Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 19

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 19

Hope you enjoyed solving the Nineteenth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. Hello insights , please consider these things

    1. As we’re not allowed to retake tests, can you please provide set of questions test wise in dashboard just like you’ve provided 2014 and 2015 test series , so at least we can practice 🙂

    2. Please let us know when you update the typos of previous tests , so we can download it again 🙂

    Thank You ?

    P.S – Folks please upvote this comment if you want same 🙂

    Notification of prelims has come , All The Best To Everyone ?

    1. Even I have requested them multiple times before, not sure when our plea shall be admitted in the court of INSIGHTS 🙂

      1. It’d be admitted for sure buddy 🙂

        Insights’ team is very hard working and know their responsibilities , they would help us very soon , don’t worry ?

    2. 1. We will be coming with appropriate provisions. Please don’t worry.

      2. The corrigendum will be out in a few days. Thank you. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much insights….we aspirants are mainly dependent on your preparation strategy. and tanks to @BatmanForLife:disqus as well for attracting the attention of insights.

        @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus ! Please consider one more thing, Although Insightsias is already giving us a high quality materials and guide (secure, current affairs, mains test series, mind map, synopsis etc…….), We request you to provide us strategy for Paper 2 (CSAT) as well.

        Thanks again Insightsias

      2. Hi, have you released the corrigendum ? I am unable to locate it. Please share the link. Need it for revision.

      3. with reference to ques 78 (test 19) , can we say speed of sound is faster in moist air than dry air?

        1. Speed of sound is more in moist air than dry air as moist air is less dense that dry air.

          In the context of the question, there is one more reason why sound travels faster in hot air than cold air. Sound travels faster through hot air as its molecules are excited and transmission of the sound wave is easier than in cold air.

          1. Hello sir, Q. 68 , How can colder temperature in northern slopes be a reason for sparse vegetation? just because cold regions support less plant diversity? kindly explain.

  2. @Insights
    With regard to question no 98 isn’t himalayan mountain an example of subduction zone as it is formed by the meeting of the Indian and the eurasian plates which is exactly the meaning of subduction zone,but the answer given in the pdf is continent-continent convergence.pls clarify

    1. A subduction zone is where a tectonic plate moves under another tectonic plate and sinks into the earth as the plates converge. Himalayas are an uplift over the earth due to being a convergent boundary. Please read the explanation. 🙂

  3. What’s the syllabus for DD Basu for Test 20? And so many out of syllabus questions. Screwed badly in this test :’)

  4. Dear @InsightsOnIndia:disqus , Kindly explain the Ideas/Ideologies part from CH 2 of the survey (How can ideas/ideology cause the exit problem ?)

    1. They are referring to two ideas basically.

      A) Misallocation of public money that goes to the less needy: an example can be village cottage industries that receive less focus vis-a-vis medium scale enterprises historically. Rechannelization of these resources to the cottage industries will be resisted by the medium enterprise sector. These cause exit problems for cottage industries.

      B) Government Incentives keep a firm in loop even when they might be suffering losses. So, ideally a firm should have exited the market much earlier which is postponed due to government incentives. The exit is made difficult as the firm goes deeper in the markets.

  5. What’s the syllabus for DD Basu for Test 20? And so many out of syllabus questions. Screwed badly in this test :’)

  6. Dear insights…
    Q.83 u have asked about female and male population of states/UTs but in the explanation u have given about sex ratios greater than 1000 males….

    1. Dear, a sex ratio greater than 1000 implies that there are more females than males; sex ratio less than 1000 implies the reverse. 🙂

  7. Dear insights,
    In Q-13. the first statement i.e. “Developed countries will not be held responsible for their historical emissions” seems to be correct as per the 2 the hindu articles below. I am quoting-

    “The Paris Agreement requires developed countries to raise finances with $100 billion per year as the floor by 2020, to help developing nations in both mitigation and adaptation activities, while other nations are encouraged to provide funding voluntarily. However, any basis for liability of countries which have historically accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing disastrous climate events such as droughts, floods and extinctions, has been excluded.”

    “The language on differentiation (CBDR) has been expanded to include the term “in the light of different national circumstances”, which is likely to indicate that a previously strict firewall between developed and developing countries has been broken down. Also lost in the maelstrom is explicit acknowledgement of the historical responsibility of developed countries.”

    Please check.

    1. No, the principle of CBDR comes from both “different national circumstances” and “historical emissions”. Also, historical liability for countries has been waived only in special circumstances like floods, disastrous events etc, not in all the cases. It is still maintained.

      Please do not go on the language of the article. It is not an official statement, just a view of the author. 🙂

  8. @Insights
    Q.1. Kaladan Multimodal project
    Statement 3. How will it reduce sea route distance between India and Myanmar? That sea route distance will remain same whether the project is carried out or not.
    Instead it can be said that the distance between Haldia port in Kolkata and Lawngtlaiin Mizoram through chicken neck’s corridor is 1880 KM that will come down to 930 KM through the sea route.

    1. The Kaladan project will connect Mizoram to a deep-sea port in Sittwe (Myanmar).

      The project will expand the capacity of the Sittwe port facility, giving India’s northeast states access to a port in the Bay of Bengal and connecting Myanmar to Kolkata port. 🙂 So, statement 3 is correct.

      1. couldn’t understand 🙁
        can u pls clarify it in more detail as to how statement 3 is correct??

        1. “Kolkata to Sittwe” distance is longer then “Mizoram to Sittwe”. There seems to be some problem in framing statement3

      2. Insights, The statement is “It will reduce sea route distance between India and Myanmar.”;

        Your explanation points to the fact that the distance between Sittwee and Kolkata will reduce from current 1880 through Siliguri Corridor to 930 KM through sea route;

        It won’t reduce the sea route distance.

  9. @insightsprelimstestseries regarding q-51 of test 14 : ur explanation of asean plus members includes(india australia,etc) east asean summit members. but i had a understanding of asean plus members as asean+(japan,china and south korea) please clarify

    1. Dear friend,the question is asking about Exercise Force Eighteen which includes ASEAN (10 members) + 8 other/non-asean members (China, Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, USA, Russia). What you are talking about is ASEAN+3 Nations i.e. ASEAN + (Japan, China, South Korea) which is a different thing. You can also remember this by the name itself i.e., “Exercise force eighteen(18=10+8)” which means 10 members of ASEAN and 8 other members. I hope this will clarify your doubt.

      1. thanks mayank for the reply……but my ques is what is asean plus nation is it the 10+3 or the 10+8 nations

        1. Today i visited the ASEAN official website to find out the answer to your query and i found out that ASEAN plus nation is actually ASEAN + 3 nations and Exercise Force 18 was officially called ” ADMM-Plus” i.e. ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus. I am attaching the image of the article which i found on the offcial website. I hope this will finally clear your doubt and thanks for asking this question 🙂

          1. thanks a lot…….I had the idea of asean plus as ASEAN+3 nations but got confused after reading insights explanation…thanks for clearing the doubt

  10. @ Insights Prelims Test Series …… Please help with below queries , WAITING for tooooooo long …!!!
    1. In Q 18 ( Insights TEST 18) . Why can’t we say “Forests” are stable as both ocean and
    bare land via succession stabilizes to form stable climax FOREST

    2. What is the basic ideological difference between CSP and CPI ? Was CPI formed in Taskent in 1920 or India in 1925 at Kanpur ? In fact, please try to clarify the general difference between Communists and Socialists ideology ?
    Someone says Communist is the extreme form of socialist ; Communist is the political ideology while socialist is more about economic arrangement. Can u please help to clear the cloud ?

    3. Are Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF), the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)
    established under UNFCCC ? Or only GCF and ACF are established under
    UNFCCC ?

    1. 1. We have given many reasons in the PDF why oceans are more stable than any other ecosystem. Stable climax community can be formed in many types of communities e.g. a pond. But, it is need not be as stable as an ocean. Forests are vulnerable to fires, natural calamities, degradation, drought etc, which oceans are not. Please read the PDF once more.

      2. Communism is both a political and economic ideology. if the state (government) owns everything, the system is called communism. Even if you work and earn in a PSU, the salary earned by you will not be yours. You will be given only what you need, by the state. There is no existence of individual entreprise. USSR after the Bolshevik revolution is a good example.

      Socialism is a less extreme form of communism. It is mostly an economic ideology. There is room for private ownership alongwith state ownership. Post-independent India of 1950-60 is a good example.

      CSP had a more modern orientation than CPI. CSP practiced the liberal democracy of the West and identified with the westernized middle class.

      CPI was a left-wing party is pro-poor and holds a traditional view point of society and economy.

      CPI was founded in Tashkent.

      3. All were established under UNFCCC.

  11. Team Insight,Kindly activate Retest or Retake for the tests (from 1 to 19) as soon as possible..It will be helpful for practice and revision..Thanks

  12. Hi Insights Team,

    I am seeing facing the problem of number of incorrects in the test. On an average when I attempt 73-75 question I am getting 15-20 wrong. When I review 50% of wrong are because I remember partially or in multiple answer questions I have heard 2 out of 3 options and I make the mistake. I want to bring down my wrong answer to less than 10. Any suggestion of approaching the question where you have half information or you have read about it but remember only partially? It will be of great help.

    1. Guess work should be reduced unless and untill you are 80-90% sure about the answer. Elimination also is not always possible. The only way is to read more, revise even more and gain as much knowledge with understanding as possible.

      With better understanding and awareness, you can start eliminating irrelevant options and arrive at the correct answer. Please be consistent. It will start happening in some time. 🙂

  13. Dear Insights Please clarify
    Regarding: Q. No. 78 of Test No. 19

    And cold air is denser so going by this reason the speed of sound should be more in cold air but which is not correct ( due to other reasons like energy attenuation) . So the correct answer should be B…

    1. Yes, the correct answer should be B. Sound travels faster through hot air as its molecules are excited and transmission of the sound wave is easier than in cold air.

      We will update this in the corrigendum that is going to be released in a few days. Thank you.

  14. @insights

    15th question: if earth is flat there will be no question of sunset(only day forever). So only one option is correct.

    86th question : if income increases SHARE of expenditure on food items will decrease but not absolute amount of money that spend on food items. Then how the demand for food items decreases with increase in income.

    1. 15. Whether a place is seeing sunrise or sunset will depend on the kind of flat shape we assume for earth. If the earth is flat horizontally (like a sheet of paper), then all places would see sunrise at the same time.

      If it is vertically flat (keep the sheet of paper vertically), places on one side would see sunrise, and the other sunset. The other side will see sunrise when the flat earth revolves and changes position in the orbit. So, both options are correct hypothetically.

      86. Demand for food will decrease as a percentage of income as income rises. As spending on other sectors is greater than agricultural sector, agriculture will not grow as fast as other sectors. 🙂

      1. 13th question clarified.

        86. If a man spends 20 Rs on one dosa when he was earning 200 per day. The same person prefers to eat vada along with dosa if he earns 500 per day. So in terms of percentage he is spending less but actually he is spending more than what he used to be. Consequently demand for food items shall rise. Now, can we consider it as inferior good.

        Sir kindly provide top 5 scores for every test.

        1. 86. You should also consider the new percentage of spending on food. 20/200 = 10% spending on food when he was earning Rs. 200. Assuming Vada to be Rs. 5, new spending share is (20+5 )/ 500= 5% spending on food when he is earning Rs. 500. The share of food in total expenditure has declined.

          Similarly growth is also a relative term. Absolute numbers don’t matter, it is the percentage growth over the past year that matters. Agricultural demand may have increased by 100 units in one year, but if the rest of the economy has moved by 1000 units, then the growth rate is below par. 🙂

          Top scores for all tests will be available here.

          1. sir pls revisit your explanation..

            if any commodity’s absolute spending is reduced only than it is inferior good.. if absolute spending increases it is not inferior good.

            Inferior Good: An inferior good means an increase in income causes a fall in demand. (in absolute terms)

            Normal Good. This means an increase in income causes an increase in demand. (in absolute terms)

            taking two situation:
            1. while earning lower income if I am eating Bajra later I switch to wheat with increase in earning >> Bajra is inferior commodity bcz overall consumption of bajra is reduced.

            2. if I was eating wheat and later I add pulses >> these are normal commodity and demand is increasing with increase in the earning..

            if we consider in % terms like 10% to 5%.. even buying a BMW will be a inferior commodity.. like..

            when i was earning 10 Lacs I could buy Maruti Swift of 4 Lakhs 40%

            but when I was earning 50 lac I bought an innova 10 lac (20%)

            this doesnt make either maruti or innova an inferior commodity.

            with every increase in income, expenses have to reduce in relative term it is only savings and investment side that increases.

            while considering normal, luxury and inferior goods we should have absolute figures in mind.

            I think in this question, GDP (as income) and food (as commodity) are under consideration, hence, INCOME ELASTICITY OF DEMAND needs to be dealt with.

            and for a commodity to be inferior, its demand need to be lower than past demand, (negative growth)
            if it is increasing at a diminishing rate it is said to be normal commodity.

            Sir, pls revert.


      2. 15. Insights, Please imagine a flat earth which is disc shaped. Now will the eclipse not be circular?

        Basically all I am saying is depending on the shape of eclipse you can’t decide what the shape of the earth is – it can be a disc or it can be a sphere.

        86. Demand for food doesn’t always decrease with raise in income. See we have been seeing an increase in demand for protein based foods (very unfortunately blamed on MGNREGS) with raising incomes; Even if this is correct – the logical deduction looks too much even for UPSC :-).

        1. 15. By flat earth, we meant square or a rectangle. A circular disc will cast the same shadow as a sphere. Projections only matter.

          We should have clarified this in the question itself. We will do it in the corrigendum that is to be released soon.

          86. One, there is evidence that consumptions of cereals has decreased with rise in per capita income. Two, even if the consumption does not decrease in absolute numbers, its share would more than proportionately reduce in the overall expenditure. We have addressed a similar query below. Please check. Thank you.

  15. D.D. Basu (20th Edition) – Chapters to be read for Test 20

    Part I: Chapters 1, 2, 4
    Part II: Chapter 11 – Section 2
    Part III: Chapter 13 – Section 3
    Part VIII: Chapter 26
    Part IX: 30, 34 (More important for CSE Mains examination)

    Most of the content is similar to M Laxmikanth. You should read the analytical side of things and few other facts not covered in M Laxmikanth. Thank you.

    1. @I@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Can you specify the topics name.. I have the 22nd edition. Unable to find contents of 20th edition online..

      1. 1. Historical Background
        2. Making of our constitution
        4. Outstanding features of constitution
        11. Union Executive
        13. State Executive
        26. Administrative relations between the Centre and States
        30. The Services and Public Service Commission
        34. How the constitution has worked. 🙂

  16. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    please also tell which chapters are to be covered in “foreign policy by rajiv sikri” ?

  17. @Insights Prelims Test Series
    Q15, In ques, only shape of earth is considered flat but it still rotates and as the earth rotates from west to east, places in the east see the sun earlier than those in the west in case of flat shape also.
    So, option A would be wrong.
    pls clarify..

    1. If we assume that the earth is horizontally flat (places exist on both up and down faces). In that case, places both above and below will see sun at the same time. 🙂 Goh Cheng Leong explains it with a diagram in Chapter 1. Thank you.

    1. 100+ when one is done with preparation and revision of all past test’s syllabus. 🙂

  18. Q 79 phosphorus cycle

    can you please explain why the reason given does not not support the assertion.

    phosphorus cycle is sedimentary as it does not occur in form of gas

    shouldn’t the anwer be option A

    1. Yes, the answer should be A. The reason correctly explains assertion. We will update this in the upcoming corrigendum alongwith a clarification note. Thank you for pointing this out.

      1. Sir, this is a question from 2014 test series. test no.- 1. It says that “c” is the answer.

        But sir although “right to health” is a fundamental right, can we say that “eradication of polio” is also a fundamental right? Further, can there be a writ petition for the same? Please throw some light, sir! We should know how to answer such questions if they come in this year’s exam! Thank you! 🙂

        Q.The Constitution of India provides for Fundamental Rights. Which of the following forms a part of Fundamental Right?

        1. Right to safe drinking water

        2. Eradication of preventable diseases like polio.

        3. To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity

        4. Access to sanitation.

        Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

        a) 1 and 4
        b) 1, 2 and 3
        c) 1, 2 and 4
        d) None

          1. That is what I too marked. But the answer given is “c”. I hope sir clears the air!

        1. Yes, since Article 21 concerns Right to health, eradication of polio will also be a part of it. You can very well file a writ petition for this.

          You should practice more such questions to know how to interpret them correctly 🙂

          1. Thank you, Sir! Already working on your advice! Thanks again for your guidance. 🙂

  19. 84 options wre tricky since comet consist of all i.e mineral ,gas and ice

    option 2 and option 3 both seems to be correct…

    please clarify

    1. Ice naturally traps some gases within its structure. So, gas and ice is a very typical composition and not peculiar to comets. Ice with mineral grains is peculiar to comets. For this reason, option (b) is preferable against (c).

  20. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Q. 39 “Akash is not nuclear capable missile. All options are incorrect.

  21. Dear Team Insights, How can I get access to ICSE environment books 9 to 12 ? can you please help me?

  22. Hello insight please update syllabus of DD BASE Indian Polity for 20th test. …..

    1. It is mentioned below in the comments. Please check. Thank you.

  23. Q.33- Marble is related to limestone in the same way that

    A. Basalt is related to granite.
    B. Slate is related to shale.
C. Gravel is related to siltstone.
    D. Gneiss is related to marble.

    In option B. Slate is related to Clay and Schist is related to Shale.
    So,all the options are Wrong.. Kindly Provide question with the correct option.
    And the Q. Source is Ch.-2 of Goh Cheng, and not Ch.-1.

    1. Slate forms when shale (which consists of clay minerals) is put under pressure with high temperature. 🙂

      1. Ahhh!! So, from where do we have to read these hidden things bcoz these minute details are given nowhere, not even Goh Cheng.

  24. Q 10) Was the salt tax abolished or only coastal rights for producing salt for personal consumption given?

    1. The salt tax continued to remain in effect and was repealed only by the Interim Government in 1946. Only right to manufacture salt was given. We will revise and update the 3rd statement in the corrigendum. Thank you for informing. 🙂

  25. Dear, we don’t remove any of your posts. 🙂

    Schedule can’t be changed. Even if hypothetically we were to finish the test series by 20th July, it will actually put more pressure on aspirants as the gap between tests will further reduce.

    The last 8 tests are revision tests only. Please start revision early. Thank you.

    1. [DOUBT]

      Mock Test 19, Q 15

      If the earth was flat in shape instead of being spherical

      1.The whole world would have sun rise and sun set at the same time.
      2.Shape of the lunar eclipse would not be circular.

      Which of the above is/are correct?

      A.1 only
      B.2 only
      C.Both 1 and 2

      Correct Answer : C

      Doubt: How will sun rise and sun set happen at the same time for the whole world?
      Earth being flat, doesn’t mean that whole world will live only on one side of the plane. There are two sides of a Plane. People can live on both the sides.
      And thus, the side which is facing the sun will only experience sun rise and sun set at the same time; and not the other side.

    2. [DOUBT]

      Mock Test 19, Q 78

      Consider the following statements.

      Assertion (A): Sound passes through hot air faster than it passes through cold air.
      Reason (R): Cold air is denser than hot air.

      In the context of the above, which of these is correct?

      A. A is correct, and R is an appropriate explanation of A.
      B. A is correct, but R is not an appropriate explanation of A.
      C. A is correct, but R is incorrect
      D. Both A and R are incorrect.

      Answer given: A

      Doubt: Speed of sound doesn’t depends on the density but on the elasticity.

      So, the answer should be B and not A.

      1. In the corrigendum for Tests 11-20, we have addressed this issue. You will be able to see it there. It will be uploaded soon. Thank you.

        1. [DOUBT]

          Mock Test 21, Q 56

          Consider the following statements.
          Assertion (A): Snow cover on a water body can cause death of aquatic organisms.
          Reason (R): Snow cover on a water body can effectively stop photosynthesis and lead to depletion of vital oxygen in the water body.
          In the context of the above, which of these is correct?

          A. A is correct, and R is an appropriate explanation of A.
          B. A is correct, but R is not an appropriate explanation of A.
          C.A is incorrect, but R is correct.
          D.Both A and R are incorrect.

          Answer given : A

          Doubt: There are many lakes in Russia, US, India (Dal lake) etc which gets a snow cover on top of it. But it doesn’t leads to killing of aquatic organisms.

          There are many other links which explains the same.

          Also please clear the remaining doubts asked in different posts.


  26. Dear team Insight, is there any best way to attempt the paper like going through easy questions and then come back for tough ones or taking a single shot at each question giving it proper time or any other strategy.I feel that i can get 10-15 marks more in each paper but end up scoring 100-105. Its a simple enquiry but an important one plz guide.

    1. Since there is plenty of time (2 hours for 100 GS Qs), it won’t help you much if you follow the strategy of attempting easy- medium- tough in that order. It may work in CSAT as you lose time on tough questions, not here

      What is more important here is knowledge, clear concepts and practising mock tests. Your ability to eliminate wrong options will improve with every test. This is how practice will help you. Rest assured, you can write tests the way you want. 🙂

      1. Thanks team insight for guidance .Practice and mastery on elimination is what i required.

    1. It is the increased capacity of the river to erode faster as well as deeper because of the high energy it has.
      Possible reasons can be upliftment of land (here river would have high potential energy owing to high height, so more energy, more erosion), fall in sea level(same logic) or river capture (where river start flowing in the bed of another river owing to headward erosion)
      And the process results in formation of certain features like river terrace, knick points, and meanders etc

  27. Q 68. Why the southern slopes in Himalayan region are covered with thick vegetation cover as compared to sparse vegetation in the northern slopes of the same hills?

    1. Northern region is a rain shadow region and receives lesser precipitation.
    2. Temperature is lower in the Northern region.

    Which of the above is/are correct?

    A. 1 only
    B. 2 only
    C. Both 1 and 2
    D. None

    Sir, please explain how temperature is lower in the northern region.

    1. Areas south of the Himalayas are largely protected from cold winter winds coming in from the Asian interior and Tibetan plateau, Northern side is not.

  28. Hi Insights,
    A test-21 source material related question with reference to ICSE environmental studies. Could you give some some details i.e. class, or publisher. If you could provide a link to electronic material, it would be helpful.

  29. Can I still subscribe to this test series? (As it seems to have started months ago!) Will I get a discount? I am keen on UPSC 2017 but still aiming for 2016 too! Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can subscribe and write all tests any time. Thank you.

  30. I think, food does not become inferior good with increase in income. Its just that the expenditure on other commodities increases with increase in Income, so there is decline in food expenditure as % of total expenditure.

    Example to explain inferior good: Local Flour Vs Ashirvaad Flour -> It is generally observed that as income increases, consumption of local flour decrease and that on Aashirwaad flour (or any other Brand) increases. So, here the local flour is an inferior good.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. We have addressed the same query below. Please check.

  31. 2015 test series, test no. 1

    96. Consider the following statements about plants produced by vegetative propagation:

    1. They take less time to grow and bear flowers and fruits earlier than those produced from seeds.

    2. The new plants are exact copies of the parent plant, as they are produced from a single parent.

    3. Cutting, budding and grafting come under vegetative propagation techniques.

    Choose the correct answer using the codes below:

    a) 1 and 2
    b) 2 and 3
    c) 1 and 3
    d) All of the above

    Sir, shouldn’t the answer be “c” instead of “d” . because in grafting tissues of one plant are inserted into the other so the new plant can not be the exact copy.

  32. Hello @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus , I am not doing well in Tests, consistently getting around 50, Plz tell me how to improve.

  33. Q.NO 33: Marble is a metomorphic form of Lime stone as similar as clay may be metamorphised as slate, sandstone into quartzite, granite into gneiss, shale into schist, coal into graphite. Hence answer is not B( slate forms from clay). answer may be c if silt stone and schist are same. Please explain?

  34. sir please increase the attempts in test series please you said in starting.. plz do increse the attempts so that we can revise plz sir.. give some reply

  35. @insightsprelimstestseries regarding question 18 of test 15: statement 1: Tattwabodini Sabha was a splinter group of Bramho samaj……………but tattwobodhini sabha never merged with bramho samaj rather worked through informal association with,how can u say it was a splinter group of brahmo?splinter means breaking away or disintegrating?please clarify

  36. ICSE envi studies mean?
    ICSE class 9 and 10? or ICSE S.chand book?
    And both are not available online though but that’s ok 😛

  37. Q83.
    Sir, according to Census 2011, Haryana have the lowest sex ratio among states and second last is J&K…

    Sir answer could be Subduction Zone as well. though it is continent-continent convergence but Himalayan mountain are formed over subduction zone.

    Pls clarify

      1. 89. this means that whenever their is continental-continental crust collision then there is no subduction, just because they have same density?
        hence, subduction zone only happens when continental-oceanic crust collision takes place.
        is this concept correct?

        thank you

        1. Subduction may happen during continent-continent collision, but when both continents have nearly same density, no one will slide under the other, instead a dulation above the ground will be created, as in the case of Himalayas.

  38. Hello Insights,
    Q.NO 33: Marble is a metomorphic form of Lime stone as similar as clay may be metamorphised as slate, sandstone into quartzite, granite into gneiss, shale into schist, coal into graphite. Hence answer is not B( slate forms from clay). answer may be c if silt stone and schist are same. Please explain?

    1. you are correct.. as per GC Leong the above mentioned transformation by u is correct… Insight team needs to look into this.. meanwhile lets stick to what Leong says to us 🙂

      1. Slate forms when shale (which consists of clay minerals) is put under pressure with high temperature.

        1. yup got it.. can you please suggest any source from where we can mug up all these transformation? It will be of great help..

    2. Slate forms when shale (which consists of clay minerals) is put under pressure with high temperature. 🙂

  39. 71 Consider the following statements.

    1. Assertion (A): The Constitution imposes a duty upon the Centre to promote the

    spread and development of the Hindi language.

    2. Reason (R): Hindi is the mother tongue of majority of the Indian population.

    Hindi is mother tongue of majority isn’t it. 41% of the people, which is highest of any other language in our country. This is how I understood the second option.

    Am I wrong or the reason can be interpreted as I mentioned.

  40. Q-41
    Global warming potential (GWP) is a relative measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere. Which of the following is a correct order of the Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in increasing order of their GWP?

    Pls Explain as the global warming potential of Methane is greater when compared to C02 for 100 yr time

  41. 49 The President places the report of which of the following bodies before the Parliament?
    1. Union Public Service Commission
    2. Comptroller and Auditor General of India
    3. National Commission for STs
    4. National Human Rights Commission
    Select the correct answer using the codes below.
    A. 1 and 2 only
    B. 3 and 4 only
    C. 1, 2 and 4 only
    D. 1, 2, 3 and 4 only
    dear insights,i think there is no correct option for this ques as nhrc submits report to central r state govt and they submit before parliament,not president. from laxmikanth
    plz clarify

  42. @insights prelims test series sir could you clarify question number 96 as to the definition of high powered money
    I think the answer should be D ( instead of B)

  43. @Insights Prelims Test Series sir kindly explain the answer to question number 96 regarding the definition of high powered money
    Because according to me the answer should be D( instead of B)

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