Lokayata / Charvaka

  • It is an ancient school of Indian The materialist systems were often called “Lokayata,” which means “that which is found among people in general.”
  • Charvaka holds direct perception, empiricism, and conditional inference as proper sources of knowledge, embraces philosophical skepticism and rejects ritualism and supernaturalism.
  • Brihaspati is traditionally referred to as the founder of Charvaka or Lokāyata philosophy
  • The Charvaka did not believe in karma, rebirth or an afterlife.
  • Charvaka believed that there was nothing wrong with sensual pleasure. Since it is impossible to have pleasure without pain, Charvaka thought that wisdom lay in enjoying pleasure and avoiding pain as far as possible.
  • Charvakas rejected many of the standard religious conceptions of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Ajivakas, such as an afterlife, reincarnation, samsara, karma and religious rites. They were critical of the Vedas, as well as Buddhist scriptures
  • Charvakas concluded that the inference could not be used to ascertain metaphysical truths.