Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 8

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 7

Hope you enjoyed solving the Eighth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. kazakhstan is the latest member to join WTO which was not given in the option. plz help

    1. Afghanistan is the latest member to join…was in news recently..copying from insights current affairs only..
      The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has formally approved Afghanistan’s membership at its 10th ministerial conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
      Afghanistan has become the 164th WTO member and the 36th least developed country (LDC) to join the global trade body after 11 years of negotiations.
      The landlocked Asian country expects to reap the benefits of the WTO membership for its post-conflict reconstruction.

        1. i haven’t done can’t say for now but would love to do at least one reading of all chapters…

          1. Sir what about the Themes in world history, do we need to study all the units or selected units
            pls reply

              1. Ok but i asked for Biology
                There r chapters 8,9,10 and units 8,9,10. So it s chapters or entire units should we read??

                1. I think we r required to do units 8,9, m also in same dilemma bcz chapters r also dere

        1. you know insights addressed this que too…download the que paper…see the question… work on all options through wiki… …thank you 😉

        2. since link is not working…go to prelims test series 2016…under important link 6th link is of how to study previous years paper for prelims 2016..all the best

  2. Dear Insights ,
    Great job on everything so far !
    But after the test , in the rankings section , simply providing the rank we have scored is of no use unless the total number of people who taken the test is also provided .
    Otherwise the rankings are of no use , when we don’t know where we stand in the lot , please do provide the total number of people who have taken the test from the next test .
    Thank You .

      1. hey thanks for the info , test 7 was my first test so i didn’t know they had already discussed and there was a separete link for that ! 🙂

  3. Q21. Which of the following is/are ‘state intervention(s)’ in the field of agricultural marketing? Answer says, “Cooperative marketing for realising fair prices for farmers’ products” is correct.

    Isn’t cooperative marketing more of people’s cooperative club and hence controlled by people themselves (like Corporative Dairies in Gujarat to handle prices of Milk and related products)?

    Can anyone explain more why above choice is correct?

    1. Apart from what is given in the explanation, you can consider the 97th amendment to the Constitution. It makes forming cooperatives a fundamental right, regulates their composition, governance and improves the functioning of cooperatives in India.

      The government also supports cooperatives like Farmer Produce Organizations (FPOs) by way of subsidies, grants, low interest loans which are generally announced in annual budgets, for e.g. as that in 2014-15.

  4. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    1. You should prioritize things. You can collect these questions now, focus on your optional for now, and later when you are revising GS, these questions can be attempted like a mock test.

      Also, you need not write everything every single day. You can just jot down major pointers for some Qs in 1-2 minutes. This is similar to revision, improves your recall and helps you tremendously in framing answers.

      1. I have totally forgotten about mains 2016 initiative. I hav to do almost 20 questions now. OMG. whrs the time. Secure+ current affairs +test+ optional and then the day is over
        I knw every one faces this, still i really wish i cud finish everything on time

  5. @insights:- 8 question:-
    I couldn’t link the answer to the option (d)Traditional knowledge about biodiversity.
    Could you explain?

    1. Biodiversity means the richness and variety of flora and fauna. Traditional knowledge about biodiversity means how we have learnt to reap benefits of naturally occuring flora and fauna. For e.g. Tulsi, Sarpagandha etc are used for medicinal purposes. This fact has been mentioned in our ancient texts and known by local communities and tribes.

      If an MNC patents the use of Tulsi, it will mean patenting something that they don’t really have invented/innovated, and which actually belongs to the indigenous communities. The TKDL preserves this knowledge to avoid misuse of such patents.

  6. Please reply anyone
    For test number 8 , which units of —-Themes in world History—- CLASS 11 NCERT — should we study

  7. for the next test thats test 9 , chemistry ncert is part 1 or part 2 ? and there are chapters but not unit.. any body please clarify thanks..

    1. Last unit. You should read it from Mains point of view and pick up few things that may be relevant for Prelims.

      1. Please, mention in syllabus as well. I mistakenly tried covering earlier unit and wasted few hours only to realize that this NCERT’s cost/benefit is not optimal and hence left mid-way. 🙂

        1. Hi sherlock,, kindly tell me is there still a technical glitch if we pay online money for test series subscription..! How would it be if I join tests now..!!

          1. I paid online and it was pretty smooth just like any other site…and I think it was the same for most people…I also think the students are having problems with some discount or refund they were to get because they had joined the test series last year as well…the glitch in payment process that many have written is regarding this…

            U can join the tests now…start studying for the 9th test…. U r not thatttt late….there are 33 tests…So it is still a long way to go … further u can read this..

      2. Hi Insights, I’m new here kindly tell me what if I join test series at this stage, would it be fine. as I have already missed so many tests..! And after reading reviews on test series testimonials, I feel its good, but only thing that is preventing me is that many aspirants have complained that there is technical glitch in payment process.. Many have written that on your page..kindly clear the air in this regard..! Thank you

        1. The glitch has been corrected. You can attend the missed tests even now. They cover basic books and are very important for Prelims. For now, you can cover the syllabus for upcoming tests and write them. Thank you.

          1. Sir im unable to download the solution to the above mentioned test … could u please look into the matter.

            1. We will be uploading Test 14, 15 and 16 Questions cum Solutions documents in aspirant’s dashboard as a temporary measure.

              Support team is working on fixing the PDF download issue. They can’t fix it immediately as the site is live (people will be taking tests).

              We will put it into maintainance mode and fix it.

              Thank you.

      3. Insights…. i tried to make payment to you for this test series on 12 january 2016… But subscription failed on the last step…. Kindly rectify this as soon as possible…. i dont wish to loose any more time… I have send you an email in this regard…. -)))

      4. Please clarify the above sentence. Do you mean. Last unit is imp for mains and not the whole book. Am I right ?
        Please respond to this one for sure.

        1. You should read only the last unit, both for Prelims and Mains. Thank you.

      5. Hi sir, How do we get to know from the syllabus that only last chapter will be asked in the test, many of the aspirants like me keep covering whole textbook and we waste valuable time. please clarify as it is very discouraging if syllabus is not covered before the date mentioned.
        Thanks in advance!

    1. You should read both as they complement each other in terms of event details. But, after reading Old NCERT, you may not need to read New History NCERTs.

    1. Yes, this is the one. There are 24 chapters given in total 10 units. 🙂

  8. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Why is that number of people giving tests is decreasing test after test ?

    1. More people may be writing tests after the 10 day ranking window closes. 🙂

  9. I prepared myself really well but still got 102 marks,Can anyone tell me how to prepare to be part of Top 10?

    1. I didn’t prepare well, but just a quick go through by books and CAs and scored 99. But could have scored 120+ if have avoided over-thinking on options. Do you also suffer from over-thinking or anything else?

    2. Prepare on your strengths….Prioritize your strong subjects by analyzing all your test results upto now…you can see in every test the weightage of one or two subjects will be the most….by analyzing u would know where u stand… whatever is your strength, optimize it to the fullest…study your strong subjects in and out …like not even one wrong… history is a bit towards memorizing side…may be that was the problem in this test..and if you are a student who remembers stuff only when he understands the concept than history could pose problem with so many dynasties…but you will eventually get better when you read the same book twice or thrice and you will remember more…. the main difference between the the people in Top 10 and ones like us (my score 103.33) is that they remember stuff well…

      1. In my case, it not about remembering the stuff but more about over-thinking on options and end up marking wrong ones. Any suggestions for that?

        1. We should not over think instead “over read”. There two kinds of questions that we come across…1. Where we either know the answer or we don’t.. no scope of over thinking there… 2.Where we may have to choose the appropriate answer,since there are two or more close options…. for these questions instead of just reading the options and then start thinking … read the options and the question twice or thrice…there is generally some clue that would be hidden in the sentences .. For example
          Q.90 of Test 8

          As per the revenue settlement systems introduced by the British,

          A. The Zamindars were made accountable for the development of agriculture

          B. All land from peasants and zamindars were confiscated by the official treasury

          C. Peasants were made the real land owners of their farm properties and the British their legal protectorates

          D. British made payment of agricultural rent mandatory

          Here we might get confused between A and D.On the first reading we might think A is correct Since we have registered in our minds that “permanent settlement system” equals to “British introduced the system thinking this would induce development of agriculture by Zamindars” …but when we read the option twice or thrice we notice the word “accountable” and then we can easily rule out the option A and thus left with the correct answer option D.

          This is what I have learnt and since last few tests I have seen this has helped my overthinking.

  10. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus: From where to get “living craft tradition of India” book that u have mentioned for i could not find the book on9..please help and share link if possible..

  11. TamilNadu History Textbook – 11th Ch 4 (PG 40) says that Sthulbahu was the leader of Digambars while I can’t find any details about Sthulbahu. As per wiki it is Bhadrabahu. Can anyone clarify?

    1. It is not clear by TN book about which one of them was Svetambaras, but by old ncert history book also Bhadrabahu led jains who went to south became digambaras.

  12. Can someone please explains-
    If rupee is devalued then why it can’t lead to increase in CRR as it is decided by the RBI. What if devaluation leads to increase in inflation and in order to manage inflation RBI increase CRR?

    1. RBI sterilizes excess money supply by issuing bonds in the market when there is volatility in the external sector. CRR is changed when inflation/deflation is due to domestic money supply. 🙂

  13. sir, how many aspirants are writing online exam on an average.. to compare our ranking,…

  14. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus : In Q.21 , how does one interpret ” state intervention”….if it is state government per se or the state in general which includes State Govt , Central Govt etc. It becomes even more ambiguous that although Agriculture and allied activities come under state subject , MSP and procurement of food grains is done by the centre.

    1. The word state should always be considered in light of Article 12 (defining ‘state’) of the constitution, if not mentioned specifically as the ‘State Government” or a certain state of India.

      However, for this question irrespective of the interpretation of the word ‘state’ answer remains the same. Both Central and State governments intervene in agricultural markets even though Agriculture and allied activities are state subjects. There is an entire Ministry for Agriculture at the Centre. 🙂

      You can also briefly go through the annual budget – Agriculture section – to just see what all initiatives Centre takes every year in the field of agriculture marketing.

  15. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus In Q.11 , does the Assertion hold good for later vedic period when status of women declined substantially and they were denied any opportunities for development ?

    1. No. We are quoting from the TN textbook:

      “In the family, the power of the father increased during the Later Vedic period. There was no improvement in the status of women. They were still considered inferior and subordinate to men. Women also lost their political rights of attending assemblies. Child marriages had become common. According the Aitreya Brahmana a daughter has been described as a source of misery. However, the women in the royal household enjoyed certain privileges.”

  16. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus With regard to question no 73……Can FDI and import substitution be at loggerheads with each other ? Or they are always complementary ?

    1. If FDI becomes only “Assemble in India” and actually hurts small domestic import substitution industries, it can be at loggerheads with the objective of import substitution. Other instances are when FDI is merely in brownfield projects, native services sector etc which does not add value to the import substitution sector.

      If FDI is truly “Make in India”, it helps selected import substitution sectors.

    1. Please read the explanation carefully. The technology of smelting metal ore and crafting metal artefacts was found in the Chalcolitihic (Copper-stone) period, which came following the Neolithic period.

  17. Mere reading Tamil Nadu history textbook will suffice? or Do we need to cover old NCERT also ?? pls repy

    1. If you have read Old NCERT, you may not need to read the new NCERT. But, TN history textbooks are important for the Ancient, Medieval and culture part. Old or new NCERT does not cover them well.

  18. Dear insights, an earnest request please suggest something how to study or remember the 2nd part of Tamil Nadu history book for Test -9. In Test-8, I nearly got all the answers from Tamil Nadu history book after reading the text just once. But the 2nd part is very difficult to study. Can’t remember almost anything.

    1. You should focus on major themes only. Details are not very important. Thank you.

  19. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir, some people are getting 190+ in the test series. Is that even possible? Plz give a reply for my question. thanks in advance.

  20. @insightsprelimstestseries Question 25: According to NHRM website, ASHA worker is the first point of contact for health related issues: “ASHA will be the first port of call for any health related demands of deprived sections of the population, especially women and children, who find it difficult to access health services.” Link:

    However answer given by insights is “Auxiliary Nurse Midwife”. Pls clarify.

  21. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Question 25: According to NHRM website, ASHA worker is the first point of contact for health related issues: “ASHA will be the first port of call for any health related demands of deprived sections of the population, especially women and children, who find it difficult to access health services.” Link:

    However answer given by insights is “Auxiliary Nurse Midwife”. Pls clarify..

    1. Health related demands do not mean primary healthcare delivery. Please read the question and explanation carefully. The query has been addressed in the very first lines. Thank you.

      1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus thanks for the reply. Isn’t Auxiliary Nurse Midwife more to do with midwifery/delivery of babies and not primary healthcare which also has other dimensions? Can you please give a source. Thanks in advance.

  22. sir plz allow us to appear in tests more than once for revision purpose.. all other test seies allow their student to appear more than once

  23. In Q 6, easy monetary policy may be a indication of ‘deflation’ because Central bank follow this during deflation.
    pls clarify.

    1. An easy monetary policy may be possible in deflationary situations to revive demand in the economy. It can also indicate the reverse, where inflation is high in the economy due to cheap credit and greater demand. Therefore, as regards to Q6, (d) is a more appropriate option.

    2. Gaurav, just an observation here. The question is inherently asking the ’cause’ of deflation. Easy monetary policy would be a possible solution.
      Consider this, “A flood in Area X indicates what? a) Excessive rainfall or b) Govt. Relief and Rescue programme”

      Option b) may indicate the flood but the flood does not indicate option b, rather option a.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  24. Hello Insight,Thanks a lot, Your test series are very good.
    I have given 5 tests – 2,3,4,5 and 6 but I found many questions are out of books you mentioned in each test series. So I was unable to solve these questions. Is it mistake or some strategy?

  25. Where is everyone getting the latest issue of Yojana? Can someone pls share January issue in soft copy?

  26. Can anyone pls share the PDF of Tamilnadu history class 11th book????
    Thanks in advance….

        1. No. They will come in last few tests before full syllabus tests begin. 🙂

    1. hiii pls may i know these books are included for which test? i cant find it mentioned for the next test. please let me know..

    1. Please go through the Q Sources given below explanations carefully. You will be able to match them from the syllabus.

      In these tests, we may not pick questions verbatim from the books. You will also need to do some research on what you read in those books. UPSC is very unpredictable. It is not confined to a fixed set of books. Thank you.

      1. Q 81.
        Insights, Now, political parties can receive funds (since Finance bill 2016 was passed).

        You may need to send out this message to the kids 🙂

  27. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus I just took Test 8 , and I didn’t find many questions from the Themes in World History. Will that be asked in Test 9 instead ?

  28. Dear Insights,
    Q. 38 How do price subsidies induce ‘market distortions’ in the economy?
    1. Subsidies do not allow prices to indicate the supply of a good.
    2. Subsidies do not allow the market to price a good or service.
    Correct answer: Only 1

    It seems that the way the second statement is framed, it would imply the ‘market forces’ as a whole and not just a particular private entity (e.g. Reliance). The essence of a subsidy is that it does not allow the genuine market force to exist and thereby price the subsidised good. For instance, if PDS was removed, the supply of grain would increase and so the price would come down, reflecting the market situation.

    The question doesn’t seem to be asking whether fixed-pricing and subsidies can co-exist, but rather whether a genuinely market determined price can exist alongwith subsidies.
    Kindly clarify. 🙂

    1. You should understand that the mechanism of subsidies and Administered prices are two different things.

      If the prices are administered, genuine market forces may not be said to exist as changes in supply-demand will not be reflected in the prices.

      If it’s a subsidy (e.g. Diesel prices before 2014), market does exist and prices the good as well. The difference lies in that the consumer now need not pay the market price, and instead is subsidised by the government. For e.g. LPG cylinder is bought at market prices now and subsidy amount is credited to the consumer’s bank account. Therefore, both subsidies are market forces co-exist, and market can price goods too.

      So, the essential difference between subsidies and administered prices is that in subsidies government bears the burden, and in administered prices producers (or market as a whole) bear the burden and lose pricing power. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your time! 🙂

        But there is still one thing that seems to be bugging me. What I am thinking is that if the LPG cylinder is being bought at a certain ‘market price’ (the market price being a result of supply-demand relation), such a price does not reflect the actual market price that would have existed had there been no subsidy. What I mean is that (as ‘demand’ means the willingness of the people to buy a commodity at the available price), such a scenario does not reflect the actual demand, it rather reflects a higher demand because the good is subsidised, thus probably leading to a higher price than it might have been otherwise, preventing the market from pricing the good de facto.

        I think my confusion boils down to the question whether subsidy does not have ANY effect on the market prices at all?
        I am sorry for the blabber but It would be very kind of you to clarify again. 🙂
        (P.S. I guess that you are talking about the market as the real existing entity, while I am talking about market as the abstract concept? )

        1. The confusion can be simplified by understanding the difference between pricing power of producers and purchasing power of consumers.

          For e.g. in case of LPG subsidy, if the subsidy did not exist, the consumers may have consumed 6 cylinders per year instead of let’s say 9 cylinders. However, in both cases, of subsidy and non- subsidy producers still don’t lose pricing power. They may want to price cylinders less now given the reduced demand.

          The question is why?

          It’s because price is determined by an interaction of supply-side ( producers) and demand-side (consumers). Even if you freeze anyone of them completely prices can still vary. It’s only a matter of degree, i.e. How much pricing power one has? In a supplier dominated market, it the producer and in a consumer dominated market, it’s the consumer.

          The abstract as well as the real market forces will function in all cases determining prices except when prices are totally administered. Thank you.

          1. As per my views this is partial true, subsidised price do reflect the supply of goods. Consider this example suppose water per ltr is Rs. 5 and subsidy is Rs. 3 per litre, net payable by consumer is Rs. 2. In case of scarcity of water price of water increases to Rs. 8 , subsidy remains constant at Rs. 3, now net payable by consumer is Rs 5. There is increase in amount payable by consumer of Rs. 3 which is also increase in price of water due to scarcity (8-5). Thus also in case of subsidy net payable by consumer reflects scarcity in supply of water.

  29. Dear friends, I am preparing for Geo Optional but could not start the preparations till now I am doing self study & I don’t have a Geo background…Is it possible to complete the syllabus before prelims once ?Help me friends..Thank You

    1. Hey, dude same Here… Geo optional but not started preparation yet ….. if u want will make a group and will start geo preparation while coordinating with each other…ping me on if u r interested.
      And Yes, it’s possible to complete the syllabus before prelims

  30. Hi Insights, What would be the interval through which Current affairs questions will come in Test 9?

  31. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir, When will the rank list for test- 8 be released?

  32. Sir question no 19 of test no 8…according to me answer should be C…PLEASE CLARIFY

    1. Kudumbshree was nnot conceived by major Women SHGs of Kerala. It is a society registered under the Travancore Kochi Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1955 and conceived as a joint programme of the Government of Kerala and NABARD. 🙂

  33. the portion for test 9.. is it +1 chemistry or +2? If +2 can you please specify the chapters?:) please do the same for biology portions too 🙂

    1. Yes, they are useful for bioremediation. We will rectify and update the answer. Thank you. 🙂

  34. hello sir,

    due some reason i stopped giving test but now i want resume test series 2016

    but after login with id, i started test 8. after completion of test.

    i have a problem in submitting test 8 giving on 09.04.2016

    please provide a solution to this problem..

  35. Q no 91 is wrong. Registration is not a requirement under Trade mark Law, only desirable.

  36. 95 Which of the following bacterium may be used for bio-remediation operations?
    1. Pseudomonas
    2. Mycobacterium
    3. Nitrosomonas
    Select the correct answer using the codes below.
    A.1 and 2 only
    B.2 and 3 only
    C.1 and 3 only
    D.1, 2 and 3
    User Answer : D
    Correct Answer : A

    Nitrosomonas also used for bioremediation. Thus answer should be D not A…………….please clarify

  37. @Insights,

    Ans to Q.27 is wrong.
    Naturopathy is of Greek origin.
    Homeopathy is of European origin.

    This is really embarrassing that you are getting such simple facts wrong in your solutions.

      1. Geez, don’t use any services if you can’t handle a few human errors (assuming you are right)

    1. Dear, the answer is correct. Indian systems of Medicine (ISM) is a terminology used for AYUSH and other systems.

      We are quoting this from

      “India has the unique distinction of having six recognized systems of medicine in this category. They are-Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Yoga, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy. Though Homoeopathy came to India in 18th Century, it completely assimilated in to the Indian culture and got enriched like any other traditional system hence it is considered as part of Indian Systems of Medicine ”

      About replies: It is difficult for us to track individual comments in past Discussion pages, as we are not notified by Disqus properly. Please reply to any of our comments below, or post your doubt in the running Test Discussion page, we will be able to sort it out quickly. Thank you 🙂

      1. Thank you .
        1. This explanation is not a part of the solutions provided by you.

        2. Like it or not, you are a profit making firm so you should evolve a mechanism for handling user queries.

      2. Your ans is still wrong.

        1. As per My. AYUSH (
        “The Ministry of AYUSH was formed on 9th November 2014 to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care. Earlier it was known as the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) which was created in March 1995 and renamed as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003, with focused attention for development of Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.”

        2. As per Planning Commision (
        “Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy”

        Therefore, it can be cleary seen that Homeopathy not considered a part of ISM.

        Change your answer. And , be thorough when you frame a question.

        This is highly unprofessional.

  38. Q. NO.2. Your explanation and answer are contradictory. Can you please clarify, @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus ?

    1. We cannot find any inconsistency. Please be little more specific.

      1. Sir, in your justification part you explained ‘He mentioned that people were generally
        prosperous and the crimes were negligible. So, 3 and 4 are correct.’ But there is no 3 and 4 option, correct option given is C where only 3 is there. Thanks for replying.

        1. In the explanation, it should have been “Therefore, 3 is correct, and 4 is incorrect.” If you read the explanation carefully, you will find statement 4 to be incorrect. Solution given “3 only” is correct. 🙂

  39. @Insights Prelims Test Series :In Q 98 for a closed economy shouldn’t balance of trade equal to zero rather than balance of payment ?

    1. A closed economy, theoretically, does not transact anything with the external world. So, both Trade balance and BoP would be zero.

      1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q81: since FCRA,2010 has been amended so political parties would not be included right? so now answer would be B right?

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