31) Insights Secure-2014: December 31, 2013

30) Insights Secure-2014: December 30, 2013

29) Insights Secure-2014: December 29, 2013

28) Insights Secure-2014: December 28, 2013

27) Insights Secure-2014: December 27, 2013

26) Insights Secure-2014: December 26, 2013

25) Insights Secure-2014: December 25, 2013

24) Insights Secure-2014: December 24, 2013

23) Insights Secure-2014: December 23, 2013

22) Insights Secure-2014: December 22, 2013

21) Insights Secure-2014: December 21, 2013

20) Insights Secure-2014: December 20, 2013

19) Insights Secure-2014: December 19, 2013

18) Insights Secure-2014: December 18, 2013

17. Insights Secure – 2014: December 17, 2013

16. Insights Secure-2014: December 16, 2013

15. Insights Secure 2014: December 15, 2013

14. Insights Secure-2014: December 14, 2013

13. Insights Secure – 2014: December 13, 2013

12. Insights Secure 2014: December 12, 2013

11. Insights Secure-2014: December 11, 2013

10. Insights Secure-2014: December 10, 2013 

9. Insights Secure-2014: December 09, 2013

8. Insights Secure – 2014: December 08, 2013

7. Insights Secure – 2014: December 07, 2013

6. Insights Secure – 2014: December 06, 2013

5. Insights Secure-2014: December 05, 2013

4. Insights Secure – 2014: December 04, 2013

3. Insights Secure-2014: December 03, 2013

2. Insights Secure – 2014: December 02, 2013

1. Insights Secure – 2014: December 01, 2013 – Sunday


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43 Replies to “DECEMBER”

  1. sir,
    I know i am wrong but i want to clear my doubt.In our syallabus they said we have to know about countries which impact india only.Then in what way bedouin settlement which you mentioned in news posts. related to our syllabus
    sir i need one more clarification .the most of news posts which u mention day to day.are not in that day news paper rbi,and shangai cooperation on december2.

    1. Bedouin settlement in part of human geography. One or two stray questions are asked but are indirectly related somewhere. If you think they are burden, you can skip them.

      We frame questions from online paper not from Karnataka paper. SCO etc are important so we cover the. Read them if you think they are important, if not leave them 🙂

  2. sir
    If we organize daily news posts that you give and editorials in a it enough for exam in news paper point of view

  3. I want to convey my heartfelt thanks for your works.
    This year Essay, GS1 questions already proved the effectiveness of your initiatives. Congrats and also best wishes for success of your coming offline coaching 🙂

  4. i cant spend more time on laptop. i heard kindle will help. can any one suggest regarding kindle and to which extent it is helpful to our preparation.which one better among all types?

      1. thank you very much.same problem reccuring irt dec 4.not undeerlined,not opening. sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Insight, I have a little query.
    The questions on secure require a little bit net searching also. But searching for additional points on net will consume all time and these questions are too important to be missed…please suggest as a lot of my syllabus is still pending.!!
    Thank you

    1. Unfortunately there is no short cut. You have to do some research to be ahead of the race. We and many who wrote this mains have noticed that many questions were already covered at secure-2014 and daily answer writing challenge. We think every extra effort is worth it. Make notes and keep ready.

        1. sir i have a feeling that next year the average marks scored by aspirants would increase and the topper would fetch upto 75% in mains…..

          reason is bcoz of the pathbreaker secure 14….if followed religiously sky is the limit……

          really want 2 see a how does upsc stop insights (as everything would be covered) as it for delhi institutes….

          sir im blessed to have seen this….

          really a noble effort…

  6. Sir, please upload current affair questions for some time to adopt ourselves for new approach…….im totally relied on insight

  7. Sir, when you will post Insights Secure – 2014: December 9 &10, 2013 Questions? It is really helpful for me, I have started making notes everyday from current events and questions on insights, The Hindu newspaper is not available to me. I have subscribed to The Indian Express.

    1. There is slight delay because of personal commitments. It will be updated from today onwards. Meantime, you can spend time on reading and writing previous answers and questions respectively.

  8. sir i m regular user of this great website,i got much help during mains,thanx a lot..just want ur suggestion that after sm rest from where & when we should start for interview and i think this is time i should upgrade my previous mains preparation so what should be d strategy just now bcoz i think study should not break. plz suggest sir. thank u so much.

    1. After some Ten days of rest, you can start preparing both for Interview and next Prelims+Mains (you should not take chance even if you are cent percent sure of getting a rank)

      We will start second edition of Writing Challenges (GS) may be after 10-15 days, you can take part in it. We will try to complete syllabus with this initiative.

      Simultaneously you can read some books listed here for interview:

  9. hello Insights

    Can u please help me in how to start geography for prelims cum mains point of view..whether i have to start from NCERT (Pls specify from which class)..
    What abt ncert of Class 11th and 12th…under the name of
    India physical environment Classbook 11th
    India people and economy Classbook 12th
    Fundamentals of physical geography class 11th
    Fundamental of human geography class 12th…
    or the ncert’s of class 6th to 10th..

    Kindly reply as i m a little bit confused about the strategy adopted by my roommate particularly in geography..

  10. I just read the content of this site .. really glad to see that such an awesome site exist will make things much easier now ..but i am unable to find questions and current events before october .. would you please help me out ?

  11. Its awesome Insights.. But I have a problem in following secure everyday. I am unable to complete it and a backlog is being built.. GS takes a back seat if I follow secure. Please suggest some way in which I can complete my both tasks as I don’t want to miss out on any of this. 🙂

  12. Dear sir,

    I am not getting mail updates from your website, activation mail, reply to personal mail, please let me know the problem, because I have been adjusted to secure-14, I am feeling loosing something which is important, please reply….

    Wish you happy new year sir,……

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