Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 27

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 27

Hope you enjoyed solving the Twenty Seventh Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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    1. I visited the comments page as soon as I finished the test just to check whether others felt it was tough or easy 😛 😛

    2. i too felt d same…but looking at the ranking page i feel people are scoring well too in this test need to improve performance..

      1. i think more than rank ,score is important…so anything above 100 in this test would be really good…and as insight has said 90+ would be satisfactory( in this test)…but yeah..we need to improve

  1. i think mere sabse worst marks h……ab to doubtful ho gai exam ko lekar…:(:(:(

        1. UPSC Syllabus is probably the most vast syllabus, So dont worry about one or two exams, Focus on questions that are more likely to come,

  2.…the answer is given as c..but gomateshwara statue is found in SHRAVANABELAGOLA which is in HASSAN DISTRICT..not MYSORE…please correct

  3. Q. 4, isnt it b ?

    Q. 12 – option 3 – commercial borrowings or external commercial borrowings?

    Q85 is a real googly, 🙂

    1. 4. No, stratospheric clouds are formed over Arctic too. Please see the explanation.

      12. It is external commercial borrowing. 🙂

      Thank you.

          1. Appendix to corrigendum of test 1-10 is missing for incomplete ques of test 7. Please provide the link.

        Q69: regarding the action on the comments of CAG …

        If the question would have asked IMMEDIATE ACTION then the answer would have been parliament…but here the word ULTIMATE is used in the question so i think SUPREME COURT is the appropriate answer…
        becoz if the matter is not solved they got SC as the last way….(given in solution)

        pls clarify…

        1. Aise to har kaam mein ultimately Supreme Court ke paas jaa sakte hain. But, that doesn’t give the Supreme Court ultimate responsibility to act on those matter. Supreme court can have the power to act when the responsible machinery does not work. But, it is not responsible for those works. The ultimate responsibility means who has been given the task to take action on the report. The Supreme court is not responsible to take action on the report. It is the Parliament.

      2. Q 79;
        Hi Insights,

        We have a Zika vaccine that is undergoing trials. No?


        1. The explanation has been taken from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website. The official stand is that no workable vaccines are available or have been developed.

          Thank You

  4. CAPF 2016 Question

    Which of the following statements about the Champaran Satyagrah is / are correct?
    1. The Champaran region had a long tradition of anti-planter discontent and agitation
    2. Mahatma Gandhi gave all India publicity to the grievances of Champaran cultivators
    3. The cultivators of Champaran had protested against excessive taxation on sugar

    Select the correct answer using the code given below:
    (a) 1only
    (b) 1 and 2 only
    (c) 2 and 3 only
    (d) 1 , 2 and 3

    Pls Answer

    1. Answer is B. Statements 1 and 2 are lifted from Sumit Sarkar.

      We are quoting from it.

      “Champaran, as we have seen, had a long history of anti-planter discontent and agitation…….Gandhi’s own role was at first sight confined to instituting an open enquiry in July 1917 (after a local ban on his entry had been rescinded by higher authorities in face of a satyagraha threat), and giving all-India publicity to the grievances of the Champaran indigo cultivators—an enquiry and a publicity which led to the abolition of tinkathia.”

      1. Sir…is it important to read sumit sarkar right now?……history is my optional ……..can I go through?waiting for reply

        1. It would not take a lot of time to skim through. If it is possible to go through, please do so. It will be helpful, as some statements picked from Sumit Sarkar may be factual enough not be to found in other History books. 🙂


        not sure about answers in this link.

        1. I got 100 but i am losing more marks in negatives.Every time i attempt in the range of 80 to 90 questions.I need to control my urge to attend every question.

  5. Hello Insights… Where are the Corrigendums?
    If you have uploaded any then please give the link….

    1. They have been compiled. The team will be putting them on the dashboard soon.

      1. Sir i have gave all the previous tests but when i tried to take this test it shows “you have already took this test”.I have mailed to support@insights regarding the problem but i have not received any reply.what are the details i should send them.I mean my payment id?

            1. OK just check if any other test is lying pending. As in, half attempted in your dashboard. At one time, we are allowed to open just one test. So if another test is lying pending (dashboard showing ‘resume test’) then, you won’t be able to open another test. May be this solves the problem.

      2. Hi Insights,
        Read this message in previous threads also. Please provide the corrigendums atleast for Test11-20 asap as only 1 month is there now.

      3. Same Messages Insights.. Please tell the no. of days.. so that we check then only

      4. Sir, my query is regarding a very old test (4th test, question 11 )

        I was solving this test again, and got stuck on a question regarding strip cropping.

        What involves strip cropping ? Correct answer says to leave strips of grasses to grow between crops, is STRIP CROPPING. But why, growing different crops in alternative strips to reduce soil erosion, is wrong?

        1. Ma’am,
          As far as I know Strip cropping for two things
          1. Mulching that is it helps retain the organic waste. Thus soil replenishment
          2. Two nitrogen fixation by planting pulses

          So to my level of awareness I don’t know Strip cropping being useful to avoid soil erosion. Correct me if I’m wrong.

          1. Brother i wan to add some more point that might help u

            It means covering the soil surface by straw, leaves or grasses. Mulches of different kinds check soil erosion, increase soil fertility and also” minimize moisture evaporation from the top soils”. Various types of surface tillers and crop residues are helpful in obstructing the movement of soil particles.

            Strip cropping:

            It is an important method which employs all the advanced cultivation practices such as contour farming, proper tillage, crop rotation, mulching, cover cropping, etc. Strip cropping is very effective and practical means for controlling soil erosion.

            It is of the following types:

            (a) Contour strip cropping,

            (b) Field strip cropping,

            (c) Wind strip cropping, and

            (d) Permanent or temporary buffer strip cropping.

            so when u r confuse do not confined ur self only to insight explanation or one source .
            plz check it out

        2. Ideally, both should be correct, given the general definition of strip cropping.

          But, option (c) – Growing different crops in alternate strips – is actually ‘Strip intercropping’.

          A key difference between ‘Strip intercropping’ and ‘intercropping’ is that strips are narrow in the former, and aimed more at reducing soil erosion than at increasing soil productivity.

          So, the more appropriate option would be (d), as (c) is the definition of intercropping.

  6. Dear insights, 68:: rock-cut medieval image of the jaina saint gomateshwara can be found in HASSAN

  7. Q 49: Consider the following about regulation of cooperative banks in India.
    1. Banking related functions of these banks are regulated by the RBI.
    2. Management related functions of these banks are regulated by respective State Governments/Central Government.
    Answer given : C both are correct.
    It NABARD who regulate Cooperative banks and RRBs. Hence option 1 is incorrect.
    Source: Check the wiki page on NABARD[], and under the heading ”NABARD discharge its duty by undertaking the following roles :” it says
    Point number 10: It regulates the cooperative banks and the RRB’s.
    Same is given in Ramesh Singh’s objective book as well.

        Q 44:whether it should be asiatic society act(amendment),2007 in 3rd statement or deliberately u have given ARTISTIC…..
        because solution clearly explains that 3rd statement is in tune with question if it is given as asiatic society act(amendment),2007…..(regarding regulation of cultural institution)…
        pls clarify

        1. The explanation says that it is the Asiatic Society Act that promotes and regulates cultural institutions. Artistic Society is a cooked up name. So, statement 3 is wrong. 🙂

      2. 32 The Prime Minister is incharge of a number of departments in the Central Secretariat.
        Which of the following is NOT one of them?
        A. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
        B. Department of Space
        C. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
        D. Department of Atomic Energy
        Sir, in this, shouldnt the question contain ‘PRESENT PRIME MINISTER’ in place of PRIME MINISTER…because when Mr. Manmohan Singh was PM he had different set of depts under his control..

        1. The Prime Minister always means the incumbent Prime Minister, otherwise the question would specifically mention Former Prime Minister. 🙂

          1. Are you emphasizing on “the” before prime minister? Because otherwise, prime minister cannot be taken to be only the incumbent prime minister, but the post of prime minister under the Indian political and legal system.

            I too think, the Present PM should have been given in the question.

      3. Q 89:Regarding advantages of minimum tillage…
        in solution 3rd para(reducing tillage is to ensuring good seed bed,rapid germination..etc.,)
        so i think 1st statement is right…
        in disadvantages u haven’t explained why seed germination will be lower…
        pls clarify….

      4. Sir regarding question no 8
        Executive council of Governor general was created by regulating act 1773 and not by 1861, Indian council act.
        Please clarify

        1. The 1773 Act had created the Executive Council for the Governor-General of Bengal (not Governor-General).

          Later, the Act of 1833 made the Govenor-General of Bengal as the Governor-General of India. But, at this point of time, all powers were vested in him.

          Then, the Act of 1853 separated the legislative and executive functions of the Governor General’s council (note – not the executive Council).

          Then in the Act of 1861, the executive council was made functional with the introduction of the portfolio system, and was authorized to issue final orders on behalf of the Government.

          You can see it here

      5. Dear Insights,
        Please provide corrections in pdf for remaining tests…..It is already too late…


  9. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus :sir kindly provide link 4 capf 2016 paper..unable 2 find it

  10. Sir,
    Executive council came to inception since the act of 1773.

    Shravanabelagola comes under hassan district and not Mysore.

  11. Q 89:Regarding advantages of minimum tillage…
    in solution 3rd para(reducing tillage is to ensuring good seed bed,rapid germination..etc.,)
    so i think 1st statement is right…
    in disadvantages u haven’t explained why seed germination will be lower…
    pls clarify

    1. yeah…Even I have the same doubt. TN Agri site also has mentioned the same thing..

  12. Test 4 : Question 27:

    option C
    tackle problem of land degradation.

    as far as i remember sugar cotton and jute production degrades soil nutrients..

    so how can we say that cash crops will tackle problem of land degradation??

  13. Can somebody provide some source to prepare tribes?? Not able to to collate info…

    @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus !! some suggestion plzz

  14. Insights , lets just get this sorted once and for all :

    According to me , after scrounging through multiples sites and sources , i have come to the conclusion that :

    Supreme court is the :
    –Final Interpreter

    of the constitution

      1. Abhi diya nai re :p
        Kal doonga !

        Whats your average score in these tests ?

            1. Awesome ! Thats remarkable accuracy from my standards.
              Although i managed to get 106 in this test, but i attempted 95 questions and almost 31 were wrong. Any suggestions for me to improve my accuracy ?
              I once decided to attend only those questions with whom i was dead sure and could not solve a single question in first 10. My average of most tests has been 100 although .

              1. Honestly , if you got 106 , that means that the strategy of marking more is working for you.

                1. I hope options of Insights are not easy to eliminate. Lets keep fingers crossed. Thanks for your comment. Good luck bro

      1. sir one confusion. about cooperative banks. left: test-27 Q-49 Right: test-26 Q-75. are cooperative societies and cooperative banks are different things?
        please reply

    1. Thanks for asking this question. I was also confused even after reading from multiple sources.

        1. It’s a great score (for this paper) .

          Would you please tell what is the rank in this test after scoring 96.67

            1. As Insights has said 90 plus would be good score for this test, so our scores cannot be said good. But better to learn and move ahead.

              1. Thanks…looking at this score is the same feeling that Sallu bhai said after Sultan

              2. My score is fluctuating between 80-105 in test 1 to 27…can’t be sure of performance..any suggestion?

                1. Same is here. ?
                  Take it as a learning process. Keep it on keep it up ?
                  Test 28 can be said as an easier one. How much you got in it?

        2. Simran You must be happy with your test 28 score. Would you please share your marks!

  15. @ Insights Prelims Test Series: Q.No.79: Has not Bharat Biotech from India developed vaccine already to fight the virus?

  16. q35 (Test 26 ) : Questoin on Groundwater :

    –If Maharashtra is self sufficient in GW , then why do experts advise to shift from growing water intensive crops like sugarcane ?
    –Alluvial cover is mainly dominated on the eastern coast of India and Laterite on the west.So how is the statement :

    “3. Coastal regions are usually rich in groundwater owing to the largely alluvial terrain.” valid ?

    1. Usually doesn’t mean always..

      of india’s total coastal plain, we *usually* find alluvial cover (except some part of western coast)

      may b you also missed usually as I did in first reading.

      1. Yes , but check the soil profile of western India. Unlike Eastern India , there’s no evidence of alluvial soil.(leaving the coast of Gujarat)

        The question should specify which coast . If it means eastern coast , then it makes prefect sense

        1. i have always found Insights playing with such word..
          may / can / usually / mostly..

          i hope UPSC will not do so.. and now if they do so, we will be able to think and answer ;p

  17. 49) Banking related functions of these(co-operative) banks are regulated by the RBI.

    NABARD is responsible for regulating and supervising the functions of Co-operative banks and RRBs.
    and NABARD is regulated by RBI, so we can say that indirectly co-operative bank is regulated by RBI

    but directly it is regulated by NABARD.
    please explain

        1. Hello Sir! 🙂

          A small doubt .. could a little silly too.. So I apologize in advance .. 🙂

          Ques. 8 mentions Councils Act 1861 led to the inception of Executive Council of the G-G…. Wasn’t this executive council set up in 1773 – Regulating Act itself .. because Laxmikanth mentions the creation of a 4 member council to assist the GG …. Please Explain! 🙂

          1. The executive council setup by the Act of 1773 was for the Governor-General of Bengal. The one setup by the act of 1861 was for the Governor-General of India. 🙂

            1. But then what about the Act of 1833 and 1853 when GG designated as GG of india.. i think you mean Viceroy executive council than GG executive council?

  18. Q52) Forests are an integral part of major ecosystems on earth and are important because they
    1. Control extremes of heat and cold, rendering the climate more equable? Can you explain a bit more and especially related to controlling extreme cold?

    1. We are quoting from

      “Rainforests, like all forms of vegetation, affect the “surface albedo” or reflectivity of a surface by absorbing more heat than bare soil. In turn, this warm carries moisture from forest trees into to atmosphere, where it condenses as rain. In other words, tropical forests cool local climate and help generate rainfall. Conversely, the loss of forest vegetative cover means less heat absorption, translating to less moisture being taken up into the atmosphere.”

      1. But could the case of rainforest be generalised for every forest keeping in mind density,canopy cover of forests and climate of the region?

      1. test 25-q 56: mangroves are not found in all coastal belts of india………but previously in one of ur tests explanation it was explained that mangrove is present in all the coastal states of india….plz clarify

        1. Every state has many coastal belts. While mangroves are found in all coastal states of India, but they aren’t found in all coastal belts. Reasons are lack of suitable conditions like mudflats, proper salinity etc.

          1. Sir for Q27 Appointments Committee of the Cabinet includes PM, MoHA and Minister of concerned ministry please clarify TA

              1. Thanks sir, but this link is not working, can you please provide this PDF if you have saved somewhere and sir can you please provide answer key for CAPF 2016 GAT Paper.

                1. We had accessed the same PDF few days back. It might work tomorrow. Be assured that this is the answer.

                  1. Thanks sir and just a request if you provide CAPF GAT Answer Keys, it good to have authoritative answers Thanks

      2. Sir please clarify following doubts from Insights Revision Plan for Prelims 2016: Test – 32:
        q1. Govt is bound to comply if the SC collegium chooses to override its disapproval of a person recommended for judicial appointment…but your answer state otherwise
        q2 Is AWBI housed in the Ministry of Environment and Forests??? i don’t think such mention on its website
        q5 can’t Election Commission adjourn election on the grounds of use of money power using its power under art 324??

            1. u can see in MOEF WEBSITE. for the last 1 year it was appearing in hindu newspaper also often.. moreover when there r job vacancies in AWBI ,they will release as a “awbi-statutory org under moef”

      3. HI insights
        I have a query, regarding this last leg of preparation of prelims, as you given a plan to follow which comprises revisions of standard books. I am following your test series 2016 and solving past 2015 papers of your test series which I see indispensable at this moment plus solving UPSC papers.
        Now my dilemma is should revising the text books again according to your revision plan would have high cost benefit or solving your test series of 2015 & 16 along with UPSC past papers would be enough.

        Please help us out with this last moment dilemma. Thanks in advance, by the way I am enjoying solving your test series its worth every penny.

        1. If you are thorough with textbook concepts, there is no need to revise them again. Almost all the important information/facts/concepts and even more has been covered in the Test Series. Revise 2015 and 2016 papers thoroughly. It will be a lot more productive.

          Thank you.

          1. my testy 27 is not opening . i have even sent you mail .with a screeshot also . please look at this

          2. sir when was zero discovered…i have read somewhere that it was discovered by brahmagupta in 5th century AD but in test answer said that it was discovered by indians in 2 B C??

            1. Brahmagupta was the first to give rules to compute with zero, not the one who discovered it.

              The question statement has been taken from Ancient India – RS Sharma – Old NCERT. It is an authoritative source. Please stick to it.

              1. hello insights.
                regarding Q.81, The second statement “there will be no representation from the government” is technically correct as there will be search-cum-selection committee to select the 3 members,(not exclusively representing government). Kindly help me with the details.

                1. The other three members will be appointed by the Centre on the recommendations of a search-cum-selection committee to be headed by the Cabinet Secretary. 🙂

                  1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus – In explanation of Q90, you write that Bharat Stage emission norms cover – xyz , but does not include Sulphur dioxide.

                    News Report – While BS IV-compliant fuel currently in use has 50 parts per million (ppm) sulphur, BS VI stipulates a low 10 ppm. Besides, under BS VI, particulate matter emission for diesel cars and nitrogen oxide levels are expected to be substantially lower than in BS IV.

                    Source –

                    Can you please clarify the missing link. Why Sulphur is not part of Bharat Stage Emission Standards?

  19. Q9- Mulberry Silk is produced ‘only’ in the Southern states, whereas non-Mulberry silk is produced ‘only’ in Eastern India.
    Isnt it wrong? it should be ‘Mainly’

    1. It is wrong, which is why the answer is (a) – only statement 1 is correct. Please go through question and solution again.

      1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus q4: Sir, Can you please explain how vortex in antarctica enhances ozone depletion?

        1. Ozone depletion happens due to stratospheric clouds. These clouds require very cold conditions to be formed.

          Vortex creates extreme cold conditions and thus helps ozone depletion.

  20. Can someone please say answer for this .

    (A) 6:26 PM MONDAY
    (B) 6:52 AM TUESDAY
    (C) 12:13 PM MONDAY
    (D) 00:26 AM TUESDAY

    1. Answer will be C. As next high tide will occur after 12 hrs 26 min and next low tide(i.e EBB) will occur after 6hrs 13 min. So answer is C.
      In Question, its not mentioned whether it was a high tide or low at 6 am so I am assuming high.

  21. Dear Insights ,

    Kindly upload the Corrigendum for Tests 2015. I am sure it has been provided last year.
    So I don’t see any plausible reason for the delay of it being uploaded in the download section of the “InsightsIAS” Test website.
    It is really NEEDED ASAP and ASAP here means Today or tomorrow.

    Please pay heed to this request.


  22. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus : I was just waiting for the corrigendum to resolve this problem.

    In test #3: Q. 25., as per the answer provided, ‘plantation and cultivation’ has been included in the list of regulated activities in Wildlife Sanctuaries. But, is plantation allowed at all in Wildlife sanctuaries, even with the permission of the Chief Warden? Please clarify.

    The corrigendum does not include this question. So, I am asking now.

  23. Q58. Fatehpur Sikri is UNESCO world heritage and Buland Darwaja is located in Fatehpur Sikri.

  24. Dear Insights,
    Test series 2015
    Test 32 :
    Q26 Do election commissioners other than Chief Election Commissioner enjoy security of tenure?
    Q30 Biofertilizers do not add any nutrients to soil, they only make the ones already present in the soil available to the plants ?
    Test 33 :
    Q12 Is there any clause that Vice president can act as President only for 6 months ?
    Q77 CAG audits accounts for PRI and ULB so the answer should be “a”
    Q94 How do Bio Pesticides control Weeds?
    Extra Questions
    14. Can presence of diamond gold and silver be traced from the presence of some variety of plants?
    38. What is the measure of “water footprint” ?

    Test Series 2016
    Test 21
    Q.25 Is bacteria a primary producer?
    Q.94 Why can’t the answer be “c”?

    1. 2015 – Test 32
      26. No, they can be removed by the President on the recommendation of the Chief Election Commissioner anytime. ECI has recently demanded security of tenure for all Election Commissioners.
      30. Yes, they enhance the nutrient availability only.

      Test 33

      12. Yes, election of the new President must be done within the 6 months which is the maximum period for which the VP can act as the President.
      77. Yes, CAG conducts the audit of PRIs and ULBs.
      94. This should help

      Extra questions –

      38. It is simply the volume of water used for making a particular product. The footprint is product-specific (e.g. 2 litres of water to make a pair of shoes).

      Test Series 2016

      25. We are quoting from

      “Some producer organisms, mostly specialized bacteria, can convert inorganic nutrients to organic compounds without the presence of sunlight. There are several groups of chemosynthetic bacteria in marine and freshwater environments, particularly those rich in sulfur or hydrogen sulfide gas.”

      94. Option (c) implies proportionality actually. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (about 28% by mass) after oxygen. So, the opposite of option (c) is correct.

  25. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus I cannot access test no. 26 and 27. It shows in the no. of retakes is 0, which is like when a test is not up yet for the future dates (eg it will be for the 10th july, then 13th july tests and so on).
    Please tell me what to do or if there’s some technical error.

    1. Please see if you have any pending (half-finished) tests in your dashboard. You may not be able to retake a test if you haven’t finished a particular test. If still unresolved, please shoot a mail to with details and a screenshot. They will help. Thank you.

        1. Is UGC chairman a member of Press Council of India? . I’ve posted these questions in the respective discussions, but were not addressed.
          Secondly, the corrigendums on the dashboard are not accessible.

  26. Dear insights ,Does antarctica has wetlands?…can u plz clarify me..?m not getting a convincing answer..!!

  27. –Allahabad pillar is associated with Asoka or Samudragupta ?
    –What did the early vedic aryans worship apart from doing yajanas .Image worship or nature worship ? Acccording to me it should be nature worship ,kindly confirm it
    –Didnt NCM lead to the Bristish Goverments’ willingness to grant polictical concessions to India ? #Communal Award of 1932 ?
    –Didnt NCM make congress become a mass movemnt for the first time ? Are they considering Swadeshi Movt’ before NCM ?

    1. u can say both. it was installed during Ashokha s period. … later inscriptions of samudragupta by Harisena and Jehangir s inscriptions were carved in Allahabad pillar

    2. Can you put the questions here? If these are the doubts from some questions..

      1. Why not ! It has been soo many times that i have asked insights questions which are beyond the test series and must say , have never been dissaponted until now 🙂
        Cheers !

        1. I was requesting you to please put those questions here.. about these doubts of yours. If those doubts are from some questions.. 😉 😉

              1. Most of them are self curated and are an extension to the answers of the test series as and when i go through them 🙂

    3. – seems to be associated with both
      – Nature worship. Image worship started with Buddha
      – Perhaps you are mixing NCM and CDM. BTW, even communal award came after Gandhi-Irwin pact which decided to withdraw CDM and I won’t consider it “Political concessions”
      – I think Swadeshi movement is the first mass movement. Reasons- Hindu Muslim came together, students & women also participated
      This is only with my limited knowledge and you can cross check as I have not read any thick Bipin Chandra’s Book 😛

  28. Q-63.
    All the options provided in the question are wrong.
    44th Amendment Act of 1978 abolished Right to property, and not the 25th Amendment Act.
    Insight plz don’t make Such blunders!!!

  29. Sir

    Q19. G20 came into existence in 1999, though its meeting started from 2008.

    Q49. It is being said that NABARD regulates the cooperative banks and the RRB’s (
    but the link provided by you of RBI says that it is just to conduct inspection of State and Central Cooperative Banks.
    And if Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) are outside the purview of RBI. Then who regulates them?

    Q95. When did artillery technology developed in India and Europe? I just know that Babur brought gunpower in India.
    But explanation does not tell anything about who developed the technology earlier. pls explain…

    Q96. Doesn’t option C could also be answer as Iron & steel are importable and exportable “with some restrictions”, but option says that they can do without restriction. Recently Steel import has been restricted from China, even there are many anti-dumping duties imposed.
    Pls clarify.

    thank you

  30. Can someone please check Q 27 and explain/clarify whether it is correct?

    Fungi species more than all mammals, amphibians, etc

    1. Bro read 12th biology pg 260 the statement is directly taken from there. ( chap 15)

  31. hey guys… i need ur help. I could not study seriously for last 2 months due to some family problems. I scored 102 in this test. What are my chances for prelims. I missed last pre just by 2 marks.

    Dont want to go through same phase again.

    1. I think people scoring above 100 will have a good chance 2 make thru pre….just 3-4 correct q more n u will be dat side of the sea… 🙂 So don’t loose hope n just try 2 maintain this score for rest of the test series… D day will be urs…:)

  32. Dear Insights , kindly resolve my doubt.

    Q81) Monetary Policy Committee question.

    The members other than RBI members will be “INDEPENDENT members selected by gov. via a search – selection committee “.
    So , both the statements are correct. Shouldn’t it be option C ?

    How will independent members represent Government ?? They are just selected by government.

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Agreed. “”These three members of MPC will be experts in the field of economics or banking
      or finance or monetary policy” –> implies they are not necessarily govt. officials .

    2. One of the important purposes of formation of the MPC was to provide representation to government in the monetary policies of the RBI. So, the inclusion of government nominated members was has been made in the MPC. Surely, they are not government officials .But, wouldn’t you agree when the government has power to nominate members in the MPC, it is, in fact, a representation of government in the MPC? It is the same as the government represents the people, as we have elected them. The government even has power to remove the nominated members in MPC, which make them more of representatives.

      1. Hmm I am not debating the technicality or inference. I just want to know the de-facto SOP adopted here. Does gov really want a say in monetary policy or it just wants more varied handlers of monetary policy as opposed to a centralised RBI committee.

  33. Q-29 – ICJ – “Vodafone moves ICJ over tax arbitration with India” – does it suggests statement -1 as incorrect.
    Pls advise.

  34. Can you please tell me that how many aspirants appeared in test?? This will help in assessing my postion. Please include this feature in rankings, as without knowing the number of aspirants appearing given ranking will be of no use..

  35. Q13: Statement 3- Process of differentiation also happened in our atmosphere. As found,Hydrogen forms the outer most layer,then there are layers of nitrogen, oxygen etc. Lower most is the mixture of gases in troposphere.

  36. Hello, in question 71 regarding nitrogen cycle, explanation mentions statement three as correct but not given as correct in answer. Further, statement 3 itself looks illogical, as how vertical mixing in ocean leads to itroduction of ammonia and urea in water, i mean they are already in ocean and hence already in water, but vertical mixing does take place.
    Question 96: government imposes anti dumping duty on import of steel from china and hence can’t we say that import and export are not completely free but restricted, so statement 3 should also be wrong.

  37. question 68: insights,gomesteshwara temple is at shravana benagula,not in mysore,even the distance between them is 80km+,how can we consider mysore as right option.please clarify,how to deal with these type of questions.

  38. We will be addressing all the doubts by 16th July afternoon.

    Thank you.

    1. Q.59 Insights , I am really confused about regulation of banks. In,test 26 it was said that NABARD acts as a regulator for cooperative banks and Regional Rural Banks BUT HERE its said that RBI regulates Banking related functions of these banks. CAn u please clarify that which functions of RRBs and Cooperative banks are regulated by whom..??..It’ll be extremely helpful.

      SEcondly, want to know whether all money bills are finance bills OR all finance bills are money bills ??

      1. Both RBI and NABARD regulae cooperative banks. NABARD does the micro-regulation, and RBI the macro-regulation by way of guidelines, binding norms etc. It will be difficult to go into technical details of each. A broad understanding should suffice for UPSC.

        All money bills are financial bills, but not all financial bills are not money bills. There is a detailed discussion on this in the chapter “Parliament” in Laxmikanth. It is the best source to understand it.

        Thank you

      2. Careful b/w finance bill and financial bill they are both different things-

      3. We have clarified about the regulation of cooperative banks in detail in the Corrigendum Test 21-30.

        All finance bills cannot be money bills, as Finance bills contain only few provisions that pertain to that of money bill.

        So, Money bills are kind of a species of financial bills. Hence, all money bills are financial bills but all financial bills are not money bills.

  39. Q27 : As per wiki , Appontmnents Committee on cabinet includes not only PM and MoHA but also the minister in charge of the concerned minisrty.So that makes it more than 2 ?

    Q 52 : If forests retard Evaporation then how do they promote local precipitation ?Doesnt it mean low evaporation => low precipitation ??

    Q71 : Isn’t cyanobacteria a phytoplankton ?The link says so , and if that is the case then it can easily fix elemrantal nirogen directly from the atmosphere
    (NASA Features Phytoplankton : )

    Q79 : ZIka doesn’t affect newborns , I read this in one of your current events dated 27th June 2016

    Take your own time
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. 27- That was old composition. New one-
      52- I guess here they meant “retarding evaporation” when compared with bare ground. It promotes local precipitation via transpiration
      71- Cyanobacteria is only a type of phytoplankton. Statement is true unless proven wrong and vice versa. So, given the fact that there exists other types of phytoplanktons, the option can’t be correct
      79- To be honest, there have been studies which suggest there exists link while other say there is no link with babies. In short, no conclusive agreement

      1. Awesome ! Thanks Bhai …
        Hows’ your preparation going ?
        Mereko writing chode ek mahine ho gaya 🙁

        1. Haha, preparations are going good.
          Don’t worry much about answer writing for the time being. You know all the cheat codes for good answer writing, so easy to bounce back after mains 😀
          How about yours?

          1. Hahah ! Kya motivation diya ! maza aa gaya ??
            Preparation sahi chal raha hai … Going through as many questions as possible and revising previous insights tests along with the daily revision test at this stage .. Whats your strategy currently ?

            1. I am revising my self prepared notes + ES + budget + notes out of insights test series [not following daily revision plans] + IASBaba 60+3 days plan

    2. 27. Wiki is outdated. Please see

      52. Local precipitation is promoted by transpiration which increases the humidity of the air. Evaporation is retarded due to reduced temperature of the area and shade of the trees. The dynamics of how both are balanced is complex. But, authoritative sources clearly indicate that more forests tend to attract precipitation, as rain-bearing clouds can also come from other regions by way of wind etc.

      71. Phytoplankton hve many types of organisms – plants, bacteria etc. Only some types of phytoplankton can fix nitrogen, which cannot be generalized.

      79. The current affairs article deals with only case of adversity in new borns, microcephaly, which is just a study. This link should help

  40. Insights,
    Total how many students are giving test?
    Pls mention so that we can judge the relative competition

    1. @abhi1289m:disqus As per my analysis. more than 6500 aspirants have enrolled for Insight Test Series online…so its not sure how many are truly giving each & every test & at what time…

      1. Sir…The total number of participants is showing wrong information…Like i got 5096 rank in test number 6….But the total number of partcipants for the mentioned test is showing 1565…How is it possible????? Its happening wid each and every test…. Please correct me if i am wrong…

        1. Only those participants are ranked in public list who have given the test within the 10 day window when the test started. All others are ranked only on the private dashboard. As less number of students write tests within that window, less number of test takers is shown. 🙂

  41. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q8 2nd Statement : The Councils Act of 1861 led to the introduction of the portfolio system and the inception of the Executive Council of the Governor-General.

    Isn’t the 2nd part of this question incorrect? Executive and legislative council for governor was established by regulating act 1773 itself. Please correct me.

  42. Sir in 40th question link to “statutory bodies related to wildlife conservation” doesn’t open for me, could you please provide it here.

  43. Clarifications for Test 27

    8. The 1773 Act had created the Executive Council for the Governor-General of Bengal (not Governor-General).
    • Later, the Act of 1833 made the Governor-General of Bengal as the Governor-General of India. But, at this point of time, all powers were vested in him.
    • Then, the Act of 1853 separated the legislative and executive functions of the Governor General’s council (note – not the executive Council)
    • Then in the Act of 1861, the executive council was made functional with the introduction of the portfolio system, and was authorized to issue final orders on behalf of the Government. You can see it here

    27. Wikipedia and other sources may be outdated. Please see

    58. UNESCO covers monuments of Fatehpur Sikri, so we are removing Buland Darwaza from the options. Please see this for further information

    68. Shravanabelagola is located around 80 Kms from Mysore. The first statement should read, “The rock-cut medieval image of the Jaina saint Gomateshwara can be found in Shravanabelagola in Karnataka”

    71. Phytoplankton hve many types of organisms – plants, bacteria etc. Only some types of phytoplankton can fix nitrogen, which cannot be generalized.

    79. Please see this for further clarifications

    Thank you

  44. @insightsprelimstestseries Don’t you think in Question no -49) Regulation is done by NABARD.

  45. Inception of Executive council of Governor general is Regulating act 1773 and not Indian council act 1861. Source Lakshmikanth. Please verify

  46. Please take a look at Q-81 where it is stated there will be no representation of centre which i think is true. Though 3 members will be appointed by centre ,but no government representation.
    The RBI Governor will chair the committee. The governor, however, will not enjoy a veto power to overrule the other panel members, but will have a casting vote in case of a tie. No government official will be nominated to the MPC.

  47. I have doubt regarding Zika Vaccine, It has been found and being used on experimental basis. So can’t we say that Zika vaccine is available now. If this Statement appears on 7th Aug.

  48. Please share the total no of people that have taken these tests as of today.. It will help us better judge our performance

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