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First, thank you for visiting this site. You have just landed on the most open ad free website for IAS preparation. There so much to explore and experience here. Don’t worry, we will guide you through.

Now you are here, we would like to guide you how to make use of this site most. If you are here, certainly you are looking for something about IAS preparation; but there is lot of it on this site. Ain’t it?

Assuming you are an IAS aspirant, we suggest you to first read the following article and get enlightened.

Now you will ask – Which page to open? which section is most important? 

If you have accidentally landed here, then you are our esteemed guest and it’s our duty to introduce you to our community. Yes, Insights is a growing community of most serious IAS aspirants in India. We are not exaggerating, Wait!

Before you meet our friends, once go through the Currents Events section and Download our Free Magazines.

Coming back to meeting our members, you can meet them at two places on this site:

1) Insights Secure – 2014

Here you can find aspirants preparing for 2014 answering current event questions with so much passion. Say hi to them and start answering questions – seriously! If you want to get maximum marks in 2014 Mains, don’t blink, just start answering questions posted there.

2) Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge

This page will be soon resurrected. If you just scan the page, you will realize that thousands of answers have been posted there by hundreds of aspirants, some of whom may figure in this year’s toppers list. Get inspired. Visit his page frequently and enrich your preparation.

Now you should meet our other friends – who are hidden here and there inside different pages of this site

1) Insights Weekend Debates

2) Insights – Ethics Case Studies

3) TV Debates

4) Insights Science and technology

Having seen different parts of the site, now you will be asking, ‘ok, what about materials? guides?

You can get complete and comprehensive strategies for all Mains papers here:

1) Essay

2) Paper-1

3) Paper-2

4) Paper- 3

5) Paper – 4

Most important thing for you would be the lists of books to refer or purchase. Don’t worry, we have listed them too:

1) Books for Prelims

2) Books for Mains

3) Books for Optional Subjects

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