Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 25

ARCHIVES 30 October 2014 1) Give a brief account of the principal land biomes and their latitudinal distribution. (300 Words) 2) Write a short note on Floristic kingdoms based on their global distribution (200 Words) 3) Write an essay on ‘sustainable development’ from the perspective of geography. (400 Words)

Geography – 2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 24

ARCHIVES 29 October 2014 1) Compare the structure and associated weather conditions of tropical cyclone with that of temperate cyclone. (300 Words) 2) Discuss the mechanism and origin of Monsoon winds and explain the role of El Nino on Monsoon circulation. (300 Words) 3) Write a short note on the Different layers of ocean water above abyssal plain. …

Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 23

ARCHIVES 28 October 2014 1) Present a critical analysis of the theory of isostasy. (300 Words) 2) Examine economic significance of the resources of the  Continental shelf of the Indian Ocean. (200 Words) 3) Write a short note on Adaptation and distribution of animals in the Ethiopian realm. (200 Words)

Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 21

ARCHIVES 22 October 2014 1) Indicate the major biotic regions of the world and discuss the ecological aspects of the monsoon region. (300 Words) 2) ‘Man must realize the importance of maximizing agricultural production without destroying the ecological basis on which our entire food production system rests.’ Explain with examples. (300 Words)