Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 13

Insights Prelims Test Series – 2016: Discussions Test – 13

Hope you enjoyed solving the Thirteenth Test of our 2016 Test Series. On this page, please share your doubts to seek clarifications, or to point out any mistakes in the comment box regarding the First Test. We will do our best to address  all your doubts.

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  1. Is there anybody who scores regularly between 60-70? How can I improve my score beyond this range to make a cut.Last year cut off was above 105 I suppose..Kindly suggest some useful inputs..! Thank you..

    1. Why are you scoring low? Have you assessed that?

      Is it because you are not able to remember/recollect what you have read or is it because you have not been able to understand the concepts?

      If it is the former then you need multiple revisions, plus treat the test as another form of revision. If it is the latter, then spend more time on the 6-10th std textbooks to build your base, use wikipedia + google to clear your doubts and then tackle 11,12 th textbooks.

      All the best!

  2. Dear Insights in ques no 64 in option no 4 was wrongly given, as ANY MP can introduce constitutional amendment bill

    but answer in pdf was wrongly given ..can you pls clarify me??

    1. Dear, it is a typo. It is explained correctly in the explanation. Solution will be D, not C. Any MP can introduce a constitutional amendment bill. Thank you.

      1. @ Insights: Please let me know if these text books are necessary or there are any alternatives to these books. RAMESH SINGH – Indian Economy ; PLASSEY to PARTITION – Sekhar Bandyopadhyay . MODERN INDIA – Sumit Sarkar ;

  3. Hi Insights,

    Can we please have the watermark somewhere at the top instead of it being in the middle of the page in the generated solution PDF?
    It’s difficult to take notes with a watermark in the middle. I hope you understand.

    (People already have softwares in Windows to remove watermark; So difficult to control the plagiarism with this old method – that leaves Linux and mac users with no solution! 🙂 )


  4. Dear Insight ,
    Is it necessary to read Modern India by sumit sarkar and From Plassey To Partition for upcoming tests ? Is Spectrum’s Modern India not enough ? Or should we follow all of them ?

    Please Help 🙂

    1. Spectrum is enough. But please do give one quick scan to either Sumit Sarkar or Plassey to Partition. It won’t take more than a few hours. Also, during the quick scan see what all is relevant for Mains. You really need not read all three books from cover to cover. 🙂

        1. It is enough. In fact you should thoroughly read any one of them, and only quickly scan other reference books. You will be able to locate some important Mains based content in each of them, Thank you.

      1. Hello sir, if possible please provide the sources for biosphere reserves ,treaties and related topics..from where should i study these topics ?

      2. Sir, I m really disappointed. Why didn’t you even consider my query. As I said I m not able to download PDF s of test papers. Sir please at least consider my problem and let me know what is the issue and how long it will take to fix it.

      3. Hi Insights,

        Can we please have the watermark somewhere at the top instead of it being in the middle of the page in the generated solution PDF?

        It’s difficult to take notes with a watermark in the middle. I hope you understand.

        (People already have softwares in Windows to remove watermark; So difficult to control the plagiarism with this old method – that leaves Linux and mac users with no solution! 🙂 )


  5. All the MPs whether elected or nominated take part in the election of

    the President. ?.

    My Doubt: Only Nominated member can take part in Impeachment right not in election of president? Clarify Me

    1. No only elected members will participate…no nominated member will present .and states legislative council also do not participate. ..

  6. Q. 29, funcations of RBI: Regulating the rate of lending and borrowing via banks in India
    –RBI don’t “regulate” the bank rates, it hopes that banks should adjust accordingly. In this fiscal year RBI reduced the repo rate by 125 basis points but still banks are reluctant to cut their lending rate, max rate cut observed was 50-60 basis points. Do clarify!

    1. Bank Rate is a standard policy rate of RBI, set along with other monetary policy rates like repo rate, reverse repo rate, CRR, SLR etc.

      If the Bank rate is say 8%, commercial banks cannot charge their customers 7%. This is how RBI regulates the market interest rates. It does not ‘control’ the rates for each and every bank, but it regulates their interest rate policies very effectively this way.

      Same is true for Repo rates. So, “regulation” is different from “control”. For e.g. SEBI regulates the financial markets, but it does not control it. 🙂

      1. Hey Prachi, thank you for the books!
        Do you by any chance know of we are to cover all 3 books or choose one?
        I’d send a mail and was told that one out of plassey/struggle
        but forgot to ask about Sumit Sarkar.

          1. hey @prachi can you please send me plassey to partition pdf or give google drive link

      2. i am having some issue in downloading sumit sarkar book. kindly upload via google drive. really appreciate ur effort

      3. can you please send the books to my email will be great help!

  7. Dear insight,
    I have Bipin Chandra India’s struggle for independence and Spectrum’s Modern India so can i skip Modern India by sumit sarkar and From Plassey To Partition for upcoming tests, as i don’t have these books.

    Plz Rply:

    1. Yes, you can for now. But, for Mains preparation, do give a quick scan to “Plassey to Partition”. It is very relevant for Mains preparation.

      1. The book(P to P) is so boring compared to Bipin Chandra; Written on an awful quality of paper, with illegible font! 🙂

  8. We are following multiple books for Modern India like, NCERT, then Bipin Chandra then Sekhar Bandhopadhyay and then one more Modern India by Sumit Sarkar..

    and then after all these Spectrum.

    So is it that I am supposed to read from so many sources ??

    M asking you bcz I have not gone through any of these except NCERTs as of now..
    The question at the end is is it necessary to go through multiple source or I must read the same the same book again and again?

    Pls clarify..

    I have bought books authored by Bipin Chandra & Sekhar Bandhopadhyay.. and as I have Economic Survey, India 2016 and other stuff at my disposal.. will it be wise to go through multiple books for same topics??

    1. Spectrum alone is enough. But please do give one quick scan to either Sumit Sarkar or Plassey to Partition. It won’t take more than a few hours. Also, during the quick scan see what all is relevant for Mains. You really need not read all three books from cover to cover. 🙂

    1. Yes, old NCERT is quite comprehensive. But please do give one quick scan to either Sumit Sarkar or Plassey to Partition. It won’t take more than a few hours. Also, during the quick scan see what all is relevant for Mains. You really need not read all three books from cover to cover. 🙂

  9. Q-39 How can mixed cropping and crop rotation help in preventing soil erosion. It can help the soil in regaining the nutrients by balancing the uptake of it.

    1. Crop rotation is basically sowing crops with different (sometimes opposing) needs alternately.

      If you are growing cereals after legume or sowing deep rooted crops after shallow ones, you are helping the soil to regain its nutrient base, humus, minerals, base composition etc.

      Suppose you are growing bushy canopy crops (with foliage) before pole type, it will not only reduce soil erosion but also add huge amount of organic matter to the soil.

      Both of these effects will prevent soil degradation more effectively.

        1. when soil gets eroded, the top layer with humus is removed which is the best part and in turn degrades the soil. my explanation. feel free to trash it!

      1. I too think that 2 nd and 3rd option are related to soil degradation which is different from soil erosion. In fact mixed farming that involves grazing by cattle can increase soil erosion

      2. I agree with chaitany

        Soil erosion is one of the aspects of soil degradation i.e., physical indicator of land degradation

        Factors contributing to soil degradation (prevention) need not necessarily contribute to soil erosion (prevention)

        So imho only mulching is the most suitable answer

          1. No. Insight asked me to try to download it in p c or laptop, I don’t have them at home so I didn’t try yet. You can try the same.
            Let me know if you are able.

      3. Sir same doubt…
        mixed farming and crop rotation helps in nutrient balancing (prevent soil degradation) but will not stop soil erosion.
        Please clarify.

      4. sir, but then you should clarify the difference between ‘soil erosion’ and ‘soil degradation’

      5. Dear Sir/ Madam,
        I have written my test 13th today..after completing my test..the results are loading for more than 1 hour..nd i tried to submit again..but facing same problem.. I am not able to see my reults and im not able to access the key. Plzz refresh my test or if possible give my results for this test along wid answer key..My email id:

        Plzz do the needful… Thanks in Advance..

      6. Sir what is a good score in this test? I had saved this for the last. In full length tests performing ok above 110 but in this test I got 102.

      7. Q21:it should be impeachment instead of election in justification to the answer.

  10. hey Insights can you give an estimate of what can be considered as good score…
    The number of students taking tets are falling with each test…
    Thus ranks may not be the be the best medium of estimating ones standing…
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. The number of students taking tests in within the 10 day window is falling, but many are attending tests late. So, number of test takers ultimately will not fall much. You will see your dashboard rank being updated quite often.

      A consistent score of 80+ in Insights Tests is good. It means in the final UPSC exam, you have the potential to score above 110.

      Ideally you should target for at least 130+ in UPSC. All the best! 🙂

  11. @In@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
    Q14 RTI should be coming iunder art 21 Right to life ..isn’t it??

  12. hi Insights ..
    can you provide source for preparing im[pprtant species and biodiversity..
    Thanks a ton!

  13. @in@insightsprelimstestseries:disqus RT should come under art 21 and not 19..
    21 is right to life..
    please clarify

  14. Greetings Insights,
    please let us know the chapters we need to do from INDIA YEARBOOK and ECONOMIC SURVEY.. ASAP PLEASE

      1. hello insights,
        will you be starting paper 2 initiative from march?
        please let us know or we have to start on our own.


    1. Hi Sushma,

      If your payment was successful you will be automatically directed to the Test login. Only if the payment fails, you won’t be able to access the test. Please see if you an Instamojo ID. In case of difficulties, do reach us again. 🙂

      1. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus
        I am facing issues with highlighting the text in solution PDF (due to big INSIGHT IAS) i.e. the whole page gets selected. Anyone else facing the same ? Please suggest, should I change reader, I use Foxit.

  16. Q-11
    On which of the answer to be relied upon? According to your explanation its -Methane and Air (option).
    This question once came in CSP 2001 and again in 2008.

    1. Methane and Air is the right answer…. The folks at ISM Dhanbad will have a ROFL moment if they see this answer 😀

  17. @ insights: Can you please activate the “Take Test” link so that we can revise the old test time and again ? I think that had been the original motive 🙂

  18. Q84 1938 was the year that witnessed the first attempt to develop a national plan for India when National Planning Committee was set up. This committee was set up by Subhash Chandra Bose and chaired by Jawaharlal Nehru. However the reports of the committee could not be prepared and only for the first time in 1948 -49 some papers came out.

    So Effectyively planning started after independence . Please Clarify

    1. Planning in India started before independence. Chapter 3 of Ramesh Singh deals thoroughly with this issue. It is a part of Test 14 syllabus. 🙂

  19. Dear Insights ,this might be available on your website but Im not able to find it. In the next test what edition of the book I should refer to.
    The chapters are different ,if not in the beginning they will be on later stage. Thank You

  20. sir how will we prepare National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Species, Environmental Laws/Conventions/Treaties/Bodies

  21. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q.13-It was associated with Indian culture of worshiping trees and making sacred grooves. So, (b) should be appropriate one.
    Q.30-Option (2) says about developmental functions means execution in which RBI has no role but in explanation itself it says only about imformation sensitization.
    Q.69-DPSP was taken from Irish constitution.
    Q.75-Requirement to generate tropical cyclone warm water with temp 25-27 degree celcius, marginal water body and these conditions can be developed over lakes and so cyclones do form over water bodies other than sea. eg over lake victoria in Africa

    1. Q.13 – It didn’t focus on “Conservation of traditional values” it focused on “conservation of environment”;
      Q.69 – DPSP is modified “Instrument of Instructions” 1935 which is a colonial legacy;
      Q.75 – Can you give me the source for “Lake Victoria” argument?

      1. first thanks for the reply bro.
        Q.13- I think it did focus on “Conservation of traditional values” by associating their religious practice of worshiping trees and making sacred grooves with the forest conservation. It was not only associated with such types of cases but religious reasons with trees too attached with chipko movements.
        Q.69-again the doubt remains, as I stated in my argument that dpsp was taken from Irish constitution.
        Q.75. Don’t the requirements I had written is sufficient enough to generate a tropical cyclone? Victoria lake is not associated with “tropical cyclone” but it was associated with thunderstorms.

        1. Q13. “Conservation of traditional values of Indian culture” sounds different for me; It doesn’t sound like “sacred grooves” – But anyways, I see your point.
          Q.69. Look at it chronologically; Irish Constitution to Instrument of Instruction and then to Indian constitution; So it is a Colonial legacy; And yes, It is copied from Irish constitution;
          Q.75. Generally tropical cyclones form on tropical seas – a large lake may not be able to provide enough water vapour, the low pressure may not be intensified thus. But hypothetically, I guess you are right; 🙂

          Don’t worry If you got them wrong. This is all for conceptual clarity; I hope that helps;


          1. Thanks a lot. It definitely helps. All the above three questions needed a vision to solve which you have I think that’s why you have explained in a nice and simple manner.
            I have written wrongly RBI’s question as 30th, it was 29th. Does RBI perform developmental functions?

            1. No Problem!
              Priority sector norms are notified by RBI; This is used for development.

  22. does anyone have sumit sarkar modern india and plassey to partition book in pdf format. if yes pls upload.
    thanks in advance 🙂

  23. is it fine if i read spectrum publication modern in dia instead of shekhar bandopadyay plasey to partition for the upcoming test..pls do reply

  24. is it compulsory to read modern india by sumit sarkar,and shekhar bandopadyaya,spectrum,ncert 12th old edition along with strugle for india independencebipin chandra..pls insights reply to ma comments asap

  25. Dear insight will you be providing plan for csat paper 2? as you said earlier please reply ASAP.

  26. sir how will we prepare National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Species, Environmental Laws/Conventions/Treaties/Bodies….

  27. Kindly suggest specific source/book for study -National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Species, Environmental Laws/Conventions/Treaties/Bodies

  28. Kindly suggest specific source/book for study -National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Species, Environmental Laws/Conventions/Treaties

    1. Copy pasting earlier comments from Insights;

      Suggested Material for Test 13:

      1. Please combine these sources for Environment portion:

      a) Ministry of Environment and Forests website

      b) Important Protected Areas from Wikipedia, UPSC Past year papers (pick list and do some research) and all endangered State animals.

      Here is a useful booklet from MoEF on critically endangered species of India.

      2. For International Bodies/Treaties etc.

      A thorough reading of NCERT -12th Contemporary World Politics and some research on the International Bodies given therein will do. We have already covered many such important bodies/treaties in these tests.

      Apart from this Ministry of External Affairs website is a one stop source. Current affairs and past year papers are also very important here. Filter important topics/bodies/treaties from there. Little bit of research on them will do.

      For such topics, unfortunately no good single source is available.

      Prepare well. Thank you. 🙂

      1. If u got these books plz send me ( or google drive link.

        1.Plassey to partition

        2.Modern India- sumit sarkar

  29. kindly explain q -69 : how dpsp are inheritance of colonial legacy? it was borrowed from irish word “inherited” correct here?

    1. yes! in 1935’s act it was mentioned with the name of ‘instrument of instructions’

  30. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus Q.67

    The explanation doesnot explain how the constitution is not clear about governor’s role. I think the answer should be B.

  31. Q-64 If any MP can introduce a CA bill then how come option C is correct?
    Q-69 DPSP was borrowed from Irish constitution not the British right? Please clarify the above doubts

    1. DPSP is the rebranded avatar of the Instruments of Instructions mentioned in the Govt of India Act, 1935

  32. @insightsprelimstestseries:disqus

    Q.83. The explanation says IAEA is specialized agency of UN while it is not.

    1. True – It is an organisation which reports to UNGA and UNSC but not a specialised agency;

    2. The UN specialized agencies are autonomous organizations working with the United Nations. All were brought into relationship with the UN through negotiated agreements.

  33. @Insights Prelims Test Series

    Q39 : Soil erosion is one of the aspects of soil degradation i.e., physical indicator of land degradation

    Factors contributing to soil degradation (prevention) need not necessarily contribute to soil erosion (prevention)

    So imho only mulching is the most suitable answer

    Can some one please clarify this as this is a bit conceptual?

  34. Hi Insights,
    Do you know of any link which has a list of important reports and the institutions which release them?

  35. Hi insights

    Q 48 : Statement II talks only about Sun’s position and it does not say anything about Moon’s position
    Moon’s influence on the tides is 2x more than that of Sun’s..
    How can statement II be correct always??

    Please clarify

    1. the question is talking about the range so, when earth is closest to the sun, the net MOON+SUN will be greater than normal and MOON-SUN will be lower than normal.

      therefore the range (M+S, M-S) will be greater.

  36. Why do not we deduct indirect costs if the Net Income is being derived from market costs ?

    1. As I understand, indirect tax is what constitutes market cost of a produce. In India’s case NI is calculated on the basis of factor cost. If we deduct indirect tax from market price then it will automatically become the factor cost bn of produce. ( ignoring subsidies ) .
      Correct me if I am wrong. Economy makes me feel dumb. .

    2. The question is not clear to us. Please elaborate little further.

  37. dear insights….in the answer booklet of test 13 in most of the questions you have not provided the page no. for the source ….only mentioned the name of the book….it is time taking to locate the source…please look into the issue…

  38. sir how will we prepare National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Species, Environmental Laws/Conventions/Treaties/Bodies..

    1. You can leave these will take a lot of time and hardwork..and no gurantee that you will be able to recall in exam day..One only 2 questions hardly asked..can safely leave.

      1. No Zoolander, Please do not leave National Parks, Species etc. It forms major part of EnB syllabus; Try going through the Wikipedia – you will enjoy it; But yes, It does take time;

        On how to prepare these topics, Just see the featured comment of test-12;


    2. Please refer to the featured comment of Test 12. Thank you.

    1. Q6. As per the RBI Act 1934, all Scheduled Commercial Banks (that includes public and private sector banks, foreign banks, regional rural banks and co-operative banks) are required to maintain a cash balance on average with the RBI on a fortnightly basis to cater to the CRR requirement.

      The link mentioned by you is actually a Circular that has been issued to all scheduled commercial banks except RRBs.

      Q4. Yes, it is in Chattisgarh. 🙂

  39. Due to some unforeseen issues, we are not able to attend the doubts. We will address all of them soon. Thank you.


    1. Hello guy, I also face this problem
      But we have to follow the Mission 2016 of Insight then go through the Plassy to Partisian and Sumit Sarkar as the mentioned chapter for the test to be held on 8th of March
      I hope got it

  41. Hi Insights,
    Can you Please update the test schedule topics with the Modern History by Spectrum (Rajiv Ahir) chapters.

    1. You know as per Mission 2016 prelims test series, Modern History by Rajiv air has not been included in the syllabus as chapter wise
      So, dear colleague group through the Plassy to partisian and Modern India by Sumit Sarkar

  42. Dear @insights

    If this is true then why the LBA between India and Bangladesh is called as the 100th constitutional amendment ?

    1. LBA involves both settlement of boundary disputes as well as ceding of Indian territory to Bangladesh. So, it requires a constitutional amendment.

  43. Q69:
    Sir i have a problem in explanation part, where it says that DPSP requires the parliament to make laws to implement them. But is it not that they are directives to state governments so that they are kept in mind while framing laws for the states.

    can u pls clarify me?

    1. 69. DPSP carries moral authority. But. in order to enforce them Parliament needs to enact laws. For e.g. Kerala government banned sale of liquor in the state at certain outlets. DPSP (Article 47) exhorts the state to prohibit the sale of intoxicants.

      86. Finance Commission assesses the revenue needs of the state and recommends grants or tax devolution accordingly. The revenue budget of state governments can be financed by the tax devolution.

  44. Q-19: Is it the loosened soil which help in growth of earthworm or the other way round?.. Or is it should be assumed as a chicken-egg problem.. both to be true.. Kindly clarify

  45. Since the test is over.
    Would it be possible if, we can be provided with list of important National parks and International bodies which we should specially focus on for this year.

    This can give us (People on insight) slight edge on competition and help in efficient preparation.

    Requesting this, Considering your wider expertise and experience in this field. I hope I get a reply.

    And as always “Thank you”

    1. We are including all such important parks and bodies in the tests. You may want to consolidate them at one place for convenience. Thank you.

  46. sir , I am consistently giving test on test series 2016 but not scoring good marks . please suggest me how to improve my marks .

  47. sir, can you please suggest some source to prepare national parks,bio reserves,species,environmental laws/conventions/treaties/bodies.I always do these questions incorrectly

  48. also for current events, I am following only insights current events. What else is required for the same?

  49. for ques 9) acc to ncet on contemporary world politics pg 121 , there are 2 views regarding antartica ownership. countries like UK,CHILE,AUSTRALIA have made legal claims on it. so ans should be 2,3 & 4 (no such option given)

    1. Asserting a legal claim on a property and actually owning it are two different things. The explanation is clear. The answer will be D. Thank you.

  50. Hi Sir,
    Two questions
    Q66. “It is the WTO’s first-ever multilateral accord that aims to simplify customs
    regulations for the cross-border movement of goods.”
    Doubt – Doha Development Agenda came in 2001 and Its objective is to lower trade barriers around the world, and thus facilitate increased global trade. So how TFA is the first-ever multilateral accord?

    Q69. the explanation says “They were inherited from the British Instrument of instructions given to the governors and governor-generals under the Government of India Act 1935.”
    Doubt – DPSP is taken from Irish constitution as given in the book

    1. 66. Doha Development Agenda is not an agreement. It is a series of negotiations. 🙂

      69. DPSP is a product of both. The concept has been borrowed from the Irish constitution. The instrument of instructions were also incorporated into the DPSP. There was also a question in CSP 2010 on the same topic. You may want to see that. Thank you.

  51. I have a doubt regarding Q29. Do RBI directly regulate rate of lending and borrowing via banks? if so ,how? it may be argued that RBI prescribes broad parameters of banking operation, but does it guaranties bank changing their rates? Please help friends.

  52. has the site crashed or what?
    I attempted test 14 but can’t see my results,,,it says ‘still processing the results’
    Also, kindly update the time table for future tests!

  53. Facing problem while downloading the answer Pdf,showing error page .Please fix the problem as soon as possible.

  54. Qn no 89. The anti defection law conferred judicial capacity on the speaker which the SC did not strike down, but merely subjected to judicial scrutiny.
    The Legislature can also imprison/impose fine on people.
    So how does the statement 3 go wrong?

    Qn. no 39 Crop rotation helps to arrest soil degradation by improving nutrient cycling- but how exactly soil erosion?
    Qn no 64) As per the explanation too the answer must be option D

    and finally, does providing financial literacy fall under the ambit of SEBI?

    1. 89. The Parliament exercises certain judicial powers. But, they pertain to Parliamentary functioning. If any law gives Parliament substantial judicial powers that pertain to non-Parliamentary issues, they will be declared void by the SC. It will be against separation of powers between the Legislature and Judiciary.

      39. You can sow a deep-rooted crop alongwith shallow rooted crops to stop soil erosion.

      64. Answer will be D.

      SEBI organizes and conducts financial literacy campaigns in India. You can see this

  55. There was a question related to constitutional amendment bill . “It was stated that private members are not allowed to initiate constitutional amendment bills”.
    As per my understanding private are also allowed to initiate constitutional amendment bill. Kindly review

    1. Yes, there are allowed to introduce constitutional amendment bills. It is a typo and mentioned correctly in the explanation. Thank you.

  56. Q13 when tribal people hugged trees and protect them from felling by contractors which shows that in their culture conservation of natural resources is inherent value . so why option 3 is eliminated

  57. Hi , I AM UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD SOLUTION PDF’s FOR ONLINE PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2016 ( TEST NO.13 ONWARD ) ( I HAVE PAID FOR THE SERIES ). I am sending a lot of mails for past 10 days to support team but not action has been taken yet. PLEASE HELP. !!!!!!


  58. Doubts:
    Q3:Under the condition “In LED light”,temperature would increase around the plant. Consequently air surrounding the plant will have more moisture carrying capacity.So the relative humidity will be low and hence more transpiration will happen.So why option “B” is not answer is “C” is?
    Q72:Vote of each country is decided by its Quota in IMF which in turn is decided by weighted average of GDP (weight of 50 percent), openness (30 percent), economic variability (15 percent), and international reserves (5 percent) So why is option “B” not correct?
    Source of my argument :
    Q75:Tropical cyclone originate over the oceans as well.e.g. Atlantic ocean

    Correct the wording.
    Q87:Why is statement 2 wrong?

  59. Q-54 Rainfall is more over the oceans than on the landmasses of the world because…..
    sir, how can be more amount of water be answer… you have explained oceans are covered by clouds so most of the sunrays are reflected back from by logic ,the evaporation associated is very less so how can it lead to more rainfall…by my analysis, frequent cyclonic conditions brings more amount of moisture in the eye of cyclone which can possibly lead to more amount of rainfall on oceans itself ….we frequently accounts cyclones in our east coast like Andhra Pradesh,Odisha,WB, they lose out their energy along with moisture carrying capacity once they strike coast,initially it causes heavy rainfall but dies down as time passes…more the amount of moisture cyclone get more it will be intensed & more the rainfall on ocean part itself…please clarify me

  60. q3…..plants transpire more in light ……source wiki……so the ans should also include led bulb!!!!!!!!

  61. Dear Team,

    14 The Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 confers a right to the citizens to know how the taxpayer’s money is being spent by the Government. Consider the following about it.

    1.Right to Information has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article 19 of the Constitution.
    2.It applies to all States and Union Territories of India except Jammu & Kashmir.
    3.RTI includes NGOs which are substantially financed by the government.
    4.It does not cover the Judiciary.
    5.Information received in confidence from foreign Government is exempt from disclosure.

    Answer given: 1,2,3 and 5

    Doubt: As per Laxmikanth 4th Edition, Pg 7.12, Left Column: RTI comes under Article 21 of the Constituion. Please clarify

  62. East India Company’s monopoly of India trade was abolished by the
    a) Charter Act of 1853
    b) Charter Act of 1813
    c) Pitt’s India Act
    d) Regulating Act of 1773

    Y proper choice is not given.. Quedtion should have either included the exception of trade with china and tea trade or the answer should have included 1833..

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