparation are : French revolution, Industrial revolution and American revolution.

    Please mention the source. If its NCERT, which one (class) and any proper internet source/material or is it Wikipedia only..?

    1. You can refer either to:
      a) Old NCERT Class Xth and XIIth; OR
      b) 9th and 11th New NCERTs + Internet Research
      Thank you

  4. respected sir please provide link for cpf 2012 answer key link m not getting it on upsc site…..tnkyu sir…

  5. Some errors in the answer sheet.
    Q.51- Correct answer provided by you is A i.e 1 and 2, but according to your justification part, 3 is also correct.

    1. There are two structural axes of tree: 1. root 2. stem

      Stem can sometime (as explained in insights note) do photosynthesis but root can never do because root hair cells do not contain chloroplasts.

      So, option is incorrect and hence in explanation Insights should have mentioned “incorrect” instead of “correct”. 🙂

  6. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Insightsias website is painfully slow. Please do something. Not able to open the test.

        1. I hv sent u mail from my email regarding preparation. Pl hv a look at that

  7. Sorry for putting the question here, do we need to study old ncert history textbooks for ancient and medival india?

    1. If you have finished TamilNadu history textbooks and New NCERTs, you will only need to read selectively from the Old NCERTs – Ancient and Medieval.

      There are some selected chapters on Hindu philosophies (e.g. Samkhya, Yoga etc) and others that need to be covered. We will be including questions from them in the tests when full syllabus tests start. Thank you.

  8. Guys, where do we get American revolution in NCERT..?

    French revolution : new ncert class 9, themes in world history.
    Industrial revolution: new ncert class 11, themes in world history
    American revolution: please help . :-p

      1. Bro, most of the links doesn’t work here. Do you have any idea. Like I tried to get previous year prelims paper for GS.

        1. I hav history optional.if u didn’t get American revolution from any source, share your e mail id. I ll mail the stuff which i have.

          1. Thank you for the support. I contacted them, and some links will start functioning starting tomorrow. Others, will take some time.
            If you got consolidated material on american revolution, do share with me @

  9. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus, Sir what may be considered as GOOD score in this test. Thank you.

    1. Right now your focus should be to go through a number of questions(as well as the answers :p) rather than worrying for the score

    2. Actually there is no good or bad score. It depends on your competitors. For e.g. in UPSC Prelims 2015, 105-110 was considered to be a decent score, but a very large number of students failed to qualify.

      However, if you are able to consistently score above 80+ in these tests, you will do well in the exams. UPSC paper will be easier and you will also have gone through tremendous testing here. In the final UPSC exam, aim for 130+. Here put your entire focus on learning. 🙂

    3. AFTER reading what Insights has mentioned in reply to your comment, you could read my reply to @upscaspirants:disqus’ comment. You may find that, in addition to what Insights has advised, helpful : )

  10. dear insights i unable to pace with the timetable,every test i am missing at least a book mentioned,score is somewhere between 70-90,everyday decide to complete the task but failing somehow…..anxiety and negativity catching…kindly help to get out…

    1. I faced the same problem. But this is what I decided to do: I will cover at least 50% of the books mentioned. And I will revise them once. Only then will I read another book (which usually means, another 25%). Revise this. By then, the next test is near. I either go through what I’ve studied, or flip through the remaining 25%…. this way, I’m sure that I have prepared 75% of the books decently, if not perfectly. I don’t spend time separately for current affairs, because i anyway read the newspaper decently. And I don’t read the Yojana. I haven’t, till date. I may, in the future.

      1. Even if you can read only two books (of your choice), revise them thoroughly. Forget the other 2-3 books for each test. Make sure you are strong with those two books you have read before the test. You can read the other books later on. I’m thinking of doing just that – to reduce the number of books I read and revise properly, what I have read.

  11. Sir even though i am religiously following the timetable of all the mentioned test & getting 110+ score consistently but what is bothering me is as the days come closer how to do revision of all the important stuff & material which we have covered so far and which we will be covering in next couple of months. Please suggest some strategy.

    1. bro..i make brain maps for all the topics…so the whole portion comes down to some mere pages…try that

  12. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    sir, I have covered old ncert and TN history for ancient india. Do i need to study Themes in indian history (New NCERT)?

  13. I know this question does not find relevance here but I still want to clear the confusion regarding the sources for S&T preparation. Except the Hindu S&T Thursday edition and Science Reporter magazine, what would you suggest for the preparation on a weekly basis from the point of view of MAINS preparation to develop an understanding?

  14. hello..9th test was my first test as i joined late due to my semester exams..i couldn’t touch bio unit 8 9 10 and yojana and was able to secure 90 marks ..i am putting the details so that i can get better feedbacks …how is my score and do i stand a chance to improve further …

  15. Q. 10 – the proportion of people engaged in primary activities … answer given is “. Extraction of natural resources is a major activity” but lets suppose if agriculture is a major activity rather than mining, etc. then can option “. Levels of urbanizations are very low” be the answer

    1. Natural resources include everything that comes from nature. Extraction of Natural resources do not actually mean only those dug out from the earth. It can be harnessing any natural resource like wood, crops, milk, fisheries etc.

      Levels of low urbanization may be the next best answer, if you do not know the occupational structure of the economy. Thank you.

  16. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus In Q. 59 , it is given that literacy will necessarily increase if more number of children pass the primary school in the country. However it need not be true as irrespective of number of number of children pass/fail the primary school , literacy can continue to fluctuate as the criteria set is 7 yrs and above who can read and write. It has nothing to do with school going. Any child who learns at home can also become literate. So there may be cases where number of children passing the primary school may increase but literacy overall may decrease.

  17. Dear Sir,

    Please let us know which book we shall read

    1) From PLASSEY to PARTITION : a history of modern India- Sekhar Bandyopadhyay? (or)fromPLASSEY to PARTITION and after- Sekhar Bandyopadhyay?

    2) Modern India 1885-1947-sumit sarkar- 2014 Pearson edition (or) Mcmilan Paperback edition 2001?

  18. Anyone for geography optional? If yes, then how are u preparing for it? Book sources and the strategy..

  19. Insights, I have been trying to follow the initiatives sincerely and I have been facing some problems which I want to discuss here.
    1) what things are necessary to read daily in order to get all the questions of quiz correct.
    I mean, is it like , initiatives such as ‘insights into editorial’ , current events, secure questins reference links, daily debates are all needed to compiled as one piece together and then try attempting quiz..?
    2) I feel the reference links in the secure question doesn’t suffice entirely to answer the particular question. So do we need to put in extra effort like to research from Wikipedia or relevant sources…?

    1. 1) If you read the newspapers (any two) sincerely, and supplement them with Insights Current Events and Editorials, you will be able to solve most questions.

      2) They are only indicative in nature as they are only question sources. Some research will need to be done before you can gather all the relevant information for the answer. Thank you.

  20. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Can the industries which produce microprocessor chips and automobile parts be categorized under footloose industries ?

    1. Footloose industries generally have fixed costs irrespective of where they are located, as they do not generally rely on local resources or transport. Since these industries assemble the parts without relying majorly on nearby resources, these may be classified as footloose industries.

      However, there may be exceptions where these industries need to tap skilled or unskilled labour pool, which may not be available everywhere. For e.g. tribal belts may not have skilled engineers, and hiring them to work in those areas may impose an additional cost.

      1. Hi Insights.. Microprocessor chips cant be made anywhere.. We can have electronics inductries as footloose, but not chip manufacturing industries. As per my knowledge, India doesnt have a single fab where chips are manufactured… We only have embedded systems which assemble chips.. Chip manufacturing requires abt 99.9% pure silicon and is a huge water guzzling industry…

        1. Dear, it was not about manufacturing, but only assembling of chips. Any manufacturing activity would require raw material and natural resources like water. Computer chip industries that only assemble finished products are categorized as footloose industries.

  21. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir what rank in the test series (i know the number of ppl writing d test varies for each test so u can tell in terms of percentile) can be considered as a good one.I am writing the UPSC exam for d first time,so i don’t have any idea abt what can be considered as a good rank in dis test series. pls do reply sir

    1. I don’t think anyone knows what a good rank could be. Try improving with each test. Learn with each test.

  22. Dear Sir,

    Please let us know which book we shall read

    1) From PLASSEY to PARTITION : a history of modern India- Sekhar Bandyopadhyay? (or)fromPLASSEY to PARTITION and after- Sekhar Bandyopadhyay?

    2) Modern India 1885-1947-sumit sarkar- 2014 Pearson edition (or) Mcmilan Paperback edition 2001?

    1. 1) Both books are same except that a new chapter is added in “PLASSEY to PARTITION and after” on post-independent history of India.

      2) For UPSC Prelims as well as Mains, Sumit Sarkar will do. Thank you.

  23. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Sir, how can we get to know or remember which species can undergo hibernation (or aestivation) or not?

    1. We need not memorize the list as such. Only few important species covered in NCERT are enough. If you know them, you can apply elimination in UPSC questions. 🙂

  24. Q 54, whether the reason given is right?? Should it not explain how carcinogenic substances change the normal cells to cancer cells?? It is giving the effect of consumption of carcinogenic substances. How the Ans is A?? Pls explain.

    1. 54. The reason explains why those tumours (conversion of normal cells to cancer cells) are formed due to consumption of carcinogenic substances. Please now read the explanation again. It will be clear. Thank you.

  25. Dear insights team, sir you are including the old upsc questions in test series, it looks gud, but I am afraid upsc may change its pattern this year . instead of old upsc questions, if you replace them with your insights question there is more chance of covering more concepts and like last year we ( students who have registered and taken test ) and insights can claim that 60 + question (truth)have come from insights test series. As every test series is having around 7-8 questions , I am afraid that your question setting pattern will stop containing more areas and good questions. It is just a request. If so pls consider. Students can read those old upsc question papers separately. Thnk you.

  26. sir will u provide monthly compilation of mains self study secure and current affairs??

  27. Dear Team,


    My concern is I am not able to opt for online prelims test series 2016. I was unable to attend the series untill 5 or 6th test. Few days back when I got time to attend the series. After clicking on start button it directly pull me back to the schedule page. And when I again try on the same it shows ” you have already opted for test “.

    I tried on each test 1 to 5 . In every link same happened. And now without seeing a single question of the tests. It shows me I have already given all the test. I don’t have even pdfs.

    It is my humble request to team that. Please check ur records and correct this issue as soon as possible. So I can start giving test from starting and can reach to the ongoing test in a while.

    Seeking an early correction of this issue.

    Thanking you in anticipation


    1. Please do not worry Kshitij. We will try resolving it as soon as possible. Meanwhile shoot a mail immediately to giving the ID details and with a screenshot if possible. Thank you.

      1. For Test 9, which one is there in the syllabus, TN History Class 11 Ch 12 to 23 or Themes in Indian History?
        In Schedule it is showing TN History

          1. I have’nt attempted the test yet, but from the discussion it seems that questions were asked from Themes in Indian History

  28. Dear Insights,

    I have already mailed my query to But the mail is also not delivering in the ID. I have mailed minium 10 times. i have repeatedly tried and many times raised my query to you but i am finding no solution.


  29. NOTICE: For Test 10

    Test 10 syllabus is more Mains oriented and less Prelims oriented.

    So, we will also be including new questions from previous Tests (1-9) syllabus for revision purpose.

    Please use this test as a partial revision test and to check whether you can recall what you have read earlier.

    Now and then we will be adding revision questions in some upcoming tests too.

    Thank you.

      1. Insights Sir , please tell , this is the issue , since there is no contact number , how will we access after paying 6000 . No receipt no acknowledgement.

          1. Q 90 As per the Demographic transition theory (Wrongly given as Democratic transition)
            1. High levels of birth rates in a society are achieved at the last stage of the transition.
            2. Low levels of death rates in a society are achieved at the earliest stage of the

            Which of the above is/are correct?
            A. 1 only
            B. 2 only
            C. Both 1 and 2 D. None
            User Answer : B
            Correct Answer : D

            Insights, If we are talking about an earliest stage – I agree with your answer. But if you are talking about an earlier stage of transition then it has to be B. No?

            1. Earliest here means the first phase of the demographic theory. 🙂 So, the correct answer is D only.

      2. Dear, you will be issued an ID and password soon if you have received the Instamojo payment ID. Thank you.

        1. Sir Can you please clarify for Q79, Answer is D as per explanation but was provided A.It was regarding Bioreactor.

          1. No it is A only. It is incorrectly mentioned in the PDF that “statement 3 is correct”. If you read the explanation carefully, it is implied that 3 is incorrect.

  30. Dear All, I have a query. Majority of us struggle to complete all the syllabus & books specified for a given Insights test on given time even after we are not making notes for it. But for revision for the actual Prelims exam on 7th Aug, we have to make extensive notes or we will be unable to revise all the books. Anybody who makes notes for the GS books specified for Insights test like Tamil Nadu history books or NCERT Geography XI-XII books please guide how it is possible to make notes for all these books in a specified time? Please share your views because i find just reading of books is not enough. Views of all are welcomed. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. underline the relevant section. make note in the chapter itself.
      No need to make separate naotes foe NCERTs amd basic books

      1. Thanks bro for the advice, for the prelims it may work. But for mains don;t you think we need to make some written notes?

        1. no need to make separate note for static part….i didi it in september for history…..never reffered to it till now…
          instead you can underline the relevant parts and take short notes inn th ebook itself…
          this is only for the basic books which you will have to read time and again…
          for curent affirs or any eclectic material you should take down notes..

          PS: it is totally subjective

  31. Does anyone have the pdf copies of Plassey to Partition and Modern India ? Can’t buy the books now.

    1. Hello Sir, I have just subscribed Insight’s Prelims Test Series 2016. I
      need your help. There is Test No. 10 on tomorrow. There is mentioned in
      the syllabus that “Questions based on UPSC past year papers – CS(P) and
      topics from CS(M), CDS, CAPF etc”. So, i need to know that which past
      year’s papers are need to study. Is there any special arrangement for
      particular year’s paper to particular test number? Plz, clarify my
      doubt… Thank you…

  32. Can you please explain MFN (Most favored nation)again. Question 51. Not able to understand the question and then the answer.

    1. There are five WTO principles :
      1) Non discrimination
      — MFN
      –National treatment
      3)Binding and enforceable Commitments
      4) Transparency
      5)Safety Valves

      MFN basically means that if India applies 5% tariff on imports from Brazil then it has to apply the same on all other trading partners. If India lowers the tariff to 2% for Brazil, India has to do the same for all other trading partners.
      Now exception to this rules is
      1) If India enters a PTA/FTA/Custom union/ Economic union etc.
      2) India can raise tariff barriers if Some country is dumping goods. or in case of BOP crisis, countervailing duties, threat to public health, etc.
      Option 2 is that countries can give special market access to developing or least developed countries , this you’d have read in outcomes of Nairobi.

  33. Dear Insight
    Can you please clarify question no 54. In the question it is not mentioning about type of tumour. There are two types of tumour 1_malignant and 2_ benign. Now only malignant tumours cause cancer and not benign
    Why answer can’t be option b. Please reply

    1. The question is about cancerous cells (malignant tumours), not about benign tumours which are non-cancerous. Reason R also talks about the mechanism of cancer, and not that of benign tumours. 🙂 Option A is a clear answer.

    2. Dear Insight
      In question no. 54, the assertion talks about consumption of carcinogenic substance for a long time leading to cancer. And the reason independently talks about the nature of cancerous cells. I do not think it explains the assertion. Please clarify .

  34. I gave the test today and the screen is showing “The result is being processed…..Please wait” for the past half an hour……what should i do ??

  35. Dear Insights,
    Could you please clarify the explanation in Q51. The explanation says that all three statements are correct but the answer is A (1 and 2 are correct ).

    1. It is a typo. Please ignore it. Statement 3 is incorrect. Roots cannot perform photosynthesis for plants. 🙂

  36. Hello Sir, I have just subscribed Insight’s Prelims Test Series 2016. I need your help. There is Test No. 10 on tomorrow. There is mentioned in the syllabus that “Questions based on UPSC past year papers – CS(P) and topics from CS(M), CDS, CAPF etc”. So, i need to know that which past year’s papers are need to study. Is there any special arrangement for particular year’s paper to particular test number? Plz, clarify my doubt… Thank you…


  37. Dear Sir,
    Please clarify this:

    Q34 Single Cell Protein (SCP) can be made available for human consumption by
    1. Growing microbes on an industrial scale
    2. Genetically modifying plant cells to trigger nutrient production
    Query: Why option 2 is wrong.

    1. Single-cell protein (SCP) refers to edible unicellular microorganisms, not plant cells. So, 2 is wrong. Thank you.

      1. For question 25:
        In deep Ocean – Red Algae is most likely to survive. could you please elaborate a little.

        1. Usually the color of the plant is the band of light that it reflects as noticed in most of the terrestrial plants. But in the deep ocean red algea – the red color is due to the presence of the specific pigment. Is this correct?

        2. The first part of the explanation says that light waves with shorter wavelengths are able to penetrate deeper. (Out of the visible spectrum of VIBGYOR – red has the maximum wavelenght – and would not reach the red algae (at 200 metre depth) as much as the green light. Is this correct?

        1. i too have same doubt,after thorough search i got this answer Red Algae:
          There are more than 6,000 species of red algae. Red algae are part of phylum rhodophyta, which is Greek for red plant. They appear red because they contain pigments called phycoerythrins. These pigments absorb blue light and reflect red light, making them appear red. Not all species of red algae look red, however; they are commonly pink or purple, but can be orange, yellow or green.

      2. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus This is a doubt regarding BOD and COD. Both are valid indicator in sewage treatment. But the explanation in Q 59 says only BOD. Please explain.

        1. Yes, both BOD and COD indicates pollution potential. Actually, in the question we were referring to the biological waste (in the context of the test syllabus); it should have been made explicit. Thank you.

          1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Thanks for clearing that up. I have two requests. Please release the second set of corrigendum. Secondly, please display the latest number of aspirants that have taken a test along side ranking in the dashboard.Since you are already dynamically sorting the ranks, I don’t see any harm in dynamically displaying the total number of test takers too.

  38. @InsightsOfficialReview:disqus @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir please let us know how many students are giving tests so that we could get to know where do we stand… Thank you.

  39. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir are you going to reply to my query? Kindly let me know how many students are appearing in the exam. So that I could know where do I stand….

    1. Sacrifice your one test……score a zero or negative….you will have a fairly reasonable idea of no of students taking part in this test series 😛

      1. You are right.. I should do that. But it’s really unfair that insight is hiding it. I don’t know why, when we are subscribed to their test series he should disclose how many students are appearing for an examination.. I thought insights are doing a social service by offering so much for free and had respect for them. But sometimes I feel otherwise. I have asked them many questions for which they have kept mum.. Even I emailed them but I could not get any reply.

        1. And now I have lost hopes.. Earlier they were even checking answers of secure initiative but now stopped it.. I know it’s not good to ask them for that for free. But I just said they can review one best answer and others could follow it.. Anyways, nothing is available for free…

  40. Hilloo!
    In q-81 –> why ans is not A?
    In Q-72–> plz give explanation about 3rd statement i.e Thmbak nari: Northern India

    1. 81. Antacids do not cure Ulcer. It only treats its symptoms as also written in the explanation.

      72. Thumbak Nari is a traditional drum-like instrument normally used in celebratory ceremonies like weddings. It is very popular in J&K.

  41. Rankings for the test 9 is only for 500 students and not 1000 students. Can you please upload the remaining ones ?

  42. Sir , I have 3 History books namely , Ancient history- R S Sharma
    Medieval History – Satish Chandra
    Modern History — Bipin Chandra

    Which is this book called as Themes in Indian History -1 and Themes in Indian history -2 ?

  43. Sir, Q no 59, definition of literate… in IYB, it is given as one who can read and write with understanding…. so which is correct?

    1. Sindhu, please send the same request at insightsonindia with you login credentials and other details. Thank you.

  44. Dear Insight in Q54 Assertion and reason both are correct but Reason does not seem to be correct explanation. Could you please explain?

  45. @insights prelims test series:Q20 as cotton does not loose weight and cotton textile mills can be found throughout the country,shouldn’t it be classified as a footloose industry?

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