Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 7

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 7

Hope you enjoyed solving the Seventh Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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      1. Incomplete like two-three words were missing from the question. In ques 89 option c was missing.

  1. Dear sights..wrote test 7…felt test neither easy nor is moderate…my small observation and doubts.

    Q.6,Q.11 and Q.13 were incomplete,so couldn’t attempt them.
    Q.17–PM can dismiss a minister who doesn’t agree to the wish of Cabinet and PM advises President to dismiss the Minister difference of one and the Same??? minister is appointed by President.
    Q.33 eleventh channel separates amini island and cannore….ninth channel separates minicoy and karavathi….please explain to these.
    Q.69 answer should be “A” but you gave “D” in key.

    1. regarding ques 33, in 11th class NCERT pg no. 19 it is given that entire group of islands is broadly divided by Eleventh degree channel. So i think there was not any confusion in that.

        1. You are right, but the NCERT says it is 11th degree.
          I tell you what i think.
          9th degree channel separates minicoy and suheli -kalpeni islands only
          But lakshwadeep is group of islands of 13-14 islands,so broadly 11th degree channel separates them.
          That’s why NCERT has given ‘broadly’ word. If the ques had asked that which separates minicoy and suheli-kalpeni islands then 9th degree would have been right answer.

          1. If I remember correctly, the question was regarding minicoy and lakshwadeep.. Not just lakshwadeep.. If it was only lakshwadeep, whatever u say is correct.. But if minicoy is mentioned in question, 9 degree channel has to be the answer.

    2. 17. It is about de facto and de jure powers. De facto the PM can dismiss the Minister. The President only formally approves the dismissal.

      69. The answer is A in our offline draft too. There are some glitches in the online version. We will rectify them soon. Thank you.

      1. 17.But sir in many of such qs I’m facing doubt to which way to think and mark the answer. What I thought in this one is PM can only suggest to the President but it is the President who finally have the power to officially dismiss any minister.

          1. Again I’m saying President can’t have power to act against but yes his approval is must after PM’s suggestion. So on paper he is the final authority. From option it is clear that PM alone can dismiss a minister which he can’t, without the approval of President(though it is just a formality but it is there).

      2. I agree with you on the point that PM has the ultimate authority to dismiss the ministers. But on paper, according to constitution it is President who in actually appoint and dismiss the minister with his order, even though he did it on the advice of PM/cabinet.

      3. “He can override the decision of a minister to build consensus in Cabinet”- Why can PM over ride? The PM can only dismiss if the concerned Minister is not following the order, appoint another one. Any decision is to be taken by the Minister himself for his concerned department.

        1. The PM carries considerable authority within the Council of Minister, even if he is just “primus inter pares”. The decision making ultimately relies on the cabinet, and finally the PM.

          All such differences between the views of Ministries, however, are generally kept confidential, and we do not get to know even if the PM has overridden the decision of individual ministries.

          1. Where is appendix to corrigendum for incomplete questons of test 7.
            It’s not attached to it.

      4. in ques 64 ans should be both supreme court high court and the upsc . though upsc isa advisory body but when parliament seeks it advice , it is binding on the parliament

    3. Hello, can you pls help me out to understand soln key provided by Insights of 11th ques ?

      they say” However, SC may use DPSPs to validate a law enacted by the Parliament which violates the FRs ”

      is the above sentence right ? I understood it as a law that violates FRs can be validated using DPSPs . But isn’t it SC job to strike down it as unconstitutional if law violates FR ?

      what am i missing here ?

    1. The answer is A in our offline draft too. There are some glitches in the online version. We will rectify them soon. Thank you.

  2. sir, in ques. no. 21 it should be the longitudinal expanse of any geographical area that makes the difference in time and we need different time zones. pls clarify.

  3. Question nos. 6, 11, 13 and 89 were incomplete. Q 69’s answer is A. And too many current affairs questions this time. I only got around 110 🙁

    1. The answer is A in our offline draft too. There are some glitches in the online version. We will rectify them soon. Thank you

  4. Overall, good test as always.

    Observations and errors:
    1.)Some questions were incomplete.
    2.) No ques from yojana.

  5. Dear insights, I am consistently following your website for last 2 months and studying very hard to cope with every sections possible. But in prelims test series, I am getting just 100+ marks not higher like 150+ like few others. Can you please guide me what am I doing wrong or how can I genuinely get higher marks in the tests you are providing.

    1. 100+ is a good score in these tests. If you can consistently maintain this score, you can expect a good score in UPSC Prelims.

      The tests cover wide area of syllabus and well-read aspirants will definitely be at an advantage. With time you will make up for this difference. Do not worry. Strive hard, you will gradually improve scores. It just needs time and perseverance.

    1. Appointment may not be the right word here. Recognition by the house speaker/chairman leads to statutory recognition of the LoP as under the Salary and Allowances of Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act, 1977.

  6. Dear Insights! I have some confusion about two questions, please clarify:
    Q.20 The “Political neutrality” of the Indian Bureaucracy is rooted in…….
    The CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 was issued by Dept. of personal and training
    So, shoudn’t ‘B’ be the answer ?

    Q.75 The “Nitaqat Law” of Saudi Arabia was in news some time ago. It was related to…..
    There has been widespread perception that the policy would lead to denial of job opportunities for a large number of Indians working there.
    and Saudis are getting 1 job for every 10 migrant workers…So, how is it leading to preference to local Saudis in employment in firms?

    Shouldn’t ‘A’ be the answer?

    Thanx in advance!

    1. 20. No. CCS only cover restrictive rules guiding administrative conduct, e.g. attire, finances etc. They do not cover the major principles of political neutrality, barring the peripheral ‘criticism of government decisions’. There is a view that political neutrality be included in the ‘Code of Ethics’ of civil services.

      75. Option A mentions “Deportation of unorganized Indian national labour from Saudi”. The law does not provide for deportation. Previously even the minimum requirement of Saudi workers in firms was not present. So, you should read the word ‘greater’ in this context. D would be the right answer.

  7. In Q70, latitudinally speaking Pamir Knot lies to the north of Kunlun mountains as well, right? So, the answer should be D?

    1. 77. The President may not oblige the advice of the PM when he has lost the confidence of the house. In such cases, even if the PM advices the President to keep the house in tact, the President has the discretion to bypass the advice and constitutionally dissolve the house.

  8. Dear Insights,

    Please pardon me for consistently bugging you with the same request.

    But kindly provide the corrections in the answers for the previous tests.

    Even in Test 7,there were corrections like mentioned by “Vikus Patel” -(in ques. no. 21 it should be the longitudinal expanse of any geographical area that makes the difference in time and we need different time zones)

    I go through the comments after every test so that I could find corrections.We can’t just say its a typo and it will be rectified.

    This is my earnest request to you….please provide the corrections of the answers pdf just the way you are providing the ranks after each test.It is really important,because we as students rely on your solutions.

    I don’t think it is an impossible task for you guys.

    Hope you understand and reply this time.


    1. We will do it together Dolly. The entire website needs to be put in maintenance mode. Please don’t worry. We will also try to highlight the typos in the corrections. Thank you.

  9. 1. There was no ques. from Yojana.

    2. In Q.9, name of software is not mentioned.
    “Recently a lot of concern has been raised over the software”???

    1. 9. It is “Flasher”. We are working on these online glitches. Thank you.

    1. The cold winds are largely blocked by Himalayas due to which India is saved from a very cold and dry weather. But, as the blocking is not complete, the cold winds from Central Asia still affect the climate of northern regions such as Delhi.

      You can see it here

  10. in some tests, i have seen some candidates getting 197+ marks out of 200. is it really possible?

  11. Q21..Dear insights consider explanation part of this question….i think explanation provided in this question is wrong…thanku

    1. Please exchange the words longitude with latitude. We will address the typo soon. Thank you.

      1. my query is that as we go toward pole the distance between longitudes decreases and hence a small area near pole can have large no. of longitudes passing through it which is just apposite to equator. So basically proximity to poles can result in multiple time zone.

  12. Anyone if possible advise me on how to get access to the test series 2016? I’m writing my first one and I’m not able to access it from the Prelims Test series 2016 link.

  13. Dear Insights
    The rank for test series is specified but the total number of candidates who have given the test is not specified. Please include that as well. And it would be a great help if our rank in the insights test can be moderated according to upsc CSE to give an idea about the actual rank in upsc cse pre.
    Thank you

  14. QUESTION 89
    Justification: Law commission of India is neither a constitutional nor a statutory
    body. Rather, it was established by an executive resolution of the GoI to make
    recommendations for law reforms. So, 1 would be wrong
    Correct Answer : C

    1. Option C is actually “3 only”. It is a typo in the online version. We will update it soon. Thank you.

  15. Insights,
    I have been going through many errors in every test..Though writing this first time..
    Either Options are wrong or the question not fully written at the time of giving test online.. Plz rectify it as it affects our performance.
    Some of the errors in this test are-
    Q.21- Longitude and Latitude word wrongly placed
    Q.40- In the answer part.. ADB formed in 1966 and not in 1997 as mentioned in your justification.
    Q.69-The correct answer should be A option (Northwestern Himalayas)
    Q.89-Option error… According to your justification, there is no such option given.

    Plz try to give correct Answer Pdf.
    And last question Do you again provide the correct Answer Pdf.

    1. Chaitany, we have addressed the errors in comments below. We will issue a corrigendum soon. Thank you for pointing out.

      1. Where the corrigendum of all the test will be published? it will be emailed to us or put up on your site. And plz tell where can we get the genuine solutions of the previous years paper of CAD,CAPF, etc.

  16. It would be great if Insights can share Percentile instead of rank, this way they even need not to specify total students enrolled( if that is an issue).

  17. Q-50 OPTION 2 They do not have the support of Western cyclonic disturbances, no where anti-cyclonic word is used in question as mentioned in explanation…this makes question highly ambiguous!!

    1. They bring fresh sediment to the basin, replenish and mix river nutrients, breath new life into riverbank vegetation, reflood dried up river areas, and protect river wetlands from decline thus helping in overall river rejuvenation.

      1. But don’t rejuvenation implies something positive and there are both positives and negatives of floods. On one side of depositing fertile soil/nutrients it can also cause distress to river ecosystem. Fishes faces loss of their peaceful habitation due to sudden surge in the river bedstream.

        1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus-Please reply sir. I know you have given the justification but if my basic thinking process will not get improved/changed than the whole process serves no purpose.

      2. But I think negative impact on river ecosystem far outweighs the positive impact.So it would not be right to call it rejuvenation of river ecosystem.

  18. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    How human development index is related to literacy rate. It says average year of schooling. I think both are not directly related. Literacy rate cannot say about avg year of schooling.

  19. Dear insights what should be the answer of Q89 , according to the explanation given option 1 and option 2 is wrong….than all the given codes will be wrong…

    1. For Q89, the option C (3 only) was not given in the online test which is the correct answer. We will update it there soon. Thank you.

  20. Hello Insight,
    For next test no.8, CS-mains-2015 question papers are supposed to be studied. I am little confused for how to study them???Plz clarify….

    1. You should pickup the key concepts/events/issues asked in the Mains papers and get a general idea about them. For e.g. there was a question on effects of illegal mining in 2013. You should understand the ecological implications of allowing legal mining, legal provisions, recent initiatives to contain it etc.

  21. Q.33 – I think it is the ninth degree channel which divides lakshadweep & minicoy islands specifically while the whole group of islands taken together is bisected or broadly divided by 11th degree channel. Hence according to the question answer is option (d)

  22. my performance in 7th test – Total attempt – 83 , Right 47 , Wrong 36 , Not attempted 17 , Total marks 70 , My rank 463 ( and its keep changing ) its hard to know who score 1st rank and how much marks he or she scored , so whoever score 1st rank pls share ur marks , so that it will going to help me to improve my self. Thanks

    1. it will not help knowing others marks, as in some tests people have even scored above 197!! (don’t worry it’s next to possible 🙂 )So, don’t worry about the statistics and only concentrate on how much you have improved since last performance. It may happen that you score less than previous attempts owing to the difficulty of the paper but what’s more important is to analyse your mistakes and then try not to repeat it next time. That’s it! Once you follow this you will see the improvement in your performance.

  23. Themes in world history means – do we have to read full book of NCERT of 11th class ?
    pls guied me , or we have to read selected topic . thnx

    1. For both Prelims and Mains, you should only read the last chapter. Ancient and Medieval world history is not in the syllabus.

      1. Indian economy development…….for 8th test….is this means from ramesh singh book point of view or from current affair ….or is this indian economy from historic war point of view ? Pls let me know. Thanks.

        1. You should read the entire book thoroughly from both historic as well as contemporary perspective. It is important for both Prelims and Mains.

      2. From the Tamil Nadu History textbook for test 8, do we need to concentrate only on art, culture and architecture parts? Or also the polity, economy and administration parts of the kingdoms? Please clarify.

        1. Everything. 🙂 UPSC syllabus covers both culture and general history.

      3. Sir, please convey such information well before, since many(like me) are in the beginning stage of preparation. Apart from few flaws questions were very interestingly framed & answers are well explained in the PDF. Thank you SIr.

    2. From the Tamil Nadu History textbook for test 8, do we need to concentrate only on art, culture and architecture parts? Or also the polity, economy and administration parts of the kingdoms?

  24. Q69 Answer is incorrect. Q70 Pamir Knot lies to the north of All 3 ranges ( interpreting in terms of direction ) – Please Review

    1. Q69. Agree. Q70: Kunlun Mountains would be considered in East of Pamir knot in general terms, so Insights answer is correct. Q89. Agree. (Although I marked 2 and 3 correct thinking 1 is absolutely wrong and only 3 is not there.)

  25. Dear insights in question number 7, in statement Reason … president is an integral part of the parliament ..conduct of business by president is mentioned in the constitution…so the statement is right…Can you please give us explanation why the statement is wrong??

    1. The statement asks “as mentioned in the rules within in the constitution.”

      There are no rules in the constitution about conduct of business. It is only limited to few activities like summon, prorogue and address the Parliament.

      The actual conduct of business is mentioned in for e.g. Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha.

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  27. Dear Sir,
    I am Ratnadeep, student of test series 2016 .
    Also I was student of Test series 2015.
    According to the mail communication on 24th Nov 2015, you said that I will get return if I have subscribed it before 15th Nov 2015.I have subscribed on 10th Nov 2015.

    Despite of regular follow up by mail , no response from your side.
    Is there any other details required please let me know.
    I have sent the payment receipts to following mail id.

    Hoping for your reply.
    Thanking you.

  28. Hi Insight, I need clarification on question no
    22. A Gram Sabha is constituted by the
    A. Gram Panchayat
    B. State Election Commission
    C. State Legislature
    D. None of the above
    Answer is given in test is D. None of these, how so? Please explain

    1. No body constitutes the Gram Sabha. It is a body of all electors within a Panchayat area. The constitution officially recognizes a Gram Sabha as a unit of self-government.

  29. Dear Insight,

    First of all, I would like to appreciate the initiatives you have taken. Needless to say that your efforts are helping many candidates like me.

    I have a request:- Whenever we find our subject wise performance in a given test, Could you please also show the question on a particular topic. It would be easy for revision. To explain further, Suppose During last exams days I revise Geography books. and want to again see the insight question that were asked on Geography, I should be able to short out the questions of geography test wise.


    Tilakraj singh Rawat

  30. In 23rd question it is given that the bill passed by legislature can be disapproved by president but he can either veto it or send back my question is sending back the bill equivalent to disapproving ??

    1. He may either send the bill back for reconsideration or keep it pending with himself or disapprove of the bill and stall it. Sending back the bill is different from disapproving the bill.

    1. You can mention your doubts here too or please wait for the reply. Thank you.

  31. Kindly explain question no 71 and 72.
    71. Eastern hills are in north eastern region in seven sisters state and these lakes are in Jammu and Kashmir. Then how can be this answer correct. Kindly explain if my doubt is wrong.
    72. In learning you have explained PatkaiPat range have these bamboo jungle and grass covered slope. While answer specified is mizo hills. Kindly explain.

    1. It mentions that Mizo Hills are part of the Patkai range system, which have the above mentioned characteristics.

  32. Hi,
    Q48 : In explanation of the answer (pdf) the statement should be Option 3 is correct instead of incorrect. Please confirm

  33. I want to join Insights Prelims Test Series. But need these queries clear first?

    – Can I give old tests (last 7) even now and get a rank to evaluate myself?
    – Is there any discount available on test series fees? I’m finding it difficult to pay full, so looks for some concession, if possible.

    1. Yes, you can give the old tests and get ranking. But your rank will only be published in the private dashboard and not on the results section of for the previously conducted 7 tests. After that it will be same as others.

      Those who had joined our 2015 test series last year will get discount. Thank you.

      1. So, I’ll be getting public ranks from 8th test onwards? Good!

        Also, I just came to know about you guys last month itself, So how am I suppose to buy last year’s test series? No incentives for newbies? 🙁

        1. Mr Sherlock give the 8th test before the scheduled date for the 9th test to get a Public rank (rank on results section) ..

      2. Insigths is not giving promised 25% discount (saying due technical reasons not able to credit) . don’t wait for it.

  34. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    1. You can cover current affairs from any credible source. PIB is important.

    1. More than speed, you should focus on building the basics right. Once the basics are clear, speed will be a by-product. 🙂

  35. why there were questions from fundamentals of physical geography,science books and some old june hindu news…we didnt prepare from such topics as they were not mentioned in syllabus,no question from sociology book as well…please stick with the book prescribed in syllabus

    1. Please go through the Q sources again. They are from the prescribed syllabus.

      For current affairs, there can be no such fixed syllabus. UPSC asks questions from previous years current affairs too. We need to cover them thoroughly. Thank you.

  36. Q. 90 Break in the monsoon – option 2 – western ‘tropical’ cyclones in the arabian sea – if the reference was being made here to Western Disturbances, then they are ‘extratropical’ and not tropical.

    Regarding Tropical Cyclones of Arabian Sea, Cyclone Nanauk did stop the progress of monsoon in 2015 –

    Please clarify, if asked in exam, we should take it as causing break in the monsoon or not?

    1. The option was set like this to confuse users. As also given in the explanation, statement 2 is incorrect as Western extra-tropical Cyclones originate from the Mediterranean Sea, and they usually withdraw with the onset of the Monsoon. So, they don’t cause a break in the monsoon.

  37. Sir , in the 8th test we have been given to read ” Themes in World History” but the world history portion according to UPSC starts from the 18th century onwards which is the last section of the book.Do we need to cover earlier sections too??

  38. Isnt themes in world history which is the syllabus of next test a part of mains and not prelims?

    1. The syllabus given is for the integrated Prelims+Mains self-study guide. You should read world history from Mains point of view. But, here and there you would find a few things important for Prelims (e.g. Feudalism asked in UPSC 2015). We will also cover questions relevant for Prelims. Thank you.

  39. QN.9, Isn’t the name of the software supposed to be mentioned somewhere?? At least in the learning and justification part,let alone the questions. Thank you!

    1. It is “Flasher”. Due to a technical glitch it is not being displayed. Thank you.

  40. Overall statistics provided for my 7th test shows a grand total of 103 questions, is this some kind of a technical error?

    1. The Eravikulam park is spread only in 97 sq. Km area. So, the major vegetation are Grasslands, Shrub lands and Shola Forests. However, the statement 1 in the Q includes dry scrubs, dry and moist deciduous, wet evergreen forests, sholas, grasslands and swamps. Nilgiri Biosphere reserve is the right answer.

  41. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    What is the correct way of going through the mind maps

  42. hello, insights, although yojna is covered thoroughly throu the tests. But i m confused why Kurukshetra is not included in the test series? Are you going to include it in later stage? please clarify.
    thank you

    1. If we find something important from Kurukshetra, it will be covered. You may not read Kurukshetra exclusively for Prelims preparation. It is more useful for Mains.

  43. Dear Insights,
    Q 69 Answer is incorrect.
    Q 89 ; Answer and Options are wrong ; Law commission is not a statutory body ;Option should be 3 only instead of 1 only – Please Review


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    1. 69 and 89. These are technical misprints. In Q89, Option C should be “3 only”, and in Q69 correct answer would be A, as also given in the explanation.

  44. Dear Insight
    Question 3 of test 7 includes that Cabinet secretariate is not under PMO. But cabinet secretariate is under direct control of PM and cabinet secretary directly report to PM as per cabinet secretariat website .pls clarity ..

    1. No. It is not under PMO even if it occasionally reports to the PMO. For e.g. CAG reports to the PAC, but CAG is not under PAC or the Parliament. It is an independent constitutional body. Similarily PMO is a separate body from the Cabinet Secretariat.

  45. in ques 31, cold winds from central asia should not be there as these are blocked by himalayas . so not a cause of extreme cold weather in north inida

    1. The cold winds are largely blocked by Himalayas due to which India is saved from a very cold and dry weather. But, as the blocking is not complete, the cold winds from Central Asia still affect the climate of northern regions such as Delhi.

      You can see it here

  46. Q:91. Ultimately LoP is decided by the speaker and his/her decision is final. So in a way, its speaker who appoints LoP.
    Q:89. There is no correct option provided in the answers.
    Q:81. I feel like all the options given by you are correct to some extent. So, the correct answer shouldn’t be D?
    Q:70. Pamir knot lies morth to all the 3 ranges.
    Q:69. ANSWER should be northwestern himalyas. its clearly mentioned in ncert.
    Q:23. Constitutionality of a bill is decided by SC. Isn’t that so?
    Please clear my doubts.

    1. 91. The speaker does not appoint the LoP. S/he recognizes the LoP in case the criteria are fulfilled. LoP is not like a minister who is appointed by President on the advice of PM.

      89. It is a technical misprint. Option C should be “3 only”.

      81. No. Please read the explanation carefully.

      70. Read the question carefully. Kunlun mountains is not in India. So, 3 would be incorrect.

      69. Yes. It is a technical glitch. We will rectify it.

      23. Yes. But, the President also has the constitutional authority to disapprove any state bills that are ultra vires the constitution. You will read about this in more detail in Laxmikanth when we will cover Chapters on President and Governor. 🙂

      1. @insights@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus nice work!
        there are some errors and issues but I guess we should also do some cross checking at our ends instead of blaming you… you are providing us good questions and direction… and we owe a THANK YOU!!!

  47. Dear Insights ,
    Great job on everything so far !
    But after the test , in the rankings section , simply providing the rank we have scored is of no use unless the total number of people who taken the test is also provided .
    Otherwise the rankings are of no use , when we don’t know where we stand in the lot , please do provide the total number of people who have taken the test from the next test .
    Thank You

  48. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

  49. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus sir please mention the total no of candidates appeared there is no point in providing rank unless we know from how man we got that rank…
    or provide percentile…

  50. In Q.2 … AIIB …ADB ….I was reviewing after exam. As I am only following Prelims syllabus. I did not come across the information related to the question under Current Events after the last test. So, simply i type in Search Box and got … “INSIDE INDIA 1 JAN,2016”. I searched a lot. but did not find a proper heading/Section/Link for that like we have “Current Events”.
    Is it a separate SEction like Secure-2016 etc. ??
    KIndly reply.

    1. Some questions are lifted from current affairs of previous periods and some important editorials. They may not be from the exact previous week current affairs published at Insights. Thank you. 🙂

  51. Q.54 Explanation : There is a high gradient for the west flowing rivers than the east flowing rivers. But As i know there is slope/gradient from west to east.

    1. There are gradients on both sides. Western Ghats, Delhi Ridge etc form the high elevation water divide from which the lands slope to both sides, just like there are two sides of a hill slope. 🙂

  52. Sir do we need to study comple themes in world History Class XI or some specific chapters as i think old ancient and medival part is not in syallabus?

  53. One important thing some people are scoring extremly well like in the range of 180-190 marks can u pls ask such persons to share what they are doing diffrently which others are failing as scoreing like 120-130 way approx 30 questions less

  54. Hi sir,
    Just one question.
    Could you please tell me that secure questions which you cover from syllabus POV covers which window: the one that has ended or the one that is currently running?

  55. If I prepared ‘Polity by Laxmikant’ very well, can I avoid this ‘Indian Constitution at Work’ ncert book? Please suggest.

  56. sir , in question 90 , justification seems quite confusing . qustion is regarding india as a whole , not only western coastal areas .. please explain

    1. The break in Monsoon may not occur all over India at once. For e.g. if moisture carrying winds move from a certain region withdrawing rainfall, they must move to the other causing rainfall.

      In the west coast, if rain-bearing winds blow parallel to the coasts, they will not cause rainfall on lands. You can understand it by an example. In TN and AP rainfall is not caused by South-west Monsoon as winds blow parallel to coasts.

      Also, Monsoon winds are attracted by low pressure zones near ITCZ. So, if due to some reason winds are not attracted towards ITCZ, there will be a break in the Monsoon. Thank you.

  57. For Q61 the answer should not include any of the given statements since adult literacy is also not included in calculating education index ..Infact, dropouts appear while calculating the Expected years of schooling.right??

  58. Q 31 OPTION 3 IS INCORRECT. Due to Himalayas no cold wind comes from central asian region into india.
    Q 69 OPTION A IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. YOU have just changed the geography of india!!!
    Q 89 OPTION A IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. Your explanation says it also. Need i say more?
    Q 91 OPTION B IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. Your explanation’s last line says it. You interpret constitution differently!!!


    1. CHECK PAGE 40 NCERT XI India Physical…u will it there (right column-3rd point)

      1. please see page 72 D.r. khullar under topic climatic significance of Himalayas…

        1. Q. 31. It is clearly mentioned Himalayas block the cold winds from C/Asia though not completely and do contribute in the coldness of winter… And since NCERT is a govt. source I would go by it…and Insights too framed this question based on NCERT…anyways ALL THE BEST 🙂

    2. In Question 89: Its a Non-Statutory body. So none of the option will be correct.

    3. Hello sir, wassup! I was giving this test today, and came here to clear some doubts, AND YES! SAME PINCH 😛 😛 our doubts are almost similar LOL wow 😛

      HImalayas actually prevent the northern part of India from cold winds, this is what we have learnt since forever, no?

      And yes, the opposition leader is appointed by the speaker, this is what I have been knowing all this time 😛

      Hahah and yes tso miriri wala questions, kitni mehnat se lakes and locations yaad hoti hain , itni aasani se galat thodi hoga! Mera geography hi hil gaya 😛 😛

      1. gud mrng lady!
        good that u taking test.
        Its good that u checking out discussion page otherwise many candidates just take what is given by them to be correct answer.
        Hope your prep is going well.
        And I am not a sir! 🙂

      2. Thumbs up , for these doubts.
        I took this test many days before and reading your comment reminds me how geo is giving a hard pull in preparation.

  59. Q 1. regarding the statement 2,I have gone through the editorial mentioned in the explanation.But I am still not clear about how the shift in the high risk area would lead to the shift of shipping traffic slightly away from the Indian coast?

  60. Hi Insights ,

    Kindly clarify, In question 21

    A country is likely to have multiple time zones if

    1. It is spread in a large geographical area latitude-wise.

    2. It is spread in a large geographical area longitude-wise.

    3. It is closer to the equator.

    4. If it is closer to the poles.

    Answer is given to be latitude wise is it not longitude wise ??

  61. Hi,

    I am unable to download test results pdf file for test 7 and test 6. I have mailed to the supporting email id also but i did not get any reply from your team.

    Please contact and help me asap Email id 9840514064

  62. In the Qn 21, Meridians tend to get closer as we go polewards and going by this with the same east-west expanse a country may cut across more longitudinal width at poles! slight confusion,plz clarify(apology for this late,yes i started taking tests regularly now)

  63. hello insights,
    i skipped test 7 and now today when i attempted it after getting my score i downloaded it for further assessment the downloaded pdf contains some other questions which was not there when attempting test in real time.. kindly assist me in this. there were some questions that were in real time and now not in the downloaded test.
    always obliged thanks.
    pls HELP anyone

  64. Insights Team,

    One doubt! Sorry for asking this late, however the same doubt arose earlier too but I forgot to post it here. Now that I’ve been going through again, here is the doubt.

    Q. 60- Gold Bond Scheme- How will it affect CAD?

    My opinion- As the scheme isn’t concerned with physical gold (gold is being used as a standard only to determine the interest rates and thus returns at the end of maturity), I don’t think it’ll have any impact on India importing of gold. It is Gold Monetisation, which directly affects CAD and is represented in the explanation in you provided.

    Please let me know if I’m missing anything here.
    Thank You.

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