Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-3

QUESTIONS: 22/10/2013 (Paper-II, Topics – Migration-Regional Development; Urbanization) Discuss the spatial pattern of intra-regional migration in India and examine its implications in Regional Development. (300 Words) Discuss the problems of environmental degradation generated by Urban wastes in India. (300 Words) ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 1 Princeton Eldis – Good One Question 2 World Bank (Chapter 5) …

Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (PAPER-II: Topics – 2. Resources – Water; 6. Cultural setting – Population problems..) Assess as to how surface water utilization affects food production and food security in the country. (2010/300 Words) Explain how Demographic Transition created Demographic Divide in contemporary India? (2010/300 Words) References: Question 1 Link Link Question 2 Link 1 (from Newspaper)