Marble sculptures in Western India

  • The traditions of the marble sculpture of Gujarat in Western India are seen in the profusion of intricately carved sculptures that decorate the Jain temples at Mount Abu, Girnar and Palitana.
  • The beautiful image of the four-armed Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, was fashioned in the 13th century A.D. under the characteristic attributes that is the mace, the discus and conch­-shell. The hand which hold the lotus is now lost.
  • The weapons are again shown as personified attendant figures on the base. On either side are seen the conventional decorative motifs, and the miniature image of Brahma and Siva, within rectangular niches.
  • The Dilwara temples at Mount Abuare the outstanding productions of the western school in the Jain tradition. They are not monuments of architecture, but are sculptural masterpieces, placed one upon the other to fashion one of the sculptural wonders of the world. The ceiling of the Dilwara temple, especially, is one of the world’s masterpieces of intricate sculptural carvings.