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I am a student of insights prelims test series, would it be sufficient to clear prelims?

These tests if revised multiple times will be sufficient in addition to your own class-notes/self-notes made on static topics and current affairs. These tests can come to your rescue when you have very few days to prepare for this exam. If you are starting one year before prelims, you must read basic books such as NCERT etc to get the depth needed to clear this exam. Relying on ONLY test series must be the last resort. 

Revise them thoroughly (minimum 4 times) + we have provided our previous test series on your portal. You can practice them especially for those subjects which need more attention. 

In addition to it, do practice UPSC previous year papers(20 years). Categorise these questions and read them repeatedly.  You can also practice from our books: –

Question Banks by InsightsIAS (Click Here)

Practice + multiples Revisions are very necessary for this exam. In fact repeated revision of same source pays highest dividend.