Definition: The theatre is a fusion of music, dance, drama, stylized speech and spectacle. As an art form theatre is steeped in the local identity and native culture of our country

Significance of theatre as an art form:

  • In the art form of theatre, age-old forms, customs, and the desire to improvise are intermingled. It serves as a platform for continuance of traditions and customs
  • It also serves as a platform to hold mirror to the society for its act of omission and commission. Ex: During National movement in India, theatres were used as a platform to spread national consciousness.
  • It provides a source of livelihood for the actors and others involved in the theatre business.
  • Some of the globally acclaimed Indian artists had their skills honed in the theatre. Ex: Naseeruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, Dr Rajkumar, Shabana Azmi etc