Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 31

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 31

Hope you enjoyed solving the Thirty First Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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      1. Price stabilization fund has been recently shifted to Ministry of consumer rights. Am I right ?

    1. PSF for pulses is under Min. Of consumer affairs
      And for the rest it is under Min. Of commerce

  1. QN 87-In the explanation,in addition to textile sector industry being the second largest employer,it is also written Small scale Industry creates largest employment opportunities next to agriculture.
    So which is it guys-textile or small sector?PLEASE HELP!

    1. Industries can be categorized in many ways.

      When they are categorized by size, we get Small, Micro, Medium, Large scale entreprises.

      When they are categorized by type/sector, we get textiles, energy, fertilizers, cement etc.

      We have mentioned the largest employer in both categories.

        1. Old NCERT by RS Sharma says it was discovered by Indians in the 2nd century B.C without mentioning the exact founder.

          Other sources say it was also independently developed in Babylonians and Mayans.

          But, a fuller understanding of zero was given only by Brahmagupta. It is his name that is significant with regards to developments in “zero” and should be remembered.

  2. 5) answer should be B.

    14) In explanation you have told that chilika is a freshwater lake whereas its a brackish lake. RAMSAR SITE states this about CHILIKA LAKE
    Brackish lake separated from the Bay of Bengal by a long sandy ridge and subject to sea water exchange, resulting in extreme seasonal fluctuations in salinity in different sections of the lake. Saline areas support aquatic algae. The site is an important area for breeding, wintering and staging for 33 species of waterbirds”

        1. Its not charged. But service conditions of ECI cannot be changed to their disadvantage after appointment.

          There is a demand for the salary to be “Charged” though! 🙂

          1. yes u r right…
            actually there was a question in test 3 which says that “ECI enjoys the same kind of independence that the judiciary enjoys”
            THIs is given as right but acc. to me its wrong bcz their salary is not charged like that of judiciary .what do u think ?

            1. We can always find differences in ECI and Judiciary –
              1. in the mode of appointment;
              2. Salary;
              3. The mode of operation – EC is not fully independent;

              I marked it wrong myself for the exact same reason; Insights seems to have made two mistakes here 🙂
              1. Salary of EC is not charged on the Consolidated fund of India.
              2. The keyword should have been “Similar” not “Same”

      1. sir please reply as we have really less time.

        1). (from capf 2016)
        Consider the following statements about the Morley – Minto reforms of 1909 :
        1. They were named after the British Parliamentarians, Minto and Morley
        2. They Provided for limited self government by increasing the number of elected Indians in the Legislative Councils
        3. They contained provisions that ensured that British officials retained their majority in the
        Imperial Legislative Council
        Which of the statements given above is / are correct?
        (a) 1 only
        (b) 2 and 3 only
        (c) 1 and 3 only
        (d) 1, 2 and 3

        1. Minto was the viceroy of India and hence not a Parliamentarian. (Morely was secretary to the state of India so I assume he belonged to the Parliament)

          So answer would be B? (From what I know)

          1. i m not sure about “limited self govt. ” clause in option 2. This was a provision in 1919 act but not in 1909 act acc. to me…dats y m confused abt it .

            1. Limited self govt “by increasing the the number of elected Indians” So I guess that’s right.

        2. Morley was the Secretary of State for India who was a British Cabinet minister. In Britain, only MPs could become ministers. So, Morley clearly was a British Parliamentarian.

          The case of Minto is doubtful, as UPSC is not clear whether it is talking about “Britishers who were a part of Parliament in India” or “Britishers who were a part of Parliament in Britain”. The fact the Minto was India’s Viceroy clearly puts him in the former category.

          2 and 3 are standard provisions of the 1909 Act. So, answer can be either B or D, depending on how UPSC interprets statement 1.

    1. We have clarified both questions in the clarification issue below. Please check. You are correct in both cases. 🙂

    1. It is misprinted in the online version. The offline draft question reads:

      64. Sarkaria Commission was concerned with
      a) Electoral Reforms
      b) Financial Sector Reforms
      c) Centre-State relations
      d) Reforms in Police administration

      Thank you for informing.

      1. @Insights Prelims Test Series
        Please provide the priority order in which we should revise the tests ? I am forced to post this again. But you know we aspirants in hell now.

        1. Dear, all Tests are important since all of them have been framed from standard sources. No test is less or more important than the other.

          You should try revising at least 3 tests in a day, make short notes out of them, and then re-read those short notes just before a few days around the exam.

          Relax ! Its just an exam. You have been preparing long for it. Result will be good. All the best! 🙂

        2. I think its best if you make your priority as per your relative scores…start with the test in which you got the least and move upwards…just a suggestion

          1. It’s a very good suggestion. But I think I will just move in reverse order (32 to 1). There are so many decisions to make at this stage, can’t let will power drain away 🙂

  3. Hello Insights! I have a doubt regarding 5th questions. According to your explanation answer should be B) ,i.e. only 1st statement of that ques. is true and 2nd and 3rd is wrong. Kangaroos are mammals and salamqnder is an amphibian, so it means that salamanders evolved before kangaroos not the opposite. Please clear my doubt. Thanks 🙂

    1. I think this test was easy compared to previous few full length test..may be we should add +10 to the previous decent score level suggested by insight..

    2. It depends on what you think as a good rank.I usually aim for below 150 or like 250.Anything above 120 could be considered as decent marks and above 130 as pretty good marks.I know even people above 130 would only get ranks in the 200 range this time.This time the 500th rank would be in 115 to 120 range according to me.Previous test my rank was 111.Now though 12 marks was high than previous test just in the first day my rank is in 101.Next its not that test is easy but more and more people are giving tests as exams are nearer,so competition is pretty tough.Thats a great thing.As i often say dont take this exam as a indicator of your performance and get panicked.Be cool and confident dolly.I saw your name in 300s in the rank list for 30th test.Its good. keep it up.

      1. sir i wanted suggest insights with regards to ranking system, please separate the ranking for reappeared tests for those which are attempted for the 1st time , it would help in gauging the performance more accurately.

        1. Its already like that.

          You will not get a rank if you attempt it again.

  4. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus: Even though the level of test was on easier side, my score is not improving. Dont know what to do at this moment of time… M getting 102.7 marks in this test.. M feeling like my improvement zone has become like stagnant water… 🙁

    1. I would like to copy paste the answer i wrote to another person’s comment.I hope it will clear your doubts and help you.Here it is.

      As for me I am a lazy person who stopped reading on the start of this month itself.Still i got 122.67 in 30th test and 134 in 31th test.Ha ha i am not saying this for boasting myself.There is a big truth in this picture.I hardly read newspapers and i know nothing about current affairs.Still i am running with basics.It is your basics you need to cement upon.Upsc asks only basics.Even when current affairs are asked they are of the easy variety.Now you need to revise your basics.Next,these questions are mostly unrelated to upsc actual pattern and as i said before these were made for us to learn.I have an idea.Next time when you give the test,try to focus your concentration on each and every question you mark upon but beware not over think.This technique helped me a lot .Everyone of us thinks we are focusing upon the question but we easily lose our focus and our mind wanders.I am sure this simple thing will boost your scores to 10 to 15 marks.Next,Aspirants are over hyping the exam as if it is the worlds toughest test when in reality it is not.Dont go for too many sources.Just concentrate on basics,i mean just understand the concept behind everything.Your marks not looks bad.You do got 120 once and it shows you have potential.There is only 10 days away.Focus on being calm.Dont be nervous and look for too many sources,your comments tab shows me you are anxious and nervous.Its a big no.Just read as far as you could and sleep more and take rest.Usually we are prone to read in the last days until last minute of the exam as if we are going to complete this huge syllabus in these last days.The truth is thats just for our mind peace.Now the thing you need to focus upon is brush up your basics and be calm and confident.There is nothing we are going to gain by these tests when just 10 days are away.Dont take any mock tests other than insights as of now.Just read basics.You would do great.Congrats.Ha ha i could go on and on but as it is already long i finish here.

      1. Thanks a lot for your good words man!! I changed my attitude and approach in my last test 32 and it worked…

        I scored 128 and this is the best score in all the tests of mine!! Hope to do my best on 7th Aug.. ATB..

        1. Great krishna.ha ha I feel happy and amazed that my ramblings helped you really.What you did new in this test?

          1. Haha!! not much drastic changes…In previous tests, i used to attempt questions from no1 till last skipping only “bouncers” where I dont had any idea(usually 5-8 questions). This time in first round I only attempted those questions for which I was very much sure leaving others for second revisit. Though i knew m not going to do same thing in actual exam but still I used to attempt serially. What i observed is that if you attempt questions serially u may have more pressure on ur head than if you revisit those few questions which require application of your knowledge base and mind(common sense). I did the same and ended with less no of wrongs.

            No impact on actual no of questions attempted. only difference is that no of right answers spiked a bit!! I know its not something which i innovated…people do it who give tests seriously. 🙂

            1. I too used to do the same and was too lethargic too even revisit questions and check them again.I would just click whatever option comes in mind and would finish even within 50 minutes sometimes.Now i changed it and did as you say unknowingly.I got good marks in last three tests than before.I was actually confused as to what these marks signify and whether i could take it as a sign of good preparation.Only after reading your comment it looks the small change you mentioned above is the reason for the good marks this time.Would follow it in this year prelims.This would be my second attempt if i calculated the crappy first attempt of mine.I dont know anything at that time but it looks i know something this time.Lets see.ha ha one advice.If you are a visitor of Forum ias pls stop visiting until exam is over because it could seriously dent your confidence level as most of the people would speak like newton and einstein and you would feel as if your head is spinning off.ha ha.

    2. Dude.. all that matters is Aug 7th. doesn’t matter if you score 199 or 50 in all these mocks 🙂

  5. sir / mam ,with respect to solution 14 , statement 2(chilka lake ) It should be largest saline water lagoon lake , instead of fresh water lake

      1. Q11 Home rule ended when it was merged with Congress in 1920. I don’t think it can be ended in 1917 August because Annie Besant was jailed in June 1917, which caused the wide expansion of the League. Further she was released from the jail in September 1917, one month after August. Please clarify if I am wrong. Further please provide any other source apart from Tamil Nadu History book because there are too many general mistakes in these books.

      2. Sir/Mam
        From exam point of view, should we consider Yuan as part of SDR currency basket?
        Keeping in mind that addition of Yuan will come into effect from Oct, 2016!

        2015 : Test 31; Question 31
        Is speaker consent required to admit no confidence motion and censure motion?

        1. No, Yuan should not be considered a part of SDR basket. But, do not worry, if UPSC frames such a question, it will make these things clear there itself.

          Yes, Speaker’s consent is required for admitting both No-Confidence motion and Censure motion.

          1. Getting an average of 100 marks in the last 8 grand mocks is confident enough to sit in the exam or not??Please clarify…

            1. It is a good score. Feel confident that you can do well in UPSC Prelims 2016. Please revise all tests well before you go for the exam. All the best 🙂

          2. Q11 Home rule ended when it was merged with Congress in 1920. I don’t think it can be ended in 1917 August because Annie Besant was jailed in June 1917, which caused the wide expansion of the League. Further she was released from the jail in September 1917, one month after August. Please clarify if I am wrong. Further please provide any other source apart from Tamil Nadu History book because there are too many general mistakes in these books.

        1. ha ha I know nothing about mobile phones, especially smart phones but i will go through the website in my laptop.For some unknown reasons I have a phobia towards smartphones:)

              1. desicion of speaker certifing a bill as a money bill cannot be chalenged in any court ,not in any house and not even by president- lakshmikanth (22.19)….

                Mr. Ramesh then moved the Supreme Court challenging the treatment of the Aadhaar Bill as a Money Bill.?….can u plz explain me this

  6. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    Q.5 salamander being an amphibian should have come before kangaroos…which means only 1 should be the answer….or is there any other logic?

        1. Revise that which needs revision, which you keep on forgetting. If you can’t decide , Just revise tests given. They are quite comprehensive.

  7. mahatma gandhi became president of home rule league in 1920..and didnt it came to end with merging in non coperation movement…august declaration?

    1. Simple majority in the Parliament is needed as it is an ordinary bill. 🙂

      1. mahatma gandhi became president of home rule league in 1920..and didnt it came to end with merging in non coperation movement…august declaration?

  8. Clarifications

    5. Salamander is an amphibian, and Kangaroos are mammals. So, as also clear by the explanation, the answer must be option (b). Option (a) is not the answer, it is a typo mistake.

    14. Chilka lake is a brackish (saline) water lagoon, not a freshwater lagoon as given in the explanation.

    16. Option (b) should read “2 only” instead of at present “3 only”.

    Thank you.

    1. This clarification regarding question 5 is also a typo. As option ‘a’ cant be correct for the same reason stated above and it must be option ‘b’

    2. Thank you Vinay Sir and Insights for making such quality standard test papers! Whenever i used to feel a little demotivated by average scores in other test series, insights tests worked as a morale booster! Scored 164.0 8 in this one offline test and have been scoring above average (130+) in other ones.

    3. regarding test 1-q 31: in explanation its mentioned that evergreen forests are found in bhabar and terai region so it would include northern parts of uttar pradesh and sourthern parts of uttarakhand………..plz clarify.
      and does evergreen forests are found in all north east states….plz clarify

      test 2-q 38: ur explanation says long-comb saw fish is endangered but its actually critically endangered as per IUCN site…..plz clarify

    4. Insights,

      Can you post clarifications for Test 24 as well in the manner you have posted for Test 25/26 while aligning with the changes made for “Revision Test” so that we can get the clarifications in one place while not have to give the whole test again.

      Also if you can give that score analysis like in Revision Tests for other full tests as well , Please 🙂


    5. Please clarify:
      For Q66: The answer should be D as IMR is number of deaths of infants under one year old per 1000 live births per year. (in the option there no time reference and base reference).

    6. Please clarify. Thanks.
      1) 9 degree channel or 11 degree channel separates minicoy and lakshadweep? as per atlas it is 9degree.
      2)difference between lagoon and salt water lake?
      3) operation sankat mochan was also named for nepal earthquake relief operation 2015, so opn sankat mochan refers to both south sudan evacuation and nepal earthquake opn?

      1. I can help with 1st question. Lakshdweep is a group of islands.
        11 degree= between Amandivi and Cannanore
        9 degree = between Cannanore and Minicoy

  9. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus I want to know where I stand and what more can I do to crack pre. My performances have been: 24: 120, 25: 90, 26: 98, 27: 104, 28: 97, 29: 97, 30: 96. Average comes out to be 100. Should I focus more on revision or giving tests? I already plan to revise the course 1-2 more times before the 7th. Really need some guidance over here.

  10. Q.17 statement 3: Kushanas ruled India after Greeks.

    But the order of foreigners is: Indo-Greek–Scythians–Kushanas. please clarify

      1. question asks: “after greeks” and “not immediately after” greeks.. so kushans surely ruled after greeks but not immediately after them..

  11. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    Plz clarify..
    ques 77 Even if adequate measures are taken to kill the larvae and adult mosquitoes, which of the following diseases may remain uninfluenced?
    1. Kalazar
    2. Filaria
    3. Japanese encephalitis
    4. Chikungunya
    Select the correct answer using the codes below.
    A. 2 and 3 only
    B. 4 only
    C. 1 only
    D. 1, 2 and 4 only

    Correct Answer : C
    sir, Kalazar is a parasitic disease but its vector is ‘sandfly’ whose larvae are difficult to eradicate but not impossible. So, if adequate measures are taken then even it can be controlled. So, shouldn’t the answer be none of the above?

    plz refer to the cause part of the link below..

    ques 76 The Indian Independence League and the Indian National Army (INA) were formed
    A. Civil Disobedience movement
    B. Course of Second World War
    C. Non-cooperation movement
    D. Swadeshi movement

    Correct Answer : B
    sir, indian independence league was operational from 1920s-40s..Founded in 1928 by Indian nationalists…It was re-organized in 1942 by captain Mohan singh and others..

    ques 83 Which of the following is/are the applications of Geotextiles?
    1. It can improve soil strength and help in erosion control.
    2. It has good tensile strength which allows it to be used in water structures.
    3. It is highly biodegradable and thus used to increase humus content of the soil.
    Select the correct answer using the codes below.
    A. 1 and 2 only
    B. 2 and 3 only
    C. 1 and 3 only
    D. 1, 2 and 3

    Correct Answer : A
    Statement 3: They are indeed textiles in the traditional sense, but consist of synthetic fibers rather than natural ones such as cotton, wool, or silk. Thus biodegradation is not a problem.

    Sir, the answer justification says that biodegradation is not a problem. But the correct answer is option a).. shdn’t it be d) ?

    1. 76. You are correct. It was formed in the 1920s.

      83. The explanation implies that they are NOT bio-degradable, unlike natural fibres which are generally bio-degradable.

  12. Dear insights,
    At this stage of KAYAMAT… feeling well after solvng 31 tests.
    My score in early tests about 80-90,after february in some tests crossed 120 and in single test was 136. and in last three(29,30,31) 106, 108 and 117.33.

    Since ,this 2016th is my last attempt.

    My question to insights is,” What should be optimum strategy while attempting questions on 7th AUG.?

    And next question is…

    As compare to other subject part.. CULTURE portion seems little bit back..

    so,Could you plz upload some strategic questions on it.?like architecture in asoka-sangam-gupta-sultanate -mughals-and englishs period…

    plz …its few dys to go.

    1. No one can be sure about prelims before seeing the role number in the list. So worry not just be calm and cool. If you had cleared last year’s prelims you would be knowing it better ur preparation level. All the best ?

    1. No, it is Mammals who have evolved the latest. Please stick to our explanation. There might be a mistake in the BBC source.

    1. Please check the respective Test Discussion pages. They have been posted individually for all except Tests 27 and 28.

      1. question 15….according to the answer explanation is not clear to me…plz clarify both options…..

        STILL I HAVE TO TAKE 14 TESTS.I am giving 2-3 tests daily but facing problem regarding revision…which tests are too important for multiple revision?????any other suggestions are welcome….plz guide me….Also,shortage of time is my big problem…plz reply

      3. Anand Mohan Insights Prelims Test Series • 2 days ago
        TEST 6
        • Edit• Reply•Share ›
        Anand Mohan Insights Prelims Test Series • 2 days ago
        TEST 6
        WHY NOT EBOLA?
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        Anand Mohan Insights Prelims Test Series • 2 days ago
        TEST 6,Q-97

        pls clarify about who publishes the EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT report ???

        In IYB it is given as labour bureau but according to one of ur previous test it is given as NSSO….
        I am not getting proper source for it…..pls reply

        1. There are five sources of employment / unemployment statistics in India viz. NSSO, Economic Census, Employment Market Information Programme of DGET, Registrar General of India and Labour Bureau.

          The NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) releases its survey-based employment results every five years. It includes both organised and unorganised sector employment.

          Central Statistics Office (CSO) releases the ‘Economic Census’ every five years, which also provides survey-based data on employment but only with respect to establishments in the organised and unorganised sectors.

          Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour and Employment, releases the ‘Annual Survey of Industries (ASI)’, covering employment in the organised sector as well as the ‘Quarterly Report on Changes in Employment in Select Sectors’. While the NSSO, Economic Census and ASI offer state-level data, the quarterly publication releases sector-wise details.

          source: gktoday

      5. i could not find any corrigendum..please could you give the link or paste it at one place

  13. what type of revision is preferable solving only papers (full syllabus) or reading up all studied from last year again and again

  14. Bahut load ho gaya dimag pe……my scores are on an average 100 with few of them crossing 120…..ab mujhse isse jyada number nahin laye ja rahe to kya karoon….people are getting staggering marks and still feeling nervous…..bahut hua…..ab 7 August ko paper khule dil se paper karoonga……kam attempt main to kuch na hona mera……kuch log to ye bhi bol rahe hain ki insights main 100 marks Lana below average performance as they claim that insights is below upsc level……ab bhagwan bharose

    1. Don’t take too much tension. 🙂 Just do as much revision as possible.

      “kam attempt main to kuch na hona mera” – If you are wondering about how much to attempt, I will have to say if you eliminate 2 options – then take the risk and attempt. Don’t keep a target of 80 or 90 Qs 🙂

      All the best.

  15. i am not able to find corrigendum for 21 test.wasted half an hour in going through comments. why can’t u guys post it at a single place. greatly dissapointed.

  16. Q61. sir the question says in statement 1: “The constitution establishes Consolidated Fund of the UNION as well as Consolidated
    Fund of the States”.
    But constitution establishes “Consolidated Fund of the India” and not “Consolidated Fund of the UNION”. Even explanation says the same.
    Hence answer should be D.

    Q75. Why cant be it Maikal Hills, as Amarkantak is present in these ranges? Answer could be C as well.

    Q82. What is “leave to the motion” in simple terms? does that mean that before admitting the motion, Speaker ask the Lok Sabha members for the inclusion of the motion?

    Thank you

    1. Raj understand the meaning of the word union.India is a union of states and hence both india and union gives the same meaning.

      1. Yr i think we should go by the constitution, rather than replacing it with some similar word at our own will. For instance, India is a federation but instead constitution uses Union… so if any question says does constitution define Federation, then will it be true because it defines Union. I think this is wrong interpretation.
        Even we cant say that A324 speaks about “Election Commission of Union”, it will always be Election Commission of India.

        1. How will you differentiate between India and Union? I can differentiate between Union and federation.

          1. You are right that ‘India and Union’ doesnt make much difference but we cant change the words at our will… I think we should abide by what constitution says…
            Things apart, I dont think upsc will make similar mistake… While i was giving the test i thought this would be learning part of the question 😀

            @Insights please tell us what is right.

    2. 61. We should avoid reading too much into the statements. Whether in UPSC or in our tests, no questions will be framed where answer change due to such minute details. You should also judge the correctness of a statement by its essence, not only its content.

      75. Yes, the answer could be C as well.

      82. “Leave to the motion” means the motion has been admitted by the Speaker. The member is allowed to introduce the motion at a particular date as specified by the speaker.

    STILL I HAVE TO TAKE 14 TESTS.I am giving 2-3 tests daily but facing problem regarding revision…which tests are too important for multiple revision?????any other suggestions are welcome….plz guide me….Also,shortage of time is my big problem…

    1. If you spend 15 hours a day, you could be able to give 3 tests and revise. 1 hour 15 minutes for the test, 3 hour 45 minutes for revision (That is what I have been doing for the last 5 days, although in my case, I have been giving the tests the second time.)

      Your comment is 2 days old, So I assume you have reduced it to 10 test pending – at least;

      another 3 days of work – and you have given all the tests and revised them all.

      Don’t leave any test. And don’t leave Polity/Geo/History/Culture/Eco past 10 years papers.

      8 days and 12 hours to go – All the best.

      1. Thanks for such suggestions….as you said you are giving the tests second time,so,could you assume the important tests from test series???

        1. Are you asking me which tests are important?

          I don’t know – I felt all very equally good and equally important. But the ones where I scored less were the ones I had to put my focus on.
          Give all the full length tests. All the best.

  18. question 15….according to the answer explanation is not clear to me…plz clarify both options…..

  19. Test Series :

    Q 88 (Reserve Deposit Ratio) : The justification says that RBI doesnt give any return on the Vault cash parked by the banks with the monetary authority.If that is the case then why do we have Reverse Repo Rates ?
    Secondly the justification of stat 2 should read as : “If there was’nt reserve requirement, this money could have been invested elsewhere by the banks.

    General Doubts :

    —Largest Wildlife Sanctuary : Wild Ass in Kutch
    —Largest National Park : Hemis in J&K
    —Largest Freshwater lake : Wular in J&K
    —Largest Lagoon : Chillka in Odisha
    —Largest Saltwater Lake : Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan
    —India’s coldest region : Drass
    —Indias Hottetest Region : Churu .Also , would this be the driest as well ?
    —India’s highest dam : Tehri in Uttarakhand
    — Is Indira point still the southernmost part of the country ?
    — The following channels separate :
    —9 Degree :
    —10 Degree :
    —11 Degree :
    —Cochin is the largest port of India

    — Why providing subsidies to export based enterprises won’t achieve import substitution ? Couldn’t understand the explanation of this given in Test 8 Q 73

    —Are NGOs prohibited of acquiring Foreign Contributions under FCRA 2010 ?

    — What does this mean from the Recommendations of the FFC ?

    “ Submission of states on minimum guaranteed devolution turned down “

    Does this mean that if this is not turned down , then the states might have varied claims one the central tax pools ?

    —Is National Emergency always declared by the Prez ? What happened in 1975 was declared by Indira Gandhi i presume

    —In the free rider problem , taking the examples of parks , would it still be a “free rider situation” keeping in mind that there is an entry fee to it ?
    –Like in the case of Consolidated Fund of India , are the expenditures charged/made from the contingency fund of India as well ? Can it be voted upon in the parliament ?
    –Which algae is found in deep ocean waters ?

    –if a “term” features in the marginal headings of the constitutioin , would that be a part of the constitution.EG : Take the word “minority”
    –Which is the largest – GEF or GCF . Survey mentions GCF wheres WIKI GEF.I have seen this question somewhre in your test , just coudnt reckon the same
    –Which sector : Agri or Textile employs the largest number of femles ?
    — Assertion : All National Parks and Wildlife Sacturies have Eco Sensative Zones
    Reason : An Eco Sensitive Zone is ALWAYS around a protected area
    –The position of Solicitor General of India is Statutory unlike Advocate GI which is constitutional
    –Is there something wrong in the statement regarding LSI ?

    “Presently it is conducted “decennially” along with “Census” by the Reg Genral and Census Commisioner of India ”

    —In Shifting Cultivation , The residue left post the burning is nothing but Biochar : True/False

    —Is “Acquired Immunity present at the time of birth ? Wont the answer of Q26 Test 9 be all the 3 ?

    —With the emergence of AIIB and NDB in China so as to break the global dominance of the Breton Woods Institutions , can we say that in the near future , in order to counter the “Balance of Payments” crisis of the South East Asian Nations , these institutions would replace the privileges which is hitherto being enjoyed by the IMF ?

    —Does Sub Urbanisation leads to spatial mismatch ? Is Sub Urbanisation always a voluntary action ?

    —Is there any harvesting time for Zaid Crops ?I just know that they are sown between Kharif and Rabi seasons.

    PS :All The Above questions are self curated.Apologies if they happen to be vague

    1. – largest sanctuary: wild ass sanctuary ran of kutch
      – 10 degree: between Andaman and Nicobar
      – compulsory license is about permission to production how is it related to copyright/trademark?
      – about free rider problem. If the fee is for maintenance but exchequers money has been used for its construction. the one who evades/don’t pay tax can be considered as free rider. (I think so correct me if i am wrong)

      1. Regarding Compulsory Liscences , what i meant was that after taking the permit to produce , can it be commercalised and protected ? So say , i take a compulsory liscence from company X to produce their drug Y and sell it in India with the name Z .So , in this case , can i have a trademark/copyrights over the drug Z ?

        1. bhai CL is meant for meeting the needs of particular drug among the people of a country at affordable per WTO rules and Indian patent act CL can’t be issued for commercial purposes…so in case if u are selling the drug with name Z in India u are doing illegal work…no trademark/copyright there

          1. Arey Haan ! Thats’ the essence of issuing a compulsory license .Silly me !
            See if you can answer/confirm the remaining 🙂
            Thanks bhai

            PS: I hope you are fit as a fiddle now

        2. moreover one do not take license from patent holder company. instead government issue license for meeting public need.

    2. hello mukherjee sahab
      88.we have reverse repo rate as a monetary tool when RBI intends to reduce liquidity from the market…profit loss ka chakkar nahi hai isme…banks will have to oblige
      -indira point-no…pygmolian point is southernmost now..browsed from here for u
      -6 degree-great nicobar and sumatra
      8 degree-lakshadweep and maldives
      9 degree-laccadive and minicoy
      10 degree-andaman and nicobar
      11 degree-
      -test 8-import substitution= we should produce within India than importing….agar export ko subsidies de denge then people may export the items than meeting our country’s demand
      -NGO-i think they are allowed but they have to follow some norms(taking permission and registering themselves etc)…read it somewhile ago…
      -recommendations of FFC-means recommendations of fourteenth finance commission…recommended for distribution/devolution of finances between centre and states mainly i.e more autonomy to states….now connect with ur line
      -national emergency- yes always by prez on the recommendation cabinet…have to be passed by parliament…during indira ma’s time it was her own discretion as there was some vagueness in the article(hers was not national emergency actually)…she was heavily criticized for it..lost elections thereafter….emergency provisions were amended and made stricter
      free rider- i think no…
      -contingency fund-for to meet unseen and unexpected situation…in normal circumstances i think no if u wanted to ask this
      -consti term-constitution has not defined term ‘minority'(again i read somewhere sometimes ago)…can derive ur answer
      -sector-agri(logic-men taking up non-agri jobs,nearest to house,family land etc which is not available with textiles)
      -“The position of Solicitor General of India is Statutory unlike Advocate GI which is constitutional “-only attorney general is constitutional…advocate and soliciter are statutory
      biochar-good que..answer mil jaye to please let me know too
      PS-will solve some more if i get time….i may be wrong somewhere or at many places(though most were factual ones)…so wherever u find illogical answer or doubts creep in please discuss…will help us in not committing the same mistake in exam…sorry for delay bhai

      1. Sure Brother ! Have skimmed through it … Have a couple of doubts regarding your take , would discuss in some time .

        Thankyou So much !

    3. – Indira Point was formerly known as Pygmalion point & still remains the southernmost point
      As written, a “large part was submerged” and not the whole
      – 9 degree= cannanore and minicoy
      – 10 degree= andaman & nicobar
      – 11 degree= amandivi & cannanore
      – Cochin-
      – Subsidies to export based enterprises- substantial portion would be exported; domestic demand may not be met
      – NGOs not prohibited from Foreign Contributions [there are regulations, otherwise how will they function :P]
      – even I am not able to get this ‘minimum guaranteed devolution’
      – National Emergency Declared by President only. During Indira Gandhi times, internal sources have revealed that when Indira Gandhi went to President to get the declaration of Emergency signed, he was tying the knots of Pyajama and without looking at the document, he signed it
      – If there is entry fee for Park and you don’t pay, then ofcourse you are free rider. The fee will be applicable to privately maintained parks or those maintained by welfare societies and not to public parks
      – Expenditures aren’t charged on contingency fund; expenditures are made out of contingency fund and are non-votable in nature
      – red algae found in deep ocean because they depend on blue light that is able to penetrate up to greater depths. They have red pigment named ‘phycoerythrins’ and reflect red light
      – yes, the term would be part of the constitution but for unexplained terms, the base would be a statutory explanation
      – don’t know about GCF, GEF quantum
      – Agri employs greater number. Textile has potential to absorb women but you must have gone through ES that urban encroachments and absence of ‘suitable jobs’ has dampened women’s participation
      – I feel both are wrong [doubtful]. Wildlife Action Plan 2002-16 had mentioned that eco-sensitive zones are to be provided on case to case basis
      – True- regarding Solicitor general and attorney general
      – as far as i remember Linguistic Survey is still going and by 2010, 40% of the work has been completed and it is not conducted decenniallyy
      – biochar is akind of charcoal that has to be produced with limited oxygen. In case of shifting cultivation, there is unlimited supply of oxygen and chances are that a greater amount may turn into wood ash which is not biochar
      – Innate immunity at time of birth and not acquired immunity- Innate immunity is non-specific that is a kind of shield against all diseases. On the other hand, acquired immunity is specific e.g. chicken pox, dengue, polio and it is stronger
      – well this is quite subjective. It all comes down to which institution provides money at which terms. IMHO, both will complement and supplement each other
      – Not always, it depends on the level of population. Consider a person moving from population surplus to population deficit region of satellite town, it will help reaching optimum population level and hence spatial mismatch reduced.
      Suburbanization may be voluntary but driven by causes like huge rent in CBD of main city, pollution level and pull factors of satellite towns.
      – For Zaid crops- summer season i.e. 15 March to 15 June [no hard & fast rule]

      Tell me if I am wrong somewhere.

        1. Minorities is not defined in the Constitution. The idea of minorities is nevertheless a part of the Constitution.

    4. 88. Reserve Repo rate deposits are not compulsory deposits that banks must make. The cash kept by banks in case of Reverse Repo rate is more of a safe investment made into RBI. While in case of CRR, the requirement is mandatory and banks don’t receive any return on the same.

      General queries

      1. From Wildlife Sanctuary to India’s Coldest region, the answer is Yes.

      2. India’s hottest region is Churu, but not the driest. Driest region is Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

      3. Tehri dam, highest dam in India.

      4. Indira Point, yes, still Southernmost. 9 Degree channel – Cannanore and Minicoy, 10 Degree – Andaman and Nicobar, 11 Degree – Lakshadweep and Minicoy broadly.

      5. Some sources point that Mumbai, Jawahar Lal Nehru Port is the largest port both by size and container volume handled.

      6. Import Substitution means producing the commodity, that is now imported, domestically. Giving export subsidies help exporter outcompete others in international markets, and improves the already existing export products (technology). It is not the technology that is needed to produce an import commodity domestically.

      7. Foreign Funding of NGOs is highly regulated, as any foreign contribution received by them must be informed by them to the government.

      8. FFC: Presently there are many criteria (population, terrain etc) that decide tax devolution to a state. Based on changes in these parameters, their tax devolution changes. It can increase, decrease or remain constant. Moreover, the devolution may or may not be considered satisfactory by the states. A “Minimum guaranteed devolution” means irrespective of the changes, state get a certain fixed tax devolution every year. The FFC can top up that minimum devolution with other recommendations and change in the formula.

      9. National Emergency is always declared by the President, on the advice of the entire Cabinet. Before 1975, the President could declare it solely on the advice of the PM (Indira Gandhi).

      10. If there is an entry fee for the park, the concept of “free rider” evaporates. However, other outsiders who do not enter the park still enjoy the scenic beauty of the park, benefit from its ecosystem services etc. They are free riders even now.

      11. There are no expenditures “charged on” the Contigency Fund of India. The whole idea of having a “charged on” expenditure is to reduce the control of the legislature over that money (e.g. judges salary). It is not needed in case of contingency funds.

      12. Red Algae is found in deep sea waters as it lives on blue (short wavelength) colour component of sunlight which alone can penetrate deep in water.

      13. We should go with the Economic Survey – GCF.

      14. Clearly, Agriculture employs the largest number of females.

      15. The purpose of declaring an Eco-Sensitive Zone is to create a buffer zone around Protected Areas. So, R is correct, A isn’t necessarily correct. The GoI may or may not declare ESZs around certain protected areas.

      16. Yes, Solicitor General of India is only a statutory post.

      17. Any organization can help nations in BoP crisis. It is not mandatory that only IMF can help. Whether that organization helps or not depends on the prevailing international economic and political conditions. 50 years down the line, it is quite possible that IMF may not have sufficient resources to handle all nation’s BoP crises.

      Other doubts have been satisfactorily addressed below.

      Thank you.

        1. I had posted a query regarding red algae on this post of yours. Insights has replied to the same, hope you have gone through it 🙂

          1. Yea Yea ! i was following that. , So insights has finally sheded some “light” on the ” light anomaly ” ! 😛

            Thanks man 🙂

          2. Hello Brother. i hope i am not disturbing superhero, 🙂 just want to ask how was ur exam, if u fell comfortable then answer only otherwise no need to answer me…just don’t take the way while preparing geography i would need your help in certain area…hope u wud have time when i will need ur help…have a good time..good day- all the best– IronMan

            1. Hey man, no, you are not disturbing me and neither I am uncomfortable with your query 🙂
              Regarding the exam, I don’t look for the answer keys but as per me I feel the exam was good.
              I will try to help you in whatever manner I can 🙂

              1. HELP PLEASE 🙂 _/_
                Hey Batman Really need your help in few topics of geomorphology of geography from where u prepared following topics can u give me any pdf or links….wud be grateful to u…
                topics for which not getting resources

                Fundamentals of geomagnetism
                Concepts of geomorphic cycles and
                Landscape development ; Denudation
                chronology; Channel morphology;
                Erosion surfaces; Slope development ;
                Applied Geomorphology : Geohydrology,
                economic geology and environment.

      1. You are awesome Insights! Responding to such a big post. Such a genuine help. Thanks!

        1. Yes, it is blue light actually. 🙂

          Water not only scatters light spectrum but it also absorbs it.

          Red light, with the least energy in the spectrum, is absorbed the first (it is scattered too).

          But, Blue having the most energy is absorbed the least, which is why it is able to penetrate deeper in water than lights of other wavelength.

            1. All da very Best Batman..
              Let’s beat every question like the Joker’s butts.. 😉

              1. haha, thanks a ton brother 🙂
                Hope you nailed the exam very well
                I was bit away from disqus and other online “things”, so didn’t see your wishes.

                1. I’m good. Thanks man. I’m in India for few days. I was able to do well in prelims and I’m sure so were you. Stay in touch. I might be bugging you for inputs here and there.

  20. Q83 : If geo-textiles are mad up of synthetic fibres , then wont their biodegradability be less ? The solution says more apparently ?

    1. I think the options are framed in wrong manner. Some geotextiles are fully biodegradable e.g. jute while others may not be. So the option should be turned to “All the geotextiles are highly biodegradable..”. Still let me seek clarification.

      1. Jute as a geotextile is bio-degradable. But, some of the most widely used geotextiles fall in the categories of Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene and Polyethylene. These are not highly bio-degradable due to their synthetic nature. Statement 3 should be taken as an incorrect statement.

    2. The solution clearly says, “biodegradability is NOT a problem” implying they are not highly bio-degradable. Natural fibres can be highly bio-degradable.

      1. Hmm .. Though not convinced completely , but i have got what you are trying to say.Its basically that :

        Synthetic Fibres : Non – Biodegradable
        Natural Fibres : Biodegradable

        This is what the explanation means right ?

        1. Not in every case. But, as a general case, you can say that the geo-textiles are more resistant to bio-degradation than ordinary textiles.

        2. When it comes to material to be used on roads, high -biodegradability is not a desirable quality. So, when insights says that biodegradability is not an issue in synthetic fibre (used on roads), it means that synthetic fibres do not have the problem of degrading early, as is the case with other fibres. But, then synthetic fibre are not fully non-biodegradable. They just take much more time..

  21. Qn 99 option b) whether secretary of state should be member of parliament or member of cabinet

    1. In Britain, only a MP could become Member of Cabinet. So, Secretary of State was both a MP and a member of the Cabinet.

  22. Need Help!
    Any source/link for getting important handicraft centers of India ?

  23. @insights can we get Corrigendums for test from 21 to 31 ? . N can we expect it in 1-2 days ?

    1. Yes, it has already been compiled. It will be published on the dashboard soon. 🙂

        1. We did not find any major differences. Let us know if you found any.

          The essential point made in both articles is that India has become a more favourable FDI destination surpassing China, and FDI in Greenfield projects in India have contributed significantly for the same.

          1. First Article:

            India became the tenth largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2015 in the world, grossing $44 billion following a series of reforms by the government, as per the latest World Investment Report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

            Second Article:

            India has replaced China as top destination for foreign direct investment by attracting $63 billion worth FDI projects in 2015, says a report.

            India was the highest ranked country by capital investment in 2015, with $63 billion-worth of FDI projects announced

            We are 10th Largest FDI Recipient or Largest ?
            Or is there some ambiguity with the term “Capital Investments”

          2. Dear insights can you tell me,how many no. of teast can be rewise in one day ? my consent 2 teast is enough in one day with throughly rewise…reply please..

      1. Hi Insight, I need some help from your side. I want to know that is it advisable to revise all the tests of the test series. I have already followed your schedule…

      2. if it has been compiled.. i think 2 days are over. what are you guys waiting for.

      3. Please Insight, Post the Corrigendum as soon as possible… There is are couple of days remained for the exam. In addition, also activate the link for Test 32 Discussion page…

        Thank you…

    2. Hey Vikrant…I cannot find the corrigendums related to the pre tests….do you have it on google drive? Or can you send me the link please

  24. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    My test 31 has yet not been unlocked . I had sent mail to the support team but no action as yet . Please resolve asap.

    1. Please try clearing the cache, cookies, browser data, or login from a different device/browser. Also, see if you have any tests pending. Finish them first. The test should work. 🙂

  25. We will address all the doubts by 30th July (tomorrow) afternoon. Thank you.

    1. Hi Insights,
      Can you please open the discussion link for T-32?

      1. Yes it is but insights is not opening the link soon.I have to wait a day for that.So I posted here.Ha ha got the same marks in 31 and 32.Hows your preparation.Are you feeling confident now Kanta.?


          1. Its good .I was too scared as people predict cut off to be so high.It would be tough for me personally to get beyond 110.Lets see how it goes as competition is also cut throat this time and i know nothing in polity.

            1. But u always secure gd marks in test….more than 110….i think……..u should not fear….

              1. I too thought the same but in forum ias they were saying insights tests were too easy and it is possible to even score 150 and 160 in these tests.Thats what scares me very much.Even after getting 134.67 in the previous test all most 290 people are ahead of me.I have not read laxmikanth at all as it bores me to the core and I feel as hell while reading polity.Next unlike others I have not read too many sources.I have read only ncert books and few other basic books .It amazes me that people search for monasteries,rivers,national parks.My head spins off.Ha ha and i have stopped reading for the past 20 days.

                1. How much u scored in forumias open test,it was too tough?
                  U should have read one more comment on forum that there are people who top in almost all mocks but fail to clear pre so dont go by ranks and marks atleast at this point of time.ATB 🙂

                  1. Thanks, I got only 75 something in that test and got shocked as i never wrote anyother test other than insights before and i have got good marks in these tests but it helped learn a big truth,If questions are tough i should not attempt beyond 90.Ha ha you are true about that comment thing. Somehow 32nd test of insights gave me the confidence back somewhat.In 2015 i not even used a laptop or phone and had no internet connection as i was pretty famed for my indiscipline and so chose not to use internet as it would become evil in hands of persons like me and due to that i was secluded in my village.Now too i was in the same remote village but due to laptop and internet i was able to understand the demands of exam and most of all write mock tests unlike in the previous attempts.You should write insights test 32.It was really awesome and close to the nature of upsc questions.

                  2. It is not that marks in mock tests are unrelated to upsc prelims rather the quality of some mock tests are such that they were completely different from the demands of upsc and and so the marks of those mocks remain irrelevant.

                    1. I did not make any comment there?? btw icann has representation from multiple countries right?

                    2. Ok I must be mistaken.Yes you are right bhavi .ha ha forget that test and move on.There is just 6 days for us.Be cool and relaxed.

                    3. Doing that only but you know its difficult to overcome anxiety and stress in these last days!

      1. I personally felt questions are close to upsc pattern unlike the crappy tests of others like vision and forum IAS.I decided to attempt high ,94 and got 134.67.Same as in 31.Whats your mark.I see you often in ranklist.

      2. It looks aspirants have got too high marks.I read often in forum ias that insights test was too easy and people claim 150 and 160 but the thing that confuses me is that if they are able to easily get 160s then why the same people fail in 2015 type question paper of upsc prelims.This test too it looks people have got too high marks as evident from my rank in the dash board now.

        1. I think its not impossible to score 140s and 150’s as I myself scored early 140s in the last test. But I found this test to be difficult and my score dipped to 112 in this. Most of the questions can be solved by elimination method which increases the scores skyward. However 7th shall be a different ball game and everyone has a fair chance of making it through. So don’t get disheartened by rank or marks. Keep faith in urself , no one can stop you from realizing ur dream. All the best

          1. Yes ,you are right in a way.As for me i felt this test was slightly easier than previous test and I got the same 134.67 in both the tests but i dont understand how your marks got low in this test when you scored more than 140 in previous test but it happens sometimes.Thanks for your motivation.All the best to you too.

        2. I think its possible to score 150-60 once in a while – Thanks to elimination method. To be consistent at 150 is damn difficult. 🙂

          But that said, Insights series is comparatively easier and actually more realistic. 🙂
          Vision is quite difficult and its very unlikely UPSC would set a paper like that. But then you clear lot of concepts solving them.

          1. Yes you are right ..I have heard lots of aspirants saying vision tests are too tough but i have never solved their paper and i chose not too join them as I felt insights test is good.Mostly I loved the ncert books based approach of insights in setting syllabus for tests rather than subject based syllabus of vision and their sectional tests as it is quite boring too read the same subject continuously for days.I took forum ias test yesterday but found it too poor .Insights test 32 was very good,close to upsc prelims..

    1. can someone please explain what is confidence and how much is it necessary bcz i think i am not able to figure it out

      1. Hmm confidence in practical terms means believing in your ability to do a thing and in this case believing you could pass this examination and in the exam hall believing the decisions you make are correct and not be trembling in fear.If you are feared you would forget things and also you could not make correct guesses rather you would fear to attempt questions and end up attempting too less or too high ,guessing wildly.Lets take the example of a dream scenario in the game of cricket. you are facing the balls of bretlee or mcgrath(australian fast bowlers).If you are confident and cool you would concentrate on the ball and drive it to boundaries rather if you are trembling in fear your stumps would fly in air as you could not concentrate well.So finally there are two kind of confidence here.Believing in your ability to pass this exam and believing in your ability to make right guesses inside the exam hall.Hope now you understand it clearly.

            1. ‘Be the hero/heroine of this exam and not the victim’
              I just read it somewhere

              1. Thanks priya,thats a good quote.hmm yes I too would love to be a hero or atleast a villian but being a victim is pathetic to say the least.

          1. While Arun will answer, but even i found this to be a combination of difficult and easy questions. and appeared as a replica of last year prelims.
            My average score of prev 9 full length test has been 108+ but scored 105 in this.
            While attempting the test, i found it easy but when result came , it was difficult as lot of my guesses were wrong:)

          2. Many aspirants here said this test was difficult but when i came here first to comment i thought aspirants would say this test was the easiest one ever.Atleast that’s how i felt after finishing the test and reading the solutions.I was in a personal distress while giving the test and so was not in full concentration( I never concentrate fully and thats another thing )and was in sort of a drugged state, still i got pretty good marks in the test.So i thought this was a easier one.ha ha it could be that this test is where i got my highest in all of the 32 tests and so I feel that way,i am not sure about it but one thing was sure,this test resembled upsc prelims in a close way than other tests except some cliches.Dont worry about marks in these tests.Prelims was actually much easier than these tests conducted by coaching centres but i guess we panic in fear and loose it.

          3. you always amaze me with your doubts.When I read your comments and doubts in very test discussion i would feel that I am dumb and stupid as I never get doubts even when things are wrong ha ha.It looks as if you are reading so carefully and more than 15 hours in a day.Congrats.

            1. I do read carefully but not 15 hours a day dude ! After all , I prioritise my sleep more :p

              1. Ha ha ok. I know that’s impossible but just used it as sort of a phrase .Hmm no one could believe this but I sleep up to 13 to 14 hours per day for the past one month:).Its long i studied .Some unknown thing struck me and made me immobile in studies…I am very confused as I got good marks in the last three tests than previous tests though it is in the past(before one month) I read hard for a year.So i was unable to assess my level of preparation.Every doubt would clear up on aug 7.Waiting for it with eagerness .Now my only intention is to at least revise all these insights tests in the remaining days as i wasted a whole month completely.

                1. Friend, you have written so much on your self in these insights pages that I could write your biography from it! 😀

                  1. Ha ha my biography would be very interesting but I am not worthy enough for it and these pages contain only my ramblings not my life events which were more thrilling than a movie really.;)

                    1. Hey friend, Where are you ? Come back to the Insights world. I don’t know many out here. Let’s work on mains preparations together.

                    2. First of all, with 110 you are surely qualifying for mains.
                      Secondly, what if your marks are within doubtful range (if you think so)? Does that do away your responsibility to justify all your hardwork till now? Friend you have worked hard. Don’t let your momentum be lost. Because it would be too difficult to regain this momentum, if not maintained.

                      And remember, in life, your efforts may turn out to be unjust to others, but NEVER DO INJUSTICE WITH YOUR SELF. Never insult your possibilities. That is the first responsibility on each one of us. That is to care for what is good in our lives. The knowledge, the hardwork and the momentum that we have achieved till now, is a good that needs to be maintained.

                      So, buckle up and start preparing for Mains. Start with today’s debate. You would find it interesting.

                      (Sorry, went too high pitch. But had to. You have inspired so many of us till now. Would not like to see you not starting early) 🙂

        1. Ha ha as said already i was passing time.I should atleast complete insights test series.Honestly,I dont know many things,especially in polity and current affairs but i was sort of in a blind confidence.

            1. Hmm .I am a good motivator except that i would not follow the words i speak or write.In my personal view it would be good for you to stop giving any tests in these last 7 days as low marks could dent your confidence level.You gave test 32?

                1. Hmm Ok its good.People say both tests were too easy ,especially 31 but be careful dont feel bad if you got low marks and dont feel too confident too if you got high marks.

                  1. Thanx bro..yup I will take care of fact now it doesn’t matter how much I score…I will focus on revising existing one…next 7 days are crucial

                    1. Is it possible to revise 20 tests in 5 days.?I dont revise comprehensively,i am talking about just going through once.

                    2. Thoroughly its not possible but acc to SWOT analysis, finding loop holes,grey areas & usual mistakes can be done in next 5-6 days..whats ur take on this?

                    3. Ha ha i asked for myself not for you friend.I need to revise 20 tests but i think it is possible too just go through those tests.So you too need to revise 20 tests?

                    4. ha ha..ok…yes its possible as per my comment can be useful to you also..& of course i have also to revise these..low score already had hammered me several don’t want to risk that 🙂

                    5. I was mostly concerned about polity and current affairs.Other areas are somewhat easy for me personally.Next facts are hard for me whereas concepts are easy.Everyone of us has specific weak points.It is for current affairs i am going to read those tests.I have made the biggest mistake of not even touching newspapers in this 1 year.

                    6. @Arun nt : Bro I have given Test-31 & 32 yesterday…Scored 121.33 & 113.00 resp in these tests..Final tests of this year…Hows my performance? 2 days remaining whats your study status?

                    7. Great abhijeet.Thats a pretty good score.Just a small tips.When marking the question watch the option more carefully then the question.This would make you mark the right answer.Dont be too conservative and attempt too less questions if paper is tough.I feel our marks are mostly based on intelligent guessing.I stopped studying one month ago as i said.I am just going to enter with blind confidence.Lets see how it goes.ha ha.All the best to you abhi.

                    8. ya..I agree..Many a times options make work easier..but it may or may not be the case with actual 7th aug paper…so no need to get excited with this score for me…Fingers crossed now…All the best to you also…

                    9. Ok bro.I am spending my time by trolling in forum IAS and then chatting,talking and meeting with old and new girl friends .Travelling to imphal,manipur to meet a girl after prelims.Oh mostly it is during exam times I get girl friends rather when i was free and sad that there is no girl friend ,no one even looks my face.I guess there is some conspiracy in this to make me fail ha ha.I dont think any person could be as free as me in these crucial days.

                    10. Stupid paper .I think cut off would be around 100 to 105 as people are shocked this time still i did somewhat well Attempted 95 correct minimum 65 for sure upto 68,lost a lot in negatives.byju ias key.I belong to obc lets see how it goes.

                    11. yup..i attempted only 88..expecting 66-67 correct..but haven’t check any answer key..will check relax time….i think cutoff will be 105-110…

                    12. Thats great..start mains prep from tomorrow…I don’t know abt my marks..will check tmrow

                    13. @arunnt:disqus just checked answer key with Shankar IAS..getting 65 correct & 23 wrong..around 112 marks..I belong to obc..any chances

                    14. @arunnt:disqus bro..whts up? have u started mains prep? whats ur optional? ur strategy?

  26. Insights,
    Regarding question 11 Home rule League movement didn’t come to end with August declaration it continued till 1920 when it was merged with INC

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    1. The TamilNadu History textbook actually makes a sweeping statement regarding the same, that the August declaration ended the Home Rule League movement. But, as we see, only Annie Besant’s Home Rule League movement ended with this, NOT Tilak’s. His movement came to an end in 1920 only after merger with INC. We would attach a clarification note on this. Thank you.

  27. Guys could someone brief me abt distribution of Phytoplanktons wrt to latitude?
    Doesnt it appear in upwelling zones?

    1. Phytoplankton requires nutrients and upwelling brings nutrint rich water to surface So phyto growth will be more.
      Further,they need sunlight too, So lower latitudes should have more amount as compared to middle and upper. Hope it will help you

      1. Hey I think phytoplankton concentration is highest at poles due to frequent upwelling there. Cross check

        1. Hmm yea you are right about concentration. But the reason probably is mixing of currents(warm and cold) in upper latitudes.
          please check me if i am wrong.

  28. Who administers oath to a governor of state? Is it the Chief justice of HC ?

    Then who administers oath to Chief justice of HC.

    I know that judges of high court are administered oath by Governor? No luck in google. Pls answer if you know

  29. Hi.. May be a simple question regarding north east monsoon.

    “The north-east monsoon, commonly known as winter monsoon blows from land to sea”

    But the north east monsoon although originating from land, pick up moisture from Bay of bengal and shower rain on chennai ? Is my understanding correct? Why are they not land->Sea->land or sea-> Land ?

    1. The movement is primarily from land to sea…its because of the coastal shape that TN gets covered on it retreating phase.
      Its not like as if the retreating monsoons are following a zigzag pathof land to sea to land…
      Hope ithelped.

  30. what is kaufmann mentioned in ques 1 explanation . ?
    Albedo of the Earth is 0.39 (Kaufmann) and this affects the equilibrium temperature
    of the Earth.

    1. It is the name of the researcher who measured it and published the data in a research paper. 🙂

  31. solution 88: Statement 2: If there was reserve requirement,
    correction: If there was no reserve requirement..

  32. Test 32 Q 53. The newly built capital city of Andhra- Amaravati is different from the ancient buddhist site right? So shouldn’t the answer be D? The newly built city is near Vijayawada on the banks of Krishna , but different from the buddhist site, though near to it, right?

      1. 1doubt please, Masheer is omnivorous or carnivorous?? In your explanation of test 32 it states Masheer to be purely carnivorous whereas as per wwf:
        It is omnivorous in feeding habits. During migration, fish of all ages remain carni-omnivorous and the fish <46 cm size become piscivorous.

        can u please confirm that??

  33. It might be a silly doubt but need to clear it.
    In osmosis,water flows from low concentration to higher via semi permeable membrane
    So in RO(Reverse osmosis used in water purifier), it should be higher to lower Then it is natural only i mean without technology too this can happen
    Whats the correct logic

    1. There are two things.. diffusion and osmosis..
      Suppose A : 2 spoon salt in 1 cup water B: 5 spoon salt in 1 cup water
      In Diffusion, Salt would move from B to A
      In Osmosis, Water will move from A to B
      Reverse osmosis, Water is forced to move from B to A, against its natural flow. It is higher conc to lower conc… Not of water, but of solute (Salt).. In RO, we are making Cup B much saltier, increasing its conc..This needs external force..

  34. @insights n all other who could help

    now hardly few days r remaining n I’m confused about

    referring books or

    just revise all the tests….

    kindly help at the earliest

    1. Friend, I am increasingly realizing this that in group study and online preparation, the more the benefits they provide us, more we become dependent on them. The personal character of preparation tends to get reduced. If all this long, we have put our hard efforts in the preparations, then don’t we have a responsibility to do justice to our selves by revising what we have learnt so far. If you have prepared for this exam sincerely uptil now, you must be well aware of the areas and material that you have learnt the maximum from. In these last days, your efforts should be to secure your strong areas and be confident in them. You should also avoid confusing yourself with new things. Now, it is upto you to think and decide what material suits you the most, whether test series or other basic material. Asking others or Insights telling you would not serve your purpose.

      I suggest, from here on, prepare a last minute revision material on the basis of your preparation uptil now and what seems important for the exam, from whichever source that suits you. And don’t compartmentalize your mind into Insights test or other basic material. Be open to do your revision and prepare a last minute thing from whichever source you find accessible.

      Make it your journey. Others can’t help it better than you.

  35. Test 4
    Q8 : Bagasse can also be used as a fertilizer. Hope i am right ..checked on google.

    1. The question asks about fetilizers that can be “manufactured” using Bagasse, i.e. it asks about chemical fertilisers, not organic fertilisers. Bagasse is used to make organic fertilisers.

  36. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Dear Insights,

    I have a question regarding presidential election. How many members are needed as 1st and 2nd proponents for the presidential candidate? It’s not from test but I am asking as I am confused.


  37. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus ,

    I am getting low marks in the test, should i revise the test or go for reading from the book for rest of the days..??.kindly advise, i am very tensed ..:(

    1. What you mean by low marks?Could you tell your marks in the full length tests?So I could advise accordingly.

        1. Ok kanika.Now there is just 5 days away .so dont feel tensed .Just read whatever you could finish.Prelims mostly test upon your basics and there would be some easy current affairs.Now if you feel you are lacking in basics you could revise that book but as days are lower only one or two books could be revised provided book was of more pages.You could revise upto 15 tests in just 5 days if you take 3 tests a day.So i think the best choice would be to revise tests as it also covers up basics.I would like you to read this comment which i wrote to a person who lost her confidence.I have copy pasted it here below

          Hmm confidence in practical terms means believing in your ability to do a thing and in this case believing you could pass this examination and in the exam hall believing the decisions you make are correct and not be trembling in fear.If you are feared you would forget things and also you could not make correct guesses rather you would fear to attempt questions and end up attempting too less or too high ,guessing wildly.Lets take the example of a dream scenario in the game of cricket. you are facing the balls of bretlee or mcgrath(australian fast bowlers).If you are confident and cool you would concentrate on the ball and drive it to boundaries rather if you are trembling in fear your stumps would fly in air as you could not concentrate well.So finally there are two kind of confidence here.Believing in your ability to pass this exam and believing in your ability to make right guesses inside the exam hall.Hope now you understand it clearly.

        2. Kanika, we have all got only that time which is in our hand. If you have worked hard till now, especially if you have given all these tests, then 5 days is not a less time for you to gain confidence before exam.

          First of all, remove this thing from your mind that there is a preset pattern of revision which is needed. There is not. Preparation and revision both are matters of personal approach. What others are doing and the time they are putting in their revision is entirely their matter. Many of them are still confused and under-confident even when they have been revising from the past whole month. The main reason is that people tend to look for the revision strategies that others follow and then try to scale their own efforts on that parameter. But, believe me, revision is an entirely personal affair. You can only revise what you have read till now and not what others have done. So, all you need is to sit down and list down your approach/reading material for revision.

          Since, you would have gone through some basic books and tests, by now, you know, which are your areas of strength. You would also be knowing that there are some topics/areas which you think are important for the exam, like current affairs or some government scheme. So, just list down your strong areas and the important topics. Then, consider the time available (whether 5 days or 1 day, whatever) and sort your revision material accordingly. Obviously, you should not aim for what is practically not possible for you. But, then you should try to give your maximum. So, sort the material accordingly. This is important, for this will be your final revision material. And remember, before exams, you have be confident that you have finished YOUR revision as you had planned.

          And yes, low marks in your tests don’t matter much, till the time, you can learn from you errors.

  38. i think there is no CONSOLIDATED FUND OF UNION . it should be CONSOLIDATED FUND OF INDIA . So option 1 must be wrong

    1. We had intended the “Consolidated Fund of Union” to mean CFI only. Please consider it to be the same for the purpose of this question. The technically correct term, however, is “Consolidated Fund of India” only.

      1. sir what we have to choose when same “CONSOLIDATED FUND OF UNION ” is used in prelims paper , then we have to mark it correct or wrong. please clarify

        1. UPSC will never ask such questions that involve trivial judgments. Don’t worry. 🙂

  39. Corrigendum Test 31

    5. Salamander is an amphibian, and Kangaroos are mammals. So, as also clear by the explanation, the answer must be option (b). Option (a) is not the answer, it is a typo mistake.

    11. The TamilNadu History textbook makes a sweeping statement that the August declaration ended the Home Rule League movement. But, as we see, only Annie Besant’s Home Rule League movement ended with this, NOT Tilak’s. His movement came to an end in 1920 only after merger with INC.

    14. Chilka lake is a brackish (saline) water lagoon, not a freshwater lagoon as given in the explanation.

    16. Option (b) should read “2 only” instead of at present “3 only”, as also clear from the explanation.

    61. By Consolidated Fund of Union, we intended to convey “Consolidated Fund of India” itself. The latter, however, is the technically correct term.

    75. The answer could be C as well. Maikal Hills is situated within Amarkantak range.

    76. Indian Independence League was formed in the 1920s. So, none of the given options will be correct.

    Thank you.

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