Director’s Desk

Dear Students,

It was in June 2013 that I started a Daily Answer Writing challenge on this then-fledgling website. Within a few days, hundreds of UPSC civil services aspirants thronged the website to post their answers in the comment section. They created a community of their own and focused on improving their writing skills through this initiative. Later it was named as ‘Secure’ initiative – an initiative that made it possible for any aspirant from any part of the world to practice answer writing from their homes. Since then, the website has come a long way. It has become a nesting place for lakhs of aspirants to sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge to crack the civil services exam. Indeed, thousands of them have cracked UPSC as well as many state civil services exams by securely relying on our website. I can proudly say that our website has become a friend, guide, mentor, and support system for many aspirants.

Behind this evolution lies the efforts of our wonderful team members and a legion of faithful followers. Without the feedback given by aspirants, Insights IAS wouldn’t have grown at all. The criticism, constructive feedback, appreciation emails, and sometimes harsh messages expressing disappointments – on every initiative, or change made to the website – have been our guiding light for improving overall offerings on this website. Without you, and without your love and support we would have become redundant by now. For this, I personally vow immense gratitude to all of you.

With every passing year, we have evolved as per the changing needs of aspirants and changing demand of the UPSC civil services exam. Updating ourselves has been a continuous process. In this regard, we are offering a new design of our website that seeks to prioritize your core interests – enhancing your productivity by removing the clutter and allowing you to focus only on helpful courses & exercises like reading, writing & solving quizzes with ease.

Since the day we began this journey of guiding aspirants to crack the civil services examination, we have been consciously developing ideas and initiatives to simplify and help you prepare better for this exam. We have also made sure that we are polite with students and always listen to your grievances with an open mind. I am aware all the time that without helping you reach your goal our progress can never be achieved. It’s our responsibility to ensure through our various courses & initiatives that you are preparing to the best of your ability. Ultimately, whatever the result, you should have the satisfaction of giving your best to crack the UPSC civil services exam.

That’s what matters to me and to my team the most – giving you a reason to feel good about yourself.

Best Regards,

Vinay Kumar GB