Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 16

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 16

Hope you enjoyed solving the Sixteenth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. @insightsias thank you for high quality of test and explanation. But after taking the test PDF doesn’t generate . after clicking on “Download PDF” the link doesnt respond. kindly resolve this issue as quikly as possible.

    please start CSAT test as well.

    Thank you team of INSIGHTSIAS

    1. Iam also facing same problem. So many others hav also complained. But still the same for past 4 to 5 tests.
      I have mailed to the insights official id also. No reply. What to do..

  2. Thank You Insights!
    Just wondering which chapters of PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS OF INDIA (Mains) are to be studied.

    Also, would highly appreciate roll out of the CSAT2 initiative soon!

  3. Either this time the test was easy or my Preparation was above average!! Superb Test Series INSIGHTS.. YOU PEOPLE ROCK. 😛
    Justification provided by you says that the Statement B is unstarred question, however in unstarred ques. no supplementary question can follow.

    Statement-1 is correct as Public Bill is introduced by Minister , also the same is mentioned in your justification. But Answer Key wrote it as incorrect.

    Insight likes deducting our Hard Earned Marks!!! Haha!!

    1. test was relatively easy if you have mug up lakshmikant 🙂 , i am continuously scoring very poor in national current events can you suggest any remedy for this it will be very helpful for me. i am regularly following insights current affair.

      1. From how long you are regular with the Insights C.A (Current Affairs) ? Coz many of the events have a background built before the latest Current event you read about it.
        And You can also read C.A from more than one source(Ideally not more than 2-3) to widen your base and know something that is left in Other source

    2. Thank you!

      36. Supplementary questions cannot follow in unstarred questions. We will add a “not” in option (b). Option (b) as of now is only ‘similar’ to unstarred questions, not the same.

      40. Yes, answer will be the reverse. It will be option (b) – statement 2 only is incorrect, and 1 is correct. 🙂

  4. @insightias.. and others aspirants kindly help
    I am willing to join ur prelims test –yes too late ..but I have to…Few doubts .Kindly clarify
    1.currents affairs mentioned in test ..but what will be the period for these current affairs
    2.Questions based on UPSC past year papers – CS(P) and topics from CS(M), CDS, CAPF etc……will the questions be from topics for the test ..or open ended … no topics mentioned for the question paper what will it cover
    3.No sub topics for environment topics are mentioned and source too…. yes in one place you have mentioned the websites ..these too are open ended ..

    1. 1. Duration is the 10 day window between tests. But, few questions can also be asked from any important current affairs of past one year or so. Details are given in the schedule.


      3. NCERTs already cover most topics/sub-topics, for e.g. 12th Biology NCERT. ICSE environment books are also added for the upcoming tests. Rest of the portion of the syllabus has been categorised under treaties/species/parks etc. They can be covered from any standard source on Internet (list can be easily found there). Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive single source.

      Prepare well. All the best!

      1. Sir are the icse environmental books mandatory or is shankar ias environment a better choice ? … need your opinion

      2. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus thanks a lot for the clarification …and for the reply too

      3. Is this the book for icse environment : “environmental education 9 and 10 by beeta publications”

  5. Sir plz give attention on downloading PDF file test 16. I try to downloading but give errors.

    1. If you start covering at least one newspaper and PIB, or Insights current events regularly, make notes and revise them regularly, you will score well.

      Your score will also improve as your knowledge base expands since you will be easily able to eliminate irrelevant options.

      Keep preparing. Be consistent. All the best. 🙂

  6. @insights: Till the 100th question, I couldn’t escape Polity. Too much Polity question and that too easy !! Highly skewed question set …….. Looked like my ghost scored 140 marks 🙂

    1. The chapters 17-26 of Laxmikanth are extremely important for Prelims as compared to all other sections of the Test 16 syllabus. Hence the disproportionate focus.

      The importance of this test will be felt directly in the UPSC exam.

  7. @insight explain 27 qtn option D
    In this qtn as written that prez can curtail the term of a Rajya Sabha member any time based on the recommendation of the Union cabinet…and in explanation its said that The act also empowered the president of India to curtail the term of members chosen in the first Rajya Sabha. But, he cannot do it anytime based on any recommendations. The term of MPs is fixed…..then when such move is made by prez to curtain the term of membership of RS under this act & what exact recomendation are needed from Union Cabinet????

    1. Dear, it was done only for the first Rajya Sabha because one-third of the members had to retire earlier than their term to give way to the new members. If this was not done, all members of First Rajya Sabha would have retired together (after 6 years) and it could no longer be a permanent continuing chamber.

      It cannot be done any further by the President.

  8. I attempted test-16 yesterday. after reviewing my result, . But it shows some error and displaying some html code.. plz do the needful….

    thanks for your effors towards our success….

    1. Please check the featured comment. We We are also working on other such technical issues. Thank you.

  9. NOTICE: PDF Download Issue

    We will be uploading Test 14, 15 and 16 Questions cum Solutions documents in aspirant’s dashboard as a temporary measure.

    Support team is working on fixing the PDF download issue.

    They can’t fix it immediately as the site is live (people will be taking tests).

    We will put it into maintenance mode and fix it.

    Thank you.

          1. @mrinal_mukherjee:disqus Where can we download the solutions to the test? It’s not there in my test history either. And if it isn’t too much of a bother, could you email me as well ( or tell me where I should be looking?

      1. @mrinal_mukherjee:disqus hey pls share test-16 solution on google drive link(make sure it’s should be public). So everyone can download as temporary solution. Then no one will bug u to send mail 🙂 …thanks

    1. Thank you insights.
      You are doing a commendable job. Hats off to you and the whole team.

    2. hello sir. My test series is not working. Plz help. It alredy shows a message saying you have already given the test

        1. Hello sir. Daily quiz on current affairs is not updating anymore since 26 April. And a message is there that quiz will resume from 2 when will this problem be resolved.

    3. Sir the ‘mains study guide’ concerning the four mains gs papers in your website … do the links cover the syllabus sufficiently carrying relevance for the upcoming exam. If there are more sources please mention, im a little confused.

    4. Daily quiz which seems to be most usefull is not working..mainly from27april to 6 April all the quiz .

      1. too bad. it happened for the second time for me. All this 10 days work comes to a halt! :-/

  10. Q.79
    Mining is not a core industry and therefore should not come in IIP…So,according to me answer should be B and not D… Plz Clarify..

  11. Test 16 was heavily skewed towards polity but considering the imp. of those chapters of polity i think its worth.

    While going through sumit sarkar for test 17 came across a doubt which i would like to ask here : 1st session of congress held in 1885 was shifted from poona to mumbai due to outbreak of plague or cholera ? i am finding plague in some sources while other mention cholera. Request you to please clarify.

  12. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Q 40. Answer should be B. (It is asked which statement is incorrect)

    1. how can it be introduced without prior notice?
      and it doesnt require a minister to introduce it. Private Members can also introduce public bills

    2. Correct answer should be B.
      M. Laxmikant Pg. 22.17
      -A public bill is introduced in the parliament by a minister.
      -It requires a 7 days notice for introduction in house.

  13. q51 don’t see assertion being explained by the reason…please clarify?
    q37 the answer is anyway right…but the explaination is wrong : Zero hour starts immediately after the question hour for Lok Sabha only and in Rajya Sabha question hour is after zero hour….these changes were made recently i suppose….please clarify

    1. 37. Yes, these changes have been very recently introduced in the Winter Session of 2014. We will update them into the corrigendum that will be issued soon.

      51. We understand your concern. Statement R (Reason) explains more of “How” and not “Why” of the introduction of single system of courts by the GoI Act, 1935. We will try to avoid such ambiguity.

      Thank you. 🙂

      1. Question 51 : Reason (R): The Government of India Act of 1935 established the Federal Court of India with original, appellate and advisory jurisdiction.

        appellate : as per my understanding, It did not give appellate jurisdiction to it, as the privy council had that.

        Lines from lakshmikanth “The Supreme Court of India was inaugurated on January 28, 1950. It succeeded the Federal Court of India, established under the Government of India Act of 1935. However, the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is greater than that of its prodecessor. This is because, the Supreme Court has replaced the British Privy Council as the highest court of appeal.

        Please correct me.

      2. Laxmikant(Pg 3.11) says advisory jurisdiction of supreme court was adopted from Canadian constitution. So I don’t see the reason why they would adopt this from Canadian constitution while it has already been integral part of GoI act 1935.
        plz expain. Thank you

  14. Dear Insights thanks,Best questions and Best Test till now. Was Struggling with each question .

    One query question no 28 classical dance Mohiniyattam is a semi- classical and CCRT website also mentions 7 classical dance forms and Mohiniyattam is not included into it .

    What Google shows = Mohiniyattam is a semi-classical dance form of Kerala. It is perfomed by women. The word Mohini means a maiden who steals the heart of the onlooker. It is thought that Vaishnava devotees gave the name of Mohiniattam to this dance form.

    So correct answer should be B ?

  15. Dear Insights,

    The options were too straightforward (polity)
    Please make the options a bit more confusing so that we can make more mistakes because scoring well in an easy test is no joy 😐

  16. If anyone is reading Ramesh Singh Chapter 15, please clarify few items:

    1. The book says remittance is part of capital account but my knowledge says it is part of current account.

    2. The book says foreign investment in shares is part of current account but my knowledge says it is part of capital account.

    1. ur r r8 remittances come under current account. FDI and portfolio investment comes under capital account

    1. ETFs are like mutual funds traded on a stock exchange, just the way shares are traded (bought and sold).

      Take one example. Combine 10 stocks of Facebook, 10 gold bars and some government bonds, and name this basket of assets as ‘X’. Float this X on a stock market by dividing it into lets say 100 shares.

      X is a exchange traded fund. Its value depends on the value of its individuals components. An index is designed that tracks the value of individual components, like Gold and shows the overall value of the entire portfolio, i.e. ETF.

  17. Dear team thanks for qualitative test
    Please guide me
    It is very difficult to me to revise India struggle for independent book it is novel type book extremely difficult to revise I’m unable to make notes is there any other optional source ??

    Please suggest what’s can I do for it

  18. sir i am unable to open my account pls help me i am trying to take test since from 2 days

    1. Dear, is this is the first time you are facing this issue? Have you been able to write any tests previously?

      1. Yes sir this is the first time i am facing such problem n i wrote previous test with out any problem.

  19. I am not sure but the content of Sumit Sarkar and Sekhar Bandyopadhyay seem to be very similar..I am already reading Bipin Chandra and Sekhar..Wouldn’t reading Sumit Sarkar amount to reading too many books on the same topic which is usually not encouraged. Please guide me if I should be reading Sumit Sarkar or not..
    Also @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus , you could help by telling us the rationale behind suggesting this book

  20. Feeling very low after continuously scoring poor in history section.

    anyone could guide me please, will be very greatful.

  21. Sir please explain energy intensity of gdp
    and NBFC are supervised by a supervising authority depending upon the type of nbfc , but some are register with rbi too so please explain Q.98 statement 3 at your earliest convenience

    1. Energy intensity basically means how much energy you are using for a particular level of GDP. It measures energy efficiency of an economy.

      If two countries have the same GDP, and if nation X’s energy intensity is more than that of nation Y, then nation Y uses energy more efficiently. It implies that they can produce the same amount of goods and services will lesser energy.

      98. Some register with RBI, some need not. It has been explained in the PDF also. 🙂

  22. Ramesh Singh 10.11-10.12 (bottom right corner of page 10.11)

    “In order to push developments of affordable housing and achieve the target of Housing for All by 2022 ,RBI relaxed norms for issue of long terms bonds by banks for financing affordable housing WITHOUT THE COMPULSION OF MAINTAINING CRR/SLR ? “ Kindly explain

    Test 16


    I think the answer should have been 2 only (i.e) B rather than A.I the question would have been about only Bills , then I think A would have been wrong

    Q46 : Can only Lok Sabha make demands for grants ?
    Q48 : Had the question been on state legislative assemblies ,i guess governor has the right to dissolve them. Is this true ?
    Secondly , if this question was on Rajya Sabha , then who has the power to abolish or create them ? can they be created ? (Rajya sabha is a permanent body so i think creation would not be valid here but what about abolition )
    Thirdly , does the Delimitation Commission come under the reigns of the Parliament ? Is this an attached body ?

    1. Say if for every 100 rupees the bank had (at 4% CRR), the bank initally kept Rs. 4 with RBI. Now, if the bank invests Rs. 30 (out of Rs. 100) in long-term bonds, then the CRR norm will apply only on Rs. 70. It means now the bank will only keep 4% of Rs. 70 i.e. Rs 2.8 with RBI.

      Such norms encourage banks to invest more in nation’s growth and development.

      40. The question should have asked about CORRECT statements, instead of INCORRECT. It is a typo. Answer will be B.

      46. Lok Sabha does not demand grants. Demand for grants is made by the Ministries. They can be approved by Lok Sabha only.

      48. Governor dissolves the legislative assembly. But, the dissolution only brings an end to the term of members. It does not affect the institution of State Legislative assembly in any manner. It cannot be abolished. It is a permanent institution. Rajya Sabha too is a permanent body. It cannot be abolished, neither dissolved.

      Delimitation commission is constituted by the Central government. It is not an attached body or committee of the Parliament.

  23. Insights Prelims Test Series-Q2. Statement 2-what advantages do the NRIs/OCIs have in sending remittances when our rupee depriciates?
    Q78. How come it is 65% as in the previous year’s Eco Sur it is given around 49%.
    Q86. All cabinet deliberations will be treatred as confidential?
    Q98. Is paytm is a NBFC?

    1. 2. If you are a US based NRI, and rupee depreciates against dollar lets say from 60 to 70, every dollar that you send home will be more valuable. A $1000 dollar remittance that meant Rs 60,000 earlier would be Rs. 70,000 now. So, you can send the same money and have higher value.

      78. It is 65%. You are referring to quite old data.

      86. Yes. Only cabinet notes are not confidential.

      98. No. It would have been an NBFC it its primary business was that of operating the Paytm wallet. As of now, it receives approval from RBI to conduct its wallet operations. Thank you.

      1. but,if rupee depreciates,NRI’S have advantage to send less dollars,i don’t think,they send more dollars,because less dollars equivalent to every time sending money,then no chance of increasing Forex reserves of country.

  24. Q2 Test 16.
    Higher Crude Oil Prices in Gulf Countries may not be necessarily right answer. Ideally prices should be higher in World market. Higher prices in Gulf countries may not help as domestic market of Gulf countries is not adequate for its absorption.

  25. Q99
    Indian Home rule was never been movement of INC as no formal resolution to that effect was passed. Secondly, participation of any of the individuals from respective parties say INC, AIML (As for Jinnah) or Liberals may not considered as support of entire of the party.
    (Then its like Besant and Tilak being members of INC, movement was been sponsored by INC)

    1. Exactly..
      This is what answer also states..
      go through one again to the answer

      99 Consider the following about the Indian Home Rule movement.
      1. It wanted to obtain the status of a Dominion for India within the British Empire.
      2. It worked as a joint movement of the Indian National Congress and the All India Muslim League.
      3. Gandhiji was once elected as a President of the All India Home Rule League.

      C. 1 and 3 only
      Correct Answer : C


      Statement 1:
      Between 1916 and 1918, when the World War-I was gradually approaching an end, prominent Indians like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sir S. Subramania Iyer, Annie Besant decided to organise a national alliance of leagues across India.

      It was specifically to “demand Home Rule”, or “self-government” within the British Empire for all of India.

      Statement 2:
      It was run separately from both parties. Some members of both INC and AIML joined the Home Rule movement.
      (no formal resolution from any party. Hence, not a joint movement of the Indian National Congress and the All India Muslim League)

      Statement 3:
      In 1920, the All India Home Rule League elected Mahatma Gandhi as its President.
      In a year, the body would merge into the Indian National Congress to form a united Indian political front.

  26. Please let us know how to download from dashboard , as of now not able to see where to download and test 14 is still giving error downloading from test history

  27. unable to submit test.. tried at approx 11.30 and in then again it has been processing since 00:30 its been 45 minutes.

    pls resolve it

        1. I am still hanged to the same screen after submit the test, just wait message is displayed from last 1 hour.

  28. Question 25 :

    Delimitation Commission :
    Justification to statement 4 >> The Commission is a powerful body whose orders cannot be challenged in a court of law. The orders are laid before the Lok Sabha and the respective State Legislative Assemblies. However, modifications are not permitted.


  29. Dear Team,

    I need clarification related to question no. 19, in 1984 when Indira Gandhi dies, then council of minister has choose Rajiv Gandhi as their leader, so option “C” seems right in one sense.

    1. Dear, you may be referring to a different question number. Please copy and paste the statements here. We will be able to help. 🙂

  30. Q70 : What do you mean by holding some office of Profit ? Isn’t the membership of a political party equivalent of holding an OoP ?

    Q75 : The president can declare an area as scheduled area and has powers with respect to the administration of scheduled areas and tribal areas.Does this come under judicial review ?

    Q79 Can we generalize coal under the 8 core industries under mining?I deliberately marked Electricity and Fertilizers and left mining as i thought its not only for coal .

    Q82 : If SEZs have economic laws that are different from a country’s typical economic laws , then who decides/makes those laws ?

    Q83 Can courts interfere in the impeachment process of the Prez (#judicial review ) ?

    An extension to Q86 : Everything that comes under RTI is subjected to judicial review , however the converse isn’t true ? True or False

    (so say ,I file an RTI to know that on what grounds a national emergency on Uttarakhand was imposed.Kindly note , i am not asking for the advice given to the Prez by the council of Ministers , I am just asking the reason of satisfaction of the president )

    1. 70.-I think holding some office of profit means holding an office under govt.-whether Local,state or union.And a political party isnt a govt. office or under holding a office say of president or vice president of some party doesn’t come under office of profit.
      75.- Not specifically mentioned in the constitution but it will come under judicial review if it the declaration violate any law/constitution.But he has the discretionary powers regarding this.
      79.-u r right.its not only for coal but IIP includes many industries besides 8 core other material mining is also included in IIP.
      82.-For a uniform SEZs, BASIC rules r set by union govt. by making SEZ act,2005 and accordingly state govt. r told to enact their own SEZ act to provide an friendly environment to nothing common except basic objectives among states.more like panchayats and municipalities case.
      83.-yes they can If the process of impeachment as defined in the constitution and other parliamentary rules hasn’t been followed properly.

  31. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Unable to submit after finishing the test… Says “Result is being processed please wait”

    Resolve the issue at the earliest

  32. Dear team , i am not able to submit my test. i am getting “the result is being processed….please wait”

  33. Please explain question 60, point 2

    Question 80 : Is vice-President part of executive ?

    and as always… Thank you

    1. point 2 of ques. 60- A governor can be given additional power as an administrator of an UT by President.And while exercising that power he has the constitutional discretion to take decisions on his own except where is legislative assemblies.See laxmikant chapter 36 for more details.
      ques. 80- yes. see laxmikant chapter 17, second line.

  34. i am not able to give test no.15 and 16. Whenver i clicked on take test it showed a message saying you have already taken test. Plz solve that technical problems in my account..

  35. @insights prelims test series
    40. Which of the following statements about Public Bills is INCORRECT?
    1. It is introduced in the Parliament by a minister.
    2. It can be introduced without any prior notice in the house.
    Which of the above is/are correct?

    a) 1 only
    b) 2 only
    c) Both 1 and 2
    d) None

    you have given Solution: a)

    how ? in question you have asked incorrect statement ! so 2 is incorrect(it requires 7 days prior notice) then option B should be correct ..

  36. Hi Insights,

    Please specify chapters on Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design for Mains-2016 preparation.


  37. My test are not loading yet. What the hell is your team doing insights..i have lost my 4 test. Don’t you believe in providing service. I have been complaining since last all are not resolving the issue. I lost my test 17 also Toda…i was not now I had lost test 12,13,15,16,17..

  38. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Q43- statement-3
    all money bils are also financial bill so all financial bill can not be eligible for joint session.
    please correct me if i am wrong.

    thanks in advance.

    1. The options were set in such a way that the only possible answer could have been “3 only”. In this context, you should interpret financial bills as money bills for the purpose of this question. Otherwise the classification as you have mentioned clearly applies.

      Tagging doesn’t notify us on Disqus, hence such a delay in replying. If you post doubts in replay to our comments, we will be able to reply in 2-4 days. Thank you.

  39. Question 51 : Reason (R): The Government of India Act of 1935 established the Federal Court of India with original, appellate and advisory jurisdiction.

    appellate : as per my understanding, It did not give appellate jurisdiction to it, as the privy council had that.

    Lines from lakshmikanth “The Supreme Court of India was inaugurated on January 28, 1950. It succeeded the Federal Court of India, established under the Government of India Act of 1935. However, the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is greater than that of its prodecessor. This is because, the Supreme Court has replaced the British Privy Council as the highest court of appeal.

  40. Q 60 : Discretionary power of the Governor. Sir, all the present SC orders and even DD Basu suggests that Recommendation for the president’s rule is not a discretionary power of President. The President can only recommend President’s rule in case of failure of constitutional machinery. As DD Basu writes he has to submit a report to the president that is him complete discretion. Please clarify

    1. It is about the Governor’s discretionary power. The Governor clearly has the discretion to write a report on his own to impose President’s rule in the State. Whether his report is accepted or not is a different matter.

      Tagging doesn’t notify us on Disqus, hence such a delay in replying. If you post doubts in replay to our comments, we will be able to reply in 2-4 days. Thank you.

  41. Question 93
    Page 11.5 of ramesh singh (6th edition) – includes the limited participation of nabard, mf, idbi, gic as money market participants. While the answer key says only mutual funds

  42. Q22. Option A is wrong. It should also have UTs i.e. Delhi and Pudduchary. Otherwise option B is correct

  43. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q 40). Answer should be B. It is clearly stated in laxmikant.
    Q 77) Statement 2 says GDP has never shrunk since 1991. Shrinking involves decrease too. GDP has not constantly increased since 1991 reforms. So, please clarify the statement.

  44. @@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q 40). Answer should be B. It is clearly stated in laxmikant.

    Q 77) Statement 2 says GDP has never shrunk since 1991. Shrinking involves decrease too. GDP has not constantly increased since 1991 reforms. So, please clarify the statement…

    1. 40. Answer is B, as also clear from the explanation. It was a typo.

      77. GDP growth rates have varied, however, they have always been positive implying that the GDP has always increased post-1991.

  45. from where to download corrigendum Test 11 onwards. Kindly provide the URL or PDF link. Thanks.

  46. Question no. 40 is wrong.. please check it again as it asks for incorrect option,

  47. — Clarification needed
    q.93 Which of the following is/are part of the Organised Indian Money Market?
    1. Mutual Funds
    2. EXIM Bank
    3. NABARD
    Correct Answer : A
    Learning: There are around eight instruments or components of the Indian
    money market especially designed to fulfill the
    short-term fund requirements of the different categories of the individuals,
    institutions or the firms and companies:
    Treasury Bills
    Call Money Market
    Certificate of Deposit
    Commercial Bills
    Commercial Papers
    Mutual Funds
    Repo and Reverse Repo Markets.
    Cash Management Bill
    NABARD and EXIM bank are part of the financial markets

    Under the Call Money Market, NABARD acts as a lender hence it can be said to be part of the Organised Money Market as well. Ramesh Singh 6th edition Ch 11 pg 11.5

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