Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 32

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 32

Hope you enjoyed solving the Thirty Second Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. Sir,
    Q-7,shouldn’t option d be 1,2,3,4 because explanation suggest the same and in Q-23 again won’t solar insolation be more over N.Hemisphere as compared to south since southern hemisphere is dominated by ocean so more cloud formation and thus higher atmospheric albedo and thus comparatively lesser insolation than north? Please explain if I am missing something. Thank you.

    1. 7. Yes. Option (d) should actually be “1,2, 3 and 4”. Urea-formaldehyde is an adhesive and also a plastic.

      23. Your logic is correct, but weather and climatic phenomenon operate in many different ways. But, statement 1 is an extreme gneralization, which should be carefully looked at.

      Also, cloudiness is not caused only due to a large sea surface, but it also requires consistently high temperatures which are not so in the Southern Oceans (e.g. Pacific and Atlantic Ocean). Apart from this, we do not know how much cloudiness exists and what is its exact impact on solar insolation. So, statement 1 is clearly weakened by these propositions.

      1. Q23. Northern hemisphere is also dominated by ocean (the area covered by ocean is more than land).

  2. TEST-32

    7) urea is used to manufacture urea-formaldehyde resins–a plastic. So, manufacturing plastics should also be a use of urea.

    10) examples u gave suggests “economic inequality” and not social inequality i guess. I have read that Later vedic age saw the beginning of the social stratification by the use of Varna, the division of Vedic society in Kshatriya, Brahmins, Vaishya and Shudra.

    1. 7. Yes. Option (d) should actually be “1,2, 3 and 4”. Urea-formaldehyde is an adhesive and also a plastic.

      10. Stone-Copper age preceded the Vedic Age. The description in the PDF not only shows economic inequality, but also social inequality. Both are in many ways inseparable.

      The question was lifted from RS Sharma – Ancient India, which clearly says the Stone Copper Phase was the first to witness Social inequalities. 🙂

      1. Sir Can you please help with following doubts.

        1 Are there any nominated members in legislative assembly of puducherry and delhi?? And if so, who nominates them.
        2 Can Pro tem speaker be appointed as Speaker of Lok sabha?

        1. 1. There are no nominated members in the Legislative assembly of Delhi and Pudducherry.

          2. Pro Tem speaker is appointed by the President in a newly constituted house as the house has not elected any speaker, and the previous speaker has relinquished charge.

          1. Thanks for replying.
            But i want to know that while acting as Pro tem,can s/he be elected for post of speaker too?

  3. insights can u provide the mark divisions for this test as u provided it for open mock tests

    1. 100+ is a good score.

      If you are scoring 85+, you have a good chance of clearing Prelims. 🙂

      1. regarding test 1-q 31: in explanation its mentioned that evergreen forests are found in bhabar and terai region so it would include northern parts of uttar pradesh and sourthern parts of uttarakhand………..plz clarify.
        and does evergreen forests are found in all north east states….plz clarify

        test 2-q 38: ur explanation says long-comb saw fish is endangered but its actually critically endangered as per IUCN site…..plz clarify

        test 32-q 64: actually what does NIRP means? does the borrower get paid for borrowing?

        test 32-q 76: does your explanation says that hoolock gibbon has no tail? plz clarify as i was not able to make it out from the explanation.

        test 32 q 78: is silver found in india?

        test 32 q 100: previously in a test ur explanation said that as temperature increases stratification is more evident in water bodies which prevents water from mixing and bringing nutrients to the surface and prevents growth of phytoplanktons whereas mixing of water help in growth of phytoplankton. i know that moving water prevents the growth of algae but still why cant the same thing apply for the algae as in case of phytoplanktons?

        1. Test 1- Q31 – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura host evergreen forests. Manipur hosts semi-evergreen forests and other forests.

          The entire Bhabar and Terai region does not has evergreen forests. Most of it is dominated by tropical moist deciduous forests, which are found in UP and Uttarakhand.

          TEst 2- Q 38 – It is a critically endangered species as per both IUCN and MoEF.

          Test 32

          64. Yes, they get paid for borrowing money, and penalized for holding money.

          76. Yes, please see

          78. Yes, at Zawar mines near Udaipur, Rajasthan.

          100. Both algae and phytoplankton require nearly similar conditions for growth – i.e. sunlight and nutrient alongwith proper mixing of water. But, many algae species cannot tolerate vigorous mixing of water, and so they are found more abundantly in regions where mixing in the water is minimum.

      2. That made me happy and confident 🙂 Will just take this confidence along with revision:) I scored 105 and made stupid mistake in 3 questions. 🙂

      3. Regarding Questions 48 (Third Statement):

        The Civil Disobedience movement is associated with the following events:
        – Refusal of paying chowkidaari tax (Midnapore)
        – Violation of forest laws in Maharashtra Karnataka etc
        – Peasants in gujurat also refused to pay taxes

        Just want to confirm whether these points qualify as major labour upsurge or not?

        1. It can be referred to a select committee of Lok Sabha only, not a joint committee of both houses or a select committee of Rajya Sabha. 🙂

      4. Trade winds are easterlies ? Both are different , I think 🙂

        Didn’t get the explanation. Please clarify 🙂

          1. Thank you team for all your efforts throughout test series 🙂

            You guys are amazing 🙂

            Thanks a ton 🙂

  4. @Insights

    Pls provide details as regards to what wud be a safe score in this test like u did for d open mock tests

    1. 100+ is a good score.

      If you are scoring 85+, you have a good chance of clearing Prelims.

      All the best !

      1. sir this is a CAPF 2016 can you please explain its answer. how groundwater as source of salt?

        1. pls dont use this answer key.. there are many more wrong answers in this key..

          they have prepared in haste and even after rectifying it has many wrong answers.

          1 in world salt production : india ranks third after China & US :
          2. salt mining in HP
          3. Gujarat is leading in India
          4. surface water runoff is source of salt in sambhar lake.

          based on above 3 points:
          1. wrong
          2 & 3 are correct for sure
          4. wrong.

          but now the dilemma.
          2 & 3 are not given in answer.

          1. In many areas, saline and fresh subsurface waters exist in close proximity. When fresh groundwater is pumped from aquifers that are in hydraulic connection with seawater, the change in gradients as a result of pumping may result in a flow of salt water from the sea towards the well. This is called seawater intrusion.


            1. important source of salt in rajasthan is sambhar lake that is near jaipur

              can we accept that seawater has intruded till here in ground??

              1. well currently i do not have any facts to prove it but seeing the options this could be accepted as it they haven’t mentioned sambhar lake in the option

          2. Iodised salt.. India is 2nd.. (India 2016).
            HP – rock salt deposits are found (similar to Guj)
            Correct answer is (C)

          3. i think 2 is wrong because at present there is no salt mining going on in Himachal.

        2. The correct answer is option (b).

          Statement 1 is wrong as India is the third largest producer. Source:

          Statement 3 is correct as Gujarat produces the most salt, followed by TN and Rajasthan.

          Statement 4 is surprisingly correct. In some areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat, ground water salinity is so high that the well water is directly used for salt manufacturing by solar evaporation. Source:

          So, only B can be the answer.

          1. Sir , what about statement no 2 it wrong???

      2. Sir as per you what is the ideal cutoff mark for this test?? I ask because I have exactly given the test in the same mode and environment as I would have given in the exam and could score 106… so what might me the cutoff as per you??? Just trying to analyse myself… looking fwd for your reply plz…

  5. Test 32:

    Q46. Sir if any plant is installed by removing forest area or agriculture land, on which community (aboriginal) is dependent for food like fruits, agriculture crops for subsistence etc. does this case should not be included in EIA evaluation… as this may effect their food habits ultimately affecting community. So Point 3 should also be considered.

    Q64. on a general note.
    usually money borrowed from the banks is in the form of loans which is directed towards investments -> more production -> more supply -> demand side inflation suppressed.
    and generally demand side inflation happens when country is in a ‘phase of boom’ as people have more cash and there is an accelerated and prolonged increase in the demand -> exceeding sustainable output/production levels.
    so shouldn’t “Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)” help in releasing pressure of boom period… because loans are actually being used for investment which will increase supply, as also on a general note – no one takes loan to buy goods.
    though the explanation is satisfactory, even while giving exam i thought the same… but above thought has created a doubt.
    Please show some light!

    @insights and other pls help.

    1. 46. It can surely be considered. But, we had designed the options in a way that you should neglect statement 3. UPSC in its papers does the same, when its wishes to avoid confusion over controversial options.

      What is interesting is that nearly anything and everything can be argued to be a part of an EIA, which is not actually the case.

      64. You have assumed that in an economic Boom, it is only the demand that is high and supply generally lags behind demand. In boom, both supply and demand are at quite high levels. If further liquidity is given to the market, demand may far outpace supply, and create inflationary bottlenecks. This is why you see Central banks tightening the monetary policy in periods of very high growth.

  6. Can anyone plz explain me about point of order in Rajya sabha in simple language..
    Thanks in advance.

    1. If a MP sees that Rules/laws are being violated in the House, he can raise a “Point of Order” to inform the Speaker of the same.

      It is generally raised when the Speaker has failed to note that laws/rules of the house have been transgressed. 🙂

  7. Q A Declining GDP => slowing economy but a slowing economy doesn’t always imply a declining GDP : Is this true

    Q30 , Test 32 , The explanation says that the water vapour capacity increases with temperature.Is this always true ? Jaisalmer has a pretty high temperature but is regarded as the driest place of India.

    Q62 : Just an improvisation , Recently , the FMC was merged with SEBI.Who controls these mergers?As both are statutory bodies , does the prez play an executive role here too ?

    Q80 : Under the GoI Act 1935 , was Universal Adult Franchise extended to the 10% of the population.Were these 10% only from the 8 major British Provinces ?

    Q98 : Can India claim its “exploration rights on the continetal shelf” which is beyond 200 Nautical Miles ?

    1. Q A :
      Declining GDP Rate >> slowing economy though production is more than previous period
      Declining GDP >> negative growth rate >> less than previous period production

      Q 30 :
      Jaisalmer is driest place that is only because here water carrying capacity is highest.
      if u keep water jaisalmer is will vapourise very fast,
      same amount water of water if u keep in mumbai, kochi or chennai >> it will take longer time.

      Q 62 :
      seems like MoF has power to do it on his own, but not sure.

      Q 80 :
      only from Biritish provinces bcz elections were held only in british provinces.

      1. @Q80 : Exactly my point ! But the answer is 2 only .Why cant it be both 1 and 2 ?

        1. 80 : Universal adult franchise means all adults have the right to vote besides those who are disqualified because of the laws of their country.

          There was an economic criteria and people above certain income were only allowed to vote, so it would not be right to call it Universal adult suffrage. As per Rajiv Ahir, 14% of British India got right to vote and not everyone so it would not be right to call it UNIVERSAL adult franchise.

        2. “It did raise the demand, however, for universal suffrage for adults of both sexes, something never conceded in any constitution made by the British for India down to 1947 – Sumit Sarkar from the test

        3. if it is 10% how can u call it universal??
          n limited voting power 10% relates to provices..

          1. Exactly , the answer should be 1 also right , but according to insights its only 2.Thats what my doubt is.

            1. 1 is wrong : bcz Indians didnt get UAF till 1947.
              2. is correct.
              3. is wrong

              so 2 is only correct answer.

              i hope u r clear. that is “C”

              1. Ah ! I think i got wherei was going wrong.I was neglecting the word “Universal”.Had it been only franchise i.e.if the option was ” Adult Franchise was extended to selected provinces” then in that case , option 1 would have been correct ! Right ?

    2. 62. The recent SEBI-FMC was achieved through the Finance Act 2015, since SEBI is a statutory body, and any major changes in it should ideally be done through the legislative route.

      98. Continental Shelf may exceed 200 nautical miles, depending on the natural extension. But, as per the UNCLOS law, it should not exceed 350 nautical miles from the baseline. This implies that India can claim exploration rights uptill a maximum of 350 nautical miles from its baseline.

      Other doubts have been addressed below. 🙂

  8. tougher than earlier tests,mostly elimination process,but scored better than previous tests.

  9. Dear Insights,
    I have attended all the tests and have revised all of them once.

    I feel i should be revising only environment and science part only, bcz I have comparatively better scores in Economy, polity, geo n history.

    can u pls provide compilation for environment and science only??

  10. (DOUBT)

    Can MP and Council of Minister from Lok Sabha take part in the proceedings of Rajya Sabha?

    1. minister from LS can take part in RS……..but cant vote……. regarding MP i dont think they can take part

      1. I am more doubtful for the MP because when I saw the Rajya Sabha proceedings, Finance Minister was there in Rajya Sabha. But never heard about MP of Lok Sabha taking part in the Rajya Sabha proceedings.

    2. Ministers (who are also MPs of either LS or RS) can take part in the proceedings of both the houses. But, they can only vote in the house of which they are a member.

      Other private MPs (non-Ministers) do not have this privilege, and they only take part in the proceedings of the house of which they are members.

  11. DOUBT:

    Who are the beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana?
    Can this be said: Transgender and widows will be given preference in the allocation of benefits.

    1. Widows,transgender,SC/ST,Low income group and economically weaker section are beneficiary.
      statement can be true if we compare with general masses. But there is no special preference among given sections.

      1. thanks for clearing…
        can you tell me about this…
        Does Mansabdari system helped in improving administration in remote areas and increased revenue collection for the Mughals?

  12. msp is announced for how many crops?( economic survey says 23 and some other say 25)


    1. There is no such provision that explicitly mandate separation of powers of all three organs. Our Parliamentary democracy works on harmony and cooperation between the legislature and executive. However, there are many constitutional provisions that ensure there is some degree of separation of powers, for e.g. executive can’t pass a law; judges can’t legislate, judges can review a Parliamentary act etc.

      It is implicit in the constitution.

  14. Sir, you have mentioned that “calling attention motion” is available at both the houses , but it was named as “motion for papers” at RS ? So do we consider it as available at both the houses or only at LS.

  15. Are there any nominated members in legislative assembly of puducherry and delhi?? And if so, who nominates them.

  16. Dear Insights ,

    Test 31 , Q 10 says that Ethylene is a regulator whereas Test 10,Q73 mentions it as a promoter. Where am i going wrong in understanding ??

      1. Ethylene is one of the regulators of plant growth. it’s function is regulating growth….( by promoting root growth, breaking dormancy and ripening of fruits)

  17. Q.No. 52
    Dear Insight, I could not find a source which explicitly define the strategic sale. Pls. share if any available with you. In my understanding strategic sale includes many parameters, it is not easily separable by the amount or percentage of disinvestment.
    As per DIPAM website (

    In the strategic sale of a company, the transaction has two elements:
    • Transfer of a block of shares to a Strategic Partner and
    • Transfer of management control to the Strategic Partner

    It further says “The Strategic Partner, after the transaction, may hold less percentage of shares than the Government but the control of management would be with him. For instance, if in a PSU the shareholding of Government is 51% and the balance is dispersed in public holdings, then Government may go in for a 25% strategic sale and pass on management control, though the Government would post-transfer have a larger share holding (26%) than the Strategic Partner (25%).”

    It also says”The transfer of shares by Government may not necessarily be such that more than 51% of the total equity goes to the Strategic Partner for the transfer of management to take place. “

    1. Actually the word strategic does not imply any percentage of shareholding, it means that the control of the PSU will shift to private hands…that’s the general idea…

  18. sir kindly provide us with questions of different subjects in different folders viz.. current affairs, geo .. etc from test series. it will be very helpful in last 2-3 days

  19. pls suggest which tests should I revise now. I have revised only 1 to 10. I messed up and it seems i cant revise all now. (I have given 15 to 32 tests in july only)

  20. How many All India Financial Regulators
    (AIFR) are there currently after SEBI FMC merger? 10? Are they considered to be a single enitity as an AIFR ?

    1. There are many financial regulators like RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc. No, there is no such single entity as far as financial sector regulation is concerned.

  21. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir/Madam, I am guessing most of the answers in the test. But somehow I’m managing to score 115 – 130 in every test. Can I be confident of clearing prelims? Because I am guessing most and not knowing the right answer dewfinitely

  22. Dear Insights ,

    Would it be possible for you guys to come out with a corrigendum for the Revison tests ? There were a couple of wrong answers i guess ( hardly <10 )

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  23. i have been consistently scoring 105+ , in recent test 110+. what are my chances

  24. Please Clarify!
    First Time Indirect Election: 1909/1892 ?
    Direct Election : 1919 ?
    Governor got overriding powers : 1892 ?
    First Time Company possession in India called British Territories : 1835 ?

    1. First Time Indirect Election : 1892
      Direct Election : 1919
      First Time Company possession in India called British Territories : pitts india act 1784
      Governor got overriding powers : amending act of 1781

  25. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus : sir please post current affairs questions from all tests seperately .it will be very helpful in last dayys revision.please sir…

  26. Dear Insights !
    Do we include India & Pak in SCO at Prelims ? Wikipedia states India status at present is of acceding state , will become full members by 2017!

    1. UPSC will mention is clearly, so that there is no confusion. They might ask a statement like “SCO has agreed to admit India and Pakistan as full members”.

    1. satyagrah was launched as a reaction to Rowlatt Act where as NCM was launched as a reaction to Jaliawalah Bagah Issue…

  27. Test 10 : Question : 38

    tides are helpful in deep sea mineral exploration.
    how ??
    not even mentioned in explanation. 🙁

    1. The answer to that question is option A – “1 and 2 only”. Please see carefully. Tides and deep sea mining are not even related. Statement 3 is incorrect.

  28. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Dear Insights,

    I have a question regarding presidential election. How many members are needed as 1st and 2nd proponents for the presidential candidate? It’s not from test but I am asking as I am confused.


  29. sir T 13 ,Q 14
    statement 1.>Right to Information has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article
    19 of the Constitution.
    please clearify it…

  30. Corrigendum Test 32

    7. Option (d) should actually be “1, 2, 3 and 4”. Urea is used to manufacture Urea-formaldehyde which is an adhesive and also a plastic. This had been explained in the PDF under Statement 4.

    Thank you.

  31. @Insights Prelims Test Series :- TEST no-31 Q18.) bishnupur – its a place in manipur . isnt it so??

  32. Will you ever publish the total number of users who attempted the tests? Because in the rankings page you only shw the number who attempted within a few day of the test being published.

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