Way Forward:


  • The key requirements are integrated policies fully supported by States. Industry must get help to set up facilities and avail low cost financing both important elements in China’s rise and be able to invest in intellectual property.
  • However, in terms of manufacturing of solar equipment, it is dominated by a handful number of countries. India, in order to become a world leader in solar power, cannot just rely on large scale solar deployment by importing solar equipment.
  • There is an immediate necessity to develop the entire value chain ecosystem to become competitive and achieve sustainable growth in the long run.
  • Flexible financing options for individuals to install rooftop solar installations would also support a faster adoption of clean energy.
  • Focus on last mile connectivity in remote areas where developing transmission infrastructure is a challenge through small solar installations or solar community grids by using a domestically manufactured product with small power inverters or batteries in every home may be helpful to ensure power for all in countries like India.
  • Rapid progress requires a strategic shift to aid competitive domestic manufacturing