Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 29

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 29

Hope you enjoyed solving the Twenty Ninth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. 38 Which of the following is/are some special provisions for North-eastern states of India?
    1. Greater Central support is given in implementing Central Sector Schemes as
    compared to some other states of India.
    2. Tax concessions, including concessions in direct taxes, are made to entities in the
    NE states.
    Which of the above is/are correct?
    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None

    Answer should be Both 1 and 2 as CENTRAL SECTOR SCHEMES are 100% funded by Centre unlike Center sponsored Schemes

    1. The answer is C. There are other support benefits also given to North-eastern states, for e.g. non-lapsable central pool of resources, liberal plan funding norms (they can divert some plan expenditure for non-plan expenditure too).

      The explanation only talks about Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

        1. Hi Kanta verma,

          I have read your comments in some previous tests as well. As a friend I would like to tell some inputs. Mock tests are only a way of learning. Don’t take it other way around. Just identify areas where we are lacking and change strategy to improve marks. I tell you one thing from my true and personal experience. Last year I have appeared career launcher mock tests which were extremely tough. My score never crossed 80 except my last mock test which was 84 just written one week before actual upsc test on Aug 23, 2015 last year. My score in actual upsc exam is 106 . But being a general category i missed by 1.34 marks. The point is try to learn various strategies from mock tests. you will clear prelims surely with confidence.

            1. Always welcome. As i said earlier please leave all negative thoughts .Gear up and give your best . Revise all the tests .success is ours

        2. Yes, you are in the race. These tests are tough. You will be able to score much better in UPSC Prelims. Please do not worry. Keep preparing positively. 🙂

      1. But in relation to the question and option henceforth, central sector schemes does not really fit as special provisions for NE states as they are applicable equally throughout the country and not exclusive to NE states. Sir option B seems more appropriate. Please shed more light if we are missing something.

  2. Gave the test.
    Better than the last one.
    Got 112.67 after attempting 79 questions and getting 62 correct.

    Insights, is it a good score?

    Did some stupid mistakes, didn’t attempt the questions which I already knew and attempted those where I wasn’t sure, and got them wrong. 🙁

    A few observations after giving a few full length tests,
    -Why many questions are being dedicated to medieval history section? Hardly one or two questions come, like last year only 1.

    -Found geography questions tricky enough. Will the difficulty level be the same on the 7th or will we get some mercy? That’s because, I feel my geography section is a bit weak because of it’s vastness 🙁

    -Is there any trick to remember which tribe belongs to which state, what is their dance form or musical instrument? These type of questions are often asked and tear the candidate 🙁

    THANK YOU! 🙂

    1. Awesome score!! mujhe bhi kuch tips do yar kaise itni consistency maintain karti ho? Mere toh 100 laane me hi haalat khrab hai.. :S

    2. 110+ in this test is a good score.

      UPSC is unpredictable. For e.g. in 2014 Prelims, culture occupied a significant weightage, unlike previous years. So, we can never guess the actual trend. We are also trying to include some important questions that we could not include due to want of space in previous tests.

      Geography will be a bit simpler in UPSC. They ask mostly basic concepts, other than few unconventional questions.

      We have tried to cover a lot of tribes. If you can manage to revise and remember all those, it should be good enough for Prelims. Rather than reading less, you should read more about a tribe (with few images, culture and their geographical setting). This way information sticks to the mind.

      All the best!

      1. Dear Insights,

        First of all a big thanks for your efforts and test series.

        I finished 29th test today and attempt almost 90 -95 questions in every test with almost 30 answers incorrect in every exam. I manage to get 100+ marks in paper and marks range is between (100-120).

        Any suggestion to me regarding number of questions i attempt ? I am currently attempting all questions where i can rule out 2 options.

    1. WB, Sikkim and J&K also sharing border with 3 states, does not make statement 2 wrong. It is still correct.

      1. Hi Sir
        Shouldn’t we consider the rivers originating in Western Ghats and flowing into the Arabian Sea as West Flowing rivers??

        1. It was uploaded in the downloads section.

          Others are able to view and download it. Please try changing the browser/device, clearing the cache etc.

          Also, see whether any test is left unfinished. Try to finish it. It should work.

          Thank you.

  3. Sir,question 46, Indian state with maximum number of international boundary ?even west Bengal shares boundary with Bangladesh,Nepal,Bhutan and Sikkim with autonomous Tibet (China)Bhutan Nepal.and arunachal with Burma China Bhutan .wiki…gives
    Which one is right sir ?plzz

    1. The fact that WB, Sikkim and J&K also share border with 3 states, does not make statement 2 wrong. It is still correct. 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a good score. Keep writing the tests and revise them thoroughly. 🙂

      1. Hello insights team. Regarding question 52&67.
        Narmada and tapi only West flowing river. Is it really correct?? Please tell me which direction mahi, bharatpuza and many others falling in Arabian Sea flow??
        Question 67 vandemataram was written in sanskrit or bengali please clarify. Cause as far as I know it was written in bengali.

      1. hello sir,
        So do we have only two west flowing rivers and (mahi and sabarmati) are not called as west flowing rivers?
        and what about many small rivers on west coast?
        Thank you.

    1. Yes. Thank you for bringing it to our immediate notice. 🙂

  4. Totally disheartened by the score… Just getting 90 Marks… Certainly not a good sign just few days before the exam 🙁

    1. It is not a bad score. You will be answering 3200 diverse questions here, UPSC asks only 100. Please do not worry.

      If you can thoroughly revise all the Tests, you should be confident of clearing Prelims. Prepare well ! 🙂

      1. Thank you Insights!! M on it and will surely improve down the line.. btw this reality check was also necessary to counter balance any sense of overconfidence!! 🙂

      2.…please explain how turbulence in air causes a stream of fluid flowing past obstacles to break up into eddies and vortices??…isnt the turbulence in fluid which is responsible for eddies rather than turbulence in air?

      3. Sir, in full length test (test 24 onwards) scored 125, 108, 114, 112, 134 and suddenly in test 29- 84.67, i know i shouldn’t worry too much if i get bad score in one test but it still has caused much concern and unrest that too just few days before the exam 🙁 is it I have not revised enough?

  5. Im unable to give test….the questions are not displaying….i had mailed you regarding this…
    insights kindly help me!

  6. Insights

    In Q 52) u have mentioned that der are only 2 west flowing rivers in the entire country,but Luni,sabarmati and periyar rivers are also west flowing rivers.why haven’t u considered those rivers?
    So shudn’t the answer for that question be option d) and not b)?

    1. even i have written the answer as D…there are number of rivers which flow westwards.
      and also…in question speaks about central sector scheme..and answer is about centrally sponsored scheme..

    2. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you.

  7. Sir marks are constantly dropping (test 26:140; test 28: 136; test 29: 107.33 (among few worst score in all test). feeling disheartened 🙁

    Test 28 pending clarification:
    Q11: since question ask about natural (not anthropogenic) cycle, then how can mining is included? Please clarify
    Q82: How can RBI increase credit flow as it is pregorative of commerical banks and it doesnt do it. I am always confused in such questions
    where there is scope of interpretation. Please guide as to whether broad view should be taken or very specific view is preferable ?
    Q93: How can NPPA ensure availability of the medicine in the country ? as far as i understand its objective is to declare prices of specified medicines.

    1. same here bro i dont get it!first 2 full tests had 140+ then a 130 a 126 and last a 108.its so heart breaking…its as if an year’s effort is going down the drain.
      i guess we have to muster strength…get hold of what is lacking and try to ace the remaining tests.
      It would have been of much use if insights was to give a reply of some sorts here..:)

  8. Hello Insights, Are all UN bodies inter-governmental bodies? OR Is there any special definition for inter-governmental bodies?

  9. Found the test to be tough. Have some doubts please clarify.
    Q12 key says c
    But explanation points to d. Which is correct ?

    Does National anthem and national song have same status ?

    Key says a
    But explanation points to c. Doesn’t it ?


    1. 12. No case of Yellow Fever has been found in India, so A is correct. Explanation clearly mentions that the conditions are conducive, so statement R is incorrect.

      67. Yes.

      77. Universal Declaration of Human Rights is only one of the several declarations/conventions that make up the International Bill of Human Rights (IBHR). The declaration itself is not known as the IBHR or the other way round.

      Thank you.

      1. Thanks for the Yellow fever question, Insights;
        In the examination, It didn’t seem logical that we don’t have conducive conditions for Yellow fever. But, I had this negative feeling about Indian administration, I thought according to “Law of Parsimony” – if something could go wrong it would go wrong in India; If we don’t have yellow fever, that means conditions are not conducive – Thats such a poor logic!

        Now I am happy that we are actually good at some things; Preventing yellow fever is no joke! 🙂 Kudos to Gov.

    Q 6: Regarding option (b)
    we even get cotton also in the same area as depicted in the map…..

    1. FYI… cotton growing area does not look like the same which has been asked in question…

      1. given map in the question also have some gap…..pls check it once again..

        1. hmmm…may be… I identified only on the basis of seeing Guj map where in for Groundnut it doesnt cover entire state. (Not sure but read/saw some image back in some test). Need to explore.

              1. Don’t give too much importance to ur scores.It is just for boosting ur confidence.Der are ppl who score less than 70’s in Insights test but still end up clearing d actual xam,whereas many who get high marks in these test end up not clearing the cutoff,because no one can predict what UPSC wud ask,these tests are just to make us study

      1. My marks is 86 in test 29. Only one time i scored more than 100 and that is in test no 24 marks 106 for that test. But last year in umbai class room where i used to go for mock test many student used to score more than 100 but they didn’t clear the prelims , but somehow one student who used to score 40 marks he cleared the prelims. Practise test is different and final prelims is different.

          1. No cause my preparation was not good lats year. I had taken a decision to prepare or sit for UPSC exam only in last year march only 5 month I got to prepare for Upsc prelim. Last year in mock test I used to get – 1 to 10 marks in mock test. From -1 to 10 I reached till 80+ marks. I hope ki ias baar clear ho jaye.

    1. Yes, that will be more appropriate. It ensures implementation of assurances given by Ministers in Parliament.

  11. sir
    I am much confused about IUCN status of species . Even in Ministry site it is given differently on different links .
    For ef Nilgiri Tahr = given critically endangered here. But at other places given engangered.
    Indian Rhinoceros also here given Critically endangered . but it was not same in one of your test.
    please tell me Correct source about their status.

  12. Q53) Duncan Passage separates Rutland Island (part of Great Andaman) to the north, and Little Andaman to the south.

  13. 95 Activated charcoal is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that
    increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. It is used in
    1. Metal finishing
    2. Spill cleanups
    3. Pesticides and disinfectants

    metal finishing is a very broad term and while thinkinking about Metal Finishing it is very unlikely that electroplating(it is secondary type of metal finishing) will come to mind.

    Please don’t frame question just to make test series hard. Let question make some sense

    1. Sanjay, I agree that this was a vague question. But, UPSC is known to ask some really vague questions 🙂

      Don’t worry about the getting out on bouncers in the net practice. Its all about taking on Akhtar/Bret-lee in the Exam.

  14. Q96 1st statement All SCO members except China were members of the Eurasian Economic Community.

    Should not we consider India/Pak as SCO members ??? Because all formalities are done and we formally acceded.

    1. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you.

  15. Dear @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus can you please tell me the source of this Question from Test no 12:

    Q6 Consider the following matches of Buddhist Monasteries with their locations.
    1. Tabo Monastery : Spiti Valley
    2. Kardang Monastery : Nubra Valley
    3. Rumtek Monastery : Lhasa
    Select the correct answer using the codes below. A. 1 and 2 only
    B. 3 only
    C. 2 only
    D. 1 only

    It was asked in CSP 2014, but from we can learn about all this?

  16. im not able to answer my tests…its not displaying….i have mailed u regarding this…but there is no response from your side…..prelims are coming near n i need to study..can u please respond…n resolve my problem as fast as you can…please

  17. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus…im not able to answer the test 29..i m not able to answer other tests even which has 2 attempts…..test 29 i did not answer ..and its coming i hv taken test but there is no pdf in test history..please help me…..i have mailed you regarding this…please respond…

    1. Its simple.You could answer only one test at a time.So,see if there is anyother test in resume category and then submit it.Now you could open this test.

      1. its not working…i cannot find pdf n neither result in test history …n its showing i hv taken test 29…..i hv mailed them …n insight is not responding…feeling angry

          1. arun nt I have been reading your comments and views in the last few discussions…though was not able to participate myself…..what’s u r view abt this test difficulty……..

                1. I go by rank wise harshit.My rank always fluctuates from 240 to 440 in full length tests.This time it would be around 300.Thats certainly bad harshit.Thats the truth but the silver lining is that Upsc paper is completely different from the paper set for the mock tests.I would like to suggest you to compare the two to get confidence.

  18. in question 38: question ask about central SECTOR scheme which is funded 100% by central government as it covers subjects of centre irrespective of whether it is implemented by special category status state such as north eastern state or not.
    Explanation talks about centrally sponsored scheme. Hence, according to me answer should be only 2. please clarify

    Question 71 Statement 1: Are Nepal Himalayas not part of western Himalayas ?

    1. 38. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you.

      71. As per the NCERT, Western Himalays extends from Kashmir to Kumaon. It is merely a geographical division, nonetheless authoritative sources should be followed.

  19. Insights west flowing rivers.?
    Sabarmati, luni, Mahi.?
    I think there was a question in one of your old tests that asked West flowing rivers through Rajasthan into Arabian sea.

    1. Answer is D only. It is mistakenly given as B. Sabarmati, Mahi are also West flowing rivers.

  20. This test has seriously brought some amount of frustration in me….my scores in previous tests…..

    Test 24 – 111.33
    Test 25 – 104.67
    Test 26 – 88.67
    Test 27 – 102.67
    Test 28 – 124.67

    And now comes test 29 with only 82.67 ?????

    I am properly analysing all the tests after finishing them……taking time constraints into consideration I would only be able to revise all the insights test of 2016 prelims now as I am a working aspirant that too in Mumbai having tensions like travelling in local…….can someone suggest is their something that I am missing from my preparation……any advice would be highly helpful…….my scores are fluctuating too much……

    1. Bro it has nothing to do with your preparation.Actually questions are set for us to learn.My marks too fluctuate wildly and thats the case with most of us.Your marks shows you have potential.This test was very tough .Be cool .I would like to add my marks as you could understand everyone’s marks fluctuate to some degree.My marks are as follows .121.33,108,88.67,100,114.67,104.

      1. Arun ur words are very helpful…..I would like to ask whether u appeared in CSE prelims 2015…..I attempted it with limited preparation but really fared bad…..

        1. ha ha thats the same with me.I lacked proper planning and i have not even wrote a single mock test before prelims .I lost my register number ha ha, so i am unable to view my marks but it would in the 90s in paper one.Our past certainly does not define our future.As for me i have completed only BA english,2nd attempt,Preparing from a remote village,Inconsistent academic performance in the past,reputation for indiscipline and indulging in bad activities ha ha.I have failed in many exams during college but got state 2nd in tamilnadu in higher secondary exams..If you would like to talk more you could always contact me in this mail id confident harshit.There is nothing to loose.You have set your feet on this gamble.Now it is bad to go back .Only way is to move forward.Why not move with confidence?

          1. Definitely Bro. …….good to hear about you….its inspiring……..I will contact you through mail……

      2. Hi Arun. can you help me scores are fluctuating widely as
        Test 24- 101.33
        Test 25- 95.00
        Test 26- 80.00
        Test 27- 80.00
        Test 28- 120.66
        Test 29- 102.00

        Unable to assess my performance accurately….any observation

        1. Its great you are improving in the last two tests.I would advice you to go by rank .In that way you could assess your performance accurately.

  21. We will be addressing all the doubts by morning of 16th July .

    Thank you.

    1. sir my tests are not working….i have mailed u…2 days became still no response from ur side…im unable to give test 29

        1. i have mailed them…but no response…please do d needful…thanks in advance

        2. please help me…no response..and tests not working…im answering prelim this year only….and prelims is nearby…make my tests proper please…i want to answer my tests before prelim….no one is responding to my mails

          1. Dear, please try changing the device with which you give tests and clearing all cookies/cache and browser data. Restart the PC and login again. It should work, there is no reason why it should not.

    2. q52 Consider the following statements.
      1. There are no east flowing rivers in Kerala
      2. Narmada and Tapi are the only West flowing rivers in India
      Which of the above is/are correct?
      1 only A.
      2 only B.
      3. Both 1 and 2.
      4. None

      Answer given is ‘only B’
      But shouldn’t it be None….as Mondovi , Zuari and Periyar are the other rivers flowing into Arabian Sea…so probably west flowing

      1. It is D. It is mistakenly given as B. Sabarmati, Mahi are also West flowing rivers.

      1. It was uploaded in the downloads section.

        Others are able to view and download it. Please try changing the browser/device, clearing the cache etc.

        Also, see whether any test is left unfinished. Try to finish it. It should work.

        Thank you.

  22. q46, even jnl has 3 countries bordering it – china, pakistan and Afghanistan ( if pok is included)

    1. Even West Bengal shares borders with 3 countries, namely, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

    2. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you.

    3. for your info..officially & as an Indian, you should not consider pok as part of pakistan..its an integral part of India but not in our control…so by default India Map means POK+Aksai chin both including…Jai Hind

  23. Q.38

    The first statement is about central sector scheme and not central sponsored scheme. Therefore answer should be “B”.

    1. Yes, it is incorrectly given as Central Sector schemes. It should be Centrally Sponsored schemes. The explanation takes care of it.

      About your queries about other programmes, there will be a notification on the website at an appropriate time. Prepare well ! 🙂

        1. It was uploaded in the downloads section.

          Others are able to view and download it. Please try changing the browser/device, clearing the cache etc.

          Also, see whether any test is left unfinished. Try to finish it. It should work.

          Thank you.

    1. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you.

  24. Dear Insights,

    46 Consider the following statements.
    1. The Indian state with the maximum bordering states/UTs is Assam.
    2. The Indian state with the maximum number of international borders is Arunachal
    Which of the above is/are correct?
    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None

    Even Sikkim has borders with 3 countries (Nepal, Bhutan, China) – so Arunachal is not the only state with maximum no. of international boundaries
    Shouldn’t the answer be ‘D’?

    1. The fact that there are other states that share boundary with 3 nations doesn’t make statement 2 wrong. The statement doesn’t mention that it is the only state to be positioned so.

      1. Fair enough! but the statement says ‘the Indian state’ – isn’t it referring to a single state only?
        Had the statement been ‘Arunachal is an Indian state with max no. of boundaries’, what you siad might have been accurate.
        But then these are all semantics, so I agree with your answer!

  25. Hi Insights,

    Question number Consider the following statements.
    1. There are no east flowing rivers in Kerala
    2. Narmada and Tapi are the only West flowing rivers in India
    Which of the above is/are correct?
    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None
    here the answer is given as B . But there are some west flowing rivers in peninsular plateau. For example we have Periyar,bharathaphuzha, in kerala. Since the second option include the word India answer should be D(None). Please clarify in this regard.

    1. It is D. It is mistakenly given as B. Sabarmati, Mahi are also West flowing rivers.

  26. Apart from west flowing rivers statement,sco question also wrong because Uzbekistan is a part of sco not a part of Eurasian economic community.

    1. The doubt has been cleared in a clarification comment made above. Thank you

  27. Hi All,

    Q96–All SCO members except China were members of the Eurasian Economic
    I found this statement is wrong as per wikipedia. Can anyone please confirm

    1. The doubt has been cleared in a ‘clarification’ comment made above. Thank you.

  28. ques no 60- ans given is c. but International Seabed Authority (ISA) administers only non living resources in the international sea waters.
    but option b is :It has a bearing on the administration of resources in the international sea waters.

    so ans should only 1 ie A

    1. The statement should not be taken as incorrect due to its lack of specificity. You may face such statements in UPSC. Cautious liberalism should be the approach in interpreting any such statements.

  29. Dear Insight,

    A small request from my end. Kindly make advance notification of what would be the mains preparation strategy. If you would open any paid program I shall not waste my money in joining other program of course subjected to my performance in prelims 🙂

  30. Can anyone please clarify my doubt as to whether judiciary comes under the ambit of RTI ?
    I have got both views from various sources …It is confusing

    Please help

  31. Clarifications

    38. Statement 1 should mention Centrally Sponsored Schemes instead of Central Sector schemes. The explanation takes care of it.

    46. The fact that there are other states that share boundary with three nations doesn’t make statement 2 wrong. Statement doesn’t mention that Arunachal Pradesh is the only state to border maximum number of nations.

    52. The correct answer is D, not B, which is mistakenly given. Narmada, Tapi, Sabarmati and Mahi are some of the major rivers that flow to the West.

    63. Patna is also beyond tropic of cancer, so it will also never receive vertical rays of the exactly overhead Sun.

    96. Uzbekistan became a member of the Eurasian Economic Community (EEC), but later withdrew from it. So, statement 1 will be wrong. Uzbekistan is also not the member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) that has replaced the EEC.

    Members of the EEU are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Out of them, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are SCO members. Other SCO members that are not a part of EEU (or earlier EEC) are China and Uzbekistan. So, only statements 2 and 3 are correct. Correct answer is C.

    Thank you.

    1. Sir, can we not retake the test more than twice? I sat down today to revise tests, but it says I have already taken the test 🙁 🙁 please increase the number of attempts, we need to revise the tests thoroughly and increase our confidence level. Waiting for your positive reply.

      THANK YOU!

    2. Dear Insights
      Test 30
      Q19. The option given is C. i think it should be A .The learning part points towards A. Please Clarify.

        1. dear insights
          can u plz explain why rain clouds appear black in colour despite having sun overhead
          i am not able to understand the explanation given by you

    3. From test 21 onwards no such CLARIFICATIONS there… So will you upload corrigendums for 21-30???? Please clarify as need to revise the things INSIGHTS

    4. In tests 24-29, I have got marks in the range of 116 to 136.. What to expect on 7th?

    5. Q 52. sir Bramhputra is also west flowing river after entering into india,is it not come under west flowing river?

      1. The term west-flowing river is used for rivers that originate within India and start flowing westwards. Brahmaputra is not included in this category as it originates outside India.

  32. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Scored 102.00 marks in this test…Rank-261…How much is the good score? Any chances for this prelims..?

  33. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus In Q)4 explanation 2nd point is about Ellora caves and not Elephanta caves as given in the explanation part. Picture below is from AN INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN ART Textbook in Fine Arts for Class XI
    PART I gives the same explanation for Ellora… please correct me if im wrong…Thank you

  34. i reset my password and now its consistently showing wrong out pls

      1. why no action is being taken?? i wrote to tech support also. pls rectify the error asap so that i can give the test. thnx

            1. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
              i have mailed at the address given earlier also on saturday and today also after ur suggestion, but still same problem is there. kindly look into it, i am not able to login nor able to give tests.

              1. not yet corrected…do something..check mail on the given addresses@in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

  35. q no 99) kongsfjord is it one of the types of coasts ie ria,fiord,dalamatian ???

  36. Previous test got 130+ in this test got 86 completely disheartened don’t know what I’m doing wrong

    1. Don’t get disheartened. This was a tough test.

      What you do in these 21 days matter a lot in the exam; Don’t let one exam demotivate you.

      Come back hard for the next exam.

    2. dont worry many ques were irrelevant …. keep revising whatever u have studied so far and try to get max out of it..

  37. feeling bad
    last 3-4 test score was above 100, so gaining confidence…
    But now its down to 76…

  38. sir,
    regarding indus valley I have some confusion,

    1. Familiarity with Rice & Wheat
    2. Familiarity with Iron & Gold
    3. Domestication of Animals (if yes, purpose)
    4. Mediterranean or Dravidians

    My head is in mess after taking classes, test series and books >> all have been contradicting

    pls clarify.
    Thanks alot.

    1. 1. yes .wheat and barley way back in 8000 BC.
      2.not with iron bcoz iron age after 1000 BC approx.
      3.yes for security,milk,meat etc.

  39. Regarding ques. 69
    in my opinion it shud be like this.India got NSG waiver as exemption from nuclear supply related restrictions not bcoz of the india-US nuclear agreement.Agreement was for civil nuclear technology transfer which we couldnt have done without the NSG waiver.

  40. Dont we have mother goddes(palaghatta – local fertility deity) represented in the middle of the circle in warli paintings? Q 79)

  41. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus –
    Can exploitation of Gas hydrate help in Carbon sequestration, Carbon capture and storage and Carbon trap technologies? If yes

    1. Normally copies of a bill are made available to MPs before introduction of the bill so that they can be well versed with the provisions of the bill. But, this is not the case with a Finance bill.

      A Finance bill is called a secret bill as its copies are not made available to members before introduction of the bill in the Parliament.

      One reason, we believe, behind this secrecy is that such bills contain provisions that substantially deal with amendments to various tax laws. If their copies are circulated before, these provisions can be misused for speculative purposes and create unnecessary trouble for the government. So, they are kept secret initially.

  42. Dear insights in Test 30

    1. Q 50 , Isn’t Uranium contamination a major groundwater problem in punjab ?

    2. Q. 18 , it says Mountain soils form the highest area under ganga basin.
    BUT alluvial soils occupy nearly 52% of the area under ganga basin. Here is the source

    1. 50. Yes, Uranium will also be one of the contaminants. UPSC had covered this once in 2013.

      18. Yes, it has been mistakenly given in the solution. It will be alluvial soil. Mountain soils, submontane soils and alluvial soils, together cover 58% of the basin. The information and question was sourced from Ministry of Water Resources website.

      Thank you for immediately pointing them out. 🙂

  43. q-19 in explanation itself 2nd option is given

    q-89 mahavira was the 24 th and the last tirthankar…..

  44. Got only 94 in Test 30. Another low score 🙁
    Lost Hope to improve.Someone please suggest.

    1. Its good you got 94 marks .you have not got 50 or 60.Its an extremely tough test loaded with current affairs.These are asked not to test you rather these are asked to alert you to new facts unknown to you.Upsc questions would be completely different.Next,there is nothing you could do now in the last days by being sad.Be calm and confident.Believe yourself.Thats all you could do and should do now at this stage where just 17 days are away.

  45. Dear Team n friends,
    Pls help me understanding the following question (source- UPSC prelims 2011)

    Consider the following actions which GOVERNMENT can take
    1) Devaluing the domestic currency
    2) Reduction in export subsidy
    3) Adopting suitable policies which attract greater FDI and more funds from FII
    which of the above action/actions can help in reducing the current account deficit?
    a) 1 and 2
    b) 2 and 3
    c) 3 only
    d) 1 and 3 >>>>> UPSC answer

    My confusion: Devaluation is done by RBI not GOVT
    Reduction of export subsidy >> Done by GOVT but answer differs


    1. Well its simple.Question clearly asks which actions could help in reducing current account deficit and if you view it from that angle then you get the answer right.

      1. Thanks Arun,
        tension reduces concentration 🙂 I did not focus on>> “REDUCTION” of export subsidy

        but again one doubt since option also has “3 only” >>and devaluation is done by RBI >>should it be considered under govt action…

    1. Yes, Uranium will also be one of the contaminants. UPSC had covered this once in 2013.

      Thank you.

      1. Q49 statement 3 .. seems half baked. What old written material and on what it is written?

  46. Test 30
    Sir, few doubts please clarify or correct.

    Q 15
    Certiorari is both curative and preventive.
    Source lakshmikant pg 7.19

    Option should be “b”

    I am quite confused
    CPI has constant weightage. But GDP treats all the good equally, since GDP =( amount produced* price+ a2*p2…… ) weightage for all goods is one right ? .So how come option is “a” ? Should it not be d ?
    Please elaborate

    Punjab has uranium groundwater contamination.

  47. Q 19 Regarding Jal Kranti , the answer should be A rather than C.Though the expalnation takes care of it

  48. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Test 30:
    Q68- Sir y cannot Southern India be the answer.. Huge amount of marine resources as well as river sources available. Cant argue much if its a UPSC question with NE as the answer but still would like some clarity

    Q67: Sir its fine that he was opposed to council entry at first. But later reconciled himself with the notion. This is clearly mentioned in spectrum page 138. The statements you have quoted does sound convincing but then is spectrum wrong? Please clarify

    Q63: Answer should be B right?

    Q19: Answer should be A as explained also

    Q18: Answer should be B right?

    Q15: Sir regarding option A-> even a pending case can be transferred since its both preventive and curative. Answer should be D right?

  49. Dear Insights,
    Test 29

    Q2. For general information, if question comes related to “Ninth Schedule” should we take care of SC judgement of 2007, which ruled that there could not be any blanket immunity from judicial review of laws included in the Ninth Schedule. It said that the laws placed under the Ninth Schedule after April 24, 1973, are open to challenge in court if they violated fundamentals rights guaranteed under Articles 14, 15, 19 and 21 or the ‘basic structure’ of the constitution.
    Though this question seems straight forward but if an option is given “Valid if it is included in the Ninth Schedule” should we consider SC judgment?

    Q21. Sir MSME accounts to around 38% to the GDP and nearly 70% of manufacturing GDP (as per Economic survey 15-16). Pls clarify…

    Q37. Regarding Point 3: Does ryotwari regions had a conceptions of ‘absolute private property’?

    Q85. Sir the question says turbulent flow “OF AIR” causes… so how could eddies and vortices happen? Since question talks of air answer should be A.

    Q87. Sir i have a fundamental doubt here. Public offices can also be offices created by Executive order or government resolution. If this goes right, then should Point 1 be correct or incorrect?

    Insights Prelims Test Series
    Thank you

    1. With regards to Q. 2.: Yes, the Ninth Schedule now has to be read with the application of the 2007 SC judgment. Ninth Schedule is now not a blanket provision, it used to be earlier and judicial review has its applicability on it to the extent they violate Article 14, 15, 19, 21 or the ‘basic structure’.

      So an option that a violating Ninth Schedule inclusion of a legislation can make it valid will not be correct.

      1. thank you for replying… can you please clear my other doubts.
        thank you in advance

  50. 37 Consider the following about causes of tribal movements in British India.
    1. British induced commercialization strengthened already present tendencies towards
    outsider penetration of tribal areas.
    2. Christian missions, unexpectedly, were inactive in the tribal areas.
    3. British legal conceptions of absolute private property eroded traditions of joint
    ownership sharpening tensions within tribal society.

    Explanation says about 3rd statement that “Statement 3: For e.g. khuntkatti tenure in Chota Nagpur was a system of joint
    ownership which was destroyed by the British inciting severe discontentment”

    How does it mean tension ‘within’ the tribes? Doesn’t the whole meaning change?

    38 Which of the following is/are some special provisions for North-eastern states of India?
    1. Greater Central support is given in implementing Central Sector Schemes as
    compared to some other states of India.
    2. Tax concessions, including concessions in direct taxes, are made to entities in the
    NE states.
    Which of the above is/are correct?
    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None

    Central sector scheme is 100% funded by union govt, doesn’t depend that it is given to NE or other states. So shouldn’t 1st statement be wrong?

    52 Consider the following statements.
    1. There are no east flowing rivers in Kerala
    2. Narmada and Tapi are the only West flowing rivers in India

    How statement 2 is right? what about the rivers that originate west of the western ghats, they drain in the arabian sea.

    1. 37. Statement 3 essentially implies discontentment or tension within the tribes or tribal society. Such statements should be read and interpreted liberally.

      For others, we have posted clarification note above. Thank you.

  51. Insights,
    Regarding question 7
    There was a question test 16 regarding cloud burst
    A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation. It can be caused due to
    1. Collision of heavy clouds with mountains
    2. Mixing of warm air parcel with cooler air resulting in sudden condensation.
    Answer :both
    So here Cumulonimbus clouds in Question 7 option can be ruled out from statement 2

  52. Insights,
    Regarding question 7
    There was a question in Test 14 related to cloud burst

    cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation. It can be caused due to
    1. Collision of heavy clouds with mountains
    2. Mixing of warm air parcel with cooler air resulting in sudden condensation
    Which of the above is/are correct Ans : both

    So cant we rule out cumulonimbus clouds from statement 2

    1. This has been clarified in the Corrigendum for Tests 11-20. Please check. Thank you.

  53. Insights,

    What score for this test would be considered as good?
    Thanks in advance !

  54. Hi,

    I got 106 marks but after attempting 97 questions and around 31 were wrong.

    I try to attempt a question if i can negate 2 options. Is my strategy right or should i be more careful ? I am asking this question because in almost all the exams i got around 28-30 wrong, but still manage to get 100 +

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    1. I think this is too much.You would do well to attempt 85 questions.Your strategy has some advantages but sometimes luck would not be in your favour.If you are attempting in 90s range then mark should be above 130,as for the marks the attempt should be in 80 to 85 range.In this way you would do well in prelims because in prelims everyone hardly knows answer to 60 questions.In my view your attempt should never go beyond 90 if your marks are not in par with your attempts.

        1. Friend answer was A as age of consent is what tilak not supported.Solution too accepts tilak supported both c and b.

              1. I thought Its asking for the correct ones… 😀
                CORRECT/INCORRECT -> devil of UPSC… 😀

                  1. because while reading explanation I missed the word Anti for Tilak to be anti- age consent bill… I thought him to be pro age consent bill… this way all three statements stood correct.. So I thought the answer to be D…

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