Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 5

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 5

Hope you enjoyed solving the Fifth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. Sir I have a minor query?Why when persons with same marks are ranked the person who gave the test later is listed first at the top instead of persons who gave the test first at night 12 0 clock.If it is listed in a random manner there is no qualms but just wanted to know about it.

  2. Questions are framed with excellent quality.Thanks Insights and request you to maintain the momentum until the end of this test series

    1. The test got me scratching and tearing my hair apart. I wasnt able to score much either. Took a couple of negatives on obvious questions. All these traits definitely make it a good test 😀

      1. I too felt the same bro.Got only 101.33.62 right and 34 wrongHere after should change my strategy and should work hard.I am often losing my marks in negatives.What could be ur advice?

        1. Increasing the number of correct attempts is a gradual process. However reducing the number of negatives is comparatively easier. Reducing negatives substantially can help boost your scores. I always try to revisit the questions during the examination in order to identify any silly mistakes which may have been overlooked earlier. I hope this helps

          1. bro i am asking u the same que as i did to arun nt….if anyone of u will reply then it would be of great help..thanks
            can u plz share what strategy are u following….i am not able to complete my daily targets…..daily i try to cover insights secure,optional subject, ncert, current affairs etc….but daily i miss out on something or the other… would be of great help if you shared some tips….thankyou

        2. can u plz share what strategy are u following….i am not able to complete my daily targets…..daily i try to cover insights secure,optional subject, ncert, current affairs etc….but daily i miss out on something or the other… would be of great help if you shared some tips….thankyou

          1. Bro there is nothing magical about it and in my opinion one could easily come within 100 ranks if he worked in a smart way.Pls don’t complicate the things and people who talk of hard work ,burning the midnight oil are just trying to create fear.So first pack your fear and worries,throw it away.

          2. Coming to my strategy at first I mean past year really I worked hard for 12 hours a day from evening 6 o clock to morning 6 o clock but there would be so many gaps and effective reading time will be reduced to 7 hours as I take a break per 1.30 hours.Nowadays the same schedule but often wasting my time in net so I am not sure.

          3. As of the tips,Pls love study don’t think it as a work.Infact it is a hobby and it is really lovely to read books.For next one month leave the current affairs until you get a good rank at least within 200.You could finish secure part within 2hours at the max if u r active.Regarding current affairs u could confine yourselves to insights and it could be read in just 20 minutes or 10 minutes.Still you have 5 precious hours to read ncert assuming u read 8 hours per day.In my view any one could easily cover 5 chapters to 8 chapters within that time.Now calculate it.Still you have 5 hours leisure time leaving the time spent for grooming and eating.Enjoy urself to the max at that time and most of all be flexible.Take occasional breaks.

  3. Hello Insights

    I know you are working hard to provide us with quality knowledge thanks for it 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know.. It would be awesome if you let us know how many marks may be considered as good in each test according to whoever / the team that set the paper . I am sure the ones setting the paper for the test will have an idea about what can be considered as good marks in each test. Like exams in school teachers say anything above 70 is good as the paper was tough something like that i mean . Please keep it based on the analysis or evaluation of the test paper by the team/indivudual setting the paper .

    This will also ensure people to compare their marks to this mark and even some people might not be dejected when see their marks .. as you know some people tend to get higher marks by using the internet for answers etc.. this will be a good benchmark to compare our marks against

    Just an advice 🙂


    1. I too favour the same bro but insights would not do that as it will discourage the aspirants who get below that bench mark who may be working hard for this exam for months and years nevertheless it would be lovely if they implemented it

      1. I agree with you about the discouraging part.. but right now i think whatever expectations that are set are either arbitrarily high or low and even now cuz of the arbitrarily high marks expectation many diligent truthful and hardworking aspirants are affected .. and i think rather than calling this a benchmark let’s call this a “Minimum mark” to be achieved.. if it solves the over confidence issue

        1. I agree with u frnd.Did u find this test hard or easy.i think it is bit tough compared to other tests.

      2. A good rank does keep you motivated. But I guess one shouldnt place too much importance on the rankings. I try to identify my problem areas based on the topic wise analysis provided at the end

    2. It should not matter to us what is a good score, till the time we are seriously preparing for and attempting the tests. These tests are for personal preparation. Insights is providing us with ranks. That tells us our respective position among the test appearants. That should be an enough guide for us.

      In fact anyone telling us what is a secure or good score is bad for us. Our good score has to be our evaluation of our progress. School scenario was different. There it was the same teacher who taught us the full syllabus and tested us on that. Here we are preparing for the test on our own. We can be the best judge of our progress.

      So, we should not ask for an expected good score from insights.

    3. Actually there is no good or bad score. It depends on your competitors. For e.g. in UPSC Prelims 2015, 105-110 was considered to be a decent score, but a very large number of students failed to qualify.

      However, if you are able to consistently score above 80+ in these tests, you will do well in the exams. UPSC paper will be easier and you will also have gone through tremendous testing here. In the final UPSC exam, aim for 130+. Here put your entire focus on learning. 🙂

      1. Hello Insights,
        I contacted Instamojo about the transaction, they say that its from the seller’s end that the transaction is not complete. i sent you a mail previously on this issue but it get delivered. kindly solve the issue asap. i haven’t attempted even one test. its getting pahetic.

        1. Anuradha, please mail to attaching your conversation with instamojo and your account details. There might have been some confusion from both sides. We will resolve it very soon.

          1. Hello Insights, Thank you for the mains test series and the entire initiative. Again sorry to bother you though i have access to the test series, the question do not load and i cannot attempt questions, i am taking back to the ‘my tests’ page. kindly help.

            1. Please try changing the browser, clearing the cache etc. It should work as it is working for all others.

      2. sir even i had ds thought …coz sometimes its very demotivating ven ppl on discussion says dey getting 170 around n i still cant manage to go beyond 100 even after 5th test

        1. hiii…dont be demotivated at all…..its not a 100 metres sprint…n its just a begining..lot to read ,lot to learn…everyone here on the same state….just difference is in terms of marks…its just a figure…we all r on the same track…enjoy the process as much as u can..

      3. Sir Answer of Question 86 should be D not C please clarify because Nitrogen Cycle also provide O2 to the environment while denitrification.

      4. Sir Answer of Question 86 should be D not C please clarify because Nitrogen Cycle also provide O2 to the environment while denitrification.

        1. Yes, it has been addressed already in the Corrigendum. 🙂

  4. In Answer 28 you have written that organic matter may dry up but it doesn’t change mineral nutrient composition of soil. I don’t understand the justification you gave.
    Please clarify

    1. Organic matter means humus that is leaf and other plant materials which fall down and deposited over the soil and it does not come within the ambit of soil.Humus is different from soil.Hope you understand

      1. Mineral nutrients mainly come from Humus or organic matter. If they can dry up then how it does not change mineral nutrients.

        1. No iron or phosphate content, I mean mineral content in the soil is not related to humus though humus helps in the growth of the plant

    2. Mineral matter in soil is mainly due to parent rock. The mineral content gets mixed with humus. Even if the humus dries up, it generally does not affect its mineral composition, as mineral content is not related with the moisture of the humus. Mineral content will be changed, if the humus is leached away.

  5. In Question 44, the term “casual factor” is confusing. Both 1 &2 are not casual reasons for WW1
    Please clarify

    1. Casual factors means distant factors or it could be told as factors which contributed to the world war, nevetheless not that much important cause for it.

        1. Sorry bro they are important factors but not the immediate cause for the war.Desire to acquire more colonies is a basic factor but not a row of events that led to the war.

    2. The question mentions ‘causal’, not ‘casual’. ‘Causal’ implies reason behind. 🙂

  6. Dear Vinay Sir, It’s been my fifth test today. And I am taking them without preparing for them as I am working for Mains nowadays. Do you think I am doing right?
    Should I not give them as they are taking my time which I could otherwise devote to Mains. (My Mains preparation is not good)?

    Please suggest.

    –Abdullah Ismail.

    1. see first of all you should remove this imaginary distinction between pre and mains preparation. Because if you try to segregate instead of integrating the two, you will end up with a lot of backlog and which would ultimately lead you to finishing none. Thus try to focus on both the aspects when you cover a topic. Hope this helps. Best of luck!

      1. 🙂 🙂
        I am writing Mains this 18th.
        Started Studying in April.
        Didn’t Read world history and other topics so far.
        and enrolled for pre test series.
        That’s what making me tense.

        –BDW, Thank you Dear Analyzer.

        1. don’t worry wolverine . Dig it with the claws. yu’ll nail it literally 😛
          on a serious note, all the very best 🙂

        2. When you are to write mains this year,U should possess extraordinary belief in your capabilities and visualise that moment of your success at 2016 when u pass with flying colors.Writing mock tests for next year prelims indicates lack of belief.Pls concentrate on mains now.You could later take up the mock tests.

          1. I am Realist and it’s not lack of belief.
            However, I am not contesting you.
            You are right bro.I should not give mock tsts. 🙂

        3. Be courageous as fear will do nothing more than making the situation worse.Be a true werewolf.All the best

        4. it’s great that you are writing mains this time. See, don’t stress on the topics you haven’t prepared. At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence that comes out of competence. So, even if you could recall 50-60% of the syllabus, it’s more than enough. Last week is only about building confidence and not about doubting anything. Best of luck !!

  7. Dear Insights

    It will be really helpful if insights can also provide the question numbers of each category.I mean like which questions fall under geography and which ones under environment & ecology.It can be at least provided in the pdf under each answer.Like this time all the questions of world history have been put under “I dont know which category” by me.This would help us even more in analyzing our weak areas properly and work on it.

    Also one more doubt….. does UPSC throw so many Science based questions as lot of marks were allocated to science in Test 4 & Test 5.Just a bit scared because I am weak in science.

    One more thing you promised about providing the correction in answers if any for the previous tests.There will be none or just one or two in each test.Will be really obliged if you can provide them.

    Thank You

    1. There would not be be many Science based questions in UPSC. Since this test was based on selective syllabus, Science questions were more. Thank you.

      1. Thank you Insights for the clarification.

        Please provide the corrections for the previous tests.
        Sorry to bother you so much with the same request again and again.

  8. Dear Insights
    It would be great if you provide a section-wise cumulative analysis of all test taken. I mean overall performance(of all tests) in each section like polity, environment, geography etc…Individual result analysis hardly helps us analyzing our weak areas.

  9. Question no 23 , about IBSA
    Nigeria is the largest democracy in African continent , not SA
    So answer should be option A, 1 and 4 only

    1. Yes. Actually it should have been ‘major’ instead of ‘largest’. We will see this. Thank you.

      1. In Question 11 explanation says that only central government invest in railways.
        But there have been instances of state government funding along with centre in railways such as building of tracks etc.
        Recently MOU has been signed between Kerala govt and railways.Previously also many state govts such as MP have invested in railways.
        So according to be answer should be B.

  10. Q.25 ‘Constitution’ of political parties one.
    Do the political parties compulsory need to have a constitution, though it might not require approval of anyone?

    1. Not necessarily. But, every organization has a rulebook, which decides their structure, mission, vision, powers of officeholders etc. Some political parties call it their constitution.

  11. Please provide total number of students taking the exam and also average number of marks so we could judge ourselves. Thank you.

    1. Agreed. At least total no. of students participating in the test shall be know, so that we can assess our relative position.

  12. Q 35

    in the explanation it is given that ” BS is not imposed on any industries as such ”


    says that —

    1) “KK Gandhi, executive director (tech), Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), said, “Though the fuel quality is “”not much different in BS-V and BS-VI,”” the engines have to be compliant to use the fuel. In BS-V, vehicles have to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter, which needs to be optimised for Indian road conditions. ”

    2 ) “BS-IV petrol and diesel contain far less sulphur than BS-III fuel. Sulphur in fuel makes it dirtier and lowers the efficiency of catalytic converters, which control emissions. The sulphur content in BS-V and BS-VI fuel is similar, which makes it possible for oil companies to graduate from BS-V to VI directly”

    does it imply that oil companies too have to comply with BS norms
    (by the way answer is correct , but please clarify on this explanation )

    1. Hi Sid ! I too feel the same.. When Volkswagen defeat device issue came up in US, our Govt officials told they were monitoring the development and that it might have to face lawsuit in India as well. So from this , I too feel they(Auto industry) need to adhere to certain standards..

      1. Kartik, Auto industries must adhere to these standards as in the case of Volkswagen. What I tried to mention was after reading the above news i thought oil companies too need to adhere to BS.

    2. Oil can be the same, yet the quality of engines can make the difference. So, while it is not imposed on the oil industry as such, the industries try to adhere to the standards.

      1. “BS-IV petrol and diesel contain far less sulphur than BS-III fuel. “- what does that mean sir ?

  13. Question – 23
    Nigeria is the largest democracy in Africa and not the SA . Pls. correct the answer.

    1. Please clarify insights about this point. Though i agree with Rahul but still needs your confirmation. I got my answer wrong just because of this confusion.

      1. also clarify regarding the discounts…i haven’t received the amount and have also mailed a no. of times but no reply from your side…

        1. Insights have mentioned in other discussions that they will soon fund the discounts.Dont worry Mayank

    2. Yes. Actually it should have been ‘major’ instead of ‘largest’. We will see this. Thank you.

  14. Great work Insights. Thanks a lot for your test series. It has considerably improved my day to day focus and consistency in studies.

  15. Sir I had attempt nearly 90 questions but after summit it shows that I had left 38 questions please check

    1. Had you submitted those questions blank without choosing ‘skip’, and then later answered them? Just like OMR sheet, you can only choose the answer once (even if its blank). If you are unsure of the answer, please choose ‘skip’ question and then later answer it.

      1. Sir SKIP option does not appear in my tests…it just shows later option.
        Sir, instead of telling all interface related issues to individual, please add these issues in FAQ of insightsias or give them as instructions before start if test. So that all candidates have a fair play.

  16. First of all Thanks Insights for such high quality papers which are integrated with easy,difficult and hard questions similar to one the Upsc sets.

    Also your Daily current events are of immensely helpful, which not only save time but also provided news from diverse sources like Pib, Indian express and TOI including Hindu(the bible for UPSC as considered by many).You also cover questions from above sources in test and thanks for this selfless efforts.

    But what I would like to suggest is please try to provide section wise explanations in PDF like geography,history,etc.

    This would not only help us to understand our weak points but also help in future revisions .where it would save time also there are some minor typing errors. for example in Q74. where u have provided one extra point.

    Thanks insight for such high quality test
    also consider request for section wise PDF.
    thank u

  17. Insights,
    Q-32. Ozone is formed in the atmosphere due to the UV rays and UV rays are absorbed by them….
    Dont you think that ozone is unstable in the lower layer of atmosphere due to the absence(low presence) of UV rays…
    please explain sir..

    1. UV rays do break ozone molecules. It is one of the factors, the other is given in the explanation. Also, the low presence of UV rays in turn is due to the presence of Ozone. 🙂

      1. thats what i was saying … non presence of UV dont allow oxygen to combine hence NO OZONE…plz help

  18. It will be great if ranking is provided with a little more detail of “among how many”. I see ranking but dont know that how many others have taken these tests and where do we stand..

  19. Hi Insights,
    I am not able to give Test 5, after clicking on ‘Take Test ‘ button it shows page loading but again come back to My Test page. Please provide the solution.

  20. Sir, there seems to be a bug in the test. Many times I have changed the answer to a question, but in the result the old answer is displayed. And sometimes, some of the answers are left blank even though I have answered them before ending the exam.

    Also sir, the question no. 93, why is the answer not B?

    1. Actually once marked, the options cannot be changed. This is to simulate the OMR experience. If you want to leave a question blank, please select ‘skip’.

      Q93: Dumping of effluents increase nutrient concentration in the river leading to Eutrophication or algal boom. It deprives the aquatic organisms of the vital oxygen. The explanation given in solutions is quite clear.

      1. Thanks. I will keep that in mind next time.

        But question 93 is Why does the sky appear dark instead of blue to an astronaut?
        I thought that B: Due to absence of diffracted interference of light” was the answer.

      2. Hi I have two queries.
        1) In the actual exam we can mark an ans in the question paper and then later on come back to it and mark the final ans on the OMR sheet. This provision that you spoke of does not allow that flexibility of the paper based test. I think you should should provide us with that option
        2) Also, the ‘Do it later’ option doesnt work until I have marked an ans. THat is, the number on the side does not become yellow if no option is initially seleted. Why is that?

      3. Dear insight,

        plz clarify the above mentioned procedure by you…as u said that options once marked is not going to change further but actually it can b changed…plus even some one mark any option and then clicks on later option it turns orange in colour…that helps individual to remind his option in the mind abt particular question,,,,again when he left the question it remains blank that can be understood…mine question is…
        1. even if we mark any option say (a) it can be changed at the same time even anytime before submission of test…it happens.
        2. even orange coloured marked answer can again be changed afterward..
        give insight on my queries..sir,i mean to say we can change our answer at any time in this test series seems contradictory to your explanations…kindly reply so that we can minimise our mistakes in next test…

        with kind regards

  21. test-5, question 34, how is it practically possible for a human to communicate under water, in hydrogen or salt water media without any equipment. Also I am thankful to Insights IAS team for helping us prepare well for the exams.

    Thank You,

    1. There is a medium that separates the communicators. Sound can pass through all these mediums.

  22. Dear Insight,
    You have included questions from World History, but as far as I understand Prelim syllabus doesn’t include the same. Please suggest if I am wrong. Also sight any example of previous year’s question on world history.

    1. UPSC can ask you anything under the Sun. Last year’s question on feudalism, Golan heights were framed sraight from NCERT World History textbooks. 🙂

      1. It was also due to the fact that Syria,Israel and Lebanon and other west Asian nations are constantly in news.Golan Heights being a disputed territory,caught the attention of UPSC.

  23. Is India a nation, a state, a nation-state or a state-nation? What, exactly, is the difference between these four terms? Illustrate.

  24. Word to other aspirants.(for prelims stage only)

    Please give the tests even if you have not prepared for it. I know the enthusiasm and motivation declines after getting not so expected marks but don’t be afraid of failures if you want something bigger to achieve in life. Make your failures worth. Just learn from every question – memorise those 100 questions and answers, yes seriously just memorize them.
    There is no substitute to hard work.
    Let me share my story. I took 5 test series last year and devoted 60% of my time preparing from them only. The only test series that helped me was insights. I couldn’t clear this year due to few marks only. Believe me insights is the best available right now.

    I know the battles going on between your mind about giving other papers – ssc – cgl,state psc’s, Bank PO etc. It’s ok, it’s normal. Introspect yourself and see whether you can clear this exam or not next year by your level preparation. If you have 1% faith in you, then go for it. Even if you have decided to first clear other competitive exams mentioned above and prepare for ias later, it’s completely fine. But do give the tests and learn from them. If you learn from these 100 questions it will benefit you in every competitive exam.

    And if you are think you can clear next year prelims, then if you can master- rot and learn- all the questions asked in this test series(3200 questions) , with little bit of smart preparation, believe me you will clear this prelims stage. I know people suggesting to read other holier-than-thou books to clear this prelims stage, but to clear prelims stage you just need to be smart enough.

    So my advice for clearing prelims(even though i have not this year)-> give every test with full commitment even if you have not prepared. And once again, make your failures worth.

      1. INSIGHTS+SMART WORK. Ye meri thinking hai.

        In this cut throat prelims stage, smartness will pay off pretty well. Just have a broad idea of everything that comes into news or anything important.
        For eg: I read Israel-Palestine conflict from wikipedia and Golan Heights ques. came. They are just checking your broad knowledge on stuff that matters the most, stuff that is important. Whether H1N1,14th FC, Remote sensing, Peace prize etc You can see for yourself.
        . How to apply on-site smartness. Read below.

        Eg: Look at these question which came this year:

        Q.)The ‘Fortaleza Declaration’, recently in the news, is related to the affairs of

        (a) ASEAN
        (b) BRICS
        (c) OECD
        (d) WTO

        See the word ‘recently’. Now there were no WTO, OECD, ASEAN talks june-july. But there was BRICS Summit in early July. A normal civil servant would have known that something was going on about BRICS Summit without getting into details. So one could have easily marked ‘b’ as an answer without even knowing the ‘Fort A what??’ declaration.

        Q.)”Each day is more or less the same, the morning is clear and bright with a sea breeze; as the Sun climbs high in the sky, heat mounts up, dark clouds form, then rain comes with thunder and lightning. But rain is soon over.” Which of the following regions is described in the above passage?

        (a) Savannah
        (b) Equatorial
        (c) Monsoon
        (d) Mediterranean

        Now most would eliminate ‘c’ and ‘d’. Some will read the last line “but rain is soon enough” and will quickly mark a as an answer. But the answer is ‘b’.How? Answer lies in first line itself “each day is more of less the same”. Boom. Each day is same!!. This happens only in equatorial region.

        Ab neend aa rhi h mujhe, baki kal puch lijiyega agar kuch puchna ho to 🙂
        And of course, this is my thinking for prelims stage. Ummeed p duniya kayam hai.

        1. cn u explain me till now what is imp 4 2016..
          i m asking u becoz really ur way is impressive

          i m guessing sm..

          1. hand in hand
          2. indra
          3. land locked europian country
          4 gian
          5 amrut & amrit
          6 indradhanush
          7. rivers associated wt krishna, periar
          8 mdg & sdg
          9 secs 2011
          10.reort (koi bhi)… who published
          11 …………………..

      1. q86 answer is C or D …someone in saying D and net pe b clarify ni ho pa rha h

        1. oxygen cycle bna toh hai explanation me..
          sahi hai wo..
          nitrogen fixation rxn – N2 + 8 H+ + 8 e− → 2 NH3 + H2

          1. thanks for answering all the questions ….plz don’t answer any question which i have asked in past…

              1. how come diplomatic and military powers are shared?arent dey exclusive powers of centre?what is the ans for Q40?

                1. diplomatic n military powers r not shared b/w centre n state..
                  thy r exclusive with centre..
                  In federal structure, power is divided in these categories…(does not mean tht they r all shared b/w state n centre)..
                  1. Legislative
                  2. Financial
                  3. Administrative
                  4. National military
                  5. Diplomatic

                  now if we talk of these division top 3 is shared b/w centre n state while last 2 is exclusv for centre..

              2. gm doc.
                i have been thinking that on 7 august i will be googling all the answers of gs questions. would you like to join me so that we can have a authenticated key and can predict correct marks.

                  1. n ha kal se answer writing start krte h with consistency…msg me back when u r writng answer i will reveiw and would also write mine answer

                    1. hello ji..
             is a gud way…infact one of the best ways whch cn help us in holding facts at right place (brain)..
                      nyc collection of material..
                      thts nyc..
                      kindly elaborate plan more..

                    2. u tell me what things u need in plan …then i can discuss it with some seniors who hav got good ranks and then made some amendments and wll let u know

                    3. i have tried many plans but i found reading single subject a day is not possible for me but yes i can read all the subjects daily for 2 hours…this way i wll be able to deliver more

                    4. thts gud if u can read so many subjects every day..
                      i cn rad only 2-3 subjects in a day..
                      its gud tht u know it very well..what suits u..
                      plan as per it..

      2. q11 yar sirf CG hi nvest krta h railway me ya SGovt. b plz clarify …ppl are saying SG b krta h

          1. ok …ty
            wese ap kaha gyb thi itte din aur aj ekdum se prakat…:P

  25. hello..
    i need a clarification regarding the 6th test.
    unit 4 and 5 mean all the chapters from 11 to 22?

    1. No aastha its enough to read chapters 4 and 5.If u see the syllabus of upcoming tests in the time table you could find that unit is the word used to refer a chapter.

        1. You need to pick what is relevant for UPSC. Questions have been coming from these chapters in Prelims.

      1. Hi Insight!

        Can you please name the chapter which you are referring? I find unit 4 as “Plant physiology” and unit 5 as “Human Physiology”, is that what we have to study for the sixth test?

  26. hi Insights !
    it was my 1st test..though i did not prepared well and gave this 1st test..thank you for providing us such a platform..questions were very good..

  27. Thank you insights, questions demand wide knowledge and more google work rather than just limiting to ncert content, will try level best address and hope for the best.
    Some here there adjustment mistakes are observed with options and content though negligible can b corrected, rest all????

  28. Although quality of questions in the test was very good & main aim of the test is learning but there are too many questions with ‘none of these’ as the correct answer which is not case in UPSC. Options should be such that you are able to make intelligent guesses by option elmination. In Insights test series you can blindly select ‘none of these’ & get the right answer which actually defeats the whole purpose of exam wise preparation & learning. In fact it is proven by a meta study that there are <25% chance of none of these as right answer. Hence I would request Insights to set options in an intelligent manner.

    1. We urge you to give constructive suggestions. But the analysis above can be very misleading. This is to clarify all the aspirants about such things.

      One, there were only around 15 questions with ‘None of the above’ option in this test. Other tests have even lesser number of questions with such options.

      Two, any option whether ‘1 only’ or ‘None of the above’ or ‘All of the above’ will have less than 25% chance of being valid whether in UPSC or Insights tests.

      Three, options are designed not only so that you can make mistakes, but also so that you can tick them right easily. Otherwise it can be very difficult to score even minimal marks in the tests despite one knowing the so limited syllabus before hand. It is to make tests easier.

      Four, every test is based on a different psychological pattern so that even with all the data analytics and Q sources one has at hand, blind guessing remains difficult.

      Lastly, there are a multitude of factors that go behind the overall design of the paper. A sectarian analysis would lead you to false conclusions. You should leave the good judgment of designing papers to us. Thank you.

  29. Questions are really good….. i want also change my “VAJIRAM AND RAVI” test series just like insight.
    These guys are onlyin my competition.

  30. hello insights….made the payment today…payment id:MOJO5c09000J98529199
    my queries are :
    1)can i get confirmation that my account is activated?
    2)next test is on 17th dec..can i directly take 6th test without being a part of previous tests?
    3)will i be able to download pdf of previous tests only after giving those tests?
    please do reply sir….

  31. Sir, in Q90, shouldn’t we consider Indian Ocean littoral states besides Seychelles too? Not all such nations have a significant Indian diaspora. And, isn’t buying/selling oil a part of a nation’s trade? Doesn’t most of our trade with EU and the US come via the Indian Ocean, especially through the Strait of Malacca? Or am I missing something? Please help me clear this doubt.

    PS: Great paper, btw. I learned a lot from it. 🙂

    1. Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka are the key littoral states. Nearly 70% of our oil supplies come from these routes, not the majority of overall trade. Straits of Malacca is near the South-eastern nations. 🙂

  32. Dear all,
    Plz answer following question from 11th Geography NCERT, MCQ from Ch 2 (Refer Page-17,18 for related matter)
    Which one of the following is not related to the formation or modification of the present atmosphere of earth?
    (a) Solar winds
    (b) Differentiation
    (c) Degassing
    (d) Photosynthesis

    1. Differentiation… By solar winds primordial atmosphere is lost, degassing gases released from atmosphere to earth photosynthesis u know.

    1. Actually they are used to mediate/enhance drug-delivery and not deliver it directly to cells. We will see if the ambiguity in language can be reduced. Thank you.

    1. Actually they are used to mediate/enhance drug-delivery and not deliver it directly to cells. We will see if the ambiguity in language can be reduced. Thank you.

  33. Where would I find the 10 questions of Mains? i have attempted 3 tests till now but didnt find those questions.. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus please help me know

    1. i have geography optional,and i have done coaching for it also ,so i am equipped with all logistics like books and notes. But i am facing difficulty in keeping up with topic wise note making and revision of optional, probably due to issues of consistency.So it would be really helpful if we could form a group of 2 or 3 serious aspirants to discuss optional.

      1. Hi optional is geography too..same here done coaching.. Looking for only serious aspirants…pls ping me on 9910543239 on wat’s app or telegram..if we are comfortable with each other I would interested… Pls don’t think otherwise..I had bad experience before bcz some forming group only for name sake…

      2. My optional too is geo. Open to your idea. Maybe we can form group on Dropbox and review each other’s answers or maybe any other stuff like sharing notes n all that.
        If ok mail me

      3. Hi tejasiwi… my optional is geography too….
        I am also searching for a small group so as to form a group…I sense the same issues like if you are interested ping me on 9910543239…on wats app or telegram….but only a small request…it should be mutal and only if we 2 or 3 in a group are comfortable with each other we will continue with this..pls think and reply

    1. The statement “does not matter how fast you are moving” was taken with reference to humane speeds. 🙂 Your weight only increases (even a little noticeably) when you travel close to the speed of light, which is impossible for a human being now. Please read it in this context.

      By applying the concept of relativity, you will further land in trouble, because anything that moves will not have a constant weight. Earth revolving around the Sun does not move at exact same speed all times in its orbit. And, if that is the case, its weight will change: then how would we even find out whether earth’s gravity is constant or not? This means your weight never remains constant and changes by say a nanogram every single nanosecond. How would you then solve any gravity based question in UPSC? 🙂

      When solving UPSC science questions, try not to apply a concept that goes beyond 12th standard textbooks. Thank you.

  34. hello sir..
    for test 6 -biology unit 4 and 5 means how many chapters we have to study..
    pls do rply sir…

  35. Hello Insights,

    in Q.8, As Option. 1 is also not correct. So moon gravitational force does not depend upon the atmosphere.
    So, is it also true for earth too. If yes, on what factors, earth’s gravitational force depends. ?

  36. How to study Biology of Class 11???…It all seems very technical….What to focus?? What is relevant??

    1. Yeah, really, i too felt that it is too technical for us to study, it is like studying for mbbs prelims exams. Insights, kindly clarify

  37. Sir, this is in reference to question 46 , Test 5.

    Science NCERT book – class 10, chapter 6, page 96, says for the process of photosynthesis that “Conversion of light energy to chemical energy and splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.”

    So, shouldn’t Hydrogen and Oxygen, both be included in the answer, as the question asks for photosynthesis “PROCESS” and not the first chemical reaction which takes place in the plant’s leaves (which produces only oxygen and not hydrogen)?

  38. Hello Sir, i really appreciate the quality of questions u ask in the test. Sometimes, while solving i feel the question is out of scheduled topic but when u give the source in answer pdf, then i usually cross check and find the answer in a very small section of ncert that i usually miss :)……hats off to you on your way of framing a question….

    Just want to add one thing…Please include schedule for “MINI REVISION TEST” also so that we can revise side by side past will be of great help….

  39. Hi I have two queries.
    1) In the actual exam we can mark an ans in the question paper and then later on come back to it and mark the final ans on the OMR sheet. This provision (that once marked, the option cannot be changed) does not allow that flexibility of the paper based test. I think you should should provide us with that option
    2) Also, the ‘Do it later’ option doesnt work until I have marked an ans. THat is, the number on the side does not become yellow if no option is initially seleted. Why is that?

  40. Sir,
    I think your team select a certain number of questions and then shortlist the most relevant 100 for the tests.
    Can we get the other questions which your team had initially selected (just the questions, no explanations and justifications)?
    It would help us learn more.

    1. We will be giving them in the full length tests later. Meanwhile, you can check previous year Insights papers for particular tests. Syllabus is nearly the same, but questions will be different.

  41. Anyone from Hyderabad who has already given the five tests (for prelims) seriously and willing to discuss these tests in person can whats app me on 9491943545….thank you.

  42. @ Insighjt
    How and When we can give Retake of previous test.
    how many times can we give retake?

  43. Dear sir , I question 51 the answer is B but I think it should to be D India has ratified the stockholm in 2006. Kindly clarify it..

  44. Hello Insights,
    I had a doubt regarding preparation of topics which are not specific to prelims but have been mentioned in mains syllabus (ex. IX, X and XI history – most of it is world history and is not mentioned in pre syllabus). Do we have to study these topics?

    1. For Prelims, scan for the important topics like feudalism, indentured labourers etc on which questions have been asked in past years. The blue/red boxes may also be useful.

  45. got only 70 marks out of 200 and have just one reading of Ncert Books(didn’t made notes) …… But it seemed to me that
    just one reading of NCERTs will not suffice, beacause asked in test series goes deeper.
    Now i found that one reading of NCERT got wasted.

  46. Hello Guys,
    I have doubt about Test-4 & 5. There is ‘India & Contemporary World-1 & 2’ mentioned there. but in these, there is considerable level of world history is available but we don’t have world history in Prelims. So is Insight is asking questions from World History in these 2 tests or are they sticking to Indian History part of that book only? Clarify my doubt regd. it so that I can prepare & give that tests as soon as possible…

    1. You should read World History to cover Mains syllabus. It has been given to integrate preparation for both Prelims and mains. Some of the UPSC questions cover World History, e.g. Feudalism, Golan heights. Thank you.

  47. @ins@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    que 26 – why option 1 is not correct ?
    agronomic characters are not confined to tallness or dwarfness alone but also on maturity period , panickle size etc
    the drought resistant varieties of pulses developed by ICRISAT are useful in drylands because of their early maturity , as water is not available and the droughts are frequent creating environmental sterss which is abiotic stress , and using genetic engineering we are modifying its natural agronomic character !!!!

  48. Q. No. 13, what are the reasons for non adoption of bio-toilets at a large scale in india? As it is not explained in Answer justification.
    Pls clarify.

    1. They are being adopted. The word “non-adoption” was to trick the aspirants. However factors like cost, familiarity, lack of awareness are the barriers in their adoption.

      1. But in answer, it is shown that india has not ratified stockholm convention.
        Insights, pls clarify.

  49. Sir, in Test 2, Q-43, Ans should be ‘d’.

    For ans to be ‘B’ the second statement should have been- A pvt member of Rajya Sabha can get alterations passed to legislation introduced in the RS not in Lok Sabha.

    A pvt member of one House can not sit & vote in the other House & hence can not make any amendment to any legislation introduced in the other House.

    So a pvt member of LS can get alterations passed to any legislation introduced in the LS.

    1. The word “can” in the statement says it all. You should be careful when dealing such keywords like if, only, can, may etc. They change the context of the statement and make it wider or narrower. 🙂

  50. @insigh@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    QUE 90 – According to ministry of shipping ” nearly 90% of india’s trade by volume and 70% of trade by value is through maritime transport ” won’t option C be correct ? why are you differentiating between oil tankers and trade ? even if they are removed then also major cargos and heavy industrial supplies are through indian ocean only , which passes through littoral states
    if we include strait of malacca too ( i think all members of Indian ocean RIM association are littoral states) then also the littoral states are the regions from where major shipping trade passes !
    pls reply this time 🙂

    1. Actually the term “littoral” is not used for South-east Asian countries because South China Sea is also a major water body associated with them. They do not exclusively belong to Indian Ocean. Trade involves lot more than oil, which constitutes only nearly 20% of the overall trade. The question was about whether “majority” of trade passes through the littoral countries.

  51. @insInsights Prelims Test Series

    que 26 – why option 1 is not correct ?
    agronomic characters are not confined to tallness or dwarfness alone but also on maturity period , panickle size etc
    the drought resistant varieties of pulses developed by ICRISAT are useful in drylands because of their early maturity , as water is not available and the droughts are frequent creating environmental sterss which is abiotic stress , and using genetic engineering we are modifying its natural agronomic character !!!!

    1. Please read statement 1 again. It says, “preventing the plant to biologically choose its own agronomic characteristics”. Its a word trap.

    1. yes…density is mass per unit volume. If mass is kept constant then density is inversely proportional to volume. Thus, when volume is increased density will decrease.

      I hope i conveyed it properly.

      1. you cant change density of a material . Density is an intrinsic property. Which means density of gold is always 19.32 gm / cc irrespective of its shape.

        1. it may be….but the ques was in reference to density of object (which may not be made of pure metal) and not the density of material of object.

            1. here u r stuck in atom n molecular structure….. ques is w.r.t object, its density n volume…
              eg try this heat mouth of a plastic pipe or pvc pipe, n c what will change…

              1. when we heat objects, obviously its volume changes. But it is a different case and how can we relate it with the given question?
                i wonder why insights team is so slow in repying queries !

    1. question is regarding weight of body (dont get confused with mass, mass and weight both are different)

        1. this is true when “g” is constant. You can observe the difference between weights of same mass of body at equator and at poles.

          1. Mass increases with velocity means weight has to increase(g constant or not is not given in question)

            1. bhai u r in different domain.
              u r saying in context of Einstein equation of mass n relativity.
              please don’t go in that loop….that’s for change in mass when u r moving with velocity of light…
              e=mc square doesn’t applies here.

              1. but the same equation says that mass of an object increases even it travel less than the speed of light. It is given there in the NCERT physics

    2. The relation b/w mass and velocity has been discussed in the thread below. 🙂

      1. Hi Insights,
        Please clarify to the people.

        Mass depends on velocity; Even smallest increases in velocity will result in a change in mass although imperceptible; It directly follows from special theory of relativity; Answer is A for 98;

        Even in Question number 38, Gravity acts on massless particles; Photons for instance are massless (and so can go at c – no problems!), still gravity acts on them; That is the reason black holes are black and also the reason for gravitational lensing; Maybe question should have asked for Newtonian concept of Gravity! or else the right answer again is 1 only (which is not there in the options)


  52. Questions not loading up for test-5. Please help. Test is going on and i don’t know what to do.

  53. score = attempt = 100 ..these are the highest marks i have ever scored in any of the test series..its a big booster after failing in pre.

  54. sir all ncerts mentioned are new ones…i have a doubt..please please tell me…i have read the old ones for HISTORY and find it difficult to sync it with new ones…both have been written differently…what should i do?

    1. Old NCERT History is good. It is helpful for both Prelims and Mains. You may stick to it.

    2. u have soft copy or hard copy of old ncert? if u have soft copies then could you please mail to me ?

      1. u can found them on forumias or can purchase them from

  55. Hi Sir,
    Q4) India is a state. So what is the state within our country. They also have population, territory,govt and relations with neighbour states. So India also can be called as nation-state? plz explain my confusion.

    Q18) Is the ‘political party in State’ means ‘National party’?plz explain. tq.

    1. If you look at India not just as a political state, but also as a diverse cultural entity, it will be fitting to call even India a nation-state. To be called a ‘state’ in its true sense, the entity must be sovereign. The “States” within India are not sovereign entities. They are governed under the constitution of India.

      There can be national, state, or unrecognized political parties. In Q18, it means a “State Party”. The explanation mentions the criteria. 🙂

  56. sir..please update timetable for revision….in current timetable there is no scope for revision! Monthly revision test will serve the purpose if possible!

  57. Dear sir,In question 51 the answer is B but as India has ratified the Stockholm convention in 2006. It should to be D. kindly insight the issue.

  58. dear insight,
    Q.62 How was the Jute industry affected after partition in India?

    1. All the jute mills went to Eastern Pakistan.

    2. Majority of jute growing areas in India went to Eastern Pakistan.

    3. No marketing system for Jute existed in India thereafter and had to be created


    why is 3rd point incorrect ?

    1. Jute market existed because Jute industries as well as Jute growing areas existed.

  59. Q40) Power is divided across in Legislative, Financial and Administrative, between a state and centre. Military and diplomacy are not with centre and not shared, rite? answer says d(all options). In the justification, Financial powers are from A263-295 rite?

    1. I have the same question. How can you say that Military and Diplomatic powers are shared in the federal system?
      All military and diplomatic powers remain with the union govt.

      @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Please clarify!

      1. for eg in US for war declaration or for important treaties ratification , permission of congress i.e senate and HoR is needed in which representatives of states are there , so centre can’t unilaterally declare war or diplomatically engage as they wish

        1. The US congress is a federal body just like our LS and RS.
          Do state legislatures in US ratify declaration of war?

          1. ideally the term used should be divided and not shared , but as no option was there for top 3 !
            secondly – what i thought was a military powers are with the centre in every federal set up to maintain unity of the nation , but ideally the representatives of states ( assuming representing states and not any party) acts as a check on unilateral declaration of war. so marked the best option
            no states won’t have to ratify it , then what are senate members for ? they represent states only
            but yes you are right it should be divided not shared 🙂 , rest let’s see what insights will say

      2. It is not that military and diplomatic powers are shared with states but It means that in a federal system Some powers sch as military are exercised only by union government and some powers are with both union and states.The 5 above mentioned powers are shared between them.

        1. Thanks!
          But going by same reasoning, every imaginable power would deemed to be shared between the federal government and constituent units.
          I can’t figure out what is the point in the question then.

          1. Bro i have explained it in a simple manner to another person who posed the same question as u.I think u could find it in new post

    1. yes density can’t be changed for the given material , what they were trying to frame is i think surface area of nail , like making a sheet out of it. the problem is similar to 11th physics problems melt a iron cube make a sphere calculate radius , so do V1=V2 for a given material ( as density and wt won’t change)

        1. that’s what i said , wrong words chosen for that option ! , the possibilities are 2 only
          1 – make a hollow sphere from nail so total volume increases
          2 – make a sheet
          leave marks u learnt something that’s more important for final exam 🙂
          we can just say rest depends on insights !

  60. Hi INSIGHTS.
    regarding selection of 20 students from offline batch for special training.. pls conduct seperate test to shortlist candidate.. many people have used different malafide strategies to score well in first 4 test,, they already saw question from online disqus and some afternoon batch students took help from morning batch.. every one is in competation to be one among 20.. pls dont select candidate based on these test rather conduct seperate test which bring real ,loyal desirable candidate an oppurtunity to get guided by u.. thank u

  61. What is chemistry unit 14 for test ? Im finding 2 texts for chem and 7 chapters each? Please help

  62. Dear Insights,
    When can we start retaking the tests that we have already given. In your FAQ’s you have answered that with time you will increase the number of retakes. Can you give an estimate of when that’ll happen.

  63. qn. no 92
    Few means none and ‘a few’ should used to convey the sense that some plants operate on fusions, right? So the second statement should be correct !

    1. In a federal structure some functions and institutions are governed by the union and some functions are governed by states whereas some others are governed both by the union and the states.The question implies that the five functions are divided between the union and the states.It is not that a single pizza is divided between two members rather 5 pizzas are divided in the manner of 2 to one person and 3 to the other person.So the military is solely governed by the central government.Hope u understand it now.

        1. thank u very much bro .feel free to send a rply in any of my answers or comment if u want any help.

  64. Friends please don’t ask silly questions as it really depress others,Please try to ask only credible and genuine questions.

  65. Dear Sir,
    Q77. Option B
    Yojana page 8, 2nd last para says “trees are biggest killers during accidents”…Please suggest if this should be considered or not

    1. see, this is a counter argument to the famous assumption that trees save us during road accident. So, if we can plant bushy plants and less of hardwood, they will definitely save us from getting hurt during accident. Hence, the overall picture is that they may act as a saver to us as far as accident is concerned.

  66. Why still discussion page for 6th test is not activated?You could activate it atleast today morning if not yesterday 12 o clock as some students are giving the tests early?

    1. I think that the candidate having more number of correct attempts, in case of same marks, is given higher rank as it happens in most competitive exams

      1. Thanks for replying acs but i often end up attempting 98 questions and will give the test at 12 o clock iand finish it within 1.30 tself.If more correct answers are the criteria certainly i would not end up last in the list of aspirants with same marks.

    1. I too have been searching For the same.How u percieve the question paper’s toughness.Hard or easy?

      1. I did not find it too easy…The options were a bit tricky….like while marking most of the questions I was not 100% sure… for most of the questions I was just 60-70% sure…

        1. Ya u r correct dolly I improved my score to 130 but I am not sure whether it is due to easy questions or my improvement..We could get an idea when more aspirants post their comments.

  67. Hello Insight & all fellow aspirants,

    The quality of tests that Insight is providing is 99.99% upto the level of upsc’s actual prelim. Lat year unfortunately I haven’t join Insight Test series & now paying for that (scored around 98-100 in CS(P)-2015). But all credit goes to Insight team for their hard work in giving us updated & quality tests. But I am feeling down as I was not able to score good marks in Test-1 & 5 that I have given upto this point of time. Last year I have joined other test series but neglected the score that I was getting at that time considering the fact that it happens. So the vicious cycle of scoring low marks had come back to me. Now Its like “Chakravyah” of Abhimanyu for me to hit the bulls eye, score more & appear for mains-2016. So suggest me some ways out to focus prelims,improve score test by test,how to maintain momentum. I think the thing that made me more concerned is negative marking. Even in the CSP-2015 i had around 24-25 marks deducted due to negative marking 7 now same is happening here. Please help me out on this.

    1. Bro Divide the bigger picture into little chunks.In this case to pass in next year prelims it is must that u should improve urself and perform well in all the tests.There is no magic formula,just follow the syllabus without neglecting any test and try to increase ur marks from test to test.At the same time write atleast two answers per day on insights main on current events so that ur knowledge base is increased and u are also preparing for mains from the start.Once u start procastinating that we could do well in the prelims and these tests are just a practice, so these marks does not matter as advocated by some aspirants it will only give u mind peace but not the result you would expect in upsc prelims.Next,be cool and love ur subjects.Be curious to learn more things.As to the menace of negative marking do not be lured into the trap of extreme confidence.Answer only the questions u know well .At the most U should know atleast two options are wrong.Hope it helps.

      1. Thanks @Arun nt : Yup I know there is no magic formula..its a hard work of years to flourish a good result.But when we can’t score & not yielding upto our standard ,human beings have tendency to go somewhat negative towards entire approach….I have to work on negative marking seriously….

        1. Bro i was expelled from my schools and college for violent behaviour and had attempted suicide 3 times but then I improved and got first in the university where i joined after my expulsion.Now I am alive and doing as best as i could it is just a matter of time.So dont give up ur hope

        2. I think I sounded harsh but I have not intended it.The reason for my emphasis on the magic formula is that most aspirants are not acting independently and complicate the matters by searching for more books and searching for new methods of study.Thats why i told it.

          1. Your encouraging words will surely boost my confidence…I am quite good
            student from kg to pg..topped in every class but this is atmost
            different ball game..competitive my approach needs to be

            1. Bro i was an average student upto 11 th std then got state 2nd among 3lakhs in 12thstd exam of tamilnadu.You could do it.

            2. and what is more demoralizing is people scoring 197+…. these people are not fooling others but are fooling themselves as well as wasting their money unnecessarily. So, just concentrate on yourself and rest will follow.

              1. Ya It is a crime,If i found them i would really thrash them in anger.there are many more persons doing this mean joke and they even dare to post their photos.The pathetic thing is it was a girl who did it in 5th exam.I have left my hope to come within top 20 due to this and have been content to be in top 100.I feel she could have got 200 instead of 197.33.

                  1. When u read a question search about it in google for example if there was a question concerned with irrigation u should read about the whole thing instead of just finding the answer,I mean just give a basic reading u need not delve deep into it, but it takes a lot of time.If u could not afford that then first read the answers and if u had extra time left u could go further.Hope it helps,if not inform me

              2. @analyzer…absolutely correct..thanxs…its impossible to score 197+
                marks in these competitive exam world…..just after exam,papers are
                available on other sites…so people are making
                fool to themselves…forget about them, we will study,strive hard &
                ultimately our honesty lies with ourself & will prevail in future…

  68. Hello..insight,I am newcomer aspirant in upsc. recently i got a chance to visit your site and i find your great apporach towards upsc to become warrior of battle field is awesome.I want to join your prelims test series-2016, but due to my one mistakes i missed your some prelims test as 1,2,3,4,5.can you help me,what should i do regarding missing test of prelims test series-2016.

    1. can join now…whenever you want to give the test, give the test..there is no hard & fast rule regarding far as ranking is concerned, there are two rankings- First ranking which is static declared before start of next test ,if you give it within a span of 7 days & scored good your name will appear on it & second one is dynamic which is fluctuating in your own dashboard…as no of aspirants changes it varies accordingly & gives you your position ….

  69. pls help me in answering this que from NCERT !
    in which of the following cities are the days longest ?
    1) tiruvanantpuram 2)hyderabad 3) chandigarh 4) nagpur
    pls , do not give answer alone , explain the reason too !

      1. sir, i think places away from the equator have longer days in summer season and shorter days in winter season. in england during wimbledon, darkness happens only after 9 pm and there is night only for few hours.
        am i correct. so what should be the answer

      2. Places close to equator have equal length of day/night. And those are away like Chandigarh have longer day in summer and shorter in winter. Can you please explain in detail.

        1. Places close to equator receive more solar insolation as Sun rays are not inclined much when you compare it to other latitudes. Inclination of Sun’s rays affect the length of the day. For e.g. a place may see evening at 7 PM, and another at 5 PM only due to the different inclinations of the Sun rays reaching at the place.

          Places away from equator (say Northern Hemisphere) will receive more solar insolation, as Sun’s rays are less inclined. Opposite is true for Southern Hemisphere.

  70. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir, Plz reply how we should revise…in the timetable there is no provision for the revision. And also it is taking a lot of time to prepare for the syllabus in the tests. How to manage it?
    I hope a reply from u. Thanks in advance.

  71. Q: 59 Does the term ‘Silk Road’ comprise of both the land and sea routes shown in the map? Isn’t ‘Silk Route’ a better term?
    I say this because both Europe and Horn of Africa are connected through sea route only, not a ‘road’ technically

    1. It is both land and sea routes. 🙂

      If you are posting a doubt on a test after the Test window expires, please try posting it in reply to our comments. We will be notified by Disqus and can reply soon. Thank you.

      1. Hi Insights
        This is regarding Q23 IBSA
        its latest summit was supposed to happen in late 2015 in India. But when i searched on google,i cant find any relevant info like is it happened or got cancelled. Can you please throw some light. Thanks in advance 🙂

        1. Dear, we are not sure. Even the IBSA official website is not updated and other sources only inform that there was a summit planned in 2015.

  72. Insights Prelims Test Series

    Q18 , #Recognition for a political party

    The correct answer is (C.) : It has been engaged in political activity for a continuous period of five years.

    Aam Admi Party was founded 2012 and will complete its 5 years in 2017 , but still we call it a political party .
    Where am i going wrong ?

    1. bro you are confusing in actual understanding of the question. Political party has been divided b/w recognised(then their further division; state/national) and un-recognised parties. All political parties must register themselves with the EC. However, not all parties that are registered with the EC are ‘recognised’ by it. They have to fulfil certain criteria before they gain recognition, either as a state party or as a national party. And so that’s the answer. Just by calling a party political does not make it recognised.

    2. Hi Mrinal, I was attempting this test again today,there was this question regarding MIXED CROPPING!

      As per me MIxed cropping is not just growing two or more crops simultaneously, but also rearing animals! right?

      but insights took only growing crops as the answer! why is rearing animals wrong 😛 😛 I came here to see if somebody else had the same doubt 6 months back! LOL

  73. Its been more than 45 days i subscribed your test series. I am still not able to give even a single test. I mailed insights earlier also but i dint received a proper feedback.. As i click the test tab it displays questions are loading bt nothing happns and after few seconds it reverts back to home page. and evn if i click resume test it keeps on displaying the same thng ” questions are loading”. and after few minutes if again i click it shows “you have given the test”. on the other hand test history shows ” no result found”. please address the issue or return my money. else i hv to opt for legal way.

  74. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus in que 18……the criteria for recognition as a state party includes other conditions along with option c…..soi think its wrong….plz clarify

  75. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus sir in que 40 plz explain how military and diplomatic power is shared by the states

  76. Insights Prelims Test Series sir in que 40 plz explain how military and diplomatic power is shared by the states

    1. Centre has the responsibility of guarding the national borders. Under A355 of constitution, it also has the responsibility of securing states militarily when help is requested. On the other hand, states can deploy paramilitary forces, call upon armed forces for special operations etc. But, they do not have the responsibility of guarding national frontiers.

      Under diplomatic powers, Centre negotiates the treaties and conventions. The states cannot do so on behalf of the whole nation. States play a pivotal role in implementing the diplomatic treaties. They can also engage in diplomacy with other nations, entities but only with respect to their states.

      1. thank you for replying…………initially ur response was really good…..but it has degraded now…. request u to respond faster…..

        1. For Tests that are past the 10 days window, it becomes difficult for us to track individual comments. If you can ask your doubts in reply to our comments, we will be notified by Disqus, and can address them usually within a day. Thank you. 🙂

      2. What legal provisions also states to engage in diplomacy with respect to their states?
        I think it is only on the level of economic cooperation,they engage with foreign entities.

  77. Insights Prelims Test Series in que 18……the criteria for recognition as a state party includes other conditions along with option c…..soi think its wrong….plz clarify

  78. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus in que 18……the criteria for recognition as a state party includes other conditions along with option c…..soi think its wrong….plz clarify

      1. Criteria of engaging in political activity for continuous period of five years is only valid along with getting seats in legislature as it uses the word “AND” which has to be considered.

  79. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus sir in que 40 plz explain how military and diplomatic power is shared by the states

  80. Hello insights,
    Thanks for the wonderful effort you are putting up with…here are some queries related to the test 5
    Q-How centrifugal force affects weight?
    Q-What is base point?(the difference between repo rate and reverse repo rate is always maintained at 100 base points)
    Q-What is spill over efffect of transport networks?
    Q-Please clarify CRR AND SLR with examples.
    Q-what are agglomeration economies?
    Thanks in advance

    1. 1. Centrifugal force pushes you away from earth, whereas gravitation pulls you down. The balance of both forces determines you weight.

      2. It is called Basis point which is one hundredth of one percentage point (used mainly in expressing differences of interest rates).

      3. For e.g. if you construct roads in rural areas, it helps in many ways apart from improving infrastructure. It improves agricultural marketing infrastructure boosting agricultural trade; it improves healthcare accessibility in the rural area thus augmenting human capital; it reduces flooding of muddy roads that may lead to landslides etc.

      4. CRR is what banks keep with RBI. It is a fraction of their total deposits. SLR is what banks keep in form of government securities, cash or gold etc.

      5. For e.g. if a cotton mill, a cloth industry and cotton labour training institutes are situated nearby, there is a synergistic effect as they all complement each others needs.

      1. dear insights i came back to this forum as i was doing revision. currently i think RBI has decreased the gap between repo and reverse repo. and it is not 100 basis points.

        kindly clarify it.

  81. in Question 6, main objective was to ensure full employment but that could have been achieved if government had power to control flows of goods, capital and labour and for this IMF and World bank was created (as per ncert pg 99 world history class X). so does it indirectly cover the full employment point also ?

  82. Answer for Question 47 is absolutely wrong. correct ans is 2 and 4. In photosynthesis it is Water that get split into oxygen and hydrogen and hydrogen then combines with Carbon Dioxide to form Carbohydrate and oxygen is released. so carbon dioxide and water is not combined, CO2 and hydrogen is combined !

    how can you make this mistake ??????????? refer class XI science book (Photosythesis chapter).

  83. Dear Insights,

    Q11 – Investment is also made by the state government, no? Aren’t the recent Joint Ventures by railways with states an example?

    ” …… The JVs fully owned by the government. The companies will primarily identify projects and possible financing avenues “IN ADDITION” to Centre and the State government. After finances for a project are tied up, project specific SPVs or special purpose vehicles shall be formed …… ”

  84. Dear Team,

    Please help me understand this:

    Mock Test 5, Q 38:

    Consider the following about the force of gravity.
    1.It plays an important role in formation of tides.
    2.It is applicable to massless particles.
    3.It is an important factor in deciding the shape of a minor planet.
    Select the correct answer using the cods below.

    A. 1 and 2 only
    B. 2 and 3 only
    C. 3 only
    D. 1 and 3 only

    You’ve given the answer as D. The justification is that Gravity acts on particles having some mass.

    Doubt: But in case of black holes the gravitational force is so high that light is also not able to escape. So, light i.e. photon has no mass (when considered particle nature) and electromagnetic wave (when considered as wave nature) has no mass.

    Then also, gravity acts on it. So, statement 2 is right.

    Please let me know the correct answer.

    1. The exact nature of black holes and their gravitational pull sucking in light is not very clearly explained by the scientific community. So, we should consider such cases as exception and stick to the general rule that gravity acts only on particles having mass.

      1. I thought exceptions help to strike off the options! Thanks anyways to make me think otherwise.

      2. The decision to include Chinese RMB will come in effect from oct 1,2016. So if question is asked about is it included in Reserve currency list,we should consider it or not.
        Have similar doubts about india’s membership in SCO/MTCR. Please help

        1. UPSC would not ask such questions. Please do not worry. Even if they ask, the question will be framed in a way that will only ask broad pointers about Remnibi or India in SCO/MTCR. If it, however, comes, give an affirmative answer, i.e. Remnibi is a part of reserve currency.

          1. Thanks Sir.
            Another doubt.
            Few sources suggest that horse riding was introduced by kushanas(Aryans came on chariots) However, even Mauryans had Cavalery. Kindly guide.

      3. Insights, Gravity is applicable for massless particles! Its a five decade old concept, if not older. There are so many BBC and discovery videos covering this for normal Junta like us 🙂

        Gravitational lensing, blackholes being black etc are its effects;

        Indeed this is exactly how find out where blackholes are.

        BTW one type of yet to be confirmed (about its massless-ness) nutrino, follows gravity; Simple general theory of relativity.

        I hoped you would correct it later 🙁

  85. Q51: as per the MoEFC report, india has already ratified stockholm convention. As per your ans,india has not. Pls clarify..

  86. If RBI changes the Repo rate, it also changes monetary policy LIKE REVERSE REPO RATE.
    is it true to say The difference between both rates is always maintained at 100 basis points.
    now present rate is 6.5 and 6.
    so what is the answer of question no 9 of test 5

  87. Can someone please confirm 2nd statement of Q7 is true
    I think i read somewhere that initial cost for development of waterways is more than roads.

  88. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    fact sheet of IMF says “SDR baskets will be expanded to include chinese renminbi from october 2016”.but Q99 says IMF has included?

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