UPSC IAS MISSION – 2016: Insights IAS Mains Self Study Tests – 2016

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Following are the Insights Mains Self Study free tests that we are posting based on the timetable provided under Mission – 2016 program. Please follow the timetable and answer all the questions. This will help in strengthening your concepts and in improving writing skills. The focus of mains self study is static portion and its objective is to enable you to do self study at home.

Mains self study initiative is being run complementary to ongoing Prelims Test Series – 2016 (Paid feature).

India Year Book + Economic Survey Chapters Breakup (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Insights Mains Self Study – 2016

  1. IAS Self Study TEST – 1
  2. IAS Self Study TEST – 2
  3. IAS Self Study TEST – 3 
  4. IAS Self Study TEST – 4 
  5. IAS Self Study TEST – 5
  6. IAS Self Study TEST – 6
  7. IAS Self Study TEST – 7 
  8. TEST – 8
  9. TEST – 9 
  10. TEST – 10 
  11. TEST – 11
  12. TEST – 12
  13. TEST – 13
  14. Test 13 Synopsis
  15. TEST – 14 
  16. Test 14 Synopsis
  17. TEST – 15
  18. Test 15 Synopsis
  19. TESTS – 16, 17 and 18 
  20. Tests 16, 17 and 18 Synopsis
  21. TEST – 19
  22. Test 19 Synopsis
  23. TEST – 20
  24. Test – 20 Synopsis

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    1. I feel Secure 2015 would be made Secure 2016 … considering the Questions here are from the static portion and Secure are current affairs based.. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

        1. Hi Jaya! 🙂

          Help yourself! 🙂

          P.S. – I did not review yours yesterday! I sat okay but I had been sitting for a long time.. I was almost brain dead…. 😛
          Had I reviewed yesterday.. I would have done injustice to your essay!
          I will be at peace today! (expecting 🙂 )
          I will review today!
          Vivaan ka bi reh gaya kal! 🙂

        1. INSIGHTS aur IASBaba, dono hi bahut madadgaar hain UPSC IAS ki preparation mein | INSIGHTS and IASBaba, both the teams are complementary in UPSC IAS preparation.

      1. Please do not do this, when you guys are getting education service for free, better make sure that you should utilize without effecting others, I would request you please do not do this.

  1. sir can u tell me ? if i had lapsed out the date of 1st test & i m interested to give all the 32 test series. so, what procedure i hv 2 do? kindly tell me.

  2. sir,

    we all are going through our answers, that is good but we want you to just upload a model answer or just a form of blueprint so that we can write answers accordingly.
    thank you.

  3. Is there any serious aspirant in delhi want to live together so that we can make a group of 2 ,3 serious aspirants so that we can make our journey more realistic towards getting success.

  4. Hello everyone can some one please help me regarding the books for pub ad, because the link for pub ad on insights is showing 404 error, n I have to start preparation for 2016 IAS. With pub ad as my subject. Kindly help guys.

    1. hi bro,

      go with fadia and fadia or poli naidu if u don’t have background in that subject.

      once you do a chapter from this pick Mohit Bhattacharya’s new horizons of pub ad. do this book carefully and gradually.

      also keep an eye on the current issues

      wish u luck 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for your help. I am a science graduate, however I am really interested into pub ad.
        Can u help me little more regarding the current issues, I am working too so can’t take out more than 5 hours of study

        1. just keep a watch on Insights current issues, you can also pick vajiram’s current affairs from market. its ample. 🙂

  5. Is there any serious aspirant in delhi so that we can make a group of 3-4 people for peer review of answer through whatsapp and weekly discussion …i would prefer ppl who are up with pre level preparation for sake of homogeneity(not necessary though)….interested ppl reply

    1. I am from delhi and it would be great to have discussions. Fruitful ones ofcourse.
      Shruti. 9582168361

          1. hello. can you please get me added on wahtsp group ? . it would be of great help. Thanks in advance. 9968048509

  6. Can anybody suggest books to refer for political science & IR optional & strategies for the same. This optional is completely new to me.

  7. Sir, For Mains Test Series you have recommended Bipan Chandra’s books but if i have Ram Chandra Ahuja and Grover then how do I cover those chapters for test

      1. Hey anyone having Shekhar Bandhopadhyay’ pdf? I dont have it. I have Bipin Chandra & Ahuja only. Please share here if anyone is having its pdf so that all of us can benefit.

              1. No need of thanks. We should help each other & if you get the pdf of Shekhar bandhopadyay- please share over here.

      1. hiiii ernesto…..happy to see….somebody having the same sufferings…..hahahah….whats ur real world name…..reply dear

        1. ‘SECRET’.
          You know, a person will be respected for the way he twists the trick and for the way he holds the hidden identity behind the Mask. Beneath this Mask,there is more than flesh. Beneath this Mask,there is an Idea. Ideas are Bulletproof. Magic is appreciated as long as its hidden in this neurotic box.
          It is wise not to seek a secret, and honest not to reveal one. I wish to be honest, as I guess you are a wise bird.
          ADIOS AMIGO?✨?

  8. I know its the wrong place to talk about this but im desperate about this. does any one here stay in karol bagh and is a fresher and is joining for optionals in Vajiram and Ravi?

  9. Hii..2 all
    Future IAS Officers…
    This is Sagy here..
    Am here 2 bring some new initiatives regarding prep
    nowadays Whatsapp has become a source 2 discus,debate,solution etc etc..on GS,CA,issues,burning topics…
    But rplyn frequently to every msg & constantly typn in d tiny device smtyms bcm a hectic & problematic or else a vexing type work…sm people leav d grp too..
    So,buddies I just want 2 knw if u all guyz want 2 discs seriously or give solutions 2 each othr hw 2 approach 2wrds our GOAL so I js want 2 say dat y don’t we all unite smwer @ 1 place from throughout the country & discus whatever we want..
    creating whats app id adding so many people is just lyk messing up of or else like making hoch-poch..
    So,my initiative is that I ve created a mail id in which we al can gather togthr over there & discs our issues…
    So,if u all guys r interested den plz lemme knw so dat we all cn proceed ahead…
    Thanking You,

      1. sir ,
        can you upload monthly current issues compilation every month instead of publishing at last during exams

  10. Hi, can I give test on anyday or is it stipulated to date by date only, because unfortunately I have missed the test-2 and 3 due to working hours and tours.

  11. Please post model answers to these questions sir. sot that it will be helpfull for the new aspirants how to write

  12. If there are any serious (mains or interview experienced) aspirants from Pune then we can create group not just for answer writing but beyond that…thanku sachin from Pune 8408082124 my whatsapp no.interested people reply

  13. Hi. I am a resident of delhi. It would be great to have discussions related to preparation.
    This is shruti. Contact- 9582168361

    1. How can we download Norman from the link? And do you have Plassey to partition- pdf? If yes, then please share over here. Thanks!

  14. Hello sir/mam,
    This website is really very helpful and the Best. I am the new one for this preparation.

  15. how can I answer the questions????M new to this site so may you guys plz help me out with this????

    1. anubhav… go to answer writing challenge.. secure 2015.. there on the date … then on the particular question… there u need to post ur answers to get them reviewed.. 🙂 hope its helpful for u

      1. hey hi ankita do you have joined test series 2016 ? if yes ..thn howz it ? because i m interested in it.

          1. Thnx…alot…i would like to join it……n .plz if u knw any whtsapp grp fr upsc prep….. Let me add. my no. 9465028139

  16. I think it is not a right place to clarify but also, kindly suggest me which is the best Geography optional coaching class in Bangalore

  17. Sir from where I could find mains self study test schedule for today.. Has the timetable for test been changed??

  18. yes insight should provide model answer,so that we can compare our answer with that… would we knw that we are on right track?

  19. s model answer in must to check were we stand in answer writing else the whole purpose of mains question would become waste

  20. any one from pune , interested to form a group for reviewing ans and essay, pls msg on 9552360240, only serious aspirants.

  21. HELLO INSIGHTS, a mindmap for India – Japan relations would be great if possible, many thanks for everything!

  22. Hi guys if u havent formed a whats app group then please ping me on my
    number 9419157579……so that i ll create it……thank you…

  23. Thanks Insight, its really giving me an over all insight about the complexity of IAS Exam and pattern to adopt. reform ourself as per UPSC expectations, you guys are really doing good job, you guys are working pretty harder than any one else who is preparing for IAS exam, I have not seen such selfish-less service, you are really doing greate social service making us to get clear idea and way of prearation. I do not have words to gratitudes to you guys, I would say only one thing, If there is heaven its INSIGHT.

      1. Hey friends m new to insight …do you ppl have any group…..wud like to b member …of such I hope it wud b helpful ….plz and…

  24. Kindly release mains questions of (N+1)th test along with prelims paper for Nth test so that preparation for (N+1)th prelims paper will go hand in hand with writing practice for the same topics.

  25. sir, its a humble request as you provide secure compilations plz do provide model answers of test questions so that the aspirants who somehow not able to appear in each test, could be able to read from the provided answers..

  26. Sir …u didnt completetest 6 questions still….pls provide us d model answrs also so dat we can crosscheck our answers…

  27. @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Why is Secure 2016 and the Mains Self Study being run simultaneously ? Doesnt Secure suffice in itself?

  28. hi friends,

    Team insight is doing hard work for us and free of cost. Friends we can support insight by a small effort .

    kindly click 2 times on adds by google add on page everyday. because for every click google pay some amount to insight.

    that’s way we can support insight ….,,

  29. Hey insights it’s just a request please do put some questions regarding the recent Pathankot attack in Punjab in daily answer writing in secure 2016. Punjab mains exam is also coming up next month it will help your Punjab readers and also its a national issue..

  30. Respected Sir,
    plz provide us answer format of these tests so that we can evaluate ourselves more better…….

  31. It would be of immense help,if you provide model answers for these questions..plz reply for this demand of many aspirants..

  32. sir I am strictly following your main’s test series. But the delay in putting up of questions actually breaks the continuity and also affects the preparation strategy for upcoming test. So I request you to kindly upload the questions on time.

      1. Thank you sir
        “From next test it will be posted on time. Thank you.”

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        From next test it will be posted on time. Thank you.

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        sir I am strictly following your main’s test series. But the delay in putting up of questions actually breaks the continuity and also affects …
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      2. Sir this is the request if you upload the questions for mains of coming test on previous test date.. meaning with preparation for the test series , we can write for the mains self questions.
        16th test of test series already done ..If questions would have been provided at the end of 15th test it would be more fruitful.. plzz sir take note of that…plzzz sir..

  33. precious support to all civil service aspirent.pls continue…………………………………………………….

  34. Guys, the topics in this (test 11) seems to test the patience. Every chapter, specially macroeconomics is giving little tough times. Don’t know how you guys are managing smoothly.?

  35. How can I grow stronger in topics related to budget and economics involving terms like fiscal deficit, MEIS benefits, Interest equalisation scheme, Terminal excise duty, functions of CBEC, MSME and other similar regulatory agencies and interest equalisation benefit..?
    I mean, different from my graduation topic, I am truly alien to such terms and I am confident a lot of aspirants must be sailing smoothly in such topics. Some one ( Insights) please guide me here.?

    1. Hello Pranav,
      For understanding the economics, both terms and concepts, following Mrunal’s videos along with 11th and 12th NCERTs is enough. its my opinion and I am doing the same. Hope this will help u 🙂 All the best.

  36. Dear Insights,
    Its been long, but now its high time to ponder back on the previous year papers. Do you have any weblinks or info about any authentic publisher which can provide me with the past 20 years papers of the following exams :
    1) CSP
    2) CSM
    3) CDS
    4) CAPF

    * I have the optional papers with me. Looking for GS papers only.

  37. Sir, we request you to provide a model answer as you do provide wonderful explanation for prelims part

  38. we all are going through our answers, that is good but we want you to just upload a model answer or just a form of blueprint so that we can write answers accordingly.

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  40. Hi All,
    Bit late to join the band, so expecting some help from the seniors here.
    1. Is it necessary to finish all the previous prelims test and then take on the next battle? or straight away start the test 14?
    2. How on earth you ppl are managing to cover all the tasks here!!!?
    3. What is the source for world History for Mains Test – 14?
    Kindly reply,
    Thanks a bunch

  41. Insights, I have two doubt’s:
    1) chapters for India 2016
    2)I didn’t cover all the biosphere reserves, national park, species, environment laws,convention/treaties and bodies. From where I should cover this..
    Please clarify my doubt’s. Thank you.

  42. Sir please provide synopsis ….like test-13
    Very helpful for mains preparation …
    Huge thanks to INSIGHTS …

  43. Insights can you please provide the Synopsis for the Test 14 & 15 just like you provided one for Test 13.

  44. Why there are no questions from ramesh Singh and India year book in test series of mains?

  45. are you going to continue providing synopsis or it was just for one test only…..plz provide it from beginning if possible….

  46. Hi,
    I would like to know if practicing these questions would be sufficient for static syllabus for mains ?

  47. @insightsonindia Hi Insights,

    Please specify chapters on Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design for Mains-2016 preparation.

    Thanking you

  48. pls post the chapters names of public institutions of india by prtap bhanu mehata for mains

  49. Where answers for test 16,17,18 because not able to open the questions

  50. Insights where and how answers for test 16,17,18 czz not able to get dem plzz insights plzz tell I beg u

  51. Where is the updated time table of mains test series available? Chapters of Rajiv Sikri’s and Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s books have not been provided yet.

  52. Hello insights, the best part in whole prepn. mode comes when I write few words here. Got a pause for a while now. But then, your efforts always give some extra boost to work beyond the office hours some where in closed doors of my room.
    Got little doubts.
    I wanted to know, the way your compilation (reference to current affairs and synopsis) is written, if I structure my answer in a similar way in the mains, will it be a good deal..? Or shall I need to ponder a while the sole demand of question and to figure why this question has been asked in mains.
    Please help insights.
    For example, suppose a question comes on niti aayog like (copying and pasting an extract of yours)
    Raising voice over net neutrality 
    On December 24, India‘s biggest telecom operator Bharti Airtel Ltd announced that it would charge customers for calls made using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and then did a volte face five days later by withdrawing the proposal.  The stated reason for the U-turn was that the telecom regulator was working on a consultation paper on the subject.  The unstated part was that Airtel‘s proposal had customers and advocates of net neutrality up in arms.  Proponents of the principle of net neutrality hold that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally or in other words, service providers such as Airtel should allow access to all content without favouring any particular product or website.
    What the TRAI says? 
    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India chief has said even though Airtel‘s move is against net neutrality it is not illegal as there is no legal framework.  The net neutrality debate becomes even more relevant in case of India where the penetration of smart phones is increasing and efforts are on to bring more people to the Internet, through the digital India campaign. Telecom/service provider‘s argument:  The telecom/ISPs argue that they have made huge investments in broadband capacity, and, therefore, they should be allowed to charge for the services, which generate lot of traffic. Preventing the service providers from charging for over-the-top services (OTT) services would mean that they would reduce their investments in building networks.
    Net neutrality: 
    *Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. 
    * Neutrality proponents claim that telecom companies seek to impose a tiered service model in order to control the pipeline and thereby remove competition, create artificial scarcity, and oblige subscribers to buy their otherwise uncompetitive services. Many believe net neutrality to be primarily important as a preservation of current freedoms. 
    * There are no laws enforcing net neutrality in India. Although TRAI guidelines for the Unified Access Service license promote net neutrality, it does not enforce it.

  53. corrigendum….u said u I’ll give it but it’s a peak time please try to give sir…we can’t read wrong things….

  54. Hello Everyone,

    I am new to Insights and i am glad that i found this,So many guys giving their best and full fledged support to each other which inspires me a lot and now i am not alone in my long way preparation for civils.

    Can some one suggest me the books which we require for Mains and Prelims

    Anticipating for your reply

    1. The Hindu
      The Indian Express
      Press Information Bureau (keep checking the Features section for imp articles and our weekly PIB Gist)
      PRS (only for recent Bills and articles related to them)
      IDSA: Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (keep checking every 2-3 days for in-depth IR articles)
      Yojana and Kurukshetra (no need to read all articles – read selectively)
      LokSabha and RajyaSabha Debates

      HISTORY :

      Modern India

      NCERT – Class 8th (New) – ‘Our Pasts – III’
      NCERT-Class 12th ‘Modern India’ (OLD)
      Tamil Nadu Edition- Class 12th
      Spectrum Modern India – Rajiv Ahir

      Reference Book: India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra; Plassey to Partition by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

      Medieval India :

      NCERT – Class 7th (New) –‘Our Pasts –II’
      NCERT – Class 11th ‘Medieval India’ (OLD)- Satish Chandra
      Tamil Nadu Edition-Class 11th

      Ancient India

      NCERT- Class 11th ‘Ancient India’ (OLD)- R.S. Sharma
      NCERT- Class 12th ‘Themes in Indian History- Part I’ (NEW)- Chapters 1 to 6
      Tamil Nadu Edition – Class 11th

      You need to study CCRT Website – CCRT ; Performing Arts and Literary Arts

      3. GEOGRAPHY

      NCERT Social Science, Class 6th (New) ‘The Earth Our Habitat’
      NCERT Social Science, Class 7th (New) ‘Our Environment’
      NCERT Social Science, Class 8th (New) ‘ Resource and Development’
      NCERT Social Science, Class 9th (New) ‘Contemporary India’
      NCERT Social Science, Class 10th (New) ‘Contemporary India-Part II’
      NCERT – Class 11th (New)
      Fundamentals of Physical Geography
      India physical environment
      NCERT – Class 12th (New)
      Fundamentals of Human Geography
      India – People and Economy
      Atlas: Orient BlackSwan School Atlas (or) Oxford School Atlas

      Reference Book: Certificate Physical and Indian Geography – Goh Cheng Leong; OLD NCERT Geography – Class 11th and 12th (if you can find them

      4. POLITY

      NCERT – 6th to 8th (for basic understanding)
      NCERT- Class 9th to 12th (for understanding more on democracy and federalism)
      Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth
      Reference Book: Introduction to Indian Constitution – D.D.Basu

      5. ECONOMICS

      Macroeconomics- Class 12th , NCERT
      NCERT 11th – Indian Economic Development
      NCERT- Class 9thand 10th (for basics)
      Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh-Selective (Chapters on)
      Introduction (GDP, GNP, growth etc.)
      Evolution of the Indian economy
      Inflation & Business Cycle
      India and the Global Economy (include chapters relating to it)
      Human development
      Technology and environment

      For understanding concepts refer to either of these: Economy Section
      Khan Academy Macroeconomics videos
      Investopedia – University (also read basics of Microeconomics from here)
      Sriram’s IAS Economics Notes


      The Hindu-Monday Edition (not technical news, only application based science & Tech)
      NCERT- Class 6th to 10th
      NCERT – Biology – 11th (Unit IV & V only – read basic concepts not technical details)
      NCERT Biology – 12th (Chapters 4, 5 and rest from 7 to 16 – all important – read line by line except technical details)
      NCERT – Biology – 12th (OLD) – Chapter 9 onwards
      NCERT – Physics – 11th (Chap 1,5 & 8) and 12th (Chap 15 only)
      NCERT – Chemistry – 11th (Chap 1 & 14 only) and 12th (Chap 14 & 16 only)
      Science reporter- Selectively

      ICSE Board- Environmental studies- Class 10th and 11th
      NCERT- Geography Books (in 6th to 12th there are lot of chapters on Environment)
      Science NCERT books mentioned above
      Shankar IAS Notes
      Current affairs

      8. SOCIAL ISSUES & NEW POLICIES/SCHEMES (lists all schemes Ministry and sector wise with details)
      India yearbook
      NCERT books mentioned above
      Current affairs (also keep checking our weekly PIB Gists – very important)

      Ending notes:

      We will never make you restrict your choices. But the above is essential for a solid preparation.
      There are people who qualify without even reading NCERTs or any most followed resources. The key to their success is smart study. They spend more time in chalking out what not to study than what to study.
      If they follow one source, they keep on revising from the same along with complementing it with dynamic updates.
      If you trust your resource, please stick to it. Never rush to fascinating books or suggested resources that are never ending. You are bound to fall. Because you are running behind them.
      While NCERT books may sound deceptively simple, trust us, they are not!

  55. sir ,
    my name is pratiek and i am an recent subscriber of this website’s(2016 prelims test series) , i am posting this message to seek clarification regarding the Insights mains self study test 2016 . My doubt is ,after writting and posting the answers to the questions in this website , will they be verified by an expert in that particular subject and given feedback and suggestions to improve my answers , because this is my first attempt at this examination and i need guidance to clear this exam . so Friends , i request u all to respond to this and clarify my doubt . Thank u

  56. Can any body give me suggestion whether to take history optional as m not good in history but can read it for a long time…..m computer science graduate…pls give me suggestion.

  57. hello guys i am planning to join insights mission prelims 2017.if anybody who is already and joined finished 1st test then please tell your view about these test series.also insight says we can take test just one time till april this seems to little rigid .so help me with your views…….


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