Issues plaguing Indian agriculture

  1. According to 2010-11 Agriculture Census, the total number of operational holdings was 138.35 million with average size of 1.15 hectares (ha). Of the total holdings, 85 per cent are in marginal and small farm categories of less than 2 ha (GOI, 2014).
  2. Farming for subsistence which makes scale of economy in question with majority of small holdings.
  3. Low-access of credit and prominent role of unorganized creditors affecting decisions of farmers in purchasing of inputs and selling of outputs
  4. Less use of technology, mechanization and poor productivity for which first two points are of major concern
  5. Very less value addition as compared to developed countries and negligible primary-level processing at farmer’s level.
  6. Poor infrastructure for farming making more dependence on weather, marketing and supply chain suitable for high value crops.

Importance in International Trade:

  • Share in national income.
  • Source of employment.
  • Provision of food grains.
  • Supply of raw materials to industrial sector.
  • Market for industrial product.
  • Earner of foreign exchange.