Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 3

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 2

Hope you enjoyed solving the Third Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. I scored 106.67 with 65 right and 35 wrong
    What about you guys ?
    Are options of question 76 right ?
    I hope insights this time will provide rank with total number of competitors.

        1. Dude, sm times,there may be sm errors but we have to chose appropriate answer based on choices..

      1. there is difference between ranks in my result (35) & in rank list among 1st 1000 ( its 20 there wid same marks i hv obtained)

    1. Diwakar.. It is not that we working guys dont have time to attempt the exam.. It is we dont have time to read… We wont be getting daily fixed hrs to study… suddenly my manager says abt some work and that day evng study is gone… So, the test window should be till next test… atleast we will study on weekends and attempt….

      1. hey guys, it doesnt matter who writes when….everyone has its own issues and problem.. i think we shud accomodate everyone here…ranking is to evaluate oneself in the line of competition but at the same time we shud have empathy towards other also….everybody is equally hardworking here,,..we have to compete with lakhs not with thousands here….so guys be accomodative and think about others too…they are not as luxurious as few here…

    2. I scored 110 ( 65R 30W 5Left). If I had attempt those five too then surely I would be getting same marks as yours.

    3. Hi diwakar sir can you tell me ur strategy for preparing ncert books. I am unable to get even 100 marks though i studied all the ncert books twice.I am worried with my preparation and i don’t even know where i am lacking. Please help me

      1. Hi. I want to give a small suggestion . While reading ncert just google the key topics and names. For eg. The indus water treaty question. When you read that name in ncert, use wiki. And always make notes . Either in your notebook or computer ( i use evernote). I am sure this will work in the long run
        P.s i am just a beginner who is also working , so i want to request all friends to share your strategies.

        1. Thank u for ur reply.
          Yes i joined test series. I wrote first 3 tests with good preparation. But from december i started reading hindu (before only insights current affairs) and following secure (i am not writing all answers in secure, rather i am noting all questions with answers for some), now bane came towards me in the form of lack of time because hindu paper + secure + Optional + Coaching classes + insights quiz + test series. I am unable to prepare for test series because of lack of time i.e now a big problem for me. I am not finding atleast 2 hours/day for test series though my day is fully sscheduled. If you too joined test series please help me how to prepare all these and manage time.

          1. Time is a big constraint for me too. And please don’t worry. Let us all do as much as we can, but be sincere in our efforts.
            Time will pay off our efforts

      2. First I m not sir but a student as u
        Well while studying ncert u should use highlighter so that you can mark the important point
        U trust me insights and upsc frame questions only from important topics and issues.
        Second option is write down some point about the highlighted part from wiki or Google
        best u must revise ncert highlighted points once in 15 days
        Finally practicing of old upsc questions is best way because it provides idea about the frame of question and remove our confusion on two close options
        I hope I have helped u for some extent

    4. We also put forth our request of not closing the test window within 3 days. As said these tests are for self assessment .

  2. hello @INSIGHT in test 1 the rank is not clear i am with in 1000 but its showing some other person…..this shows there is no proper standard mechanism by insight to give correct ranking…..please make sure they get what they earned….else dont post any any rank list…. and finally please give total number of students participating in online test series……test 3 was good…excellent questions……current affairs is must……

    1. Your rank keeps changing as and when more number of people take exam. The rank announced on the website is only till the previous day of next test. If hundred more students give exam later, your rank in your dashboard will be different, but under ‘Results’ on the website will remain static. This rank should be taken seriously, not the one that fluctuates. Hope you got the point.

      As people who give test after 3-4 months should also get ranks, we can not freeze it for them. 🙂

      1. I understand sir…as u said serious candidate will give exam in time…. Or later …but I am sure u r aware of this that few candidates how give test after reading insights answers which in given in dashboard then they take this test….this way they diluting the whole process by pushng rank down….I know rank doesn’t matter but there is feeling of cheated… Please make some alternative… Find some strategy to counter this issue and guard the interest of serious students…..and counter unethical practices… Thank u..I hope I made it clear behalf of other candidates….

            1. In the first test ….Insights had awarded us marks as per wrong calculation initially (1/3 rd marks for wrong attempts instead of 2/3 rd marks for wrong attempts)…… they have prepared the list as per those (wrong marks) which were awarded to us initially….hence you might have seen a different name against your ranking… this could also be a reason provided you have given the test within the test window and you were always above the 1000 mark …but still your name is not appearing …

  3. I have a doubt regarding Question no. 82 which of the following roles/functions are performed by the High Court in India?
    1.Determining the Constitutional validity of any legislation or action of the
    executive in the country
    2. Giving judgments and directives to protect public interest and human rights
    throughout India
    i think in this question ans should be None because High court can perform these two function in there own jurisdiction not through out the country. Plz clarify my doubt

    1. No. High Courts can perform these functions throughout the country. For e.g. Delhi high Court had declared Section 377 (related to LGBTs throughout India) of IPC as unconstitutional.

      High courts also admit PILs. For e.g. cancellation of campus recruitment (all over India) by PSUs in engineering colleges was taken by Madras High Court.

      1. sir
        in the downloaded pdf of test 3
        q.17 explanation part was missing at the bottom of it
        the tag line of scheme is,….
        and some more missings also there
        please make sure there will no missings
        thanq sir

  4. Dear insights ,

    In Q. 12 , it is given that MGRENGA provides for only unskilled work….but it is wrong as it provides for different wages to skilled , semi-skilled and unskilled workers employed under MGNREGA. please clarify.

    1. MGNREGA is a National Rural Employment GUARANTEE Act. The objective of the Act itself mentions that this EMPLOYMENT GUARANTE is provided only to those doing unskilled manual labour.

      If the work, however, involves skilled labour too (for e.g. constructing a pukka embankment), the skilled and semi-skilled labourers cannot be left unpaid. Someone must cover their expenses. The central and State government do this jointly. So, MGNREGA does not allot skilled work, but only unskilled work. Some skilled work, even if involved, may not be avoided.

      This is why in answering such questions, elimination works best (other options are right in the question).

    1. In between the previous and upcoming Test. It is not very strict through. If we feel something important in current affairs was not covered in earlier Tests, it can be given. Thank you

  5. Dear please clear my doubts:

    Q.5: Codex alimentarus commission created by Both FAO and WHO..In question only FAO is given??

    Q.82: Territorial Jurisdiction of Supreme Court is higher than High courts…If this so,How High court can do same work as Supreme court??

    1. 5. Yes. Since the question statements mentioned only FAO, WHO was not mentioned. But, that does not make statement 3 wrong. In UPSC too, if such questions come, you should go with what is mentioned in the answer key.

      82. Both SC and HCs can deal with constitutional matters or any law under Article 13 of the constitution. For e.g. Delhi High Court declared Section 377 IPC as unconstitutional even as the impact was to felt all over India. You will learn about it more in the upcoming tests when standard books like Laxmikanth are also covered.

  6. Dear Sir,
    1. Please tell us the total number of people who have registered/taken the test.
    2. Q.90 – AAY is for the poorest BPL families (antoday) and not all BPL families, right? So I marked None of These, inspite of knowing the answer.

    1. 1. it will be published in the same way as it was published for Test – 1 here

      2. Yes. It is for the poorest of BPL. But, if the option mentioned “for all BPL citizens”, you should have gone for option (d). We will modify the option next time to avoid this confusion. Thank you.

  7. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus, Few of my answers randomly did not get evaluated, it seems. The qns on the right hand panel showed ‘red’ i.e. marked but when the PDF was generated the User Answer : _ was blank.
    Did any one face this problem in this test particularly?

      1. Yes. It showed ‘marked’ in question panel i.e. on the right hand side of the page, the corresponding question number circle got darkened. But when I clicked on ‘End Test’, and generated the PDF, those answers were not evaluated. For ex, this particular qn:

        1. I think the answers which were not evaluated were those which you attempted later on, without using the attempt later option given below the questions during the test series. Am i right? Because the same thing you mentioned happened with me also.

          1. Ashish, No it was not the case for me. I had attempted the qns serially. It has happened in this test for the first time. So, my internet connection might be blamed. But if the problem persists, and is common, we can take up the issue with Insights team.

      2. exact same thing happened with me in test 2 for the last 3
        questions.I never used the ‘later’ button for those questions. I
        answered them and it showing marked, but in my answer pdf it’s blank as if they were not answered.I also mailed the problem to insights.

  8. @INSIGHTS i missed the first 3 tests. is there any fresh test series coming in future for prelims 2016 ?

    1. You can still take the Tests. For the first 3 tests, only your overall ranking will not be displayed in the results. The ranking (personal) will however be displayed in your dashboard. For other tests, it will the same as everyone else.

  9. Hi Insights,
    Spent a couple of hours going through Yojana before the test 😀 I hope you set a couple of questions from that part of the terrain going forward 😀

    1. Not yet. They will, i’m sure. Have you or not mailed the support team, mentioning your earlier Instamojo transaction ID? Mail them if you haven’t. Then forget about it, you can check it later on, unless of course there is an urgency for you with respect to the money : )

      1. Thanks Buddy.Ya,I sent.Actually,it’s told by 15 they wld complete the when i saw no msg,no post anywhere in this regard till date,i became quite worried whether mistakenly i have been left alone!

  10. Does anyone have the link to question 9? This question is associated with MDGs. My test PDF does not provide the link.

      1. “as per a Ministry report (given below).” says the explanation 😀 … I wanted to read up on progress of MDGs anyway, and haven’t found a proper link (have not made the efforts to search for one 😛 )
        The UNDP website is not up-to-date. It says, with respect to Universal Primary Education, we are on-track. While the explanation in the PDF says we are not on track.

  11. hey guys…in question number 50 ..i have doubt…statement 2 says that ECI enjoys the same kind of independence as JUDICIARY enjoys…is this statement correct in toto ? it is correct that ECI enjoys independence ..but to say that it enjoys the same of independence as judiciary seems erroneous.As in appointment of judiciary executive plays no role(except president appointing)but in ECI the tenure and service condition shall be decided by the PRESIDENT(refer from 38.3–polity by LAKSHMIKANT)…please clear my doubt…

    1. I have a similar query.

      I think maybe the statement could have been, “The Election Commissioners enjoy the same kind of independence that the judges enjoy” .. because comparing the EC and Judiciary as a whole in the first place is maybe wrong. The judiciary maintains its independence by and large by its collegium (manner of appointment), as was affirmed recently. But the EC does not appoint its own. In this sense, clearly it is not the same ‘independence’.

      When it comes to carrying out their work, yes. I do believe they are Independent to an equal extent. So there are two alternatives that would have been correct,

      1. “The Election Commissioners enjoy the same kind of independence that the judges enjoy” or

      2.”Post-appointments, it enjoys the same kind of independence that the judiciary enjoys”

    2. they are basically comparing the stability of the both are almost immune to removal…

      1. That’s the problem. How do we know with respect to what the question framers meant by ‘independence’ here? Independence can be seen from different angles, especially when you are comparing the institution with the judiciary for which independence in appointments itself is a big deal. Whereas that is not the case, here, with the Election Commission. There is no ‘independence’ for it in matters of appointment : )

        But now I also think maybe i was trying to analyse too much while marking the answer :-/

    3. The statement is “It enjoys the same KIND of independence that the judiciary enjoys.” It is not “same independence”, but essentially similar independence. The statement is straight from the NCERT book. A lot of such statements are given by UPSC, and over-analysis can be problematic. This is why the Tests also contain such statements. Please be cautious while marking them. 🙂

    4. You are right. But when it comes to “independence of ECI”, it is the immunity and non-interference they enjoy after their appointment. Morover their tenure and service conditions can not be changed to their disadvantage after their appointment. Let me know if i m wrong.

  12. there is difference between ranks in my result (35) & in rank list among 1st 1000 ( its 20 there wid same marks i hv obtained)…is it wid other ppl too

    1. The Ranking System – You can see two ranks:

      1. Mentioned at your profile dashboard – This rank is dynamic and kept private. It varies as more people write the tests, even after the next Test begins (till the entire Test Series ends).

      2. Mentioned at – Rank obtained at the end of the 9-10 day Test window is considered. Only the ranks of those aspirants are published who have written the test within the 9-10 day window (before the next test begins). It is this rank that you should consider as your final rank.

      Why two ranks? This is to ensure a level-playing field. We must allow others to be ranked (at private dashboard) who are joining/writing the Tests late for a variety of reasons. At the same time, we should ensure those writing the tests late are not at an unfair position.

      But, you should also sense the competition faced, which is why your ranks will be affected by their (late comers) performance.

      So, your ranking at profile dashboard and at will vary, for better. 🙂

    2. hiiiiiii karishma….congratulations for ur score and rankings…..i m a doctor too….my i know ur optional…..

        1. common,,,if someone feles grt abt it then accept it…..its relly grt thing….by the way mine is psychology finding difficult to get here someone with same optional…so u appeared for the third test….how was it????…

          1. sorry!!
            replying late..
            tx for appreciation..
            in 3rd test i hd scored 136 by attempting 88 ques..I find it good..hahaha.. but others are getting 190+ so it appears challenging as for me 190+ is very high score.

            1. very late…hahahah….i scored 115…hahaha far behind the topper….and u offcourse(not to mention)…wat abt test four did u solve it????? how to write specifically to u…i think watever i m writing its in discussion here,,,visible to all…

              1. I couldnt solve it as I was ill..N I hv my personal tragets set as i will get tie i ll solve it..
                I hv no idea regarding tht.. tx

                1. no issues…health is the topmost priority….do well and take care…alll the best for ur studies…i hvnt appeared for test four yet….get well soon

                    1. okkk…i started now for the syllabus fot the test five…how do u prepare for the test…along with ur optional…plz let me know…

                    2. i hv divided my each day into 3-5 small sessions
                      n hence i read 2-3 subjests per day..
                      i try to finish test syllabus in 4-5 days n then i go for optional or my other plans..
                      hw bout u??

                    3. grtt…i have similar approach…but start my day with optional as it is too vast…and then read newspaper and make notes…sometimes read news from insight …evening with optional as wanna to finish it …my goals are not completed at times…occupied with some stuffs…and try to finish test syllabus in 4 days…this time wil read current affairs as per test schedule never read before…u have set any timetable with goals ….do share…if u wanna my email/wats app no will fwd u…

                    4. thy great..
                      i read optional thrice a week..I’m dependent on insight for current.. dont know whether this approach is right or wrong. Though till june I made self notes but now m short of time so m unable to do that..
                      dont be occupied wid ny stuff..nothing gonna make u an IAS except ur dedication n action towards it..
                      send ur email id

                    5. You need not mail me but the reason for my insistence that I know is that You have told I would have been mistaken.sorry

                    6. I have finished ncerts but still past year papers takes a lot of time as I am analysing question by question using internet.

                    7. I downloaded a pdf just now with explanation for csp 2012 from vision ias still i prefer searching through net question by question

                    8. nothng like tht..otherwise i wud hv been writing mains this time..nothing is topper nothing z brilliant…wat u do thts wat u get paid off..thts it..

                    9. Karishma one should be proud of himself or herself .Our society has taught us not to praise ourselves.It is wrong

                    10. I’m …There z nothing wrong in praising ourselves..but each of us has diff view..u find smbdy brilliant i find tht person laborious..

                    11. Are u availing the help of coaching center karishma.My mom pressures me often to take coaching.Is it really good?

                    12. look…whr i took..he z more a teacher n very less a being here i cnt tell u difference.. rest coaching as one thing common,,professionalism

                    13. i used to write…these day i m not getting time & even whn i write, i write in my notebook as typing z wastage of time..yeah i upload at times..from feb onwards i will write..

                    14. Good I too have decided to distance myself from insights and start writing in note to improve my hw as my handwriting is so poor

                    15. yes resenting mock tests ,Thinking ncerts as just a school text and lack of revision is the reason for my failure past year though i worked so hard

                    16. ok karishma .He is a famous german author.You will be amazed if you read his short stories.Please review my answers when u are free.What about ur preparation?

                    17. I find tough to understand about wind patterns and ocean currents in geography.could u help me?I mean any tips.I could not understand any thing which was in maps or graphs.

                    18. while reading draw wind pattern in copy as many times u can so tht ur hand will learn the pattern. while reading ocean current keep blank map wid ur self & ATLAS (u cn c in gc leong too but i think one or two imp currents are missing there wch is given in orient longman–as much i remember-soits better keep both of them together while reading ocean current)

                    19. thanks will do it but I am unable to understand clearly why a certain wind blows towards a particular area.

                    20. depends on..rotation of earth, pressure belts mainly…rest hemisphere abt wch we are reading etc also hv effect…read g c leong it has explained it well..

                    21. There is a community in disqus called religion.I will be often wasting time there and it lures me as it was so funny and interesting.There will be gang fight between athiests and those who believe god.I belong to athiest group

                    22. m a theist…tell me why do we discuss whether god is there or not…if god does not exist…??
                      if smthing does not exist how do we hear anything about it.. god may be partially true or fully..but there is smthing otherwise we would not hv talked of it..

                    23. because athiests like me could not tolerate the irrational beliefs of thiests and we want to exterminate religion from this universe to make it a good place for human kind but I believe aliens

                    24. I am a communist karishma.According to me all men and women are equal and private property and religion should be extinct

                    25. I hv socialist inclination.. but i dont blv in communism!! you cn remove religion,pvt property all kind of difference…n at the end will be left only n women..n how will u remove tht difference.. tht will hv more brutal face..
                      communism nvr reached d ultimate phase..rising from dictatorship of proltrt..n it will nvr be reached..
                      we all must rise, accept n respect difference among us… we r born different n we will b different no matter how much we try to eliminate..
                      respect n acceptance of difference is d best thing..ASPER ME..

                    26. Karishma I accept ur views but my heart bursts in sadness when I see some people are marginalized.I could never tolerate intolerance and that’s why I gave my seniors severe punishment for their ragging but it is a funny story

                    27. if u r sad for a section of ppl..hw cm u cn b rude to other section of ppl…(dont mind) u live in a society..ur family lives in ahome..u may hv sm proprty…does tht mean u snatched it from smbdy or took smbdy else’s share…no absolutely not… we must work for marginalised section n work for equity but tht does not mean to do bad for anybdy else…MY PERSONAL OPINION

                    28. You are right but in our country corruption and nepotism has infected evry sphere of society and without plucking out some weeds we could not change it.It is sort of a sacrifice.Sorry karishma do u find me as an extremist

                    29. reforms r required esply in education at tender age…it may take ageneration but it will show good result…corruption an b minimized cant b removed completely thts a bitter truth..
                      its not extremism its a kind of anger n narrow view..being an IAS n djourney will change u..Imay sound fool here..but thts ok..bcz such remark znot going to effect me..:)

                    30. i dont get hurt in these matters..m very much liberal social n democratic so i deal issues this way..

                    31. Super rich people like actors who amass huge wealth doing nothing except dancing with beautiful girls should be severely punished and indian society should be reformed as Joseph stalin done in russia

                    32. nobdy gave tht money as donatotion or almtothem..they earnd it…nobody has stopped anybdy from earning… I dont agree wid stalin in today’s senario.. one theory cant b applied for all..neither our condition is of wat was happening in Russia..

                    33. Stalin was a dictator who killed many minorities It is true but the thing about actors is that in our current capitalist society some people are getting more rich by dredging the poor and harassing them.What special ability they have that warrants them upto 40 crores per film.salmankhan was praised as if he was a Arnold but even I possess that sort of muscularity.I could not change all karishma but I could change atleast some things.Ias is only a means to revolutionise the society

                    34. Why do ppl watch his movie if its wrong tht he is making money out of them…its because ppl like them..thr z nothing wrong in it..see tht bigger picture may b his movie z earning 40 crs…it ws badjatya’s movie frst of all..not only salman was actining…more tens of thousand ppl were involved in d movie…directors, ads,choreographers, acs, camera proffs, designers, editors, editing personnels, pantry member, house keeping, service agencies as hotel,restuarants, fashion houses.. set members..even many unskilled labours r also involved they all earned..then think of advertisement industry n ppl whose livelihood depends on it…then theaters n staff then food courts n all around rights let tv industry earn…
                      its just not about salman khan…its about this huge no of ppl dependent on a movie

                    35. Sorry I mean I dislike the third grade movies that are being taken and I too like good movies like” Pursuit of happiness” that are sensible and that does not encourage a person to works in a tea shop to transform himself into a rogue and womanizer

                    36. there r diff ppl wid diff taste…i hv to say tht we should respect differences..i explained coz u pointed a 40 cr movie.. by tying smbdy’s hand and eyes i cant make tht person sensible…n thts not the definition too as per me..sensible person zone who doesnt make nonsense a reality evn widout being tied.. a free person wid sensiblities is only need of humanity

                    37. I have been harassed by this society to the extent of death consistently. please see the words near my profile photo but now I am happy

                    38. they were wrong who did this…but this should make u more stronger..built ur self..dont b negatv coz they did wrong ..b postv for other…this is my view…not meant to hurt u or smthng…u r best as who u r..:) its ur choice to b postv if u find urself negatv..:)

                    39. Really I have not even killed an ant that bites me and I love animals that I have become a vegetarian and stopped eating eggs At one time when I was addicted to gym I am a full time non veg I have never scolded children I am just violent to people who degrade me

                    40. if an insect bites must b killed as per me…coz it may bite others as it did to me..luving animal n being veggie is personal choice wch must be repected..scolding children z imp to a certain extent.. if being violent is ur ideology i cant judge tht good or bad coz we r free to hv ideologies..

                    41. I am so depressed with my sub par marks and rank.I accept that It Is i who was responsible for it.

                    42. Even if film industry is not there they will be working in other fields.The point is I am unable to tolerate the evils in the society and I would even punish myself if I was a detriment to the society

                    43. evn if there will be no upsc still we will get job so shud w stop preparing…film industry z not a bad thing …its a mode of communication wid vast society…an awsm mode of is part of us…no point weeding it..hw cn we evn thinkofweeding an industry in wch more thousands of thousand ppl areattached for their livelihood..injust!!!

                    44. Please I would even behead myself than watching movies Infact It has been 2 years since I watched a indian movie

                    45. u watched movie..may b not indian in last 2 years…so its better indian movie…movie is movie whthr b indian or ny other

                    46. Have u seen about Akhenatan karishma.I was really fascinated with aliens and supernatural mysteries after watching a documentary in youtube.I am so sorry if I had troubled u forgive me ok

                    47. evry bdy has..atleast most of..but matters how many avail it…same class..same books,,,same teacher still smbdy tops n some fails why??

                    48. As u grown up in good surroundings and would have been showered lots of love and care by your parents and people.So,you do not know about the dark areas of life

                    49. how cn u say tht…wt do u know abt me??…everybdy has their share of darkness..its better to rise abv..

                    50. I would be so happy if i am positive but the problem Is until I pass this exam nothing could give me peace and joy.

                    51. for peace n joy nothing is required except peace n joy…dont find reasons to be at peace or to be happy..

                    52. This is my dream and I will not settle for anything less as I am living in my dreams already as a ias officer.In one way reading gives me immense pleasure even if it is a soap cover so i love it

                    53. Please read my discussions page or go to religion community .It will be so funny and interesting but some people will scold me I will go to hell and I am a Athiestic lizard,liar,

                    54. Sorry karishma don’t take it personally.God was a sham created by priests and kings to acquire power by cheating foolish people

                    55. i dont blv…otherwise rahim..meera bai..jesus..n many ppl some saint some great knowledgbl smvery poor would hv talked of their encounter wid god…forget other..i would hv not talked of god if god hd been mere creation of priests n king coz m none..

                    56. I am not averse to religion practiced in homes but when the same kills many people be it witch hunting and slave wars in Europe,caste atrocities in India,Islamic terrorism and there are many more examples.Humans should love one another and religion should not be patronized by government

                    57. i can talk bout my country my home…i cant reform others home.. m living in a tolerant country..n we are dealing better in comparison to world wid so many reigions castes linguas n ethinicity..u cant create luv among humans wid hatred..i agree wid gandhi ji sarva dharm sambhava..

                    58. as per me…whn we are hurt or exploit we hv two ways….1. do d same wid others 2. nvr do tht wid others as it hurts…i follow the 2nd one…coz if it hurts me it will hurt others too n humanity z about being good for others..
                      but i donot rule out punishment…one who has committed crime must b punished no matter who!! but i dont blv for same behaviour frm my side to grp of ppl or all wat happend wid me..
                      here too we differ:)

                    59. You probably would not have faced sadness,loneliness and grief as me .I will explain it another time.So you are positive and it is a lovely thing

                    60. till d time one would not cross deep dark ocean of sadness,loneliness n grief one cn nvr understand wat optimism n forgiveness is!!! in theism thr z proverb…if u need heaven u need to die…heaven zd positivity,spark,humanity etc inside wch we het whn we kill d illsinside us..n gain over our grief sadness pain..nothing z permanent n so z d pain..

                    61. nyc attempt
                      as per me since ques is to critically analyse one must write disadvantages too.
                      keep chk on word limit..

                    62. I am from a obscure corner of rural tamilnadu but as my mother and father are teachers and my brother is a doctor I had means to study for ias.I am preparing from home as in my view coaching centers are just a sham.Do u know kilpauk hospital in tamilnadu

                    63. hey i wrote one write up in debate section about ISIS…nobody reviewed it….might be not upto the mark so noone find it interesting…..if u find time plz have a look over it….

                    64. if possible highlight ur study schedule in bit depth….n i think u shud write down ur notes …vry helpful in mains and at times in prelims too…cos insight unable to cover everything….n u kno upsc can ask anything…this is just suggestion…friendly advice

                    65. thts wat i was thinking but i hv no time to summarise hindu now along wid test optional n self plans..unable to write now..i appreciate n hv faith in ur advice. i think chronicle will do rest of per wat i hv thought…may sound crap!!

                    66. my study for test 5 still going on…finished democratic politics…now studying science ix…lot too study….

                    67. i gave without reading democratic politics, science and yojna k kuch ques b galat hue ya maine chor diye..these all are pending…hope i will finish aftr test 6..

                    68. i wanted to say science k basics important hai.
                      parso 6th test hai hv u done ur prep??
                      dono alag statements..:)

                    69. hahaha..maine bhi nhi padha hai but i will gv by 17 or 18…main chem n bio padh k dungi..physical geog me abhi waqt lagega..

                    70. According to me, war on ISIS should not be taken as war on islam…
                      However one should analyse the causes of rising militancy particularly abt ISIS here,
                      Supporting their rise for narrow political gains by few Islamist and Western power clearly shows its a man made disaster which does not belong to any religion … western powers are equally responsible for the growth of few terror outfits including ISIS.
                      However, one must take into consideration of geopolitical causes for the rise of ISIS which includes-
                      a) Shia dominance in syria and iraq.
                      b) Asad regime and its policies
                      c) Arab spring and its after effects
                      d) Feeling of Extremism and Sectarianism
                      e) Ethnicity
                      f) Origin from tribes which have traditional rivalry towards each other
                      g) Cultural aloofness
                      h) Social disintegration
                      i) Lack of modern thinking in the rigid social system
                      After recent incidents of terror attacks elsewhere including Paris , one can easily forecast long term consequences. As these outfits have only single aim of spreading terror and gaining power to establish their influence under one umbrella is clearly visible.
                      The targets were innocents of all religion and nations, including western as well as eastern countries including people of their own region shows it is not at all related to any particular religion.
                      However many moderate muslims shown solidarity against the ideology of terrorism. Recent march of muslim organisations in various places in India and other parts of world is the finest example.
                      One can clearly assume the war against ISIS as a war against demons, where truth and humanity will be the ultimate winner.
                      Though its a war where time limit can’t be predicted but its a message to the world to remain united and shed narrow interests and disputes for the fight against terrorism which has no religion.

      1. hey..
        this ws best among all i attempted 88ques n scored 136..
        i think this paper ws comparatvly easier..
        how bout u??

        1. Even I found the paper to be easier than previous one! Scored 136! Though I attempted 93 questions, lost a lot in negatives!

                  1. marks z ok 136.67 ..but my speed was slow this time.. a few general ques were wrongly or unanswered..

                    1. Great! That’s consistency! Btw how are you approaching these tests? Do you just do the prescribed syllabus? What’s your approach for revision?
                      Pls share

                    2. ohhh tx for praise…but in last test i broke it n landed to 119..hahaha..
                      i hv made my own study plans wch includes sessions for insight test n my other commitments I can say tht I dont do given syllabus only but also other things.. apart from insight m revising major part of mains along wid pre..this I will be doing till jan..wat about u?? u too share ur plan??

                    3. Me too! I follow a time table focussing on insights pre and vision mains test series. Apart from this, major part of my time goes into my optional mechanical engg!
                      BTW 119 is not a bad score! 🙂

                    4. u r in delhi?? or give it ol?? i hv not joined vision mains,,may be by jan i will join.. my optional z philosophy..its sweet and simple till one z consistent, so m trying to be consistent hahaaha..
                      but ppl scored much beyond me..n even u were talking of consistency so i said 🙂
                      how bout vision test series??

                    5. I’m giving vision tests online! They are pretty good! But sometimes it becomes too much to handle – both insights and vision.
                      Are you in Delhi or preparing yourself?

                    6. In Delhi, but preparing myself..yeah following two schedules simultaneously z difficult..
                      show me sm of ur vision ques ans if possible.. r u writing mains ques answer of insight of this series??

                    7. Alright! send me a test mail at !I will send you my answer sample! Not doing insights questions at the moment, but will join in soon! How are you preparing for mains? any specific test series have you joined?

                    8. hvnot joined yet…but planning to join vision by jan or feb.. n yeah i ws writing secure answers before (in oct) but not these days..surely resume by feb

                    9. Shakal – I have also joined vision IAS test series and their mains and pre materials. Have you received their current affairs notes for december 2015, Jan and Feb 2016?

    3. hiii karishma hope u r doing good n ur studies are also on a right track… i solved test 3…do u find any corrections in the answers or while on discussion…plz fwd it to me….it would be a grt help…

      1. yeah a few typos were there…i didnt c i will go thru..will let u know..but i hv no idea how to forward..

    4. hey congrats u have received great marks:)
      from how long u are preparing?
      enlighten us with your strategy?
      thank u 🙂

      1. tx..but candidates hv scored greater marks then me…evn190+..m quite far!!!
        m preparing since 2014…
        since last year i hv always blved tht i hv d best strategy…but no matter how good strategy is if we dont stick to it n b consistent…so as per me best strategy is to be consistent.
        Rest if u want to discuss as per any subject then we can..
        share ur opinion too..

        1. I have started preparation from 2015 only..
          not getting good marks in test–in range of 75-85

          1)I read, i forget—-i guess i dont have effective revision mechanism.

          2)I can’t give max time, as i am still in clg

          3)Environment question haunts me 🙂
          U look like a ‘kam ka aadmi’ 🙂 🙂
          give your email id if u want to interact more 🙂

          1. yeah its tough along wid coll.. for me it ws tougher wid coaching even..
            look m nt successful yet..i hv no right to b a torch bearer…but i wud like to share my exp…there is no short cut…realise as much before…u r notd only one who forget..we all forget..only trick to remember things is to revise them as much as possible..
            As other sub..for env too start wid will help in clearing ur concept..but there is lot to mugg 2 way..

            1. U are right..THANK U !!
              Are u giving mains this year?
              Now i would take help from u in future, so bear me :):)

  13. With regard to Question 39 (which deals with the issue of disputes between the centre and states).. is the explanation correct? The NCERT textbook makes that statement in general I think, and then moves on to discuss the case of OBC reservations : )

    Laxmikanth Pg 25.5 says, “In the above federal disputes (3 types mentioned), the SC has exclusive original jurisdiction” ..

    Please correct me if I have understood wrong.

    1. “Disputes between Centre and States” and “Disputes arising out of governmental decisions” – these are very different things. The former is a dispute between two governments (for which exclusive jurisdiction lies before SC). The latter means any government decision (e.g. imposing ban on diesel vehicles) that is challenged before the courts. 🙂

    1. 46 & 76 both are typos. 🙁 Straw burning does not emit hexafluorine, and yes, it would be North-western India.

  14. Dear Insights, minor glitches noticed in the PDF: Incomplete sentences and in one of the solutions (Question 9) the reference link was missing.

    1. No. It would have been a typo. 🙁 Only Particulate matter would be the answer.

      1. Dear Insights,

        It has been observed that there are some typo errors in the pdf – answers which might be disadvantageous for us students.
        Example : A student marked only particulate matter as answer and when checked the pdf found hexafluorine too , did’nt research much and thought that the answer would include hexafluorine, repeated the mistake confidently in the exam and lost the mark for the question where every mark counts.
        So,I would suggest that after every test you can also post on insights test site the “CORRECTIONS” in the answer pdf if any, so that we get only the correct information.I think it would help us immensely.

        Please incorporate the suggestion from test 3 itself.


        1. Yes. We would be updating it soon. As many students are taking the test, it is difficult to edit it on the platform now. Thank you.

          1. It is not updated even till now. Its a bit of disappointment to see this 🙁 Because I and others are trusting the answers blindly and will mark it even in UPSC paper .

            1. Dear, we will be instead publishing a corrigendum part-wise (e.g. Tests 1-10) which will address all such issues. 🙂

                1. It is posted on the Test 24 discussion page now. Please check. 🙂

              1. Q82 Which of the following roles/functions are performed by the High Court in India?
                1. Determining the Constitutional validity of any legislation or action of the
                executive in the country
                2. Giving judgments and directives to protect public interest and human rights
                throughout India
                Which of the above is/are correct?
                A. 1 only
                B. 2 only
                C. Both 1 and 2

                Hi Insight, The Answer given is C. But throughout India? HC is bound by territory right? (That is the one difference between writ jurisdiction of SC and HC)

                1. It is bound by territory in ordinary cases only. In constitutional cases and human rights matter it is not. For e.g. Delhi High Court ruled on Section 377 of IPC on LGBT rights in India.

      2. Dear Insights team, Answer is particlate matter only but it is given in key that answer is C( 3& 4 only)…

      3. Dear @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus In Q 52 , Answer Pdf

        52 Consider the following about blue-green algae.
        1. They can fix atmospheric nitrogen in aerobic conditions. 2. They can be used as bio-fertilizer.
        3. They do not perform photosynthesis unlike normal algae.
        4. They can be used to produce algal biofuel.
        Select the correct answer using the codes below.
        A. 1, 2 and 4 only
        B. 2 and 4 only
        C. 2 and 3 only
        D. All of the above
        User Answer : D Correct Answer : A Answer
        Explanation & Learning: Blue-green Algae, also called as Cyanobacteria obtain their energy through photosynthesis.

        Dont you think There is error in answer it should be D , Even your explanation is too Saying that?? Correct me If i m Wrong As acc to me Point 3 too should be part of the answer

      4. 7 Apart from Article 21A, which of the following constitutional articles have a bearing on education?
        1. Article 3
        2. Article 13
        3. Article 28
        4. Article 30
        5. Article 51A
        6. Article 243G
        Select the correct answer using the codes below.
        A. 1, 2 and 6 only
        B. 3, 4 and 5 only
        C. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 only
        D. All of the above
        User Answer : D
        Correct Answer : C

        Hi Insights,
        Remember the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh? 🙂 Andhra students were thoroughly impacted because majority of the universities/colleges are in Hyderabad! Article 3 has a bearing education.

        I hope you agree.


        1. Students can be impacted even by amendment in articles dealing with citizenship too, and for that matter, many other provisions which are distantly related to the concerns of students. But, when the question asks for the provisions having bearing on education, it wants us to point the provisions that deal with education, like the ones in the above question. Article 3 does not deal with education nor does it deal with environment nor with right to religion, even though these aspects may get affected by exercise of Article 3.

          I hope you agree.

          1. First of all thanks for taking time to answer.
            🙂 Some times we have to think too much some times we shouldn’t – part and parcel of this preparation.

  15. It was good experience to attempt third test and improving test wise and almost all doubtful questions are asked and addressed. Thanks insight every question was framed with good standard and it will be very helpful if you provide few suggestions for answering question paper wisely though we read hard i.e how can we can avoid more negatives and increase our score.
    Thank you insights?

    1. Thank you.
      You should:
      a) Reduce number of guesses and leave questions about which you have no idea;
      b) while reading NCERTs, research a bit on key topics/concepts/species etc;
      c) try to increase your knowledge base by regularly reading newspapers, doing internet research etc. As your knowledge increases, you will become good at elimination.

      Finally, width in coverage, and not depth, should guide your studies. 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot insights hope I surely try my level best to implement the points and increase my score.

      2. Sir, i would like to differ, comparing test 1 with test 3 , test 1 was much ahead in terms of standard. Test 3 was comparatively easier and simpler with no match to other two previous test. Don’t let the standard fall, as we move ahead it should increase.

  16. can any body tell me ..whether question are in bilingual mode just like in upsc or test series is in only English. I want to join it.

  17. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q88 Isn’t extra tropical storm the result of mixing of hot and cold Air Masses.
    The explanation doesn not lokk satifactory.

    I think tropical storm is nothing but tropical cyclone and extratropical storm is temperate cyclone…

    Please rectify if I am wrong

    1. They are the same but with a small difference. Answer and explanation both are correct.

      When the extra-tropical cyclone (e.g. western cyclonic disturbance in India) causes storm (which you call extra-tropical storm), moisture is present in the upper atmosphere. When tropical cyclones cause storms, moisture is carried the lower atmosphere.

  18. Q82… @I@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Does the question mean PIL can be filed in any High court, irrespective of the issue? say there is a dam construction that affects people of a district in AP.. Can we file PIL in TN HC?

      1. Can High court also judge the constitutional validity of a constitutional amendment e.g. that of NJAC?

        1. Yes. Both SC and HCs have power of judicial review. However, in this case, HC may only review the procedure of appointments to HCs and not in SCs (as HCs are administratively subordinate to SCs).

            1. @ Insights Prelims Test Series, what about 1st part of the question –

              “……llowing roles/functions are performed by the High Court in India?
              1. Determining the Constitutional validity of any legislation or action of the
              executive in the country
              2. Giving judgments and directives to protect public interest and human rights
              throughout India”

              With reference to “action of Executive” , let’s say there is an action of Gujarat which violates FR of the people residing in GJ. Can someone file a PIL/application in UP’s High Court?
              IMO, this is the case when Statement1 should be wrong.

              Confirm please? Thanks!

  19. Sir,
    Due to technical error I was not able to give my test completely and my result had been displayed. Sir, I request u to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance. My gmail I’d is

  20. Sir, comparing test 1 with test 3 , test 1 was much ahead in terms of standard. Test 3 was comparatively easier and simpler with no match to other two previous test. Don’t let the standard fall, as we move ahead it should increase.

    1. Tests are made intentionally tougher or easier based on a long-term strategy. Our focus is not on a particular test, especially when the syllabus is so limited; it is on the preparation as a whole. You will understand this very clearly when you would have written all 32 Tests, and sit for the final CSP 2016 exam. 🙂

  21. Sir I have pleaded with you many times,that I am unable to access my test account and every time you have replied with courtesy but no action is taken to retrieve my problem.There is no reply to my mails and I am unable to give 2nd and 3rd tests as this problem persists for 11 days until now.It has already tested my patience very much.

  22. Dear @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus ,
    Please suggest – Q7 – the articles that have a bearing on education includes article 51A and 243G but these are not mentioned in the source( that has been quoted. Nevertheless, such a question is asked, is it safe to consider directly and indirectly related articles?

  23. hi everyone…due to some reason i had to quit the test in between…i attempted it by myself later and i am getting 95.91 marks,can anybody with marks around 95/96 share their rank?

  24. Question 88
    right answer can be C (if extra tropical cyclones and extra tropical storms are same)

    In class 11,NCERT, fundamentals of physical geography, page 95, left top
    it is given that-
    ” extra tropical cyclones move from west to east, but tropical cyclones move from east to west ”-
    which implies – extra tropical cyclones are steered by westerlies and tropical cyclones by easterly trade winds.

    1. Extra-tropical cyclones are driven by jet streams (upper atmosphere) and not Westerlies, which is why the moisture is carried in the upper atmosphere. Easterlies help drive tropical cyclones, which is why in this case moisture is carried in lower atmosphere.

      1. Extratropical cyclone movement is determined by upper atmosphere(jetstreams) as they influence the movement of low pressure on the surface. And the surface winds which ultimately bring the rain are the westerlies so the moisture content of westerlies would matter not that of jetstreams

  25. Sir,
    Was not able to take test.
    Becouse after clicking on take test bottom, nothing came on screen it was complete white.
    I was trying to take this test at my window phone.
    Please tell me sir , what to do…
    Little wooried.. is my chace over?

    1. On your phone, do try changing the browser, clearing the cache, cookies etc. If it doesn’t work and your attempt is shown as exhausted, please write to with a screenshot of the problem. They will help you out and if needed provide you an additional attempt. Thank you.

  26. sir plz clear my doubt
    sir i was talking about this which u said earlier
    You can take online exam only once as of now. This is to make sure that Ranks are genuine and to bringseriousness in exam preparation. Knowing that you can take exam 2 times might affect seriousness. For revision you will have PDF file which you can download anytime. However, at appropriate interval we will increase number of attempt by one to help you revise even better.

  27. scored 104 in Test 3 and still got a rank of 367. Comparative data around number of candidates , mean, median is a must to truly understand and analyze our performance better. This was my highest score so far but improvement in rank is not significant.

    1. Hey Ankit , I scored 102 and I got 521 ranking . just see the difference btw the marks n ranking !

  28. Test 4 syllabus has India and contemporary world which has world history and not part of prelims syllabus…?

    1. It is given as part of Integrated Prelims+Mains Self-study schedule. But, few questions/facts relevant to Prelims will be asked. Thank you.

  29. with respect to question no 38, i can understand the logic of explanation and it is true. but we also have higher concentration of nutrients in up-welling regions, so higher nutrient concentration cant be called polluting except when water body is stagnant. also higher temperature is rather an ambiguous term. we have regions of warm currents which have higher temperature.

    so is the use of the word ‘can’ in the question the keyword here?

    1. Yes, ‘can’ is the keyword. Thermal pollution is also a category of pollution.

  30. I have not taken 18th test and next test is on 27th so till what date i should take 18th test so that i will get rank? Please someone reply

      1. Sir can you tell the exact time by which the ranking window will be closed on 26th November for the third test.

  31. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus , i am trying to attempt my 2nd and 3rd test but its showing
    error. whenever i open my test then its show “question is loading’ and
    then again back to test desk. plz clear this error.

    1. Akshat, have you tried changing the browser, clearing cookies, cache data etc?

  32. Dear Insights ,
    Due to MPPSC mains and some other reasons I have been very late ..My doubt is can I still join the test series ? I will be appearing for 2016 exam and I am already too late..Please Help !

    1. You can join. You will get ranks for all the tests. But, only for Tests-1 and 2 (which have passed), your rank will not be made public at It will be only displayed at your private dashboard. Thank you.

  33. Insights Prelims Test Series sir i am saying that in ur noitification u said that u wll allow us to appear in test twice when suitable time comes and this is what u said

    “You can take online exam only once as of now. This is to make sure that Ranks are genuine and to bringseriousness in exam preparation. Knowing that you can take exam 2 times might affect seriousness. For revision you will have PDF file which you can download anytime. However, at appropriate interval we will increase number of attempt by one to help you revise even better.”

  34. Dear Insights,

    Narmada has short tributaries and meet at right angle. So what is the drainage pattern of Narmada ? Trellis or Rectangular ?

    1. Yeah, it is. The Council of Ministers is responsible only to Lok Sabha in a Parliamentary form of Government like ours.

  35. Hey,
    I am pretty confident that there is a mistake in the answer you have given for Question 50.
    The salaries of Chief Election Commissioner is NOT charged on the Consolidated Fund of India.
    Please see if you have made a mistake, or correct me if I am wrong.

  36. is 82 correct ?

    Isn’t it only supreme court has original jurisdiction on interpreting constitution.

    1. It is correct. All the cases including the ones violating Fundamental Rights can be appealed in HC. The ultimate authority lies with Supreme Court.

  37. Hey, I wanted to discuss three questions which I feel have been interpreted completely incorrectly by you. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Q50 Consider the following about the Election Commission of India (ECI)
    1. The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by the President of India.
    2. It enjoys the same kind of independence that the judiciary enjoys.
    3. Once appointed, the Chief Election Commissioner is fully answerable to the government for its powers and responsibilities.

    My doubt: The salaries and administrative expenditure of Election Commissioners are NOT charged on the CFI, as per my knowledge.

    Q37 If there is a difference between the two Houses of Parliament on ordinary legislation, the matter
    A. must be referred to the President of India, whose opinion shall be final and binding
    B. can be referred to the Supreme Court of India for its advisory jurisdiction
    C. will be referred to a joint sitting of the Parliament convened by the President
    D. will be settled through a Joint Parliamentary Committee setup by both the houses

    My doubt: How is saying that the difference between Houses on ordinary legislation “will” be referred to a joint sitting correct? It will be referred only after the disagreements are such that it can not be resolved by amendments. The Land Acquisition Bill is a clear example in this context. There was a difference between the houses but it did not necessarily lead to a joint sitting. Moreover, there have been just 3 joint sittings since the Constitution was drafted, clearly indicating that not all differences “will” result in joint sitting.

    Q74 How does ‘relief’ play a role in determining the climate of a place?
    1. By blocking or allowing wind streams
    2. By increasing continentality
    Which of the above is/are correct?
    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None

    My doubt: Consider a land mass surrounded by oceans on both sides (like any part of Argentina) but having lying on leeward side of two mountains on each side of the ocean? How won’t such a relief feature affect the continentality of the land mass? It will clearly not have the kind of moderating effect of being surrounded by oceans as seen in Indian Peninsula which implies continentality.

    1. 50. ECI enjoys the same ‘kind’ of (not the same) independence as the judiciary. This is a widely accepted fact.

      37. Yes. The context of the question should have been clearer. However, if such a question (without context) comes in UPSC, you should always go with option (a).

      74. Yes. Relief in some places may affect continentality. We will look into this. Thank you.

  38. If due to any error or network failure my test stops in between, would I be able to resume it at a later stage ?

  39. hello insights, can i get those 32 test pdf for a payable amount since i cant afford this online test series…thank you

  40. Guys, some suggestions to prepare n give test..
    1).Read syllabus thoroughly and take notes
    2). Read Insights current events n supplement with sm other news in Hindu
    3).Try to revise whole weekly syllabus in weekend.
    4). Don’t go for guessing in exam to answer questions
    5).Please don’t attempt all questions as said by Roman saini it does not work all the time and you end up with less marks in test
    6). Keep tangible targets for each test to improve your concepts and marks

  41. Sir ,
    Please make the mind maps given with “Insights into Editorial” legible..they cover a wide range of topics in an interesting manner..but many of us are unable to read them.
    Thaning You

  42. It would be better if rank along with total no of candidates who have submitted the test is also shown

  43. Q7-Article 3 is about creation/alteration etc of states. Hence, statement 1 is wrong.
    But don’t the alteration in boundaries will affects students studing in their respective state boards to change to some other?
    Q76-North and north-eastern India
    It is a mistake, right?

    1. 7. Please avoid over-analysis. This way you may end up marking wrong options in UPSC.

      76. Yes. It is NW India. It was a typo and has been addressed in the queries below. Thank you.

  44. Hello Insights

    Doubt in Q 94) : Supreme law is the constitution in most but in case of Britain it’s not the supreme law of the land right ?

    Just wondering how do we tackle such question in test series and Pre.

    1. Britain has no written constitution. So there is no law in britain that can be termed as supreme. Brother in my view u are just over thinking.

    2. If a constitution exists, it will always be the Supreme Law; where it does not, statement 1 does not even arise. 🙂

  45. @Insights Prelims Test Series

    Sir in Q90. AAY answer should be option D none of the above. Reason being :

    AAY is for poorest among poor….it doesn’t cover the whole group of people below poverty line. I or should i say we may have selected option B subsidized food entitlements scheme for Below Poverty Line (BPL) provided none of the above wasn’t there. As we must go for most appropriate ans.

    Also the question that which articles have bearing on education. Plz elaborate for article 13.

    A silly and minute query too. In SPV vechile question from yojana 1st article. I had studied that article and even highlighted it(those lines from where the question was framed) as imp. The question that was framed has private sectors involvement in SPV as right. I believe that as true but sir for questions like that how could i possibly think that i should have researched a bit more and must have checked that does there is an option for private sector involvement apart from centre state and local bodies. As u have known by now that i marked option b as incorrect and presumed d as correct. Please help in strategising my studies in ryt direction.

      1. 90. You should go with an appropriate answer. Option (a) didn’t mention “all BPL”.

        Article 13 is about Judicial review of laws/rules/orders etc that violate fundamental rights. Article 21A makes Right to Education a fundamental right: hence, the bearing.

        It may not be possible to anticipate all that may be asked. The best you can do is to stick to the syllabus; do some research on important keywords/concepts and revise them properly. Few questions will always be unexpected. 🙂

    1. Nowadays there is a lot of move towards private participation in initiatives by the government. It is generally a feature of all steps taken by the government. So I guess it becomes relevant to study how the private sector is involved in each scheme.

  46. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir i started giving Test-3 on 26 Nov at 9:00 PM, but due to my unstable internet connection the Test page didn’t loaded properly, & i had no choice but to refresh the page again.But when i resumed the test it said your time is up. Sir i had attempted only 1 question & my entire test was said to be over. Sir i had prepared much for the test. Please help me so that i can give the exam again as soon as possible. Thanks.

  47. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Sir i started giving Test-3 on 26 Nov at 9:00 PM, but due to my unstable internet connection the Test page didn’t loaded properly, & i had no choice but to refresh the page again.But when i resumed the test it said your time is up. Sir i had attempted only 1 question & my entire test was said to be over. Sir i had prepared much for the test. Please help me so that i can give the exam again as soon as possible. Thanks.

  48. @Insights Prelims Test Series Sir i, started giving Test-3 on 26 Nov at 9:00 PM, but due to my unstable internet connection the Test page didn’t loaded properly, & i had no choice but to refresh the page again.But when i resumed the test it said your time is up. Sir i had attempted only 1 question & my entire test was said to be over. Sir i had prepared much for the test. Please help me so that i can give the exam again as soon as possible. Thanks.

  49. Q3: Coastal areas have well irrigation facilities..??
    Q40: Water can be considered polluted due to high temp?? I dont get it.
    Q94: Constitution determines relationship b/w citizens—very vague statement,.

    1. 3. Its well-developed, not “well”. 🙂
      40. Elevated temperature generally decreases the level of dissolved oxygen of water. This may harm aquatic animals like fishes, amphibians and other aquatic organisms.

      94. Its the essence of any constitution. Please read the NCERT books carefully.

  50. Sir, after facing complete ignorance from insights team regarding the refund of discounted amount for test series 2016, I am writing here. This is the 3rd year in a row I have subscribed to your test series and greatly benefited from it. I have applied timely by mailing at the email id you gave, i.e. with all the receipts. The date for refund has already passed and I have repeatedly pleaded to process my refund. Please take corrective actions and consider my request. I am not very rich to let go off money, but investing in your test series was my priority. I trust the quality in your tests hence went a step ahead by diverting my limited funds to your test series program.

    My email id is

    Please check your inbox as I have sent you all receipts. Kindly look into the problem and fix it soon.


  51. Dear Insights,

    1. You had said earlier that for fair ranking no ranks will be given if someone attempts an test after activation of next scheduled test but it’s not being implemented as my rank of test 2,3 are still fluctuating even after scheduled activation of test 4

    2. Also it would be great if we can also know the total numbers of candidates who attempted a particular test against our ranks

    I hope you will deliver on the above mentioned points soon.


  52. Guys, those who got 195 marks in test, let we all should know,which strategy you people are following?

  53. i have a confusion in ques 35 of test 3….will it be appropriate to say that high court can increase the scope of fundamental rights..i think .it can only interpret fundamental rights….please clear…

    1. SC increased the scope of Article 21 to include right to a good environment, privacy etc. HCs can do it in the same way after interpreting the rights.

      1. First of all…I am really very happy with the quality and genuineness of questions of test series.Just I would like to suggest that please add more current based questions as like UPSC did it in prelims 2015.
        Ouestion 28 language is ambiguous…It goes.
        Why the difference between the durations of day and night is felt hardly at kanyakumari but not much in kashmir?
        It should be “but so much in kashmir”.
        Question 74. What finally did insights decided regarding the effect of relief on continentality?..Yes or no?…Please give references as well.
        Which other World Bank is there apart from united nations world bank group?
        And I believe that there is no point asking about scheme which have been already discontinued for eg. Village Grain Banks.
        Regarding solution of question 86, range of strong interaction force? Is it 10-13 cms?

  54. Dear sir the refund of the 2016 test series has not been credited yet mailed you number of times but no reply from your end kindly fix the issue. Paypaisa id 2016- MOJO5a24000J41099503….

  55. Hey Insights,

    In question no 94 regarding limitation of powers of government, Britain’s constitution doesn’t limit the powers of government .

      1. It doesn’t have , but still it has unwritten constitution. The question doesn’t mention written or unwritten, just asks for Constitution 🙂

  56. Q 94 only 1 should be correct

    In explanation part you have written, Third, it lays down limits on the powers of the government and tells us what the rights of the citizens are;

    The option is it limits the powers of government
    Am I correct?

  57. Q:76 The option says North-east but the explanation says North west. It is North west i understand but please be careful about typos. Same goes for Q:46. It gets confusing, shakes confidence and etches a wrong concept in memory, given that you frame relevant questions some of which are likely to appear in pre-2016.

  58. First of all…I am really very happy with the quality and genuineness of questions of test series.Just I would like to suggest that please add more current based questions as like UPSC did it in prelims 2015.
    Ouestion 28 language is ambiguous…It goes.
    Why the difference between the durations of day and night is felt hardly at kanyakumari but not much in kashmir?
    It should be “but so much in kashmir”.
    Question 74. What finally did insights decided regarding the effect of relief on continentality?..Yes or no?…Please give references as well.
    Which other World Bank is there apart from united nations world bank group?
    And I believe that there is no point asking about scheme which have been already discontinued for eg. Village Grain Banks.
    Regarding solution of question 86, range of strong interaction force? Is it 10-13 cms?

  59. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q82:
    “Giving judgments and directives to protect public interest and human rights throughout India”
    I think this statement is wrong as because HC donot have jurisdiction “Throughout India”. Am I right ?

    1. High Court is authorised under Article 226 of the Constitution to protect the infringement of human rights.

      So, when it comes to fundamental rights and questions of larger welfare, it can exercise the same power as that of SC. LGBT judgment of Delhi court is a case in point.

      1. My concern is that PIL pertaining to say Rajasthan cannot be filled in Madars HC. So throughout doesn’t hold true. Or I misinterpreted the statement ?

        1. If the case concerns general public of India , it can be filed in any HC and will be enforceable throughout India, for e.g. Section 377 case filed in Delhi HC.

          But, if the problem is specific to the state/UT like Delhi slums, it can be filed only in Delhi HC.

  60. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    Q80) In a water vessel, total pressure exerted at the bottom of a container depends on..
    Since total pressure at bottom of container is asked, won’t it be only dgh as Patm will get cancelled (Inside and outside) ?
    at bottom point say D (Ptop = Patm + dgh) & (Pbottom = Patm)

    1. The bottom of the vessel is not in touch with the air pressure above. It is exerted through the water column itself.

      Suppose you are applying extra pressure on the water column from top using some compression device.

      By the reasoning given by you, the water pressure at the bottom should not increase. It should remain constant irrespective of the pressure applied from top.

      But this is not the case as the vessel bottom receives the pressure transferred by the water column above, and so the additional pressure from above, including the atmospheric pressure, will change the pressure at vessel bottom. 🙂

      1. My mistake since I assumed that container’s bottom is in contact with air and the height of negligible depth. Both are faulty assumptions. That’s what we engineers tend to do 😛
        Thanks 🙂

  61. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    Q74) relief’ play a role in determining the climate of a place..
    Consider a Sea mountain at shore, won’t it increase the distance of place comparing to adjoining coastal areas ? Well I think its silly doubt, nevertheless I thought of asking 🙂

    1. Both relief and continentality will play a role in determining the weather and climate of a place. For e.g. the rainshadow region of Western ghats have a different weather pattern than the windward side.

      We will update it in the test. Thank you.

  62. @insights@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q.9 Regarding MDG 2015 Targets, in which of the other goals (except AIDS) India has achieved its target. Thanks.

    1. Shouldn’t the answer to this question be a – universAl primary education. We have achieved 99. Something universal enrollment

  63. Hi Insights

    My rank for test 3 in my personal account hasn’t been updated. Please correct it to know my progress.
    Also please mention there about number f people who have given the test.

  64. National Green Tribunal (NGT) has recently banned straw burning in some North-western states of India because it emitted

    1. Lead

    2. Arsenic

    3. Particulate Matter

    4. Hexafluroine

    Is Hexaflurine also emitted ? It is not mentioned in answer details as well as article .

    1. Hi

      Please ignore it. I have checked below comments that its a typo . Answer is Particulate matter only.

  65. 4 Which of the following organizations provide direct loans to governments? A. International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    B. World Bank (WB)

    C. Asian Development Bank (ADB) D. All of the above

    User Answer : B Correct Answer : D Answer Justification :

    Does IMF provides direct loans to governments ? It only helps in BOP crisis.
    Sorry i might be asking same q as asked by other users but there are too many comments here to check it.

  66. Dear Insights,

    Is Q. 55 wrong?

    Question says “The Council of Ministers is held accountable to and controlled by”
    A. Both houses of Parliament
    B. Chairman, Rajya Sabha
    C. Lok Sabha
    D. President of India

    It says “accountable” and CoM is accountable to Parliament through various committees, parliamentary questions ,etc.

    “Parliament consists of both houses. Rajya Sabha is not an
    elected chamber and thus cannot control the council of ministers. Option (a)
    is wrong.”

    This valid only for CoM being “responsible” . Confirm please? THanks!

    1. There is difference between being “accountable” and “responsible” .

  67. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus sir there are many question’s explanations which are ending abruptly and not complete. Q17, Q28 Q7 and many more . sir please look into this matter ..

  68. Dear @Insights Prelims Test Series, my doubt is regarding q1. As we know there is no human settlement inside any national park, if it comes then anyhow it made outside of its boundary. According to this option ‘C’ is not correct as if humans are not there then how could be rights.

    I think option A is correct..

  69. Hello Team Insights,a small doubt-who prepares electoral list? i think it is the electoral registration officer. (answer given is-Chief Electoral officer) ..pls correct me if i am wrong

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