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      vishwamitra aryan

      Please tell me strategy regarding prelims paper 2. Comprehension and apti gives night mare to me

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      Hi Vishwamitra

      All you have to do is practice everyday.Alot atleast 2 hours each day for solving problems.You can refer TMH CSAT(some other books are equally good).After finishing it you can just go on solving problems from various practice papers or attend some mock tests.Hope this helps.

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      Hi Vishwa,
      Try to solve as many practice papers as possible.
      Concentrate more on Comprehension as max no. of questions came frm comprehension last year,then go for remaining like Reasoning , Maths n Decision making
      Nearly 32 ques r from Comprehension
      25 from reasoning
      17 from maths &
      6 from decision making in last year’s paper
      Time Management is most important aspect in this paper so while practising papers try to set a stopwatch beside u
      Hope it helps u
      All the best for ur exam

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      vishwamitra aryan

      Thanks for the help friends.

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      plzzz do refer rs aggarwal
      selective topics
      not complete
      bestfor csat aptitude

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      i have got around 180 in cse-2013 ,,,,,,,,,, i reffered to R.S. Aggarwal for reasoning ,,,,,, for comprehension i use to read those two articles on left side of opinion page in the hindu using watch and thus increasing my reading spead ,,,,,,, for decision making i practised as much question as i could find ,,,,,, didn’t do much for maths

      another important thing is time management in the paper ,,,,,,,, i reserved 50 min for comprehension, 5 min for final revision, and rest time for rest of the paper ,,,,,,,

      best of luck

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        vishwamitra aryan

        Thanq Ashish for the help.180 in paper 2 !!! Wow man!! Hats off to much tym did u take to read the opinion part??

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      I too tried to solve this by looking through books and trying to find it on the internet but with no joy, so i lost interest.
      It would be good if there was a puzzle to solve to help cachers find it.

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      I joined 1/29 and finally got my card after 11 weeks. No hat, but few stickers, patch and life certificate.
      It takes awhile with all the new members.

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      Wow, there is nothing more I wish for than to have been at that party. It would be fun to have a BFB reunion some day and finally meet you guys face to face. 6 years ago, I was just learning to drive…

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      Thanks guys, I really appreciate it I wish I could say I did something fun today but it was work as usually. I think Ill have that beer now

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