Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 8

QUESTIONS: 24/10/2013 (Paper-II – Topic: Significant issues in Indian Administration, Administrative reforms since Independence) Looking at the state of criminal justice administration, we do not need a Human Rights Commission, but a human rights court. Comment.(200 words) Broadly in which direction have administrative reforms moved since Independence? Has it changed the situation on ground? (150 words) By-Aditya Jha …

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

QUESTIONS: 23/10/2013 [Paper I – Administrative thought] The ‘Neo’ approach in classical and behavioral theories have brought classist and behaviorist very close to each other. Critically comment. (200 words)  Weber’s theories were essentially an attempt to ensure social acceptance of  bureaucracy. Do you agree? Discuss. (200 words) By-Aditya Jha ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day –

QUESTIONS: 22/10/2013 -[ Paper- I and II ( Topic: Comparative Public Administration(CPA), Evolution of Indian Administration)] The categorization of ‘Balanced’ and ‘Unbalanced’ polities is nothing but an attempt to vindicate futile academic theorisation of Comparative Public Administration. Comment. (200 words) “The rule of King depends primarily on written orders….”Why did Kautilya favour codification of laws? (CSE 2010/200 words)   ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-5 –

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper-I)  “Taylor’s Contribution was not a set of general principles for organizing work efficiency, but a set of operating procedures that could be employed in each concrete situation to secure their application.” Comment((2009/ 200 Words)  “The Barnard-Simon Theory of Organisation is essentially a theory of motivation.” Comment (2009/200 Words) ARCHIVES  

Public Administration -Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-4

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Paper- II – Union Government and Administration, Civil Service)  The proliferation of delegated legislation should not pose a problem in the Indian Parliamentary system of government. Critically comment. (200 Words)  Civil Service neutrality is a fiction. How can any thinking person be neutral? (CSE 2010/20 marks/200 Words)

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge (Public Administration) Day-2

QUESTIONS: 17/10/2013; Paper-I Topic– Introduction (Evolution), Administrative Thinkers(Scientific Management)  The theoretical evolution of Public Administration is essentially ‘ecological’. Elucidate. (250 Words)   The criticisms stating Fayol’s principles as ‘cold-blooded engineering’ with no regard for human element seem selective and exaggerated. Critically Comment. (250 Words)  Framed by: Aditya Jha

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Public Administration Day-1

QUESTIONS: Day-1 (Paper-I Topic– Introduction -Wilson’s view of Public administration)  “The field of Public Administration is a field of business.”(Woodrow Wilson) Comment. (CSE 2009/20 marks-200 Words) “Calling Woodrow Wilson, the father of Public Administration is doing injustice to equally or even more eminent contributions made prior to him.” Comment. (CSE 2008/ 20 marks-200 Words)

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 75!!!

QUESTIONS: DAY – 75 [Topics:  the development industry; Parliament –functioning;  challenges of corruption(Paper-V)] What are the preconditions for the growth of Civil Society? Is Indian democracy conducive to it? (250 Words) Identify the major obstacles in the smooth functioning of Parliamentary democracy in India.(250 Words) Suggest concrete measures for the eradication of wide spread corruption in public …

Books On Ethics Aptitude and Integrity Available Now

Long awaited books on General Studies Paper V (Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity) are now available on Flipkart. There were books on the subject but they were not syllabus specific. Now two books are of particular interest: I.  Ethics In Governance – Ramesh Arora This book has many syllabus related chapters. 1. Introduction: Multi-Dimensionality of Ethical …

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 41

QUESTIONS – DAY – 41 (GENERAL STUDIES – III) How does the Parliament control the financial system in India? (250 Words) Highlight the significance of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution of India? (250 Words) Recent India – Bhutan relations (150 Words)   RULES ARCHIVES